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Saturday, June 12, 2004

I just paid $10 out of pocket, plus tax, to get the work done for the United States Slave Freedom Constitutional Amendment Petition. We'll get this one done and then the others for South Carolina and Georgia done on its heels.

It will read after the heading as follows:

Proposed Amendment: "There shall be no Government slavery (i.e. income tax) and no Government armed robbery (i.e. property tax)." I, the undersigned, support the above amendment for passage into the law of the land.

Printed Name/ Signature/ Address City State Zip/ County/ Phone/ e-mail
(Rows of signatures here.) 1-888-606-9379
Return to: Slave Freedom Movement, P. O. Box 7043, Evanston, Ill. 60204]

We need to figure how many pages per week we will get filled out per person. Please send me your mailing addresses, if you will be getting the petition signed in South Carolina or Georgia. Thanks.


I'm in Baton Rouge, La for the night.

I'm going to go to Kinko's and work on the South Carolina Slave Freedom Constitutional Amendment Petition, Georgia Slave Freedom Constitutional Amendment Petition and the Federal Slave Freedom Constitutional Amendment Petition. We'll do a test run of the signing in the next week or two and see what we think.

Several in Georgia expressed an interest in helping with the petition drive. I'd like to get both the Federal and State petitions in hand for work at the same time. Gene.

Friday, June 11, 2004

A writer from Livingston, Texas informs me that the front page story she did on me last year won an award:

Hi Gene,

I thought you might like to know that the story I wrote on you won first place in the Texas Gulf Coast Press Association's contest. It was one of two stories I entered. Both were considered one entry into the contest. I got a nice plaque for it. No raise, unfortunately. Talk to you later.


I just got in from eating at the local Waffle House. I asked two men how they would feel about signing our proposed petition, and they both wanted to sign it right then and both took down the web site. We must be doing something right.

Quatloos thinks we need a more moderate phrase than, "There shall be no Government slavery (i.e. income tax) and no Government armed robbery (i.e. property tax)."

But the current form has real teeth that citizens like a great deal. I think it could pass mustard, as it is. Gene. is run by Financial & Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc. (FATFEA), which is a non-profit. By officially supporting such a petition, FATFEA could potentially jeopardize its status as a non-profit. However, so long as the Petition was drafted in a plain fashion and was not inflammatory along the lines I previously suggested, Quatloos would mention it and not speak badly of it.

Virtually of us at Quatloos would prefer that the government's method of raising money be modernized to eliminate the waste and inequity of the income tax, although there is no doubt that from a strictly legal viewpoint that the income tax is indeed constitutional and lawful. The income tax is as antiquated as a steam engine train, and like everything else should be rendered obsolete by modernization and better ideas.

Given our druthers, we would prefer a "Financial Transaction Tax" whereby a very small tax is charged for each financial transfer between banks, and between bank accounts, but in the aggregate these small taxes would raise significant revenue, and would also tax "black" money, such as money from illegal activity, that is not being taxed now contributing to a broader tax base and thus lower taxes for all involved. Also, the Financial Transaction Tax would only apply to banks and other financial institutions so that individuals and non-financial businesses would have no requirement to report or pay any taxes, i.e., at least as to federal taxes the federal government would not be any part of the daily activities of individuals or non-financial businesses.

What you basically need to do is to focus on one state, and get an initiative petition started there. Once that petition is approved, the publicity of it will spread it to other states, thus drawing volunteers and interest to your movement in all states.

Good luck!


Currently, we are in discussions with lawyers, Dr. Robert Clarkson, Irwin Schiff, and other various leaders in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT/ Slave Freedom Movement about a Constitutional Amendment to end the taxation of both labor and property and to forever end such immoral Socialist Communist discussion in America.

The proposed amendment states for now: "There shall be no Government slavery (i.e. income tax) and no Government armed robbery (i.e. property tax)."

Dr. Clarkson has about 1,000 people in the South Carolina area that may be utilized for petition drives to forever end and outlaw income and property taxes in our costitutional amendment, where the current governor supports such ends, I'm informed. Our hope is that a snowball effect will carry the work across America and to the Federal level at the same time.


Gene Chapman

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Let's do this thing, folks. Gene.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment:

"No Government slavery (i.e. income tax) or Government armed robbery (i.e. property tax)."


"he felt the constitutional amendment method would be far too difficult and take maybe 20 years"

The thing that strikes me is that we'd all be a whole lot better off right now if we had started this amendment process twenty years ago! Think of all the energy and money that has been wasted for the last twenty years, and to what end?

