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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Round Table Talk:

I'm looking into what needs to be my next activity. I'm scheduled to speak in Denver on June 20th for Rick Stanley, and I have the video coming out for free distribution, but I don't know where I need to focus next beyond these.

The IRS has left me utterly alone for several months, since I gave them the website where my theology on not paying or collecting income or property taxes is expressed on the right side. Maybe I've found the magic pill to turn IRS agents away. Gene.

I'm in Birmingham, Alabama tonight for a load to Denver monday. Gene.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Did a Western Voice say, "Thy will be done?" at the Nick Berg beheading? Here is the audio:

I just got off the line with Microsoft: 1-800-426-9400. They say they can link up the 30 minute video I did in Georgia last month as a streaming video on by getting me reset on "Front Page" and off of Blogger. I don't want to leave Blogger, so I'm seeing what Blogger can offer us for a server. Gene.

Well, I'm in for the evening in Lexington, VA. The post I made of Nick Berg's still photos has brought many hundreds of hits to my site. I think it is important that we see truth, if we wish to become one with truth. Here is the site again:

At this opportunity, I want to share that I've examined many religions of the world, having operated a Christian cults ministry in time past. Those of you who are of Islam visiting this site will find in the free exchange of ideas on the internet a very serious challenge to your religion. Jesus Christ offers the most intellectually sound direction for any after life, I find. I predict that in a dozen years Christianity will be in a serious growth mode around the internet world, while Islam will be in decline, as an intellectually inferior religion. I do not desire to be harsh or unkind, but Truth will win the day. There are a billion people on the internet now, all seeking to be the most informed in Truth. Let this discussion begin. Amen. Minister Gene Chapman.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Gene here. It has long been my position that the Columbine High School shootings were the result of a godless Socialist Communist culture of education that violates Ephesians 6:4. Children are to be brought up in the "nurture" -- (Greek word: paideia): "Eden" (i.e. greenhouse) Denotes the whole cultivation of the mind and morals of a child at one time and in one setting -- of God as opposed to the desert of state.

Klebold Parents Don't Need Forgiveness
Columbine Shooter's Parents Give First Interview

NEW YORK (May 16) - In their first interview since the Columbine High School massacre, the parents of one of the killers said they feel no need be forgiven and didn't realize their son was beyond hope until after he was dead.

Eric Harris, left, and Dylan Klebold, are shown in video filmed prior to the shootings.

"Dylan (Klebold) did not do this because of the way he was raised," Susan Klebold told columnist David Brooks in Saturday's editions of The New York Times. "He did it in contradiction to the way he was raised."

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 13 people on April 20, 1999, before taking their own lives.

The couple took issue with people who say they forgive them for what happened.

"I haven't done anything for which I need forgiveness," Susan Klebold said.

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They acknowledged they missed signs that their son was in trouble. Klebold and Harris were in a juvenile diversion program for breaking into a van and stealing tools and other items in January 1998.

"He was hopeless. We didn't realize it until after the end," Tom Klebold said.

"I think he suffered horribly before he died," Susan Klebold said. "For not seeing that, I will never forgive myself."

The couple said they felt under siege after the shooting and never had a chance to grieve for their son.

Tom Klebold said they hope to understand someday why the shooting happened.

"We're not qualified to sort this out. People need to understand this could have happened to them," he said.

The Klebolds said their son was set off by the "toxic culture" of the school, where athletes were worshipped and bullying was tolerated.

Jefferson County Public Schools officials have consistently denied that bullying was tolerated or that athletes received special treatment.

The Klebolds' comments was criticized late Saturday by some of the victims' parents.

"I'm horrified," Dawn Anna, whose daughter Lauren Townsend was killed at Columbine, told The Associated Press. "I wanted an apology. I wanted a contribution to help us understand why it happened, so that it would never happen again. I didn't hear it."

Brian Rohrbough, father of victim Daniel Rohrbough, said he was outraged that the Klebolds likened the day of the shootings to a natural disaster in the interview with Brooks.

"This was murder," he said. "In my opinion, what went on in their home led to Columbine."

Brooks said the Klebolds agreed to the interview after an exchange of e-mails initiated by Tom Klebold, who was angered by Brooks' April 24 column. Brooks'column did not say when and where the interview took place.

