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Friday, February 11, 2005

Gene To Leave Hospital - Possibly for County Jail

After being involuntarily picked up and transported and sent to two different psychiatric hospitals since January 3, 2005 Gene Chapman is now set to leave Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital sometime today or tomorrow.

His next destination is unknown at the present time, but there's a presumption that he may have to enter the Greenville County Jail on the "wreckless endangerment" charge that's been weighed against him.

Gene has asked for a court appointed attorney to accompany him at a preliminary hearing on this matter.

If Gene is released he will be calling the Greenville Rescue Mission 864-242-6933 or the local Salvation Army 864-235-4803.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Letter Postmarked February 7, 2005

February 5, 2005

All my diagnosis says is "maybe", "might" and "possible." Nothing is in stone.

My time here puts me 2 days past a month in the care of South Carolina's mental health system, and all anyone knows is that I hate the taxation of labor and property (slavery).

"Menstealers" (I Timothy 1:10) : (Greek word: andrapodistes) : "enslavers" -- Those who impose a taxing of labor (ie. property/income tax) upon uncondemned free persons; thus , under the judgment of the Moral Law of God. If we be free men enslaved to Christ Jesus, then have not been stolen from our master by our Senators, Congressmen and IRS agents? We are a nation kidnapped from Liberty and the God of Liberty by Secular Humanist Socialist Communists in our Democrat Party, who desire power for their collectivist global objectives of world enslavement to their Anti-Christian views.

God has given me a place to eat three reasonably good meals a day, a cot sized bed, a place to shower, a range of tests that indicate my overall IQ is (104) average and my mental state is relatively fin. After all the medication and time, I still feel moral outrage at what is becoming common knowledge in the legal and church community - that the IRS is an enslaver.

The IRS is going to have to stop sending me mail, if we are to coexist in the world. All I need to feel the drive to self martyrdom is to read an IRS extortion demand. Please know that I am happy to do news interviews here at...

Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital
Lodge G
P.O. Box 2907
Anderson, S.C. 29622

Visiting hours are 6-8 pm seven days and additionally, 2-4 pm on Saturday-Sunday. I love mail and reply to all.


Second Entry in the same letter

February 6, 2005

I had two visitors from the movement up from Atlanta, GA last evening. It sure was good to see people I know.

We are gathering prepared to watch the Eagles vs. Patriots Superbowl on TV this evening.

I've been discussing Jesus Christ and salvation with a professed "atheist" this past week. He is now a "deist". A book is needed from C.S. Lewis entitled "Liar, Lord or Lunatic" (I think it's called) to bring this man to salvation. If someone could mail me a copy, I'd be grateful.

The cost of my credit card bills totals $70 a month, so anything to that end will help me stay in the fight here in the psychiatric jail I'm in against tax slavery and the IRS.

The only plan I have is to follow the leadership of The Holy Spirit. My internal drive tells me to be at the IRS Headquarters in Washington DC on July 4th.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Letter Postmarked February 5, 2005

February 3, 2005

9 pm EST

I just heard that We The People Congress and Bob Shulz got a Supreme Court ruling in Washington DC that keeps our lawsuit moving in the courts. Amen!

Here in the Hospital I feel like I'm in an emotional washing machine. I'm being thrown all over the place inside. One day I'm clear of mental illness, the next I'm not, according to the power that be. I'm starting to think this mind stuff is all a bunch of fluff with nobody knowing what really causes or fixes anything.

My faith in God through Christ Jesus is the only constant.

I'm trying to settle with the IRS, given my mental illness assessment of "depression" of at least 2 years and the possible "slight bipolar" assessment. We'll see if they come see me to talk. My suggestion is to get a court appointed lawyer, a tape recorder/video camera and Bob Shulz and/or Robert Clarkston together with an IRS agent here in the hospital to talk about IRS Communication Director Terry Lemmons' comment to me on September 2, 2004:

"There is no single sentence anywhere that indicates a tax liability for an individual; It's found in various court cases and scattered regulations."

Solving tax liability would be one good way for me to be free from the mental health system. The IRS drove me to the edge of sanity with its refusal to answer a simple question: "Where is my income tax liability in the law?"


Letter Postmarked February 2, 2005

February 1, 2005

I just met with my doctor. He says that he believes I may have a "small touch of bipolar" and he wants me to continue taking the small dose of Risperdal that I've been on for five days now. We are not positive, but my change in the desire for self martyrdom since starting the Risperdal is real. Two other factors in my mood change may be the cause and have nothing to do with the Risperdal, however.

It may be that I am in need of a Social Security Disability check, based on the belief that I do have Dysthymic Disorder (depression for 2 years at least). We believe that I've become depressed from driving trucks so much that I go years without a date with a woman and that this is the underlying reason for my desire to self martyr. Wouldn't it be poetic justice for me to get paid from the Government? (ha).

