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Saturday, July 31, 2004

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I just got in from a meeting with the senior pastor of a Methodist Church, here in Greenville, Texas. He was open to my theological exploration of the income tax and property tax being 'slavery,' as discussed in I Corinthians 7:23; however, he did confess he was "not as well studied on the matter" as I. We are spreading the seeds of freedom. Gene.

Self professed Church of Satan Member Threatens Gene Chapman:

You accuse Church of Satan’s members with saying something and when given the opportunity to speak your mind you say something bogus like “You're not even worth my time, now. Go”. I’ll take that as a “Forgive me CoS members, as I was wrong” statement. Quite frankly, you would be viewed as laughable to Satanists (I know I’m laughing!). A word of warning Chapman, watch slanderous remarks toward the Church of Satan, they don’t take kindly to them!
A Former Tax Protester