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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Tonight at about 7 p.m., in the providence of God, Dr. Clarkson and I met Dr. Jessie Jackson, the civil rights leader, at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, and I was in a suite and tie at the time. Tell me God can't put things together.

Dr. Clarkson introduced me as "a Christian Minister who utilizes the Gandhian nonviolent force concepts" in my work. Dr. Jackson brighten up and congratulated me on the use of the tacts that made his work so successful in the past years. He gave me his address in Chicago and expects me to write him soon, I gather.

Please be in prayer, as I prepare a first letter to Dr. Jackson. I want to address socialism in his party, while not being too agressive. Gene.

"Enslaver" (I Timothy 1:10): (Greek word: andrapodistes) One who imposes a taxing of labor (i.e. property/income tax) upon, and counts as cattle (i.e. Social Security number), uncondemned free persons; thus, under the judgment of the Moral Law of God.

Expanded definition above. We are in need of $500 to make a ton of bumper stickers out of this definition to send to Congress and pastors. Please pray God will meet the need, according to his will. Gene. appears to be down. Maybe someone can get with Fred and see if we can get it working again. There are important sermons saved there.

I've transfered my mail to Anderson, SC today. Gene.

I am presently in the Greenville, South Carolina area, and I am in prayer and discussions about the possible formation of the Clarion Anti-Communist Church, or something of the type. Other possible names are Church of the Christian Anti-Communist and Christian Anti-Communist Church.

The objective of the church would be to preach the Gospel with a focus on the evils of Communist agression.

I have no job or place to live at the moment, but I may be able to live in a homeless shelter.

Gene Chapman
P.O. Box 2368
Anderson, South Carolina 29621

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