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Friday, August 26, 2005

I am in talks with leadership in the Republican Party about an idea I've been testing to destroy the Democrat Party in the black community by the next presidential election. I have a yard sign and three tracts that I passed out to a black barber shop a few weeks ago. The yard sign is now out front of the barber shop. The tracts hammer the Democrats, so it is clear the owner of the barber shop has agreed with my positions enough to promote them to the entire neighborhood. If I could get maybe $50,000 and lots of legs natonwide to pass out my meterials to black barbershops, I think the black community will walk away from the Democtat Party and the income tax and property tax. With a powerless Democrat Party, the taxation of labor and property will die almost immediately.

On another note, I'll be with Russ and Dee Fine on October 15, 2005 to support their Alabama Tea Party. This is the largest tax protest in America, as it had ovr 5,000 present in 2003, when I was in Birmingham last. Let's support this event. They are renting out the Convention Center this year in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Gene.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

We have 5,000 more copies of the "Enslavers" tract being printed. If you want some, contact me at the places listed at the top left corner of this blog. Gene

"Enslavers" (I Timothy 1:10): Why IRS Employees Go To Hell When They Die
(The tract that made The New York Times)
by Minister of Christ Gene Chapman

Assuming you work for the Internal Revenue Service, have you ever noticed at maybe a Christmas time visit to family and friends that your job is a source of atleast some awkward silence or discussion? Well, that's because you are involved in grossly immoral activity at the IRS, and your family and friends know it at a gut level. You know it at a gut level too, but sometimes we get too immersed in something, for the money or personal prestige, such that we refuse to hear the moral reasoning deep within ourselves. This is why God gave us the written Moral Law (see: Romans 5:20).

Paul the Apostle writes of this Moral Law in I Timothy 1:9 and 10. He states: "Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but . . . for menstealers . . . ." (I've taken the liberty of cutting out the whole long list to get us to our point.) Notice that there is not a "righteous man" among these "menstealers."

Righteous means 'right with God,' 'saved,' 'not going to Hell when they die.' In simple language, "menstealers" are destined for Hell.

Another way we find "menstealers" translated to English from the original Greek word "andrapodistes" is "enslavers." "Enslavers" defined -- Those who impose a taxing of labor (i.e. property/ income tax) upon uncondemned free persons; thus, under the judgment of the Moral Law of God. (This definition is approved as "an appropriate application of the text" by Greek scholars at the highest theological levels of both Bob Jones University and the Southern Baptist Convention, so there is no wiggle room for IRS employees who may wish to debate.)

If you work for the IRS, you impose a taxing of labor upon uncondemned free persons, and you are on your way to Hell when you die. This goes for Senators and Congressmen who impose the law itself, for the nurse in the maternity ward who tags a baby with a social security number/ tax slave number before leaving the hospital, for local and state legislators who impose property and income taxes and for voters who support the enslavement of free people to property and income taxes. All these are on their way to Hell, according to I Timothy 1:10.

But the good news is that the Lord Jesus Christ already went to Hell for you. If you will 'repent' (turn away from) of the sin of being an enslaver and accept by 'faith alone' (see: Ephesians 2:8-9) his finished work on the cross of dying in your place for your sin penalty (Romans 6:23), he has promised that you don't have to go to Hell when you die (see: John 3).

Right now, say, "God be merciful to me a sinner" (see: Luke 18:13). Now that you are saved or 'righteous' in God's eyes, the next move is to join a good Bible based church that will teach you how to study the Greek and Hebrew original languages that the Bible was written in. This will keep you from error. They will teach you about water baptism and how to be a better and maturing Christian over the years to come.

And remember that the "righteous man" (I Timothy 1:9) is no longer in willful sin against God, so being an "enslaver" is out of the question from now on. You will need to immediately resign your job at the IRS and go find a new one with God in mind.

God bless you,

Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ,

Clay and I are discussing the magazine. "Envision Magazine" might be a better name, I am thinking. It would be subtitled, "... experience a perfect world." The focus would be on contrasting the negatives in the world against a perfect world, rather than just all bookish essays or negative slams on collectivism, as so many patriot magazines have. I don't even want a "Patriot Magazine." I don't think we need the words "freedom" or "liberty" in the title in order to attract a wider audience, and we could deal with fashion in a perfect world, would there be clothes in a perfect world?, travel in a perfect world, flowers in a perfect world, hair styles in a perfect world, economics in a perfect world, religion in a perfect world. The ideas are endless with this new angle for the magazine. Gene. Obviously, we would hold that individual liberty would be central to this perfect world.