In the April 24 column, Brooks had paraphrased an article in the online publication Slate that said Harris and Klebold yearned to become the most prolific mass murders in history.

The Klebolds' attorney, Gary Lozow, told The Denver Post the Klebolds had no plans to grant any other interviews.

In a story for Sunday's editions of The Post, Lozow related the first moments after the Klebolds learned of the shooting.

They had heard the gunmen may have been part of the Trench Coat Mafia, a loose group of students, including their son, who said athletes at Columbine bullied them.

"When early word came that the Trench Coat Mafia may be involved in the shooting, Tom ran downstairs to look for Dylan's trench coat, which he couldn't find," Lozow said.

"He was afraid Dylan might be involved. So he called me and offered to go to the school in hopes of negotiating with Dylan. It wasn't accepted."

Harris' parents, Wayne and Kathy Harris, have never spoken to reporters.

After-hours phone calls to Times officials were not returned, and Brooks did not immediately respond to an e-mail request for comment.

05/16/04 09:39 EDT

"Grieve Not The Holy Spirit"
In the book of Ephesians, we find God sharing with the Church down through the ages the practical application of the Christian walk in this world. In Ephesians 4:30 we read, "And grieve not the holy Spirit of God . . . ."

The greatest argument for Christians to oppose those sins in the culture that presumably defile no one other than those involved in "mutual consenters sins" like adultery or homosexuality, is that they grieve the holy Spirit of God.

A free society can only remain free if it is constrained by the ungrieved Holy Spirit. Even President George Washington asserted that our form of Democratic Republic was made only for a religious people. He meant that we must have an internal constraint to our freedom or else we would destroy ourselves with the very freedom we seek.

Holy means "set apart." It means that we Christians are people who are different than those who live like animals for their own passions. We live in constraint of our passions in order to ensure that we do not sadden the Holy Spirit and thus destroy our own selves and our culture in the end.

If there is one dominate issue that destroys nations and homes, it's the matter of grieving the Holy Spirit. Every government that has ever fallen has done so because the Holy Spirit that dwells in man was in the end so saddened that the people held no faith in the authority of the rule of that Government. Every Caesar must remember not to grieve the Holy Spirit or face national destruction.

When the Spirit of God says, "left," then go left. If he says, "right," then go right. That's what it means to be led by the Spirit. And refusing the leadership of the Holy Spirit leads only to his grief and your and our destruction. Grieve not the holy Spirit of God.

Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ

The general funding for the Church is set up as follows:

10% Prison Ministry:
5% Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund. (Directed Toward Billboards in Atlanta Project, Per Dick's Instructions): Starting Balance: $120.00. Total Deposits This Week: $0.00. Balance: $120.00.
5% Fans for indigent prisoners. Starting Balance: $120.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $120.00.

10% Christian School/ Home School Funding of Children. Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits This Week: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

10% Feeding and Housing of Needy/ Poor/ Homeless. Starting Balance: $0.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00. Ending Balance: $00.00.

10% Widow and Orphan care. Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

5% Alabama Christian Reparations Project. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $470.00. (A new computer will only cost $550, so we're holding off for purchase until we reach that figure).
5% Christian Slave Freedom Project (Africa). Starting Balance: $90.00. Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $90.00.

10% Gene Chapman TV/ Internet. Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

10% Billboard Ministry/ Advertising for the Church proper (Mobile Billboard). Starting Balance: $240.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $240.00.

30% (I don't see us buying property under the current Communist situation in America) Catastrophic Emergency Fund. Starting Balance: $266.00. Total Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance: $266.00.

Directly Funded Church Ministries:

Christian AntiCommunist Party:

Starting Balance: $23.97. Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $23.97.

TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON: Starting Balance: 199.90. No Deposits. Balance: $199.90.

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: -($2092.79). Deposits: $10.00 (Thanks Mr. Unlisted), $100.00 (Thanks Unlisted). Total Deposits: $110.00. Total Expenditures: $0.00. Ending Balance: -($1982.79).

Cuban Freedom Fast: Deposit: $200.00 (Gene). Balance: -($662.44). Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $40.00.

Slave Freedom Scholarship Fund: Deposits: $0.00. Balance: $20.00.
(Economic Empowerment for Movement Members)

Total Deposits: $310.00.

respectfully, Gene.