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"My Journey To Joining The Libertarian Party," by Minister of Christ Gene Chapman

Coming from a strong Biblicist but non-political family, as I do, all I had for "Libertarian" was that it reminded me of "liver and ongions" the first time I contemplated the term on April 15, 2003. You see, I studied for the Christian ministry over a decade of my youth and decided that April day, now well educated and seasoned with years of study outside of school, to stop laying down for my servant government.

I decided that I was going to hold my servant government accountable to the rule of law, utilizing Biblical principles I'd learned years before. In context, "turn the other cheek," for example, means that we are to stand our ground when someone threatens legal action against us when we know we are in the moral right. (Note: This is the moral basis for Gandhi's non-violent force concept that was later used by King, Tu Tu and Mandella.)

As my series of protests, fastings and marches proceeded across America, I kept noticing that one group of people kept coming out of the proverbial woodwork to put me up for the night or help me on my way. They were "Libertarians."

First, Michael Badnarik spoke at the 40th day of my first Austin, Texas fast outside the Regional IRS Building. He bacame the Libertarian Presidential Nominee that year. Later, I met the award winning Producer Aaron Russo and became fast friends, introducing Revelation 13:16-17a into his now famous film, "America: From Freedom To Fascism." Aaron had also been in the running for the Libertarin presidential nomination the year Badnarik won. I began to run with Dr. Robert Clarkson, a founder of the Libertarian Party in South Carolina and Rick Stanley, a senatorial candidate in Colorado from 2002. All these Libertarians like me and my effort to follow the letter of God's Word. What am I to do?

Over the years, I've grown to understand that the Democrat Party is the main thrust of Marx's direct and open attack upon the existence of the Christian religion in America (see: "The Commuinst Manifesto," published by Penguin Classics, pp. 242-244). And the Republicans represent a corporate (fascist) version of the same One World Socialist Communist Government that the Democrats are working toward. The Green Party is a Socialist group. The Constitution Party has not intellectually or spiritually matured enough to break away totally from the Marxist views against individual liberty. So, the last place for me is the Libertarian Party, a place I think Martin Luther would have been happy, noting his "liberty of conscience" views from Scripture.

So here I am, a Libertarian by conscience. Libertarians understand that we all want aborting legal, but we just want it to be very, very, very rare; and not done for economic reasons. Libertarians are mature enough to understand that the individual must be free to make wrong decisions like recreational drug use, for example. The Bible says, "Choose you this day whom ye will serve . . . ." People are not zombies; we are free moral agents who are to be free to discern right from wrong for ourselves, unless and until we cause harm to others. This is the Libertarian way.

Are you againt the Beast's One World Government? Libertarians are too.

Are you against the taxation of labor and property and being counted like cattle, three primary attributes of slavery in antiquity? Libertarians are too.

Are you against Secular Public Schools (10th Plank of "The Communist Manifesto") and the taxes that pay for them (1st Plank of "The Communist Manifesto") to brainwash our children with Marxism's attack of Christ and his concept, "Liberty?" Libertarians are too.

Are you againt Federal Reserve Banking's (5th Plank of "The Communist Manifesto")"false balance" (Proverbs 11:1) that allows Government to spend the value of our society out from under us to fund the dreams of our senators and congressmen and the resulting enslavement of our children to their debts? Libertarians are too.

Are you against the Nazi styled national I.D. cards forced upon us by law in May 2008 and the GPS chips that over 1,000 people in New York City have already taken? Libertarians are too.

Are you for the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death? Libertarians are too.

I can't think of one thing that the Libertarians are for that the Bible is against.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Arron and I just spoke. Judge Roy Moore's head man in Montgomery, Alabama just called me and said that Judge Moore will be available to see the movie in Montgomery between June 5th and June 15th.

Aaron thinks the movie screen should be rented for an audience to see the film with Judge Moore to get the full effect. If shown in private, Aaron thinks the movie will be best shown to Judge Moore on a large screen tv. We will see what Judge Moore likes best and go with that.

They (Judge Moore's people)love the trailer on the website and are very interested in seeing the film.

