(Slave Freedom Movement)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

How about the house in Washington D.C. as our campaign HQ? Gene.

Gene Chapman points for running for Libertarian, Constitution and Southern Party Presidential Nomination:

A) Right to keep and bear arms to be as common as the right to breathe oxygen.

B) To protect 1st Amendment Religious Liberty, abolish all ten planks of "The Communist Manifesto"
and associated communist activities.

Re: "But Commuinsm abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality" ("The Communist Manifesto," p. 242, Penguin Classics Edition).

10 Planks of "The Communist Manifesto":
1. Property taxes and Eminent Domain Laws.
2. Income Taxes.
3. Inheritance Taxes.
4. Confiscation of Property from Emigrants and Those The Government Dislikes.
5. Federal Reserve Banking to Empower Deficit Spending.
6. FCC and Interstate Commerce Commission.
7. Farm Controls.
8. WPA, CCC and Peace Corps.
9. Population Control Laws.
10. Secular Public Schools.

C) Right to life of the unborn child to be the same as any other human life in America.

D) Right to die with dignity at one's own choosing protected.

E) Abolish state sanctioned marriage, making gay marriage a moot issue, while putting marriage back into the hands of the individual, church and God where it belongs.

F) Shut down all state camera and GPS chip monitoring of our people; highways, street corners, etc., as a matter of personal liberty.

G) Break down barriers between Libertarian, Constitution and Southern Parties for cross support of pro-constitution candidates and possible unification, while working to educate Socialism out of the Democrates, Republicans and Green Party.

H) Tear down substantial sections of Bureau of Land Management fencing and build bike paths and walkways throughout America so the people may enjoy their country again and travel more freely.

I) Appoint a White House Commission to examine the "9/11 Controlled Demolition Evidence," as such prominent credentialed experts/ professors are now demanding this attention.

J) Do away with the Death Penalty and replace it with the removal of all body parts involved in the commission of a violent crime, releasing the person back into society once healed.

K) Place Illegal Immigration under the control of local sherriff's, and fund them. Invite Mexico and Canada into the union if they like, then impose a one year county jail term on illegal aliens, picking up trash on our highways before deportation.

Gene Chapman

Friday, July 07, 2006

Round Table Talk:

1) Thanks to Doug Kenline for getting us listed on the nes We The People blog.

2) My finances are on a quick rebound after a $1600 paycheck.

3) We have a man on the ground in Washington D.C. checking into renting us a house within walking distance of the White House/ IRS/ Capitol, so we may keep people presenting our issues all the time to the 1,000 people +/- who make policy in America.

I think we could ask those staying for a day, week, month, etc. to repay us by passing out 300 pieces of our material in the area for each night spent in the Slave Freedom House. Any ideas?

4) I turned down the Wing TV interview offer yesterday because they seemed to only have my last interview on their website about 12 hours before it was gone. I hear now that it was archived. When my people can't find my interviews 12 hours after they are done, I don't get real excited about doing more interviews later.

5) Just put a new steer tire on the truck. All is well on my way to Spokane, WA for delivery.

6) We are waiting for video from the Slave Freedom Event to be placed on google for you to see here. We have still pictures due to Doug for posting here too. Gene

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm gona have to rest my finances a bit after the Slave Freedom Event. Total cost was about $4,000, and I just finished about $4000 in repairs to my truck the month and a half before. I did't even have money to pay off my whole phone bill on time today.

I saw several hits on my site from Gadsden, Alabama on July 3, so I guess Judge Moore was evaluating our case. If we don't hear something soon, I'll figure he just blew us off. Gene.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It appears that we passed out about 3,000 + class action materials during the Second Annual Slave Freedom Event. The highlight of today was that I met Harriet Miers, President Bush's Top Legal Council and former Supreme Court Nominee. She was very nice and took a copy of the materials for President Bush to review outside the Main IRS Building where she was power-walking after the parade.

