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Three Things That Christians Are NOT To "Render To Caesar"/ Jesus Christ: World's Greatest Tax Protestor

by Minister of Christ Gene Chapman

In a November, 2005 Internal Revenue Service envelope from New Jersey, I was informed that an IRS employee (we gather) sent inquiry on my views concerning Matthew 22:21: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and God the things that are God's." Other quotes from Romans 13 and Matthew 17:26 were brought up in the letter, but I think I can fully address all these textual questions by addressing the "render to Caesar" and Matthew 17 points. (Note: The same "render to Caesar" story is also found in Mark 12:13-17 and Luke 20:20-26.)

First, we must begin our examination of Christ's famous statement, "render to Caesar" (Mark 12:17), understanding that the motive of the group was to "catch" or trap Jesus "in his words" (Mark 12:13). "Jesus perceived their wickedness" (Matthew 22:18), not their high morality, and responded to placate the crowd, in PUBLIC, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" (Mark 12:17).

At another time, in PRIVATE, Jesus talks to Peter the Apostle about the exact same type of tax policy described above, in Matthew 17:24-27. Jesus verifies to Peter that both the apportioned Temple tax and the apportioned head tax of Rome are not intended to be imposed upon the locals (also, the Children of God) but are for "strangers" (see: Matthew 17:26). An apportioned head tax is not quite grinding slavery, as the income tax or property tax, and is not quite a moral tax either, like the excise tax on consumed goods, import and export taxes. It falls into a kind of no man's land of arguably moral/ immoral taxation, like the toll. The message of Jesus is that we should be the best citizens we can be and try not to "offend" (Matthew 17:27) the civil government where possible.

Additionally, in Luke 23:2, the accusers of Christ say to Pilate, "We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar." Christ did make the assertion to Peter that the "children" (Matthew 17:26) did not owe the tax to either the Temple or to Caesar. So it is probably true that Jesus was the greatest PRIVATE (behind the scenes) tax protestor of all time.

Second, we must also remember that we Christians have things we are to render to God that are not Caesar's. For three examples, I present the following:

1) Holy Scripture (see: All texts on crucifixion of Christ and death of Apostles in New Testament) indicates that we Christians are not to stop preaching the Gospel, even if temporal Government demands it. I'm sure Nero Caesar looked Paul the Apostle in the eye and said, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's" the day he had Paul beheaded in A.D. 67 Rome for preaching the Gospel. And I'm sure Paul replied, "and unto God the things that are God's," as his head then tumbled into the basket.

2) We Christians are not to "render to Caesar" the education and correction of our children. In Ephesians 6:4, Paul lays out God's word for us: "And, ye fathers, provoke not your children unto wrath: but bring them up (educate) in the nurture (within a protective educational and training environment) and admonition (correction) of the LORD." In other words, Christian fathers are to ensure that their children have a godly protective educational and correcting environment within which their children may grow to adulthood. (Note: The word, "nurture" has its Greek root in the word, "Eden.") God wants Christian education in a Garden of Eden type of environment, not desert of state education and a little Jesus on the weekends, as so many propose.

3) We Christians are absolutely not to go into the slavery of the government called "Beast" in Revelation.

In my conversations with Greek scholars at the highest theological levels of both Bob Jones University and the Southern Baptist Convention, along with my own studies, I found three primary attributes of slavery in antiquity:

a) Taxation of Property (1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Planks of "The Communist Manifesto").
b) Taxation of Labor (2nd and 5th Planks/ income tax: flat or graduated).
c) Counting People Like Cattle (to control labor and property/ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Planks).

Intuitively, I submit five more attributes of slavery for your examination from my own thoughts:

d) Control and Supervision of the Physical Location and Activities of uncondemned Free Persons (i.e. electronic monitoring/ video cameras on toll ways, high ways, city streets, etc./ 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Planks).
e) Control and Supervision of the education/ information presented to uncondemned Free Persons (FCC/ Secular Public Schools/ 6th and 10th Planks).
f) Control and Supervision of Weapon Possession and Ownership by uncondemned Free Persons (i.e. gun control laws/ Stallin's tactic to kill 10 million people in the Ukrane by starvation of the unarmed).
g) Control and Constraint of the Personal Finances of uncondemned Free Persons (5th Plank).
h) Control and Supervision of food, water, shelter, clothing and sex of uncondemned Free Persons (1st thru 10th Planks/state imposed marriage licenses).

The slavery of the Beast in Revelation 13 and 14 includes a Government control number (Revelation 13:18) placed in the forehead or right hand (Revelation 13:16) of the voluntarily enslaved (you volunteer or starve to death, just like in America). The Beast will head a globally influential government (Revelation 13:17), and he will count all the world like cattle so that none may "buy" homes, cars, cell phones, credit cards, pass ports, etc., etc., etc. "or sell" (Revelation 13:17) most labor and /or property without the number/ mark. He will have income taxes and property taxes, one may easily deduce, for buying and selling controls on individuals are only needed for taxation of labor and/ or property, in their end. Those who cave into the system and take the mark of the beast "shall face the wine of the wrath of God" (Revelation 14:10). Those who do not cave will be Christians (Revelation 15:2), 'tax cheats' by worldly standards, worthy of prison time and death. Sound familiar? And since legal changes brought on after 9/11/2001, we are no longer in a position to differentiate between the mark of the beast and the Social Security number; it fits in every way for the first time in American history.

Additionally, if we are to believe John 1 and Mark 14:62, then Jesus is the "I AM" in Exodus 3:14 who sent Moses unto Pharaoh and ultimately killed Pharaoh's army over the enslavement of the people of God (taxation of labor, property, and counting them like cattle). According to Exodus 10:3, Almighty God asserts that there is a direct causal relationship between the people of God being enslaved and their inability to properly "serve" God.

In Judges 3, we find two stories of how God raised up a man and sent him to kill a king who had enslaved the people of God (taxed their labor and/ or property). In the latter story, the people of God are sent on to attack and kill the enslaving army of Moab, and they defeated it.

In I Corinthians 7:21b, Christians are informed by Paul that we are to "use" any freedom from slavery (taxation of labor and/ or property), obviously to serve God. We are to love and dream of liberty.

And in I Corinthians 7:23, already free Christians are instructed to categorically reject slavery (taxation of labor, property and being counted like cattle).

We are now raised in a culture in America that thinks slavery is the price of "liberty" (Greek word: elutheria -- without liability) and that individual liberty in unAmerican. It's an upsidedown world that only Orwell could predict; he and Revelation.

Yes Christians are to try to get along with civil government the best we can and still uncompromisingly follow God. We are not to lie down and be raped of our liberties and be extorted of the "gift of God" (see: Eccl. 3:13; Prov. 31:31) in this free nation, our homes invaded by IRS agents one upon another. Rather, we are to slaughter their army, kill their king and resist unto death, if their good reason will not prevail.

Americans have no real Caesar, in fact, and never have. We are a people unique in the world, where every man is a king, every woman a queen, every daughter a princess, every son a prince, and every home is a castle. And if I live, we shall have no Caesars and no slaves on our shores, so help me God!


Gene Chapman,
Minister of Christ


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