Aaron is planning to come. Gene.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

gene, please read and pass this franklin sanders plea for help along throughout the internet and post it on as many sites as possible. church sites would be wonderful. i need your help..the battle is just beginning. aaron hit link and see trailer to film..

Dear Readers:

“Oh, my God, I had no idea!”

That’s what the audience is saying as they walk out of Aaron Russo’s new film, America: From Freedom to Fascism. Their voices are hushed. Some faces are pale and wet with tears, sick at what they’ve discovered. Many are red, angry to learn for the first time that they have been robbed -- their country, their rights, and their very future have been stolen from them and their children.

But it may all end right there – all Aaron’s work, all his sacrifice, all his vision, all the possibilities to make a real change in America, unless we pitch in and help him. Let me explain.

Everything in the world was stacked against this movie. What major studio would back a movie this controversial? A movie that exposes the entire Federal Reserve scam the income tax fraud, and the IRS? A movie that catches a former IRS commissioner boasting that the IRS isn’t subject to Supreme Court decisions? A movie that publicizes government brutality against protestors? A movie that reveals how America was swindled out of her gold reserve? A movie that pulls back the curtain on the coming police state in the US, with its plans to tag everyone with a national ID card and implant an RFID chip in every man, woman, and child? A movie that lays bare the whole New World Order?

Warner Brothers and MGM and Fox wouldn’t touch that project with a thirty foot pole, let alone put up money to make the movie. Those giant corporations – already in bed with big government – would never produce or release that movie.

So without asking for anybody’s help, Aaron Russo set out to make this film, because he knew it had to be made. He put up 100% of the money to make the film. He invested two years of his life. He laid his name and his reputation on the line. Not just for the sake of his own freedom, but for yours, too, and your children’s, and for millions of Americans who don’t know sic ‘em from come here about what their government really does, or the tyranny that government has already mapped out for them. Aaron made this movie so everyone in America would understand, so people would really get it. And when they see the movie, they do. (You can view a trailer for the movie at

Let me make something plain. This is not a movie that divides, but a movie that unites. Aaron does not work like Michael Moore, who plays to the Left to increase polarization. Aaron’s movie plays to the whole country. It doesn’t take sides. It’s not Democrat or Republican, it’s not left, not right, but dead on.

Now Aaron Russo needs our help. The money and the years have been spent, the movie has been made, the test audiences are raving about it, distribution has been arranged, but Aaron still needs our help.

The movie must still be marketed and advertised. It must be promoted and supported by TV, newspaper, and radio advertising to get it out to the largest audience possible, to every nook and cranny in America, every city, every town, every hamlet, every corner of America.

How could a single movie be that important? Because it will change forever Americans’ false perception of how things work here. Everybody has to see this movie. This is the tool we’ve been waiting for. It’s non-violent, it’s ruthlessly honest, and it can change America. Everybody who sees this movie gets it. The light goes on. Nobody has ever explained so much in one place before.

Without your help, Aaron has only enough steam to open in New York City on July fourth. After that, nothing will happen unless every one of us helps him.

If we help Aaron now, here’s what he can do.

Ø premiere in two theaters in New York

Ø then open in a few theatres in Los Angeles

Ø then Chicago

Ø then take it to two hundred theatres nation wide, and then 500, and then . .

But all that takes money.

By now you may be snorting, “Who is this guy Franklin Sanders to ask me for money to help promote a movie?

That’s a fair question, and here’s a fair answer. According to an assistant United States Attorney, I am “the most dangerous man in the mid-South.” What makes me so dangerous? I am the man who opened a gold and silver bank so that Americans could realise their right to honest, stable gold and silver money. That was perfectly legal, even in 1984, but the federal government didn’t like it. For my trouble I spent the next sixteen years fending off the feds, the IRS, and state government, trying to keep my wife and me out of jail, and trying to keep them from killing my seven children, my wife, and me. I even ended up going to jail.

