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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Gene here. Someone asked why I need $100 per day:

The $100 a day is for me be able to justify quitting my $1,000 to $1,200 per week job and go deal with IRS Agents face-to-face. I've had 15 of these people say they were having moral problems working for the IRS in Atlanta at the Federal Building in a two week period. I'm the only one who has broken them to say they are wrong and thinking about quitting. One even said she was quitting on the first day and two others said they would evaluate my material before quitting. This is God working with his Holy Word in the hands of His called servant. No one else is trained for this confrontation but me that I've seen. Like Martin Luther, God put me here to nail the IRS. Funny, you guys are praying to God for a solution but funding everything but God's man/ solution. I'm a proven quantity, but "How shall they preach except they be sent?" (Romans 10:15).

Gene Chapman and Rick Stanley.

The family at dinner with Alabama Al and Gene Chapman.

Friday, June 18, 2004

The U.S. Constitutional Slave Freedom Amendment Petition is highly popular among the people I've spoken with. It reads: "There shall be no Government slavery (i.e. income tax) and no Government armed robbery (i.e. property tax)." Just a few hours ago, a woman serving me lunch said, "I'd have to be crazy not to sign it!" Those were her exact words.

Without question, it's gonna get signatures! And that will build the movement. I want us to build a data base to get these signers into Patriot Network Meetings/ Clubs under Dr. Clarkson. He will keep the people in training on Constitutional matters and help it to expand the Slave Freedom Movement.

Gene Chapman

P.S. I'll be with Rick Stanley for the next few days. See for updates.

Oh, I love what WTP is doing in Washington right now.

Now Comes The Cover-Up

Income Tax Documents Missing From National Archives

Underway: Operation “What's Left?” -- More Volunteers Needed

July 19th: Be There! Push Is Coming To Shove

After years of government stonewalling in providing answers to basic questions about the fraudulent origin and illegal enforcement of the income tax system, another layer of the tax fraud has now been uncovered: the systemic removal of key legal and historical documents from the National Archives related to the meaning of “income” within the 1916 Income Tax Act, which was adopted by the political branches following the ratification of the 16th (Income Tax) Amendment in 1913, and the Supreme Court’s 1916 interpretation of “Income” within the meaning of the 16th Amendment.

From the homepage of the National Archives

Why This Is So Offensive and Tyrannical?
Some People say the 16th Amendment does not give the government the power to impose a labor tax – a direct, un-apportioned tax on an individual’s income earned from his labor, and measured by his salary, wage and compensation. Among those saying this are the United States Supreme Court, and ALL people quoted in the years just prior to and just following the adoption of the 16th Amendment, including those quoted in the Congressional Record, Law Reviews, the Journal of Political Science and the New York Times.

Other People say the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives the government the power to impose a direct, un-apportioned tax on the People’s labor, as measured by salaries, wages and compensation. Among the people saying this are lower court judges, those at the IRS and DOJ, H&R Block, tax attorneys, intimidated jurors and the news reporters who quote them.

What officials from the congressional committees, the Treasury Department and the White House were saying in their written correspondence in the years 1913-1916 would prove invaluable in resolving this conflict.


America’s current money and tax policies have their roots in the events that occurred between 1913 and 1917. In those years the political branches of the government gave America a central bank (the Federal Reserve System) and the Income Tax. Some say the income tax provides the central bank with what is referred to in the world of finance as “lender security,” removing all risk of non-payment by the government of the principal and interest on the money the central bank lends to the government by taxing and taking the “first fruits” of the labor of all Americans.

Here, in this article, we are only interested in the income tax.

Prior to the adoption of the 16th Amendment, the taxing clauses of the Constitution gave Congress two taxing powers: 1) the power to impose uniform indirect taxes (such as the uniform excise tax on gasoline and the uniform tariff on steel; and 2) apportioned direct taxes (such as a head tax).

In 1913 the 16th Amendment was purportedly ratified. It reads, “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

Notice, the 16th Amendment does NOT say, “Congress shall have the power to lay and collect DIRECT taxes without apportionment”. Any reasonable person would agree that the power to impose a DIRECT, UN-APPORTIONED tax would be a new power, not granted by the original taxing clauses of the Constitution, that would forever fundamentally alter and remove one of the most powerful limitations on our government.

