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Saturday, September 11, 2004

The meeting in Atlanta went fine.

I'm going to start discussions with my new FBI and Treasury Agent friends about the constitutionality of self immolation before the IRS building in Washington D.C. My studies since being refused this privilage indicate that burning oneself before his enemy is the most holy and powerful nonviolent act that can be done in Buddhism. While I am not a Buddhist, I do see Christian theology in support of such self myrterdom (Jesus -- "no man takes my life from me.", Samson, etc.), and I feel a burn permit should be provided those wishing to utilize their constitutional right to protest evil in government through this most powerful approach. We need to follow the laws of the land so far as they do not conflict with God's law, so I am interested in gaining a permit from the government for a self immolation at 1111 Constitution Ave. for perhaps next July 4, 2005 at 11 a.m., if I choose this path.

It is clear that the government is challenging Christianity on the taxation of labor, property, keeping of books and records of private matters for the government and utilizing a government control number (ss#). I propose that my self immolation would be a moral act, protected by the Constitution and should be respected by the government. After all, we now have a Greek scholar from a respected Christian university in support of the proposition that the four above mentioned areas are sins for Christians to participte in. The right to protest in the most effective nonviolent way possible should not be challenged by government in my view. The objective in self immolation is not to die but to burn before your enemy and the world, according to my reading of Tuc, the monk who burned himself in Vietnam. It is a cry for attention to a most serious matter and a rebuke to the face of Evil.

We can have a permit that keeps children away from the IRS Building, invites those willing to witness the protest, protects burn area trees from damage, provides a cleaning crew with hazmat ability, etc., etc. This is workable, I feel. Gene.

Friday, September 10, 2004

I'll be in the Atlanta meeting with Dr. Clarkson tomorrow.

We are discussing a mass prayer meeting at the IRS Building in Washington D.C. at some point in the next year, among the leadership tonight, and we are also discussing taking our theology presented below to the Greek Dept. of Notre Dame University next. Gene.

Now that we have a prominent Greek scholar open to our position, as you read in the post below, the next step is to bring Greek scholars from across America and around the Christian World into a dialogue on I Cor. 7:23 and I Timothy 1:10 -- ("menstealers").

The Greek professors will teach the seminary students our views, and the students will teach their pastors, and the pastors will teach the nation and the world that mainstream Christianity must throw off the taxation of labor, property, the keeping of books and records on private personal matters for the IRS and the use of a government control nuumber (ss#). Gene.

Major Development!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got off the phone with the professor at Bob Jones University who wrote their Greek textbook. I'm trying to protect his name from the various enemies of mine on the web, so that he will continue to feel good about speaking openly to me about my Greek studies on the IRS.

Concerning my presentation of I Corinthians 7:23, he says that I "made an arguable case" that should demand the attention of the elected officials I approach. He has in his hand, "You [free Christians] be categorically not the literal, figurative, involuntary or voluntary slaves of men." He made clear that what I did was not an "interpretation" but an "application," and he was comfortable with the application I made, realizing scholars can talk endlessly on the most technical matters.

On the word, "menstealers" (I Timothy 1:10), he stated that I made an "appropriate application" here.

So it looks like we have some mighty high profile support for our discussion on the income tax, property tax, keeping personal books and records for the IRS, and using a government control number (ss#). He said I was free to call him in the future for more discussions on the Greek and the IRS. Gene Chapman.

Truth. The purpose of prayer is to find and join myself to the essential truth in any given matter. The truth is that the government has attempted to enslave me at every turn, but they still do not have me enslaved, so I can continue to live in the United States until that time.

Enslavment involves one of four things to this point, based on my studies:

1) If they consistently take real property from me, I am enslaved and in violation of I Cor. 7:23.

2) If they consistently take my labor in an income tax, I am enslaved and inviolation of I Cor. 7:23.

3) If I bow to demands for my personal books and records, I am enslaved and in violation of I Cor. 7:23.

4) If I must use a govenment control number to live, I am in vilolation of both I Cor. 7:23 and Rev. 13-14.

5) If I enslave myself to poverty by making less than $7800 per year in order to be free from the IRS, then I have indirectly been enslaved by government and I'm in violation of I Cor. 7:23 and Eccl. 3:13 and Prov. 31:31.

There appears to be only a few possible outcomes:

1) I'm provided an alternative tax system that respects my religious views, allowing me to make over $7800 per year, as I cannot live on $7799.99 per year (i.e. I could pay a fee of $2,500 or so per year for my CDL; I could pay in a sales tax each week).