I kinda like the Squatlosers' language: It's simple, direct and to the point. People won't support something that is too controversial. By adding the "slavery" and "robbery" stuff, it's almost like you are forcing people to concede that in addition to changing the tax. Some people who might not vote for those finding might otherwise vote just to get rid of the income tax which is the whole point really.

(Insert from Gene: Actually, that is my language).

I really like your approach. It is constitutional, and WHO WILL VOTE IN FAVOR OF THE INCOME TAX? Sounds like a classic slam-dunk to me. One wonders whether the fact that efforts have been diverted from this simple and constitutional way was intentional all along.

I'd just as soon that you didn't post this, but feel free to use the thoughts expressed herein.

Bless you,

~ Bill in Cleveland

Looks like we are building a little army ready to pass out the petition to get the income tax and property tax done away with forever. I'm getting alot of positive activist feedback.

When can we start passing it out, I wonder?

We need to hire a lawyer to get the language right, and that will take some money. Anybody have a few thousand dollars to get the lawyers to work? Gene

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

How should it read?

"No Government slavery (i.e. income tax) or Government armed robbery (i.e. property tax)."

Gene here: I agree 100%. Let's do it.


I just called Bob Schulz and ran the idea past him. We talked for several minutes before being interrupted by another call.

Basically, he felt the constitutional amendment method would be far too difficult and take maybe 20 years. He thinks what he and his organization are doing is the best way.

I guess I'm not surprised to hear that since it is an understatement to say that Bob has a vested interest in confronting the government as he is. In fact, most of the big names in the Tax Honesty Movement have a vested interest in the status quo to some degree or another. Many of them make their living from it or derive their identity from it or have simply invested much of their lives in it. If the tax were simply eliminated constitutionally, all their arguments and strategies would become irrelevant and worthless, and...there'd be no way for them to get a "piece of the action."

The government can NEVER admit to the fraud because it couldn't begin to cope with the liability issues, demand for reparations, charges of treason, etc. And confronting them the way we are could well backfire and precipitate a full-blown police state. We MUST let the government save face and leave the legality of the present system unresolved. A simple Constitutional Amendment would do the trick. After all, didn't all this monkey business get started (according to the government) with one of the simplest of all amendments, the 16th?

But it will take us humble, grass-roots citizens to pull it off because we have nothing to lose except the oppressive slave-tax itself. Someone like Gene Chapman just might be too "dumb" to realize it won't work...and help it happen!

Erik in Tampa Bay

Round Table Talk: I'm in South Carolina for the night. Parking in the New York to Washington DC area is so bad that I've not had a shower in 2 days. Wow!

In my e-mail exchanges with Quatloos, I'm understanding that the organization has volunteers and that they are not so much againt the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT as they are against leaders of the movement getting common folks, often their family members, into trouble with the Government. From what I'm reading, assuming it's true, Quatloos may be our friends in the big picture. They want a "petition," and I'm exploring now how that might be done, if appropriate.

The Gandhi Community continues to interact with me. Today, they informed me of a drought in India. Gene.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I was on Kelly Live in Mobile, Alabama on Friday. I expressed that I think the most important thing we can do is to establish the credibility of the resurrection of Jesus Christ if we are to fight off Socialist Communism. So this is my most important work:

I've been talking with Quatloos about their ideas on stopping the income tax:

They wrote:

The meat of it would actually be pretty simple and say something like:

The Constitution of the United States is hereby amended as follows: "Notwithstanding any other provision herein, Congress shall have no power to lay or collect a tax on income."

Of course, it would depend on what you wanted to say. If you only wanted the income tax on individuals abolished but still tax corporations, you would say something like:

"Notwithstanding any other provision herein, Congress shall have no power to lay or collect a tax on the income of individuals."

As far as what form is required, that would depend on each state since what you are doing is basically calling on the state's legislature to demand a change to the Constitution, per Article V of the Constitution. In theory, you could also amend the Constitution by a constitutional convention, but historically the general populace has been resistent to such a convention for the perfectly valid reason that they aren't sure what exactly would come out of it.

You'd only need two-thirds of the states to call for the amendment, and in some states the petition process is amazingly easy and only requires a minimal number of petition signatures to get the measure on the ballot for popular vote.

Here are Florida's requirements, by way of example:

Right now, there are groups in nearly all the states attempting to amend the Constitution by this method to prevent same-sex marriages. I'll guess you'll find out quickly enough whether abolishing the income tax is as important to the average American as the issue of gay marriages.