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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My pay appears to have gone up to $85-$90K per year, since I did the lease of the truck. God must like me ;-). We have money for lots of projects to fight the IRS, so talk to me.

I approached "American Free Press" to get rates to publish the "Enslavers" tract that causes IRS employees to quit their job. I'm waiting for a reply.

I've also approached Bob Schultz' people to see if I can help publish one of his national full page deals in the "U S A Today."

I'll have the 100 yard signs done soon, and I'll then mail them out to our people around the counrty to pass out with the tracts.

I'm on the phone in a few minutes with the people in New Jersey who are going to jail for not paying taxes for war reasons. Gene.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dick Simkanin

The source of those statements, which I reported to the "Show Me The Law" Discussion Group, which ultimately appeared on the Dick Simkanin Blog Spot, were taken VERBATIM from a hand written, personal letter that I received from Dick Simkanin, himself, dated July 19, 2005.


I would like to offer a short comment on this post relating to the oral argument of Dick Simkanin's appeal before the Appellate US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans on July 6, just to set the record straight.

I was physically present at the hearing. I don't know whether Charlotte Smith was there or not; if she was, I didn't notice. As far as I know, other than the lawyers, the only observers were myself and two companions. She could not know how the legal team felt afterwards; I was with the team for several hours afterwards, and no one who could have been Charlotte Smith asked them that question. They did not predict victory to me, although they did feel it went as well as or even better than they had hoped.

The government did NOT go first, as Mr. Simkanin was the appellant and it was his attorney that spoke to the court first. Peter (who had spent the previously day prepping for the argument with Bob Bernhoft [Dick's appellate co-counsel, who was also one of the winning attorneys for Joe Banister] at their hotel) spoke for the allotted 20 minutes or so, answering many questions from the three judges, which showed they were concerned about the fairness of Dick's trial. After his time, the government gave their oral arguments. It is true that the Justice Dept. lawyer mentioned several times that Dick was a "notorious tax protester" and "leader" and that the judge could verify this "by Googling his name." To this, the Chief Judge rebuked him, "Is that in the record?" (Appeals must be based on the district court record.) However, the government attorney also argued his legal points, and the court gave him the same attention as Peter received. They did not cut him off or tell him to sit down.

To close the proceedings, Mr. Simkanin's attorney had reserved several minutes for which to rebut the governments arguments, which he did, focusing not only on Dick's unfair trial but also on his excessive and illegal sentence. I felt that Peter did a fantastic job. However, I do not remember the court making the remarks that Charlotte mentions (thanking him, etc.) and the judges gave no indication of which way they would rule, or when.

I appreciate your willingness to update this post.

Bryan Malatesta