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The United States income tax system is one of voluntary compliance in that the government relies primarily upon the disclosure by the taxpayer of the relevant facts (Helvering v Mitchell 303 us 391, 399). The obligation to pay the correct amount of tax, however, is mandatory as enacted by congress in the various public laws comprising the Internal Revenue Code. The courts have uniformly upheld this concept. For example, in Schiff v United States, 919 f.2nd 830, 834, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals stated that The payment of income taxes is not optional and the average citizen knows that the payment of income taxes is legally required.

The Internal Revenue Code, as enacted by Congress, authorizes the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to promulgate regulations to implement and clarify congressional intent when appropriate and/or necessary. The underlying authority, however, is the Internal Revenue Code, and the code remains in effect whether or not specific regulations have been issued.

Taxpayers have taken a number of positions to the effect that the income tax laws do not apply because wages are not income, the 16th amendment was not ratified, they were citizens of a sovereign state and not a citizen of the United States, the Internal Revenue Code does not require the payment of taxes by an individual, and several other equally unsupportable legal positions. The courts have uniformly held these types of arguments to be frivolous and not supported by law, regulation, or judicial opinion.

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Re: msg#: 1427074, email, dated Wed, 14 May 2003

My question is “Where is MY tax liability in the law?" specifically what law makes me (‘average-Joe working man’) “liable” for Federal income taxes.

Your letter states, “The obligation to pay the correct amount of tax …is mandatory as enacted by congress in the various public laws comprising the Internal Revenue Code.”

So why didn’t you cite the exact law, and it's specific provisions, which was “enacted by congress” which crates “the obligation to pay” income taxes?

The point is, I want to know what law makes me “liable” for income taxes and requires me “to pay” such a tax. This should not be too difficult for you to define, if such laws were “enacted by congress.” For example, in connection with the federal wagering tax, Code section 4401(c) says, “Each person who is engaged in the business of accepting wagers shall be liable for and shall pay he tax under this subchapter on all wagers placed by him.” Section 5703(a) and (b) states in connection with tobacco products, “The manufacturer ...of tobacco products shall be liable for the taxes imposed thereon by section 5701… (and) …Such taxes shall be paid on the basis of a return.”

Therefore, please identify for me the exact statute “enacted by congress” that similarly states, “Those receiving income shall be liable for and shall pay an income tax,” or words to that effect.

Also Mr. Engles, please note that there seems to be a bit of conflict within your letter. How can there be a “mandatory …obligation to pay” income taxes,” if, as you say, “the income tax system is one of voluntary compliance”? How can the payment of a tax be “mandatory” and “voluntary” at the same time? Are the payments of the federal wagering and tobacco taxes (noted examples above) also based on “voluntary compliance”?

Therefore, I would appreciate your specific answers to these two questions for further clarification of my initial question:

1) What federal statutes specifically and which part or parts specifically thereunder mandates the payment, by ME, of income taxes; and

2) Are the above noted 'federal wagering' and 'tobacco taxes' also based on “voluntary compliance”? If not, how can some taxes be based on“voluntary compliance” and others, not?


/s/ Gene Chapman

The "Enslavers" tract is being passed out in LA and Georgia. I hope our man in California can make it to Irwin Schiff's trial to pass out more tracts there. Maybe he can make the newspaper, like Robert Ingle did. Gene.

We are trying to get me video taped on about 200 Cd's on my letter to Fidel Casto to pass out in Little Havanna and get in Miami tv in December.

"My Comment on Dr. Pat Robertson's View that President Hugo Chavez Be Assinated"

Dr. Robertson has been very supportive of my work against the IRS in Austin, Texas. And I deeply appreciate him for it.

On Mr. Chavez, I think it would be more prudent for Brother Robertson to focus on the specific sins in Socialism than on attacking an individual with deadly violence. For example, my open letter to Cuban President Fidel Castro, just a few blogs down from this one, deals with the soul issue of Mr. Castro, while leaving him very much alive to have time to repent of his sin of being an "enslaver" in this life.