Eventually, the Supreme Court got around to defining the word “income” within the meaning of the 16th Amendment -- but not before 1916.

In 1913, just months after the “ratification” of the 16th Amendment (the Income Tax Amendment), the political branches adopted the Income Tax Act of 1913, within which the political branches deliberately stretched the constrained authority of the 16th Amendment, by laying and collecting an UN-APPORTIONED tax directly on People’s labor as measured by their salaries, wages and compensation, AND by instituting withholding at the source.

However, in 1916, the Supreme Court brought the action of Congress and the Executive branch to a screeching halt. The Supreme Court ruled in Brushaber (and the cases bundled with it), that the 16th Amendment gave Congress no new taxing power (a direct tax on labor without apportionment would be a new taxing power, not granted by the taxing clauses of the original Constitution), and that “income” within the constitutional limitations of the 16th Amendment is corporate gain or profit, and passive and “unearned” income from real estate and investments. NOTE: The ability to tax passive income from investments and real estate (by nature an indirect, excise tax) was the only rationale given by those behind the ratification of the 16th Amendment, prior to its ratification. The publicly stated aim by those proposing the 16th Amendment was the power to tax “accumulated wealth.”

In 1916, immediately following the Brushaber decision, Congress amended the Income Tax Act, to bring the law into compliance with Brushaber. Our interpretation of the language of the 1916 Act (amended in 1917), when read together with the language of the Brushaber decision, is that the 1916 Act brought the law into compliance with Brushaber in three ways: first, by explicitly stating that the "income" being taxed under the 1913 Act is not the same as the "income" being taxed under the 1916 Act, the 1916 Act removed a tax imposed by the Act of 1913 (the direct, un-apportioned tax on labor as measured by salaries, wages and compensation); second, it outlawed the withholding of wages from the paychecks of citizens; and third, it directed the Executive Department to refund the monies withheld in 1917.

However, the political branches and the central bank were not going to give up the labor tax too easily. In Section 25 of the Federal Income Tax Act of 1916, Congress merely declared that the "income" subject to the 1913 Act was not the same “income” to be taxed under the 1916 Act. However, Congress did not go any further in defining what, specifically was taxable and what was NOT taxable. Why not? We believe the reason is that the political branches wanted to perpetuate the labor tax, which is what they have now been getting away with for 87 years.

The National Archives
The official, historical record of the political branches is maintained in the national archives by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Click here for NARA’s web site.

Warehoused in two separate facilities in the Washington DC area, are the historical records documenting the entire administrative and legislative history of the United States. Literally millions of documents record the process of governing this nation from the birth of our Republic and record, for all time, the inner workings of our servant government. The archive contains, (among many things), inter-office correspondence, legislative reports, inter-departmental memos, internal analyses, legal opinions, committee reports, etc.

The definition of “Income” within the meaning of Section 25 of the 1916 Income Tax Act would certainly be found in the correspondence of the House Ways and Means Committee and in the correspondence of Chief Counsel’s Office at the Department of Treasury for the years 1913 through 1917. For sure, the true meaning of Section 25 of the 1916 Income Tax Act would be found in that correspondence. It is inconceivable that the Treasury Department and the finance committees would not have been in the thick of all these legal developments having to do with money and taxes during 1913, when the 16th Amendment and the 1913 Income Tax Act were passed, and in 1916-1917, when the Brushaber decision was handed down from the Supreme Court and the Income Tax Act of 1916 was passed and amended.

Now, A Cover-up
Last month, representatives of WTP went to the National Archives to pull the correspondence of the Office of Chief Counsel for the Treasury Department and for 1913 through 1917.

The index of records showed the records were available for 1903 through 1912 and for 1918 and after. However, the index contained the statement “No Longer Available,” for the years 1913 through 1917.

At the same time, the researchers requested the correspondence for the House Ways and Means Committee for 1916. What was received was a box with a large, but empty envelope marked “Retained.”

The researchers found additional instances of record deletions where, despite the fact the records appeared available in the Archive index – it was discovered after the record group was physically “pulled” from deep storage in the archives, that it was EMPTY.

