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Saturday, July 03, 2004

I had a breakdown (hose clamp blew off the turbo -- easy fix)on a mountain a few hours ago, here in Colorado. I was waiting to find why God broke me down when a man picked me up in his truck to carry me to the next town. He told me that he made $0.46 a mile, $0.10 more per mile than I make. He also said that his boss needed a driver so he could retire from trucking, but everyone was failing the drug screen, etc. I took the phone number!!! I could handle a 28% pay increase. We'll see. Gene.

I'm in Colorado for the next few days.

I handed out about 16 "Slave Freedom Amendment Petitions" in three states today. One cafe owner told that she would be very pleased to hang up the petiton in her place for us. I expect the petiton will soon overshadow all the other work in the Tax Honesty/ Slave Freedom Movement when the numbers start coming in. I hope I'm not too excited. If I'm let down from this high, I can only conclude that the American people are in favor of their current situation and that I have no place in this Socialist Communist country.

Friday, July 02, 2004

I'm in for the night in Clinton, Oklahoma. I passed out about another 10 petitions today. They are still getting signed; I just hope they mail them in to us. Gene.

My Quatloos person will be happy to know that "Bar Association Member in Good Standing" Larry Becraft has given me a heads up on a local contact in Memphis, relating to the petition. Maybe our credibility is improving to Quatloos standards, but I'll march on one way or the other. Gene.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Well, I'm open to a nicer wording in a second petition, but I think part of the appeal of the first rendition is that the common people feel it at the gut level. We can pass an amendment, "Goofy is cool," if 50 million Americans sign a petition.

Concerning my associates, I feel the people I run with are leaders in Freedom and only felons, in few cases, because of their stands for liberty. Some choose to compare me to William Wallace, and I'm sure he was viewed as less than the best company by the enemies of the company he kept. Wait till the Government comes and plants nude pictures of children on my computer someday, and then we can talk of who my friends are. To be honest, I'd rather be the friend of honest fellons than the lying main stream. Who knows, maybe I am the main stream.


Quatloos weighs in on the Slave Freedom Petition:

There is absolutely no reason that union workers should oppose the petition. We've privately run the petition idea past some hardcore IRS agents, and even they were willing to sign it (although not your version).

I still think that your wording is both too combative and inflammatory (show me another Amendment worded anything like yours -- all the other Amendments are very blandly worded). If you are getting any opposition, this is the only plausible reason.

Also, it doesn't help your cause to associate with known felons and disbarred attorneys. People will use that against you, and by proxy against the Amendment. Instead of getting support from those in the tax protestor movement, you should be seeking support from mainstream America, including state representative candidates at the local level.

Can you imagine the publicity and support that you would draw if you could get some candidates to make it a campaign issue? Make sure that the candidate are mainstream too -- no fringe candidates.


Pictures From The Road

Why I drive trucks.

The general funding for the Church is set up as follows:

10% Prison Ministry:
5% Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund. (Directed Toward Billboards in Atlanta Project, Per Dick's Instructions): Starting Balance: $120.00. Total Deposits This Week: $0.00. Balance: $120.00.
5% Fans for indigent prisoners. Starting Balance: $120.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $120.00.

10% Christian School/ Home School Funding of Children. Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits This Week: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

10% Feeding and Housing of Needy/ Poor/ Homeless. Starting Balance: $0.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00. Ending Balance: $00.00.

10% Widow and Orphan care. Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

5% Alabama Christian Reparations Project. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $470.00. (A new computer will only cost $550, so we're holding off for purchase until we reach that figure).
5% Christian Slave Freedom Project (Africa). Starting Balance: $90.00. Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $90.00.

10% Gene Chapman TV/ Internet. Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

10% Billboard Ministry/ Advertising for the Church proper (Mobile Billboard). Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

30% (I don't see us buying property under the current Communist situation in America) Catastrophic Emergency Fund. Starting Balance: $266.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance: $266.00.

Directly Funded Church Ministries:

Christian AntiCommunist Party: Starting Balance: $23.97. Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $23.97.

TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON: Starting Balance: 199.90. No Deposits. Balance: $199.90.

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: -($1,782.79). Deposits: $0.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Total Expenditures: $0.00. Ending Balance: -($1782.79).

Cuban Freedom Fast: Deposit: $300.00 (Gene). Balance: -($162.44).

Silver Bullet Project: Starting Balance: $0.00. Deposits: $100.00 (Gene). Expenditures: $97.00. Ending Balance: $3.00. Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $40.00.

Slave Freedom Scholarship Fund: Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $20.00.
(Economic Empowerment for Movement Members)

Total Deposits: $400.00.

respectfully, Gene.

I'm in West Memphis, Arkansas for the night, and the petitions are getting signed. I saw another person sign one, but I've asked that the recipients take them to their families and churches for more signers before mailing them in.

I find the best approach is just to give them a petition with the 23 blanks on each page and let them do the rest. The "slavery" issue is resonating well with the people, especially the African Americans. The only ones who seem opposed before reading the petition are the union workers I've met. Glad there are not too many of them. They just don't understand or are told how to think by other union leaders, I guess.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I've passed out about 15 of the Slave Freedom Amendment Petitions to truck stops and people, today. The motel manager where I'm at said he signed the one I gave him and that the assistant manager took it to her room to look it over.

Fred Smart and I talked on the phone tonight about how to handle the petition, should he get a large influx of mailings. We are shooting for 5.8 million signatures, and first impressions seem to be that we will get them.

Concerning Rick Stanley's conviction for Influencing a Judge, I think he shouldn't have used the word, "will" when he said that the Mutual Defense Pact 'will' arrest the judge for treason against the new state law that was made to overturn Rick's conviction of carrying a gun. The judge seemed wrong for not following the new state law that is said to be retroactive to protect Rick's gun rights.

The pact was not designed to go arrest judges, to my knowledge. It was designed to protect people being attacked. I think even Rick understood that he went too far (his body language) when I spoke for him last week in Denver. He was hoping for the best outcome in a tense situation of nerves. He's not a gun nut, as some assert, but he was pressing an issue very hard that needs to be a nonviolent constitutional amendment drive, in my view.

Maybe: "Concerning rights of the people, there shall be no Socialist Communist Government licensing or any other activity to restrict the purchase, possession or distribution of guns, ammunition or components used in a war of self defense common to soldiers on a battle field."

Dr. Clarkson and I agree that we need to be pushing these amendments now, so we're not caught with out pants down, if ever we do have a constitutional convention.

The amendment I have now for tax policy is being met with open arms. Only some have reservations about giving out all that personal information and who will be buying and selling their names to marketers later. I assure people that only those in the Slave Freedom Movement, Patriot Network, and We The People will be using these addresses, unless a member of Congress chooses to contact them later. Out intent is not to market products to anyone on the internet. (I don't sell anything anyway.)

Round Table Talk: I just got in after delivery in Jackson, Mississippi.

This morning, I bought 9 three ring binders and put 100 copies of the Slave Freedom United States Constitutional Amendment Petition in them for mailing out to some of you this week. Kinko's quickly fixed the problem we had on the petition, so we're good there. I have a picture of the petition off to Doug for posting here.

I spent $97.00 and change on all the 1,000 copies of the petition, the 9 binders and envelopes. I'll include this at

Pictures From The Road

A calf born during my unloading of a truck full of hay in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Clarkson and I meet for a Coke and talk about the Petition.

Doug sits in the truck at the truck stop in Atlanta.