(Slave Freedom Movement)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Federal District Judge said he had too much on his plate to deal with my matter right now, accord to the Chief of Police. However, the Chief will keep looking for a judge who can help me. He seems just as interested in the matter I address in as I am. Gene.

We are off to a court visit in Georgia for one of our folks.

Monday, December 13, 2004

The only thing I can conclude from the recent nationalization of the drivers license and the new mandates on the social security number/ birth cirtificate issue is that the Federal Government is attempting to drive America into Civil War. What is their motive for Civil War? Gene.

I just got off the phone with the EEOC. Ms. McGill told me that the IRS has a letter out since July 14, 2003 indicating that the EEOC has no juridiction on the matter of social security numbers used for employment.

The case, EEOC vs. Information Systems Consulting, she tells me, is a '"concent decree" and has "nothing" to do with my issue.'

"Call the IRS on the matter" is her suggestion. I have no idea who at the IRS to call. Gene.

Well, I got a one day a week job in the roofing business. It's work, for sure, but it's off the economic grid and so honors the biblical need to get me free from the "mark of the beast" (see: Revalation 13 and 14). The bleeding is not stopped but the job will slow it greatly.

Dr. Clarkson and I are working on "A Church In Every Home," as a legal protection of assets and the propogation of the preaching of the Gospel, as we watch the coming of AntiChrist. I'll be at a law library working on the paperwork. We plan to charge $1,000 for the legal paperwork for asset protection of 508 churches and offer free ministerial help from pastors I know in the region. (We feel 501c3 churches are set to become the property of the AntiChrist in time to come and need to be avoided).