It is inconceivable – and intolerable -- that the official records documenting the planning, strategizing and legal communications of the Department of Treasury and congressional committees during the implementation of the single most oppressive and controversial function of government known to Americans are simply “No Longer Available.”

Management level archivists at NARA were unable to explain these gaping holes of missing records

In effect, individuals, in explicit violation of federal law, have, since 1992, been systemically DELETING evidence from the official records of this nation – in an attempt to rewrite history – and to conceal the fraud that has been perpetrated by our government for almost 90 years.

Operation “What’s Left?”
WTP intends to pull many more records from numerous Record Groups at both Archive II (where the records of the Treasury Department and the IRS are located) and at Archive I (where the records of congressional committees are located). We intend to determine what, if any, historical records are left (and which are missing), regarding the constitutional and statutory “authority” of the government to impose a labor/slave tax, in the government’s own words.

An objective of this project is to determine the intent of the framers of the 1913 and 1916 (amended in 1917) Income Tax Acts, by obtaining from the Legislative and Executive branches, official memoranda, notes, letters, reports and other records from the period 1913 through 1917.

Without revealing the specific Record Groups, the methodology will include a review of the file indices at Archive I and Archive II, the preparation of pull sheets for the records of interest, the review of the records pulled, the selection of the records to be scanned, the scanning of the selected records, and the preparation of a report.

Another objective of this project, using a similar methodology, is to determine the government's rationale, if any, for the lack of Federal Register publication of any Treasury Directive Orders or regulations specifying the organizational structure of the Internal Revenue Service and authorizing the collection of income taxes from people living and working within the external boundary of the 50 united states.

WTP has leased a six-bedroom house in College Park, Maryland for two months, beginning June 15th, at a cost of $5,000. We have also leased furniture and furnishing for the house at a cost of $3,000. Finally, we are leasing computer and document management equipment for several thousand dollars.

The Research Team will use the house as they participate in the project. We will lease a second house if necessary.

A trained researcher from Texas will manage this project for the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc. Initially, eight WTP members will be arriving this weekend. Early next week they will be photo ID’d and receive their NARA Research Cards (a five minute process). They will split into two teams to review the historical documents of interest.

This initial group will work the 21st through Friday the 26th or longer – their choice.

Some replacements are needed for the following week. Someone from the first week will remain in town to see that the second group is “carded” and set up properly. This process will need to be repeated each week, until July 15th or longer.

Casual but professional dress is preferred at least for the first day there. After that jeans or shorts are ok.

Team members are asked to bring the following:

Notebook computer and a scanner, if possible (recommend either a Canon or MircoTech)

#2 pencils or mechanical pencils

Quarters to use the Archive lockers

The following items are prohibited in the archives; however they can be stored in the Archive lockers:

No Ink Pens

No blank sheets of paper, NOTE: any non-blank paper has to be approved and stamped before allowed into Archives.

No cell phones

WTP is looking for volunteers to go to Washington for multiple-day segments through August 14th to help with this important research project. Teams of participants will be organized between the two primary archive facilities and will help during “office hours” with the examination and copying of records. Examination of records will involve reading many legal documents and identifying target documents for additional evaluation, review and retention.

If you have an interest in participating, please contact the WTP office via e-mail at Although you need not be an “official” legal researcher to participate, individuals that are not familiar with the subject matter or are uncomfortable with examining large quantities of historical correspondence should probably refrain from volunteering.

Depending on your response, we will lease a second multi-bedroom house, not far from the first.

Thousands Needed In DC on July 19th : Be There!

Make you plans NOW to be in Washington DC on Monday, July 19, 2004 for a vitally important one-day WTP event.

You will recall that on May 10, 2004, we sent letters to President Bush, Senator Kerry, Treasury Secretary Snow, Attorney General Ashcroft and IRS Commissioner Everson, respectfully requesting that they send a representative to meet with us at the National Press Club and to answer the few questions we included with the letters.

