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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Audioblog is still down. I'm at 972-436-5008 room 221 for the night and may be out until 9 p.m. CT.

If anybody wants to doante to the billboard project in Atlanta, send doantions to Gene Chapman, P.O. Box 295545, Lewisville, TX 75029. We need about $5,000 for the month, I expect.

Operation Gates of Hell will consist in Washington D.C. of July 2-4, 2005 of passing out the highly successful tract entitled, '"Enslavers (I Timothy 1:10): Why IRS Employees Go To Hell When They Die."' We may have two or three show up to help me.


"Enslavers" (I Timothy 1:10): Why IRS Employees Go To Hell When They Die
by Minister of Christ Gene Chapman

Assuming you work for the Internal Revenue Service, have you ever noticed at maybe a Christmas time visit to family and friends that your job is a source of atleast some awkward silence or discussion? Well, that's because you are involved in grossly immoral activity at the IRS, and your family and friends know it at a gut level. You know it at a gut level too, but sometimes we get too immersed in something, for the money or personal prestige, such that we refuse to hear the moral reasoning deep within ourselves. This is why God gave us the written Moral Law (see: Romans 5:20).

Paul the Apostle writes of this Moral Law in I Timothy 1:9 and 10. He states: "Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but . . . for menstealers . . . ." (I've taken the liberty of cutting out the whole long list to get us to our point.) Notice that there is not a "righteous man" among these "menstealers."

Righteous means 'right with God,' 'saved,' 'not going to Hell when they die.' In simple language, "menstealers" are destined for Hell.

Another way we find "menstealers" translated to English from the original Greek word "andrapodistes" is "enslavers." "Enslavers" defined -- Those who impose a taxing of labor (i.e. property/ income tax) upon uncondemned free persons; thus, under the judgment of the Moral Law of God. (This definition is approved as "an appropriate application of the text" by Greek scholars at the highest theological levels of both Bob Jones University and the Southern Baptist Convention, so there is no wiggle room for IRS employees who may wish to debate.)

If you work for the IRS, you impose a taxing of labor upon uncondemned free persons, and you are on your way to Hell when you die. This goes for Senators and Congressmen who impose the law itself, for the nurse in the maternity ward who tags a baby with a social security number/ tax slave number before leaving the hospital, for local and state legislators who impose property and income taxes and for voters who support the enslavement of free people to property and income taxes. All these are on their way to Hell, according to I Timothy 1:10.

But the good news is that the Lord Jesus Christ already went to Hell for you. If you will 'repent' (turn away from) of the sin of being an enslaver and accept by 'faith alone' (see: Ephesians 2:8-9) his finished work on the cross of dying in your place for your sin penalty (Romans 6:23), he has promised that you don't have to go to Hell when you die (see: John 3).

Right now, say, "God be merciful to me a sinner" (see: Luke 18:13). Now that you are saved or 'righteous' in God's eyes, the next move is to join a good Bible based church that will teach you how to study the Greek and Hebrew original languages that the Bible was written in. This will keep you from error. They will teach you about water baptism and how to be a better and maturing Christian over the years to come.

And remember that the "righteous man" (I Timothy 1:9) is no longer in willful sin against God, so being an "enslaver" is out of the question from now on. You will need to immediately resign your job at the IRS and go find a new one with God in mind.

God bless you,

Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ,

Audio blogger has been busy for the last several days.

I ate supper with Rick Stanley on Wednesday evening and had a good visit. He wants to join the 3rd parties and form a United America Council. I saud I would support him in it. Gene.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

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