We agree that my future cannot contain self martyrdom tactics, as I've been diagnosed with Dysthymic Disorder (depression for 2 years at least), and my credibility as a martyr would only be called by the press: "Loss of a poor depressed soul who has been diagnosed as mentally ill."

My future must now contain marches and writing, etc. I hope to be in Washington DC for a tax march on Constitution Avenue July 4, 2005 outside the main IRS building. Plan to com be with me and pray for the end of slavery in America.


Gene K. Chapman


Gene's Letter to Greenway Circuit Court

January 30, 2005

Gene K. Chapman
Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital
P.O. Box 2907 Lodge G.
Anderson, SC 29622

The Honorable D.M. Greenway & Clerk of Court
426 N. Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601-0

Dear Sir:

This letter is to request a court appointed attorney, a preliminary hearing and a trial by jury on Warrant # H-884618, and I also include the following:

Additional to my enclosed statement, I wish to add that Dr. Robert Clarkston and his girlfriend, Elaine, two of the almost dozen of our movement's people who were present at the Greenville SC IRS office on January 3, 2005, will be happy to testify that my primary method of self martyrdom was to be the slitting of my wrists in the IRS parking lot, should they remain unresponsive for the 30 minute time period.

We know that my objective was not to harm others because I invited my own movement to be present. Why would I want to endanger my own people? I chose not to buy gasoline for self martyrdom because I felt in my prayers that the police would stop me before there would be a remote chance for me to get in an open enough spot to "auto cremate". God's will be done, but it seems clear to me that creating an explosive RV was never a remote intention from this letter and the two enclosed pages.

Most Respectfully,

Gene K. Chapman, Servant of the Son of Man

Gal. 6:9


Enclosed Statement

Gene Chapman Statement

Since the 1999 tax year I have been asking the IRS to show me: "Where is my tax liability in the law?" The only tactic that has worked on any level to get some kind of answer has been to lay down my life on their doorsteps these past 6 years of asking.

In August of 2004 I turned in my social security card because the Federal and State Governments have adopted new regulations that require proof of a social security number to renew a commercial drivers license. My Amish/Anabaptist theological views teach me to have great concern for a government that imposes a government imposed control number on my ability to "sell" (Revelation 13:16) my labor, as the takers of the "mark of the beast" (Revelation 13 & 14) are to face the "wine of the wrath of God" (Revelation 14:10). It has come down to me fearing God or fearing man. I choose to fear God.

The purpose of my dealings with the IRS was not to die or to hurt anyone else, as my theological (Amish) views require me to impose violence on no one. It would be sinful for me to create an explosive environment where others could be hurt, as I am to "Love my neighbor as my self."

I assert that what the officers found when they took me to the hospital was the smell of 14, 2" X 10" X 8' pieces of pine stained with wood prestain and wood stain. The previous Friday and Saturday to January 3, 2005 (Monday) was spent in part by me moving this smelly stained material from my pastor's office to his home. My pastor, Roy, will be happy to testify that I kept 7 of the stained boards in my RV overnight and delivered them Saturday morning. This is the smell that the officers found, I am confident.

The reason for this confidence is that:

1) A propane tank in the open condition, linked into the RV would have lost all its gas over the past 4 years. I've owned the RV long before January 3, 2005.

2) I've checked the stove from time to time to which the propane tank is connected and never experienced gas flow in these 4 years.

3) The propane tank is connected from a closed-in area on the outside of my RV, so a propane flow/leak would have been outside the RV.

So we have forced to believe that an empty propane tank from an area outside my RV leaked propane through a stove system that has never been used in a cooking capacity in the 4 years I've owned it, and that 7-14 pieces of pine with fresh stain and pre-stain (1/2 gal) had nothing to do with the smell. We also must believe that a man who believes violence against others is immoral for him to engage in suddenly chose to make an explosive device after a life of Gardian/Christian/Buddist nonviolence.



Gene K. Chapman

Letter Postmarked January 31, 2005

Almost a month in on my stay at Patrick B. Harris and my doctor informs me that there may be absolutely nothing at all wrong with me, however, they need to treat me because I'm here and the Fed's are watching.

Two bureaucrats trying to see after me, so I have to take drugs I may not even need. What a world.

The "reckless endangerment" charge in Greenville SC is over a propane tank that has not had propane in it for the 4 years I've owned the RV. And the propane tank is on the outside of the RV, hooked to the stove. They say it's a "criminal offense".

I say they are smelling wood stain that I put on 14, 2" X 10" X 8' lumber for my pastor and hauled from his office to his house the Friday & Saturday before January 3, 2005 (Monday) in the RV.

God's will be done.