(I told some of the guys afterwards, "I could have made national news today if I'd just had the presence of mind to attack her on the street" (ha ha); it's all about the news coverage, right?) (We had a good laugh.) (Sorry for the sick humor, if you read this, Miss. Miers.)

Anyway, we had a good time and educated ten of thousands to Communist aggression in America by the signs, and I figure each of the handouts we gave will reach the lives of another 10 people each. We probably impacted 75,000 lives in two days, plus two people who have been on Airforce One: Harriet Miers and Tony Snow. Gene.

We are about to head out to eat and to the Main IRS Building for a 1-5 pm ET protest. Gene.

July 4, 2006

Dear White House Press Secretary Tony Snow:

It was a great pleasure to meet you yesterday at the front gate of the White House. I've been a big fan of your farm boy kindness, as I call it, for many years. As you have been a teacher and advocate for the disabled, along with your own cancer struggle, I see you as the 'real deal' in public service.

I do hope the class action materials I handed you at the White House gate make it to the eyes of President Bush, but I think your eyes upon this pro-Christian material, now backed by several preachers, may be even more important to our work over the coming years. Please do not hesitate to call upon me anytime for more details of our effort to free Christians from slavery around the world, even in America.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ
Slave Freedom Movement
972-872-0784 cell

Happy July 4th. We are up for breakfast and getting ready for the 2nd full day of protesting outside the Main IRS Building in Washington, D.C. We have just about a dozen people with us for the whole of our activities around Washington. Gene.

Monday, July 03, 2006

We just got in from the protest. Walking back, we stopped at the White House, and I noticed White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was standing near the fence behind a security building. I shouted to Mr. Snow to take a copy of the class action materials. He came over to the fence and very kindly took two copies. I asked him to give one copy to the President, and he agreed to "look it over and pass it on."

Earlier, three Smithsonian historians interviewed me at the Main IRS Building and took pictures of the signs, etc. One was a visiting professor of History from Indiana University. They either have a real fixation on their personal historical collection, or the Slave Freedom Movement just made it into the Smithsonian. Gene.

We just made the Associated Press, I'm informed. Gene.

We are up and had breakfast here in Washington, D.C. The protest begins at 1 pm ET today at the White House and IRS Building with about a dozen people (150% above last year so far). It's early for the newspapers and tv stations, so I be calling in to get more news coverage of our protest at 10 am. The Washington Post will have an editor examine our story for publication about 10 am, they tell us.

Our sandwitch boards are the key to coverage, I think. They make one person into ten; a walking billboard of our ideas, and we have 9 of them. Gene.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another 4 protestors came in. We are ahead of our goal so far. Gene.

5 of our protestors just arrived. Gene.

Ok, I have you (Rolf Lindgren), Robert Clarkson and Doug Kenline on my Libertarian Party Presidential Exploratory Committee. I need to know what paperwork is required to run, what kind of speaking schedule I'd need to have thru Nov. 2008, etc.

While I don't think the Libertarian Party has the machinery in place now to win the White House, I do think we now have the machinery to influence what happens in the White House.

I plan to run on the slogan:

"I am an anti-communist!"

Gene Chapman

Well, I'm at the hotel six blocks from the White House. They tell me the IRS Building is closed due to flooding. (I did pray for God to close the building last year at the First Annual Slave Freedom Event, so I can't be upset at answered prayer, I guess.) It won't effect our work. We're there for the people.

We have about 12 people coming I understand, sandwitch boards and 10,000 pieces of anti-communist material to pass out at the White House and IRS building, July 3 and 4, 1-5 pm each day.

I'm at 202-457-0565 room 207 and will have my cell at the protests: 972-872-0784.

The Washington Post is interested in the class action materials, so we may get coverage of the Second Annual Slave Freedom Event. I'll call other press on Monday morning, when they are open for business.

I am setting up an exploratory committee concerning my possible run for President of The United States under the Libertarian Party. Gene.