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Friday, April 22, 2005

Labor and Property: The Two Immoral Taxes
by Minister of Christ Gene Chapman

1) "[I]f thou mayest be made free [from slavery (taxation of labor and/ or property)], use it rather [to win souls to Christ for salvation]" (I Corinthians 7:21b).

Conclusion: Christians not promoting freedom (i.e. writing their Congressman, etc.) from slavery (i.e. taxation of labor and/ or property) cost souls their salvation in Christ.

2) "menstealers"/ "enslavers" (I Timothy 1:10): (Greek word: andrapodistes) -- Those who impose a taxing of labor (i.e. property/ income tax) upon uncondemned free persons; thus, under the judgment of the Moral Law of God.

Note: This definition has been approved as an "appropriate application of the text" by theologians/ scholars at the highest theological levels of both Bob Jones University and the Southern Baptist Convention.

3) The property tax is the 1st Plank of "The Communist Manifesto," by Karl Marx, while the income tax is the 2nd Plank of "The Communist Manifesto" in action. The ultimate function of the 10 Planks of "The Communist Manifesto" are to twist a nation with a free market economy into a godless totalitarian socialist communist slave state with no property owners and results in citizens having no incentive to work for a prosperous future. This leads to cultural decay, drug abuse, suicide, etc. These ideas are most clearly represented in the liberal wing of the Democrat Party in 2005 America and should be avoided at every opportunity and in every election.

You may wish to examine The Constitution Party, The Libertarian Party or The Christian AntiCommunist Party for a better use of your vote on these issues.

4) Since 1,800 B.C., the taxation of labor and property has been described as slavery (see: "Wycliffe Bible Dictionary," taxation).

5) Government has no moral or legal claim to a free person's labor or property (see: Prov. 31:31; Eccl. 3:13).

6) "liberty"/ "freedom" (II Corinthians 3:17): (Greek word: eleutheria) -- without liability.

Conclusion: As we move away from liberty/ freedom, we move toward liability/ slavery. As we move toward liberty/ freedom, we move away from liability/ slavery.

7) Since 1999, I've asked the question face-to-face at virtually every level of American government, "Where is my income tax liability in the law?" September 2, 2004, on the second day of my "death fast" infront of the main IRS Building in Washington D.C., I was invited into the lobby by two Treasury Agents to speak to Mr. Terry Lemons, Communications Director for the IRS. Before the two Treasury Agents, he told me, "There is no single sentence anywhere that indicates and individual has a tax liability. It's found in various court cases and scattered regulations." As of this printing, I have yet to see one of these "court cases" or "scattered regulations."

Who is Gene Chapman?

Educated for the Christian ministry at four universities, Chapman has been compared to William Wallace, Martin Luther, C.S. Lewis, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi. The Gandhi Community in India and two U.S. Presidential candidates have taken positive interest in his work in the Slave Freedom Movement. He is a publicized opponent in Cuba of Castro's Communist government and has been covered by CNN, BBC World Service, "People Magazine," "The Economist" and various other news organizations from around the world. Follow his work at or

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'll be upgrading my new business cards for the July 2-4th Washington D.C. trip to 5 to 7 point tracts -- about 5,000.

The ball and chain idea may be too comical to be appropriate for my serious work in D.C., so I probably won't go that route.

I spoke to Dr. Clarkson tonight on the phone. He's doing well and wishes us well in Washington D.C. Fred is doing good too.

I'll try to get a p.o. box the next time I get a day off, so I can get mail.

Pray for the end of slavery in America. Gene