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Saturday, September 03, 2005

We just finished making the video on, "An Open Letter To Cuban President Fidel Castro." We do not have it translated into Spanish. We will make about 150 to 200 videos for distribution during the Christmas time in Little Havana to Miami area tv stations and Cuban Nationals. The video looks great. Thanks to R. W. Moore at:

So far, we are going to put a 25 minute tv show of me discussing my work on Slave Freedom on "Telstar 5" for 27 shows in America, Europe, Mediterranean and North Africa. America has 6,000,000 satellite television viewers, alone. Gene.

I was down about 90 miles from Gulf Port, MS yesterday. I saw one tree about as big around as a tractor trailer turned over, and the root system was about as big as a four bedroom home.

The destruction in town along the towns hear Hattisburg (sp?) was the most pronounced. It looked as if the buildings had been sand blasted, and that's 100 miles inland. I'd hate to see the coast.

Jackson, MS has about half the traffic lights out that I saw. The mayor was on the radio talking about getting people resettled on a permanent basis, never to go back. The schools will be opened monday, along with parks, etc., for education. Highschool graduates will be hired into work crews to clean up from the storm, while those enrolled in college will be housed and transfered free.

Thr Mississipi River looked untouched, as I crossed at I-20 in Vicksburg from the West. The trees and signs soon began to show some stress and downing. Gene.

I'm off to New Jersey for a Tuesday delivery.

We have 6 employees who lost their homes in the Hurricane, so if you would like to help out with the care of their family and extended family, let me know. 972-872-0784. We have $600 already to them and a $20 here and there delivered off in the storm area. Gene.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm having my letter to Fidel Castro translated into Spanish by a Cuban family in Texas. I'll be ready for video to play in Miami and to publish the letter in the "Miami Herald" in a month or two.

Pray for the people in New Orleans during the storm today. Gene.