You will recall that we also attached the latest and damning evidence in support of our position that the government has no authority to force companies to withhold money from the paychecks of their workers and to turn that money over to the IRS, and the government has no authority to force workers to file a tax return and to pay a tax on their labor measured by their salary, wages and compensation.

Finally, you will recall that we respectfully advised the officials that if this opportunity turns out to be as fruitless as our prior attempts to have our questions answered we will file a motion in the District Court to enjoin the IRS and DOJ from engaging in any further enforcement actions against those who fail to withhold, file and pay the labor tax, until the underlying issues in our Right to Petition for Redress lawsuit are determined by the court.

We are leasing the main ballroom at the National Press Club for July 19. The agenda is taking shape. The morning is set aside for the discussion with the government’s representatives and/or a discussion with constitutional scholars. If the government does not send any representatives to answer our Petition questions, we will march from the National Press Club to the federal District Court to file the motion for injunctive relief, attaching all of our evidence regarding: a) the fraudulent origin and illegal operation and enforcement of the income tax; b) our Petition for Redress of Grievances and government’s failure to answer our questions and to justify its behavior; and c) THE TAMPERING WITH THE EVIDENCE GOING ON AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES.

In all likelihood, this will be the most important step in the now five-year long Petition process. Push is now coming to shove. It will be important to have an overflow crowd at the National Press Club (the ball room can seat 400), and thousands joining in on the march to the court house.

WTP encourages all those who withhold and pay the labor tax out of fear and the hundreds of thousands of people who have stopped filing and paying to join us. Let’s stand together.

We will have more to say about the July 19 event in an article we will post tomorrow.

Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman All Dressed Up For the Summit Meeting With Rick Stanley.

It's hard to feel too sorry for the guy as an "innocent." He did, after all, work on night vision goggles for our side in the war. And those goggles did help our side kill lots and lots of their people, many of them innocent, I'm sure. Gene.

We had another beheading. See photo and picture:Mr. Paul M Johnson Jr.

Rick Stanley is having me over for dinner tonight at his place. That should be nice. I'm going to share the U.S. Constitutional Slave Freedom Amendment Petition with him and how it's been met with open arms for distribution by our bunch in Virginia, South Carolina, and Gerogia so far.

I think an amendment petition might be just the ticket Rick needs to communicate his message on gun control. Gene.

I saw that Larkin Rose has been arrested for having a computer with child pornography stored in its guts somewhere. The fact is that David Marsh found Beastiality on my computer in an area I've never used before back last summer. Your opponents want to use it to hammer you, and I'm sure the more debased of the people who follow my work will cheer to see me post this. There are materials sent to every computer that link themselves into our computers in ways we have no knowledge of. Then, the Government likes to hang us as "perverts." The bottom line is that we are all vulnerable to this kind of attack on our character, if we are online. The very fact of using a computer makes us criminals, if the Government wants it to come out that way.

If you ask me, the Government is "perverted" for allowing porn shops along our nation's roads in open view, drawing in young boys and girls to lust rather than love. It destroys our families. Rather than hammer a tax honesty advocate who may or may not be interested in nude photos of children, we should be focused on the producers and distributors of such material. The vagueness and underhanded quality of this attack on Larken is just beneath good people, and the Government knows it can exploit it. Remember, the Communist movement states that it wants to undermine the morality of a free people in order to impose its agenda. I'm sure they (Uncle Sam) will find "whatever" they deem useful if they ever search my computer, whether it's there now or not. And I know now that its coming someday. I could throw my compoter away but the fact of being on the net is just too important to avoid this inevitable attack that will someday come upon my character by these evil Communists.

If Bill Gates can't spot a virus from knocking down Micrsoft, who are we to keep our computer world safe from others who seek to do us harm? Gene Chapman

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I must share my great sadness for Doug Kenline's move to settle with the IRS, but his theological training and faith is not as well seated as mine, so I must respect his decision. I told him that I am not mad at him for the reason I just stated.

I'm happy to see that several at Doug's blog seem so happy that we should follow "Gene's Amendment Idea." Let's hope it gains momentum, and I am allowed to live through this mess of a Government.

As for me, I Corinthians 7:23 locks me in, if I am to honor God: "You [free Christian] be categorically not the literal, figurative, voluntary or involuntary slaves of men" (from the Greek).

