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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Second Letter From Gene Chapman

Letter postmarked January 21, 2005

I Corinthians 7:21b says:

"But if thou mayest be made free [from slavery], use it [for the Kingdom]."

Over the past few weeks here at Patrick B. Harris Hospital, I've spoken to perhaps two dozen people - doctors, judges and fellow patriots. I have looked over my matter with the IRS a hundred different ways, and it is clear to me that I am in a life and death juncture on the matter now.

I cannot stay alive and fight the IRS on my personal tax issue too. And the text I stated above does not authorize me to die. The key word in I Corinthians 7:21b is "if." If is clear that "if" has been answered with "no freedom from slavery."

The people here agree that the taxation of labor and property is slavery, but I must proceed against the IRS on a different front than non compliance if I am to stay alive and in the fight for slave freedom.

Letter From Gene Chapman via mail

Letter postmarked January 20, 2005 from "UPSTATE P&DC 293&296"

For Posting Immediately on

My phone privileges have been held over a week, and no one has come to get my notes for posting on the site, so I've mailed them to Fred.

Two U.S,. Treasury Agents came to see me at Patrick B. Harris Hospital on January 11th. They said based on their best information that I can work "under the table" without a social security number but that anything "above the table" would require a tax id number of some sort.

Concerning my second question, they said that there is no "religious exemption" on the use of a social security number. We discussed my views on the taxation of labor and property being slavery since 1,800 BC (Wycliff Bible Dictionary, "Tax"). They took notes and made no threat to me or our movement. They were polite and professional, wanting to know that my/our intentions are nonviolent. I assured them of this.

The doctors diagnosed me with "Delusional Thinking" because I've dared to dream the impossible dream - Tne End of the IRS with the self immolation tactic.

They diagnosed me as "narcissistic" because I believe I can change the world and should have the right to see that change. They diagnosed me as "depressed" because I've fought so many years to get the IRS to respond to my question: "Do I have an income tax liability, and where is it?"

My overall IQ has been tested at "average".

Thanks to Mr. Babb for the $100 donation. Everything helps me hold my ground with the IRS. The pressure is on the IRS bureaucracy to make me go away, and you are helping to sustain me on the front lines of the battle for responsive government.

Cymbalta is the antidepressant they have me on. It doesn't change my convictions, so they are keeping me another week or two to see if they can talk me out of my self martyrdom tactic with the IRS.

Greenville has charged me with "reckless endangerment" for a busted propane line in the RV that they claim to have found. I never knew I even had a propane hooked up to the RV. We'll see.

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