2) I can leave the country by permission of the US Government to a place where I can live out my faith in Christ.

3) I can live in jail for the rest of my life or be shot by some firing squad, as they do so often to Christians in other Socialist Communist countries.

4) I could take my own life, like Samson, Saul or Jesus did, in order to maintain the integrity of my faith in Christ.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

A local pastor, BJU graduate and upscale house painter has been suggested to me several times over the past week for a job opportunity. I'll be exploring this tomorrow.

Pictures are off to Doug Kenline for posting.

I called last night to say hi to my new friend at the Dallas FBI, who got me all the contacts in Washington D.C. during my death fast, but he was out of the office. He returned my call today while I was gone, and I had fun telling Dr. Clarkson that he had been *69'ed by the FBI. I almost broke a rib laughing. We're all open and friendly to the government, so it's just a good time to us. These are my kind of people. I hope to bring the FBI, Treasury, IRS, churches and elected officials together with us to together throw off the great evil of taxing labor and property/ socialist communism. Gene.

The AP picked up our story of yesterday and took it state wide, but it wasn't much to talk about.

We did law library research on slavery and other matters today:

U. S. v. Booker 655 F. 2nd. 562 (1981).

U. S. v. Shackley 333 F. 2nd. 475

Holding in "involuntary servitude" means action by master causing servant to have, or to believe hs has, no way to avoid continued service or confinment ....

Beltran v. Cohen 303 F. Supp. 889 (1969)

Essence of slavery or involuntary servitude is that worker must labor against his will for benefit of another....

Abbott v. Gould Inc. 443 NW 2nd 591 (1989)

slavery -- use of threat of physical force or legal coercion to extract labor from unwilling worker.

Porth v. Brodrick 214 F. 2nd 925, 926 (10th Cir. 1987)


U.S. v. Dawes 874 F. 2nd 746

Cook v. Spillman 806 F. 2nd 948

Randall v. C.I.R. 733 F. 2nd 1565


I just got in from a meeting with Dr. Carper, who was the intellectual of our student body when I was at Tabernacle 20 years ago. He is a radio preacher these days, as he was when I was in college. He sounds like a patriot person, to listen to him. I asked him to examine the Greek on my business cards and get back to me through Fred's 888 number. We talked of old times when the billboard ministry hit news around the world and so forth, and he gave me one of his books.

I then went over to leave a video at the front desk of Dr. Bob Jones III. I felt it might be rude to ask to see Dr. Jones without an appointment. And I was in street clothes at a place that prides itself on being well dressed, so I just passed up the request to meet him today.

I also went by to see the professor at Bob Jones University who wrote their textbooks on Greek, I'm informed. I will call him later to get his views on my Greek translation that is on the business cards.

If these people get behind my Greek, the battle on the income tax is all but over from a theological angle. You will see a flood of conscience objectors to the income tax moving on the IRS and elected officials in state and national government. Pray. Gene.

I just got in from a meeting with Dr. Carper, who was the intellectual of our student body when I was at Tabernacle 20 years ago. He is a radio preacher these days, as he was when I was in college. He sounds like a patriot person, to listen to him. I asked him to examine the Greek on my business cards and get back to me through Fred's 888 number. We talked of old times when the billboard ministry hit news around the world and so forth, and he gave me one of his books.

I then went over to leave a video at the front desk of Dr. Bob Jones III. I felt it might be rude to ask to see Dr. Jones without an appointment. And I was in street clothes at a place that prides itself on being well dressed, so I just passed up the request to meet him today.

I also went by to see the professor at Bob Jones University who wrote their textbooks on Greek, I'm informed. I will call him later to get his views on my Greek translation that is on the business cards.

If these people get behind my Greek, the battle on the income tax is all but over from a theological angle. You will see a flood of conscience objectors to the income tax moving on the IRS and elected officials in state and national government. Pray. Gene.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'm learning how to use the law library, but it's alot of work. So far we have three cases we are focused on: 1) U. S. v. Lee 455 US 252 102 CT.1051, 2) U. S. v. Bauer 75 F. 3rd. 1366 and 3) Jimmy Swaggart Ministries v. Board of Equalization of California 493 US 378. Gene.