At the age of 5, my mother signed me up for a Social Security card. My understanding is that this was the act that unbeknownst to her sold me into slavery to the Untied States Government. The Declaration of Independence asserts that my right to liberty is something that cannot be given away, especially by another. It is "unalienable." And so I am a free Christian in America who cannot be a slave under any circumstances. My only question is, "Will I be forced to die for the freedom God has bestowed upon me before the Government comes to its senses?"

I must confess that I am in preparation to resume the Death Fast in Austin, if it comes to that. We must be ever prepared to lay down our lives for liberty. My path of nonviolence is the only path for me. You see, "Truth is it's own proof, and nonviolence is its supreme fruit" -- Mahatma Gandhi.


I checked your posting. For some reason the second half of my reply didn't make it. I there a length requirement? Or maybe I was just to rough on David? If that is the case, it is always nice to have an editor to help keep me out of trouble. Normally I use my webmaster for that but he was on vacation as was Mike Stark, the President of the NESARA Institute.


The following part was missing:

Never got a response from the Queen Mom. She probably decided that America was in such a mess that it would be best not to get involved again.

Looks like we are going to have to clean up this mess ourselves. David’s solution of "abolish(ing) all laws enacted since 1912" seems so simple and reasonable. However, I was wondering, do we have to go back to segregated schools, restaurants and other public facilities? I guess there wasn’t much objection in 1912 so it might work again.

I would certainly appreciate seeing the details of David’s plan. You know, the specific wording of the proposed legislation (if any), a program and schedule for getting it through Congress and signed by the President, and any projections of the social and economic benefits to be gained along with any economic computer studies he may have conducted. For the later, I would suggest the Washington University Macro-Economic Model. I know – The Fed has a better one, but somehow I don’t expect their enthusiastic honest participation in this endeavor.

It took almost a hundred years to dig ourselves into a hole this deep and I am just not smart enough to find a simple, practical, Constitutional, and politically doable way out of it in just one jump. But I do know where to start. Got the clue from one of those long dead international bankers who said let him control the money and he cared not who made the laws. If we don’t regain control of our national fiscal and monetary policy nothing else we do will make much difference.

I apologize for this tongue-in-cheek reply but, If you are not having fun you are not doing it right!

My difficulty is with those who read the NESARA summary and are immediate experts on the subject. With one exception, this was the exact response I received when talking to Members of Congress for 10 years. The NESARA web site contains hundreds of pages of referenced documentation where the various elements of the NESARA plan or variations on the theme were successfully used at some point in history.

As I said a breakfast, that is why I appreciate your efforts so much. If we achieve an acceptable solution to this sea of troubles, it will be from the bottom up; it will never come from the top down.

Thanks again for your kind attention,


Gene here. I'm in Topeka, Ks for the night. Looks below like we need to get the rv back to Texas:

Howdy Gene,

Congratulations on all the work you've done and are still doing with the
abolitionist movement (anti-tax is anti-slavery, isn't it?)

Last week, I was at Boys State in Austin. It is a mock government
program sponsored and run by the American Legion. There were over 900
of us (just having finished our Junior year of high school), and all of
us are cream of the crop students/leaders, and we will all go on to do
GREAT things.

Inside of my party (the Federalist party -- which bore no inherent
resemblance to the actual Federalist doctrine), I was elected to be my
county's chairman, and hence, a state delegate as well. I was also one
of the few people who was able to collect enough signatures on my
petition to run for Governor of the state.

During campaign speeches for the higher state offices, it became very
evident that a majority of these people were conservative Christians:
many of them quoted Scripture in their speeches, and a couple were
practically preaching. Many candidates said outright that they were
against abortion, against gay marriage, against gun control, etc., and
the audience cheered.

I gave a visionary speech (definitely the best campaign speech given
this year), but I ended up getting 3rd place out of 7 candidates for
Governor in my party's Primary Election. Nevertheless, I had a great
experience and I made a lot of lifelong friends, gained a deeper respect
for war veterans, and learned a lot about the governmental process in
our state.

