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The rv is falling apart. I've had a blown tire and a broken window the last 100 miles. I'll trust God. I look at everything in life as being the "butterfly effect" in God's will.


On the way out the office door with Dr. Stanley's man, I made a short inquiry on the Flat Tax issue. I asserted that "my findings are that the tithe is an Old Testament flat tax on increase on assets and has nothing to do with labor or property." He agreed. The conclusion here is that any attempt by Congress to utilize a flat tax on labor or property will still be slavery and violate Christian theology as far back as Genesis. Gene.

The only new tax that I see being viable is a national sales tax.

I just got finished with about a 30 minute meeting with the resident Greek Scholar at First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia. I met with Dr. Charles Stanley's assistant, as Dr. Stanley is away on vacation for the month of October. We did, however, meet in Dr. Stanley's private office, and Mr. Diamond used Dr. Stanley's personal Bible, along with a palm pilot. Nice office, Dr. Stanley.

I'm also aware that my coffie cup is a well known item in Dr. Stanley's office.

Dr. Stanley's man told me that I Corinthians 7:23 is "metaphorical" slavery but that I could make almost my same case from I Corinthians 7:21b. The read he gets on I Corinthians 7:23 is something like this: "You are bought with a price, [free or enslaved Christians] be categorically not the metaphorical slaves of men." It's a long way around to get to my argument, using I Corinthians 7:23, he felt.

On I Corinthians 7:21b, we are instructed that if we can be made free from literal slavery, as we believe the IRS taxation to be, we should strive to be free. Dr. Stanley's man said that the degree you are willing to face the consequences of your resistance is up to you. He had no problem with me dying for this theological position, if I chose.

So, I plan to begin the White House Death Fast somewhere, as yet, unknown. I pray we can get me to Washington to die, but I may have to go as far as El Paso or Ft. Hancock (sp?), Texas to do the fast. I may just have to walk out into the desert and feed myself to the spiders/ snakes, if all else fails (President Bush doesn't respond favorably). Gene.

Dr. Clarkson presented me with a rental agreement that I cannot work with, so I'll be heading somewhere else to begin the death fast. Gene.

Clement F. Haynsworth Federal Building
300 East Washington Street
Greenville, South Carolina 29601
Telephone: 864-241-2700

This is where the White House Death Fast is scheduled to begin next Monday. Gene.

2. (I Corinthians 7:21b): If I can be made free by honorable (White House approved)means, I shall travel Freedom's path. (I've asked for Religious Assylum from both the Vatican and India.)

3. (I Corinthians 7:21b): If I am not a slave, the IRS is to give me all my money back and agree to leave me alone until they come up with a tax system based in law.

4. (I Corinthians 7:21b): I shall fast to death before the White House as a mechanism to not be a slave in any way shape or form.


(Corrected version to include my discussion with Dr. Charles Stanley's man in Atlanta.)

There are four criteria for the White House Death Fast:

1. (I Corinthians 7:21a): If I have an individual tax liability in any law, I have yet to see it. The IRS Communications Director in Washington D.C. told me in our face-to-face meeting on September 2, 2004 that "there is no single sentence anywhere" that indicates an individual has a tax liability. If I am shown a tax liability anywhere, I'll sign off on the IRS paperwork and be the best slave you ever saw, in accordance with the Scripture I noted above.

As I will begin to lose mental clarity about day 34 of the White House Death Fast, I am listing seven poeple who will do my more critical thinking for me. If four (4) of these seven (7) decide I have a tax liability, I'll end the fast and do as I describe above.

The seven people are:
1. Dr. Robert Clarkson, Founder of The Patriot Network
2. Bob Schultz, Chariman of We The People Congress
3. Sherry Peal Jackson, former IRS Revenue Agent
4. Joe Bannister, former IRS CID Agent
5. President George W. Bush
6. FBI Special Agent "Mike" from the Dallas Office
7. Treasury Supervisor/ Special Agent "David" from the Washington Office

I view all seven of these above listed folks to be of high character.

Dr. Clarkson has already set up a radio interview for me today, he tells me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Gene here. I just arrived at Dr. Clarkson's home to prepare for the White House Death Fast. It is scheduled to begin at the Federal (Court House) Building in Greenville, South Carolina on next Monday, October 18, 2004 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

I turned in my truck today, as the IRS will start taking my paychecks this Friday, leaving me $152 a week to draw from, my employer tells me, by the way. I am so happy that the IRS had no court order to proceed against me in taking my paycheck, in violation of the due process clauses of the 5th and 14th Amendments. So we can now present this to President Bush when I arrive in Washington, according to Dr. Clarkson.

I'll be updating events, as Dr. Clarkson and I speak about how to proceed.

Monday, October 11, 2004