We just got in from the protest at Sgt. Ginger's meeting with the SC Dept. of Revenue. They refused to let him have any witnesses and 4 local police offers from the Greenville Swat Team took our names. The situation will continue in court. It seems the South Carolina DOR garnished his wife's paycheck while he was deployed in Iraq, as well. This is a violation of Federal Law, as well, Dr. Clarkson informs me.

We were all intervied by the Greenville News. Gene.

A newspaper reporter is on his way over to interview me on my dealings with the IRS in Washington D.C. this past week, etc.

The meeting in North Carolina went fine yesterday. I gave my whole talk, covered on the "Chapman Speaks" video plus the 40 minutes of new material.

I'll be in Greenville, SC today with Dr. Clarkson to protest the combat pay grab of a soldier. See this blog a couple of entries down for more. Dr. Clarkson was interviewed by the Greenville News yesterday on the matter. Dr. Clarkson reports that the reporter said it would be a state wide article.

I'll be in Atlanta, GA at the Patriot Club Meeting with Dr. Clarkson on this Saturday at the Fire Mountain Grill (Intersection of Jimmy Carter Blvd. and Peach Tree Industrial) as I seek God's will in my next step in the work to free America from Socialist Communism. Free meeting if you buy a meal. My money is getting down to a level that I may need to find a job to pay the bills soon.

On the money issue, I'm happy to go back to work, but my momentum does get stiffled each time I must leave the work of Liberty to the work of bill paying. My costs are calculated to be $240 per week, if I stay with Dr. Clarkson for the winter. This will allow me to be more strongly educated in the legal side to the movement (i.e. law library training, speaking, etc.). Clarkson suggests that I might be trained as a paralegal for the movement and that he would be happy to train me. Also, I can attend either Clemson University (Economics or Law), Bob Jones University (Theology) or Tabernacle Baptist College (Theology) from here, if the proceeds are available. I leave it in God's hands.

The most important thing is that I have the time and place to listen to that still small voice within. Without it, I am nothing of use to anyone. Gene.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Chris Hansen - The Family Guardian

Nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to protecting American families and individuals from extortion, persecution, exploitation, socialism, divorce, crime, and sin. Advocate personal liberty, personal responsibility, constitutional and SMALL and accountable government, sovereignty, and religious faith.

The Family Guardian website exists as:

A free public service

A nonprofit, nondenominational Christian (religious) ministry

A church

A religious charity

An association of activists who are dedicated to political reform of our tax and legal systems

Dr. Clarkson presents the press release for the event in Greenville, SC:

Combat Pay Grabbed by SC DOR

Combat and regular pay of our War Heroes in Iraq is taxed by the Department of Revenue in South Carolina in violation of Federal law.

The greedy tax collectors steal every month SC withholding tax from the paychecks of SC National Guardsmen called up to defend our people from terrorism. Federal tax law provides that military combat zone pay is tax exempt.

A Support Our Troops’ Payroll Demonstration and Rally will be held Wednesday Sept 8 at DOR office in Greenville SC at 1pm. Press conference at 1:30 pm and mass entry into DOR office at 2pm.

Chis Ginger, a 20 year SCNG with two tours in Gulf War, suffered pay grabs and final determination from DOR while deployed in combat zone! The Greenville SC native served 20 months in combat in Iraq and 6 months in Bosnia when called to duty by the SC National Guard.

The Vietnam Veterans of Anderson and The Carolina Patriots, a local tax reform group that exposes illegal taxes, will sponsor the Rally.

The DOR office in Greenville is 211 Century Dr Suite 210-B, off N Pleasantburg Dr-Hwy 291, one block west of I-385 exit 40.

Robert Clarkson, President of the Carolina Patriots, stated in the pre-rally press release: “The arrogant bureaucrats at DOR care less about the tax laws. They only want to extract as much as they can from those unable to protect their rights”.

Contact: SGT Chris Ginger 864-962-6785 cell 525-3213 ;11 Hartwell Drive, Simpsonville, SC 2968
Email law. Nelson Waller 864-225-088287
Robert Clarkson (864) 225-3061 cell 356-5111 POB 2368, Anderson SC 29622

Press Release by Chris Ginger:

The S.C. DOR imposes and takes out income taxes on soldiers who are
deployed to the Iraq, and Afghanistan. (These are combat zones.) They
also garnish wages from soldiers that are deployed. They also file
final determinations on soldiers who are deployed. How is this legal?
This type of activity hurts the moral fabric of the armed forces, and
the National Defense of this great country, and the soldiers that are
deployed in these regions.