I know -- you think I’m crazy or lying. You can’t believe “our” government agents would do such terrible things. Most people can’t, and I understand why. It’s too horrible to believe. Besides, the government and the media work together to blacken everyone who stands for the law, the constitution, and the truth. They label them “trouble-makers” and “extremists”, and even, as a last resort, “terrorists.” Usually, it works, but our case was different. The federal government indicted 11 people out of our church (because the church elders refused to roll over for the IRS’s fishing expedition) as well as another 14 people. Some pled guilty, just to put an end to the nightmare. By the grace of God, the 16 of us who held out to the end were all acquitted. (You can read the entire story at The state also charged me in a related case, but I was convicted there.

And I should have been convicted, because I was guilty: guilty of speaking the truth, guilty of insisting the government abide by the law and the constitution, guilty of exposing the entire lying system of phoney money that steals the property and future from every single American. And if I had to do it all over again, as God is my helper I would do it without one moment’s hesitation, because it was the right thing to do.

Today Aaron Russo is guilty, too – guilty of making a movie to tell America the truth. And he needs our help.

Should one man take the cause of the whole nation on his own shoulders? Should one man give everything, while everyone else profits and none help? Any honest man must say, “No – let me help, too. I don’t want anybody else to carry the load for me.”

Here’s what Aaron needs: money to market and advertise America: From Freedom To Fascism. If we won’t help him, Aaron has told me he will make sure America sees this movie even if he has to walk it across America. But if he has to do that, the movie will never have the effect it could have. Its impact will fizzle out in little sparks, instead of the massive explosion it could touch off. Everybody who has seen this movie knows that it can change America.

And I know that in America today there is no effective movement to oppose, much less turn back, the plans to create a police state and turn us into a nation of slaves. At his own risk and expense, Aaron Russo has made a movie that might be the spark to set off an explosion in the public’s heart that might win back our liberties, and our children’s future.

This is not a distant cause. It is the cause of our rights and our ancient freedoms, right here in America, and it is not happening to somebody else. It’s happening right now to you, and to me, and this may be our last, best chance to wake up our neighbours. My friends know that I’m not much of one to talk about “last chances” because I know that Heaven has many more options than we can conceive.

Never before has the freedom movement had a professional like Aaron Russo on its side. Aaron work has won numerous gold records, platinum records, an Emmy, a Tony, and six Academy Award nominations. His films have received seven Golden Globe nomination and actually won three Golden Globes. To make this movie Aaron had to go against all the grain of Hollywood status and popularity. More than that, he had to love the truth.

We all know that advertising doesn’t come cheap. A full page ad in the New York Times costs $95,256.00. Half a page costs $52,920. A quarter page costs $26,460. One column inch costs $840.

Sounds impossible, but think: if only 529 of us each gave $100, we could buy that half page ad.

What am I asking from you? Give up two meals for your freedom.

You probably don’t balk at dropping $6.50 for a large white chocolate macchiatto at Starbucks. When you take your wife and kids out to eat, you don’t hesitate to lay out $60 at Pizza Hut. If it’s a special occasion and you really want to celebrate, you’ll go to Fancy French Jacques or L’Aubergine and drop a hundred fifty bucks for four people and congratulate yourself on a bargain.

I am asking you to donate the price of two meals out with your family to Aaron Russo, to promote America: From Freedom to Fascism. You name the price.

Please note: this is not an investment, but a gift to help Aaron make sure the most Americans possible see this film. Not one cent of your money will go to anything but promoting this movie. No, it’s not an “investment” in the usual sense because you won’t get any money back, but it most certainly is an investment in your nearest and dearest interests, and the return may be restoring your country and your rights.

You may think the price is too high, the risk of nothing happening too great. You may be right. It may be too late to turn America from her fate. That’s what the enemies of freedom want you to think.

In December, 1777 it looked like it was too late for America, and too late for freedom. Toward Valley Forge you could trace the path of Washington’s men by the blood their unshod feet left in the snow. When they arrived at their campsite, no shelters were waiting, so they spent the first two weeks building huts. Lacking blankets, they had to sit by the fire all night to keep from freezing. On December 23 Washington wrote to Congress that he had 2,898 men “unfit for duty because they were barefoot, and otherwise naked.” He wrote to his wife that she couldn’t come review the troops, because some were so ragged that their uniforms didn’t even cover their private parts.

