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Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Slave Freedom Amendment Petition is Getting Signed in Georgia:

Hi Gene:

We have about 20 signatures so far. Robert spoke about the amendments today at our Patriot meeting in north Atlanta.

We'll keep you posted and mail back in portions as we get them filled.

We had a good turn out at our demonstration at the IRS building in Atlanta yesterday. We definitely made a statement and some of the passers-by were receptive to our handouts. We all just need to continue to educate people with regard to the Constitution. Thanks for all you do.

Take care.

MerryBelle & Glenn

"No Fellowship With Darkness"

In Ephesians 5:11 we read the following: "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." As I look back over my life, this verse has influenced me more than most.

I remember being in high school and listening to my Government teacher talk about how Dallas, Texas needed a gay limo service to a bunch of 17 year olds. I walked out of class afterward and never returned. I got a GED within two weeks and was off the Bible College within less than a year. Having no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness means alot to me.

At Baylor University, my Christian Ethics professor started talking up the ordination of practicing homosexuals to the ministry and that America needed to introduce abortion for population control like China. I walked out of class and never returned to my $104,000 scholarship.

The IRS may think that I will break someday. But I wouldn't count on it, if I were them. It is darkness for as free Christian to be a slave (I Corinthians 7:23), and my history says that I will die rather than live in open public sin as an income tax/ labor tax slave.

Gene Chapman, Pastor
Gentle Love Christian Fellowship

I'm off to Chattanooga from Baltimore. Picture off to Doug for posting of a tank I saw in Colorado this past week. Gene.

Friday, July 09, 2004

All indications are that the "Slave Freedom Amendment Petition" is getting signed in probably 20 states now. I saw 3 signatures in the morning at a truck stop in Missouri where I left a petition just 10 hours before. If the averages are holding up, we may have 400 signatures now. Let's just pray they get mailed in. Whatever happens, we are making people aware of the movement, and interest is very positive.

I've instructed Fred Smart to forward the names mailed in, assuming they do get mailed in, to both WTPC and the Patriot Network for further Constitutional training in the movement and preperation for more national protesting.

Gene Chapman

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Monday, July 05, 2004

Rick Stanley is for the "Weapons Equity Amendment." I'll see what I can put together. Gene.

From Rick: Yep


> I take it that you favor the petition for building the movement with some
> additional wording you sent?
> Gene

STANLEY NOTE: While we don't need any Amendment, we need to have all of the
Constitution UPHELD at this time, I understand the need to CLARIFY for
Americans this important issue. I would only add one thing: ANYONE promoting,
bringing forth, suggesting, filing, etc any law, ordinance, statute etc taking
anything from Americans regarding the right to keep and bear arms, any arms,
any way they wish, concealed or otherwise, EX-FELON OR OTHERWISE, FROM ANY
AMERICAN, ANYONE who trys to steal or take away the INDIVIDUAL God given,
inalienable right to "keep and bear arms PERIOD" shall be hung for treason if
found guilty, after a jury trial of his or her peers of GUN OWNERS. You can
tweek it to sound more fluid, any way you wish as long as the finality of the
language is DISTINCT. This wasn't edited, just off the top of my head. Live
FREE or Die! God bless you Gene.

Rick Stanley

Gene here. Rick doesn't seem to oppose the petition's primary purpose of building the movement. The petition is designed to bring the masses together to be educated and prepared for a Constitutional Convention from the liberty loving perspective.

We'll need to probably let another amendmendment handle dealing with treason.

Hi Gene:

We received the packet on Saturday....we have already begun to get signatures.


Great! What we will want to do is get this information to Dr. Clarkson and also to Fred Smart in Evanston, Illinois, so he can get WTP aware of those not in the Patriot Network. We need to build the educational groups. Awsome !!!! Gene.

Sounds good! I would like to suggest that you use other governments
as a reason for the amendment. What about terrorists? They are not
a government but surely are a threat to liberty.

Marilyn Rickert

Good idea.


This will make you look like a gun nut, and will probably destroy your credibility on the income tax petition.

Can't you let others, such as Charleston Heston and the NRA, carry the cudgel on the right to bear arms?

Stanley went to jail for threatening public officials, BTW, and not just for merely possessing a firearm. Also, does the average citizen really need an M-16 or anti-tank weapons?


Actually, I do have my hands pretty full, but I want to float the idea past the gun lobby. Gene.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

On Sun, 2004-07-04 at 12:43, wrote:
> Any ideas before I go to the printer?

In my opinion, specifically targetting "Socialist/Communist" in an
amendment to the Constitution seems to be too narrow a scope. Keep in
mind that despite what you and I might see as Socialism in the United
States (for example, gun control), many others do not consider them to
be Socialist.

Because of the widely varying viewpoints of what is and is not
Communistic, using that term in a Constitutional amendment would not be
feasable due to its subjectivity -- for example, what if our Supreme
Court is eventually comprised of several ultraliberals? As far as I can
see, very few liberals would unhesitatingly admit their beliefs to be
Communistic. If they were to support heavy gun restriction (which, to
them, is not Communistic!), this would create a weakness in the

Therefore, I suggest a few grammatical and ideological changes:

"As an unrestricted, armed citizenry is necessary for the maintenance of
a society free of governmental encroachment and other restrictions on
the liberty of the people, no law shall be made or enforced that should
restrict the manufacture, distribution or possession of weapons and/or
related parts, materials and munitions consistent with those used by
soldiers on the battle field."

Hope that helps,

Mr. Chapman,

I think your work is excellent.

I feel that the Constitution has everything you are proposing already in it. Our problem today is that very few people have read it, understand it and even less use it collectively as a group against the government's tyranny. I believe we would all be better served if a collective effort was devoted to the nationwide re-education of it's people to the Constitution, it's processes, it's illegal re-wording, and to amendments that have been improperly passed and removed.

In your efforts, You have proved to be a source of attention and motivation to others. The passing of amendments to the Constitution should be done with care and restraint. Amendments are for the expressed purpose of re-enforcing the peoples right to limit the powers delegated to the government. We need to Limit this government to the letter that it is limited by the Constitution as it stands now, and then perform speedy and accurate research on those amendments that have been illegally passed, that are repugnant to the original articles of the Constitution.

Clinton Harrold

Because the "Slave Freedom Amendment Petition" seems to be a success in building the Slave Freedom Movement/ Tax Honesty Movement and because I see a benefit to Rick Stanley's work on the 2nd Amendment work he is doing right now, I'm working today, July 4, 2004, on the "United States Constitutional Weapons Equity Amendment Petition."

Here is the proposed amendment: "As an unrestricted armed citizenry is necessary for the maintenance of a free society from Socialist Communist and other Government encroachment on the liberty of the people, there shall be no law made or enforced to restrict the manufacture, distribution or open possession of weapons and all affiliated parts and materials consistent with those carried and possessed by soldiers on the battle field."

Any ideas before I go to the printer?

Gene Chapman

Pictures From The Road

My July 4th in Colorado. Poor me surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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