I am a 20-year veteran of the Military. I am currently with the 151
Signal Battalion of Greenville, SC. These things that I have listed
above are true. These things have happened to me. I have been
defending this great nation and the Constitution of the United States,
for over 20 years. I am a proud person, and will deploy again if
ordered to do so. But what the DOR is doing is nothing but
harassment. So come to this press conference and show your support
for the soldiers, and the Constitution of the United States

On Wednesday September 8, 2004 there will be a press conference
outside of the DOR in Greenville, SC at 1:30pm>

Address of SC DOR, > 211 Century Drive Suite 210-B, Greenville, SC 29607

Today, I speak for Dr. Clarkson in Charlotte, NC at one of his many Patriot Network clubs.

I'm seeing that Allan Keys is utilizing the "TAX SLAVERY" topic in his work these days. It's a very small world, indeed. Fred Smart got me to the study of tax slavery last year in the Greek and Hebrew of Christian Scripture. Now, Fred is helping Keys in his run for office in Illinois. Keys spoke for the WE THE PEOPLE CONGRESS this past spring, so I'm sure he was fully introduced to the idea of "tax slavery" there, as Fred and I have been very involved with informing Bob Schultz, head of We The People Congress, of the tax slavery connections in scripture. Keys can run several touch downs for the cause, I know.

Dr. Clarkson is teaching me how to use a law library between meetings. The legal position that Mr. Chris Hanson took in his case is that America's government is a religious system of secular humanist (pro-socialist slavery) opposition to Christianity (Christianity forbids free Christians from being slaves). I've not been able to reach him but his website is: I'm hoping to use this position that was successful in turning off the IRS for Mr. Hanson, I understand, so you see my interest in a law library for similar cases. Gene.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Sunday, September 05, 2004

The most important finding during my visit with the Director of Communications for the IRS at 1111 Constitution Ave. this past Thursday was that he shared, 'There is no "single sentence" anywhere that imposes a tax liability on an individual.' He continued, 'The tax liability for individuals is found in various "court cases and regulations."'

Dr. Clarkson later laughed, as I shared this with him as he related that "the very purpose and definition of law is to be specific; otherwise, it's opinion."

Any IRS folks want to weigh in on this discussion? 864-225-3061. Gene.

Gene here. It has been suggested that we Christian ministers evaluate a Self Immolation Pact within the movement to show the suffering the people of America and Christians in particular are facing at the hands of our Socialist Communist Government and its IRS (see: 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto).

I think that only those deeply trained in the things of God should consider such a pact, so only those of say 10 years saved in Christ and 25 years of age should even talk of the matter in any real way. Christ and his motives must be deeply understood before such a pact should be formed. Each individual should be fully involved in every decision of such a pact. Any self burning of the group would need to be public and understood by proximity to the IRS, so no government official could deflect the intent.

The intent is to let the world know Christian suffering in America under the IRS is worse than self-immolation. Any ideas? Gene.

Interesting material on the web:

Foreword June 20, 2003- The self-burning of several MKO members in Europe, following the arrest of the MKO leadership in France, has brought the issue of self-immolation to the public attention. The question for me is whether MKO cult members have done self-immolation on their own, or it has been a cult directive. If the latter, the leaders of MKO should be held responsible and should be tried in court for their murder. Such directive is as murderous as fatwa killings of Shi'a ayatollahs. Everyone may remember the Jim Jones cult that directed its 900 members in 1978 to kill themselves in Guyana tragedy of Jonestown and I am sure the recent David Koresh case is still fresh in everyone's mind. Self-immolation of one doing it on their own, whether one agrees with it or not, is different from those crimes of cult leaders. I posted the following article on SCI newsgroup on April 16, 1994, following the self-immolation of Homa Darabi in Iran and Niusha Farrahi in Los Angeles.

The self-burning of Mr. Niusha Farrahi in Los Angeles to protest the Iran-Iraq War; and the recent self-burning of Dr. Homa Darabi in Tehran to protest the conditions of women in Iran have been two occasions that have been on my mind a lot of times. In order to understand this action, I have listened to different ideas. I still do not have any idea myself about self-burning.

I read the following by one of the few American Zen masters whom I respect a lot [he is not my guru, teacher, or anything as such; although if I was a Buddhist or if I was strongly interested in Zen, I would probably had hoped that he would seek me as a student. As you know in these practices, if genuine and not commercial junk, contrary to Western style universities, the teacher chooses the student and not the other way.]