To those men with the bleeding feet, it must have seemed too late for America, but they never went home. They never gave up. They gave their last breath.

Next to that, giving up a couple of meals in a restaurant doesn’t seem like much to risk, does it?

Respectfully yours,

Franklin Sanders

The Moneychanger

(888) 218-9226

P.S. If you hesitate, you’ll never get around to helping Aaron Russo, so please sit down right now, write him the biggest check you can write, and send it to

All Your Freedoms, Inc.

908 North La Cienega Blvd.

Los Angeles, California 90069

In the For line, write “Gift to promote AFFF.” Sorry, you won’t receive any fancy letters or acknowledgements or brass plaques, because every cent is needed to promote the film. However, you will have this: You will know that you have stood shoulder to shoulder in a line of patriots stretching back over 200 years. For me, that’s enough. I hope it will be for you, too.

P.P.S. There’s one more way you can help: send this letter to every friend you can think of. And when you do it, explain to them at the top of your e-mail that you understand nobody likes spam, but this is not spam and not junk mail. It’s a chance to restore America.

"In The Time Called MAN," by Gene Chapman

Two hundred twenty-five score years ago, he who hung the stars across the skies, the great unmovable mover, moved in the time called, MAN. His objective: to free his people from the slavery of Pharaoh's Egypt.

Pharaoh had a need for bricks, you see, with which to build his temporal kingdom, alters unto himself. And so the people of God found themselves making bricks for Pharaoh's world; slaves, taxed in labor, taxed in property and counted like cattle so Pharaoh could better control the taxation of their labor and property. They were controlled and supervised by Pharaoh's Government to observe the physical location and activities of the enslaved people of God; controlled and supervised of any weapon possession; and controlled and supervised in any information that was presented to them.

Oneday, God finished raising up a man named, Moses and sent Moses unto Pharaoh to say on the behalf of I AM, Domino, Jehovah, Almighty God, "Thus sayeth the LORD, let my people go that they may serve Me." Almighty God asserted to Pharaoh through Moses, the Prophet of God, that there was a direct causal relationship between the people of God being in slavery and their inability to properly serve the living God.

Today, 4,500 years later, the people of God find themselves once again in captivity to our little pharaohs in Washington and to state and local governments across the land. They need their bricks with which to build their little kingdoms, alters unto themselves.

And so we find ourselves here in 2006 A.D., in the modern world, taxed in labor through the income tax, taxed in property and counted like cattle with the presumed Social Security Number so our labor and property may be better controlled for taxation. We have an ever increasing legion of video camers, heat sensors and the like so Pharaoh can obverve our physical location and activities. We have gun licenses and control laws so Pharaoh can supervise any weapon possession by the enslaved. We have a giant media and school system to control and supervise information given to the enslaved poeple of God.

How magnificently evil it is to enslave grown people with their eyes open, raise up their offspring from childhood in Pharaoh's schools to believe that slavey in freedom and freedom is somehow slavery. They bark, "Render unto Caesar" to any who would question; all in a land that once prided itself on having no dictator. They shout, "Pay your fair share!," all in a land that the Greek scholars tell us was designed as a land of "no liabilty" or "liberty." They enslaved us to the debts created by the dreams of our Senators and Congressmen, and their dreams reach to the stars.

They formed our land that every man might be a king, every woman a queen, every daughter a princess and every son a prince and every home a castle. Today, taxed in labor, taxed in property and counted like cattle, we are slaves in Pharoh's rental castles, kept from properly serving God by Pharoh's enslavers at the Internal Revenue Service.

And here we are some 4,500 years after Moses looking another Pharoh in the eyes, repeating the same words from so long ago: "Thus sayeth the LORD, let my people go that they may serve Me" (Exodus 10:3).

Gene Chapman On Rick Stanley Radio Show

Listen to Gene Chapman on Rick Stanley radio show here.

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I just finished an hour long interview on Rick Stanley's radio show. Doug, can you link this for me? Gene