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Saturday, May 27, 2006

I see that CNN is talking about our work and that Ron Paul is the suggested Presidential Candidate for the combined effort. I hope Rick Stanley is not getting ahead of himself. We are just getting together to talk of what is possible.

Also, I have all guests accouted for at this time. Ed Griffin is the only one who declined the invitation to the Third Party Leadship Summit, due to a family obligation. We have no additional guests planned at this time. I asked Mr. Baldwin to invite another Constitution Party leader to fill the gap. If another backs out, we will invite another Green Party Person.

I reserved the rooms last evening at $830 per night. I am also getting plane tickets out the to participants. Happy Memorial Day.

I'm wondering if a massive third party is the best solution in getting our pro-constitution cndidates elected to office. It seeme to me that purity is lost when we combine parties, officially. What if we just opened the parties to cross endorse each other and sought out the best person for our agenda? We could quickly corner the communists with a ballot that reads, "M. Badnarik (L) (CP) (G)" or even (R)(There are conservative Republicans) etc. If all parties nominate a candiate as their own, wouldn't that appear on the ballot and keep the parties pure from the corruption that we now see in the Democrat and Republican Parties?

Gene Chapman, Host
Third Party Leadship Summit

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Movie Trailer and Blog

Watch new movie trailer below. See new movie blog and donate here.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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Like the winter we spent at Lake Shasta alone, and closer than ever before.

Merle Haggard

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Judge Roy Moore's First TV Commercial...PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE!!!!


This is one of THE most chilling political commercials I have ever watched in my entire life. And, incredibly, it comes exactly at the end of ONE (1) week from my visit to the offices of Judge Roy Moore's "The Foundation For Moral Law" in Montgomery Alabama. Last Monday May 15, 2006, myself along with Gene Chapman, Bill Stegmeier and Robert Ingle met with the # 2 & 3 top executives at The Foundation For Moral Law' in their beautiful offices on One Dexter Avenue in Montgomery - see for more details. Also this link:

Please remember......Judge Moore was fired as the Chief Justice for Alabama for his acknowledgment of God.

Let me repeat.....

"Judge Moore was fired as the Chief Justice for Alabama for his acknowledgment of God."

It wasn't about displaying The Ten Commandments. It was about his simple acknowledgment of God. Period.

After we screened Aaron's movie, we were shown this DVD which they entitled "The Verdict" which is a longer version of what is contained in this commercial. Here are the details....


Judge Roy Moore for Governor wrote:

First TV commercial

Important bulletin - for immediate release Contact: J. Holland
May 21, 2006 256-458-0466

Watch Judge Moore's first TV commercial at Then, you can forward it to all your friends, and encourage them to do the same. Together, we can make sure thousands of Alabamians see the truth.

Also, last week, CBS 8 TV (WAKA Montgomery) conducted a viewer poll, and over 1,500 votes were cast. Judge Moore received 54 percent of the votes, with Gov. Bob Riley at 46 percent. (See


The young gentleman in this video - who served on the "judicial commission" that railroaded Judge Moore out of his seat on the bench - was later awarded to a lifetime appointment as a Federal Judge serving in the Federal District of Atlanta Georgia. This was the first time I had seen this footage. And I was outraged. And after you see this commercial - which contains excerpts of the same footage - you, too, should be outraged.

For the past 2-3 days I have been trying to get the files on this DVD converted into an MPEG format which I could upload and post as a file-link so that Aaron Russo could review it while he's in Cannes France. It may be too late for Aaron to include this footage, but if enough people email him with this commercial and a personal plea, perhaps there might be, God willing, a way that this could happen.

Please keep in mind that Gene Chapman has been after me ever since our meeting to get this footage before Aaron Russo. So here I am 2-3 days later and the answer to this quest has been provided in the form of this online commercial which Aaron and the rest of the entire world can view to their/our individual horror. This is how the Divine Providence works.

The railroading of Judge Roy Moore was/is such an outrage that anyone with even just a thread of moral fiber should find dispicable and unconscionable. I hope Aaron can somehow thread pieces of this commercial through either his movie or through the promotional commercials that could advertise his movie in the days and months ahead. The executive leadership of The Foundation For Moral Law found Aaron's movie very compelling and noteworthy. It is my/our sincere hope that Judge Roy Moore's railroading - and this commercial which highlights what really happened - can spark a moral outrage that will send these judges and judicial administrators - who are ignoring the acknowledgment of God - scrambling for cover from the searing light of Divine Truth which is and will expose them and their evil defiance for what it really represents - ie. ACTS OF TREASON against our country.

All of the problems of mankind are rooted in mankind's defiance against God. The path toward redemption, goodness and truth and salvation begins with a simple acknowledgment of God. And Amendment I of our Constitution clearly states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."

Please do whatever you can to share Judge Roy Moore's commercial to anyone and everyone you know far and wide. And if you or someone you know has Aaron's email address, please do whatever you can to expose him to this madness. For this madness must end!!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Greetings from Idaho, just over the border from Spokane, Washington. Well, it appears that Christianity is nearing it's death in America; a natural but irrational death from Darwinism and an unnatural death to the 10 Planks of "The Communist Manifesto." The class action I'm working on, combined with Aaron's film seem to be the last best hope for Biblical Christianity to live the next 50 years. The pressure from Government is real and designed to abolish our faith from off the earth.

Gene Chapman