I read some of Kapleau's works such as THE THREE PILLARS OF ZEN and have learned a lot from him. I do not follow Zen or any other school for that matter; but I respect it just like many other spiritual paths. I also respect Kapleau a lot for his valuable contributions to spiritual teaching in America and for dealing with issues facing the modern world. Issues such as abortion and Euthanasia.

The following is from his book ZEN: THE MERGING OF EAST AND WEST and although the position of the writing is not my position but it is a very enlightened way of looking at the issue of self-burning. Actually as I said, I still do not have any specific position on this practice. The following is Kapleau's passage:

"In Vietnam there were also monks, nuns, and laymen who burned themselves to death to dramatize the intense sufferings of the Vietnamese people. This self-immolation must be clearly distinguished from suicide, which of course is contrary to the first percept of nonkilling. In ordinary suicide where there is no mental disturbance, the individual does not really want to die, he wants to live, but in a way that he feels is being frustrated by his family, his friends, his work, or his society: or else his life is tedious and, he feels, devoid of meaning. Too weak to struggle to achieve what he desperately longs for, he loses all courage and hope. His barren, pain-producing life becomes unendurable, and in his overwhelming despair he kills himself. Suicide always has a strong element of ego in it: "I can't live MY way, so I would rather die." The act of self- destruction is the suicide's supreme gesture of defiance, symbolic thumbing of his nose at society-the society that at the same time he is dramatically accusing of having failed him rather than he it. But death is not the end, and wherever he is reborn and in whatever form, he will have to face the karmic consequences of his self- slaughter.

"That the self-burning of Buddhist monks, nuns, and laymen in Vietnam sprang from entirely different motivation is clearly seen in the letter of Thich Nhat Hanh [He is a very highly respected spiritual teacher from Vietnam, his works have been widely translated to English-note from SG] to Martin Luther King: "What the monks said in the letters they left before burning themselves aimed only at alarming, at moving the hearts of the oppressors, and at calling the attention of the world to the suffering endured by the Vietnamese. To burn oneself by fire is to prove that what one is saying is of the utmost importance. There is nothing more painful than burning oneself. To say something while experiencing this kind of pain is to say with the utmost courage, frankness, determination, and sincerity ....The Vietnamese monk by burning himself says with all his strength and determination that he can endure the greatest of suffering to protect his people. But why does he have to burn himself to death? The difference between burning oneself and burning oneself to death is only a difference in degree, not in nature. A man who burns himself too much must die. The important thing is not to take one's life but to burn.... To communicate one's feelings by burning oneself therefore is not to commit an act of destruction but to perform an act of construction-that is, to suffer and die for the sake of one's people. This is not suicide ...."

"To sacrifice one's life in this manner calls for extraordinary courage and usually strong samadhi power, which in turn require long spiritual training. Who can forget the news media photographs of the elderly monk who had himself set on fire while sitting in the lotus position? The sight of the half-incinerated body toppling over generated tremendous shock waves in the West, particularly in the United States. This reaction was due in part to the realization that behind this act were fearless egoless, and a degree of self-control almost unknown in the West today." (Roshi Philip Kapleau - ZEN: Merging of East and West, 1989 edition Pages .254 and 245)

Gene here. I'll be at a rally for Sgt. Chris Ginger, a military veteran of two tours to Iraq and one tour in Kosovo, at 1-2 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 211 Centry Dr. in Greenville, South Carolina. His combat pay has been taken by the State of South Carolina. He has taken to my slavery position, and I expect he may begin making it this week.

I'm also aware that a man named Hanson has taken a similar position to mine and been informed in writing from the IRS that he is no longer subject to the income tax. I'll be on the phone with him this afternoon, I plan.

Thanks to Greg from California for the heads up on Mr. Hanson.

A bonified Greek Scholar with a degree from Bob Jones University and a Masters degree from a theological seminary in Alabama has examined my position from the Greek and is planning to do a position paper on my findings. This is a big deal, as a position paper means that pastors and theologians will have an exhaustive study on tax slavery under my thinking in hand that will require discussion throughout the Christian World.

Feel free to call me at 864-225-3061 until Wednesday.

We have an old house available to us, I understand, in Washington D.C. that is for rent for $1,800 per month that could house 4 to 5 of our people on a permanent basis just 10 blocks (walking distance) or so from the IRS Main Building and White House. Pray for this, as we want God honored in all moves. respectfully, Gene.