I would support Dr. Roberton making a plea to the souls of Socialists, not to their physical demise. Only if America is attacked should we ever contemplate violence. And even then, Gandhi proposed nonviolent force, a do I.

We must be careful, as called out representatives of Jesus Christ, to represent his views first, not those of our Government. Gene

Monday, August 22, 2005

Why I Support The "Fair Tax": Ending The National Debt and World Poverty in the Stroke of a Pen
by Minister of Christ Gene Chapman

There are a couple of moral angles I take on the Fair Tax, assuming it is to replace the Social Welfare taxes/ income taxes.

One the one hand, I see the purist view of Christian tax policy to not include taxation for benevolent purposes. Infact, Paul the Apostle lays out this principle in II Corinthians 9:7. He states that a benevolent donation from the church at Corinth is to be taken up for the church at Jerusalem, "not grudgingly" (by brow beating), or of necessity (constraint/ force/ taxation): for God loves a cheerful giver." This purist view would negate any tax for benevolent purposes. And any benevolence would be left to the church and the individual without state involvement, what-so-ever.

On the other hand, churches and individuals do not seem to be so capable of benevolence as to fund the needs of the whole American society of 293,000,000 people, 35,180,000 of which do not claim to be Christian in any form. It would seem a bit one sided in our pluralistic society to leave some to die for not being Christian and over fund others, simply because of their standing in the church.

And a case may also be made that Government's function is to protect the life and property of citizens; thus, a tax that is neither on labor or property and is used for the protection of the life/ physical welfare of citizens could be said to be a moral tax. My conclusion is, I think, practical.

The current taxation of labor and property is slavery, by my studies and conversations with scholars. It is immoral to enslave uncondemned free persons (see:, so the current tax system on labor and property must go away in a moral society.

The Socialists make a morally based argument to care for "the least of these," citing Jesus in Matthew 25:40. This moral claim will never go away but will continue to cause a threshing of public policy from every side, like a boat in a storm, until it is addressed. (Even the worst ideas, like Socialism, are based in some moral ground, or they would never see the light of day. The duty of the rational mind is to defeat the bad in the ideas without forgetting to address the authentic moral complaint at the root of the conflict; thus, the conflict goes away along with the bad ideas.)

The only two ways this moral claim may be met are through moral tax policy (non-slave based) or free form benevolence by churches and individuals. Because I see no way the churches and individuals are prepared to meet this moral demand in full, a moral tax policy is the only alternative I see on the horizon to calm the storm.

The most prominent tax policy that may get people away from the three attributes of slavery (taxing labor, taxing property and counting people like cattle i.e. Social Security Number) is the Fair Tax.

My hope is that the Fair tax will expand in its scope to include all property taxes in time, as well as allowing those who do not wish to interact with what most Christian leaders believe is the prelude to the "mark of the beast" (See: Revelation 13:18; 14:9-10)/ Social Security Number. I see the Fair Tax as even prophetic in that it will allow some Christians to escape through the drag net of the mark of the beast in the end of days, if allowed to stand. Scripture does indicate that some Christians will make it alive through the time of the beast, and the Fair Tax allows for this possibility, unlike the current tax system.

Thus, I support the Fair Tax as a moral alternative to the current immoral tax system. (Who knows, my inforamtion suggests that the Fair Tax may well double the growth rate of the U.S. economy, allowing America to end the National Debt and maybe even end World Poverty (deadly poverty on children) in the process, if we choose; all while freeing the American people from slavery.)

Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ

P.S. I pray also for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address the abuses our good citizens have faced these many decades at the hands of IRS employees, Senators and Congressmen, along with a general amnesty for the brave citizen heroes who stood to the end against the tyranny our government imposed for so long upon this free nation.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I was very pleased to see the "Enslavers" tract is having such an impact, given the "New York Times" coverage. I knew it would. I'm looking for mass IRS resignations any time.

I was also please to have R.W. Moore introduce me to Clay in Arizona. He will make a fine asset to the magazine, assuming we get materials to publish. He put together the magazine cover below in just a few minutes. Wow. Gene.

It seem to me that we need in addition to the Fair Tax a Truth And Reconcilliation Commission to settle all the abuse the IRS and House and Senate has imposed on Americans these past decades. We need to see a general amnasty for all tax protestors who have given to the last to free our country from Communist agression in the tax code. Gene.