(Slave Freedom Movement)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My meeting with Dr. Clarkson and about 15 other patriots went fine on Sunday. I gave out all but 2 of my 50 signs and have 100 more signs on order for $550. Any donations will help us get out the word.

Ordination to the Church of the Holy Word went fine for three of us on Sunday, as well.

Half the tracts mailed to the House and Senate are now mailed out.

We have a tv commercial made. If you want to get it on the air in your community, let me know.

We have a man in California going to pass out our tracts at an IRS Building there for $250 for a day.

I leased the truck today in accordance with my Christian theology to pursue freedom from slavery (i.e. property/ income taxes)/ (I Corinthians 7:21).

I'm glad to hear Dick Simkanin is in favorable condition. Gene

To: Show Me The Law
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 9:06 AM
Subject: [SMTL_DISCUSS] Update on Simkanin

On July 6, 2005, the oral arguments regarding Simkanin's Appeal were
quite favorable. Each side had 15 minutes to present their case or facts.
The government went first and proceeded to lambast Mr. Simkanin by
calling him names such as anti-government, tax protestor, etc. The judges
listened for about 8 to 9 minutes, then asked the D.C. prosecutor if they
had any facts to present. The prosecutor simply said that the facts are
what he was presenting. The judge told the prosecutor to sit down if that
was all he had, which he did. Peter Goldberger then told the 3 judge
panel that he would do his best to finish his presentation in the 15
minutes allotted to him. However, the panel allowed Peter to speak for 45
minutes. After Peter was through, the panel thanked him for doing an
excellent job in preparation for the oral arguments, and not wasting the
court's time. The Simkanin legal team came away from the hearing feeling
they (the judges) will find in favor of Simkanin! Yipeeeeee!!!!!! We will
all be waiting anxiously to find out if David Cay Johnston of the New
York Times reports in Simkanin's favor the way he blasted Dick after the

Through the grapevine there is another petition floating around among the
Ft. Worth Attorneys to impeach Judge John Henry McBryde from the bench.
If this petition hits the 5th Circuit before they make a decision in the
Simkanin case, it should surely help in his favor. September 24th or
before, is the time frame for results of a decision. They expect the
court to reverse the felonies (2), but are not sure how they will handle
the misdemeanor. Even if they confirm the misdemeanor, it will be time
served and Simkanin will be out!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please keep the judges in your prayers that the Lord works through
them for a favorable outcome!