On the final day, the state officials we had elected served in their
positions at the state capitol, including a session of the state
congress. The governor that we had elected quoted Phillipians 4:13 in
his address to all the Staters: "I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me."

Of course, this is Texas (the most conservative one of 50 states in the
Union), but if we the youth are truly to be "the leaders of tomorrow," I
believe that the world has a brighter future ahead of it.

Getting on to business... I'm a licensed driver now, and I'm in need of
a vehicle to drive during the summer. You've told me that your RV is in
need of a driver.

Is "The Freedom-mobile" still available, or is someone else already
driving it around?

David Bindel

Monday, June 14, 2004


Hi Gene,

I was pleased to finally meet you as I have followed your exploits with great interest for some time now. Thanks for your time and the conversation.

David Goodyear is absolutely right. I couldn’t agree more. All we need do to solve all of America’s problems is return to strict Constitutional government and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. I definitely wasted 20 years of research when the answer was so simple.

I do have some procedural questions. Is there some form we can fill out to return to Constitutional government? Maybe in duplicate? Should it be notarized? Who do we mail it to? Or, since this involves moral issues, maybe we should post it on a church door. There is some historical precedence for such action. Got a recommendation for a specific church door? I was always partial to Reverend LeRoy’s church of What’s Happing Now? Don’t know the address though.

In returning to Constitutional government, do you think is it necessary to do so by remaining within the bounds of the Constitution? Heaven knows, those boundaries don’t seem to bother Congress. Maybe a short term Benevolent Dictator to straighten this mess out. In ancient Rome during times of national emergency the government was turned over to such an individual who could take immediate decisive action. Of course you do run the risk that they might no give the country back after the emergency is over. Where do you find a George Washington when you need one?

Years ago I thought about finding such a Benevolent Ruler, settled on the Queen of England, and wrote her an open letter:

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

After considerable deliberation we have decided that a small tax on imported tea is not that objectionable. If you can find forgiveness in your heart and will take us back, we promise not to misbehave again.

Your Loyal Subjects,

We, The American People

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Round Table Talk:

I've been reminded with Doug Kenline being taken down to $125 paycheck each week that we are still in a fight for our very lives.

I've come to realize in recent months that the IRS employees do know they are "wrong" and more and more of them do "love" me, as I share the theological discussions about the immorality of both extracting the income and property tax and that of us paying these taxes. If I find a Death Fast needed in the future, I can feel morally justified that the two issues that caused me to stop the last Austin Death Fast are now resolved clearly in my mind. As my videos and the amendment petition go out, the IRS, etc. will only more and more understand they are wrong and love me/ us.

I've always felt a Death Fast at the White House would be productive, with my Christian brother, George Bush, in office. Gene

David Goodyear has thoughts for us on my meeting this morning. We'll keep an open mind and maybe watch a discussion on the matter:

Hi Gene,

I have looked at this before. While most of the ideas are sound, I don't
believe we move forward by putting another layer of administration on top of
the ones we have now. In other words, if the laws are getting out of
control, how to solve it by making more law?

Most of the stated goals were conditions that existed prior to 1913. Why not
just abolish all laws enacted since 1912? Everything that was TRUELY a
crime, was illegal in 1912. All the other laws have to do with redistibution
of wealth and socialism or direct interference with the free market for the
benefit of a few who are connected enough to pull it off.

I admit I have only read the summaries and not the entire text, but my
objection is that we need to reduce government as a whole, not keep
introducing layers to correct the ones that aren't working right.

Sorry I couldn't be more supportive.

Hope you are well.


The 17 Year Locust in Virginia last week

Me loading near New York City.

Summit with Dr. Harvey F. Barnard of

Dr. Barnard likes my petition as it is: "There shall be no Government slavery (i.e. income tax) and no Government armed robbery (i.e. property tax)." He says it will create an additional drive for Congress to adopt the NESARA.


I just forwarded a picture of my "Summit Meeting" with the world renown Dr. Harvey F. Barnard at the "Cracker Barrel" to Doug Kenline for posting. A man known by Nobel Prize winners in economics, Dr. Barnard is a highly respected thinker in the area of economic policy and I think a future Nobel Prize winner himself.

Go to to read his ideas.