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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Gene Chapman Radio

Gene Chapman talks with Doug Kenline about politics, religion, and the income tax.

What hurts the IRS is when people say, "I'm not payin' you."

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1) Mr. Berg is wearing an orange jump suite at his execution. Do these "terrorists" have orange jump suites to put on our people?

Americans do.

2) Mr. Berg appears to have no visible blood loss at his beheading. Is this realistic?

Or could there be a time laps between his actual time of death and an later beheading?

3) Would the CIA have motive to kill an American in this time frame? Yes, it would redirect attention away from the prison abuses in Iraq by American soldiers and redirect the tempers of Americans to the "terrorists."

4) Why have the videos of the beheading gone off the web? Could it be that the Alex Jones's of the world are getting too close to the real enemies of freedom? We know all 10 Planks of "The Communist Manifesto" are inacted in the United States, so the credibility of the US Government stands closer to murderers in Communist Russia and China than anything freedom-loving.


Minister Gene Chapman

It is important that those of us who seek to become one with truth see the truth. Still photos of the Nick Berg Beheading:

Doug, can you get me a streaming link from for my 30 minute video via one of your contacts? I can probably afford up to $500 per week for a few months. It needs to be on a popup window on my site that shows when the site comes up and that can be enlarged and clicked off once it's seen. It's my central argument and needs to be seen.


Round Table Talk:

I'm informed that coming to the Pig Roast in South Dakota will include that I not go in my dhoti's. So, I've informed my gracious host that I won't be in a position to come, if I can't come the way God sends me. It's just too dangerous to walk out of God's guidance.

The past few months have been a great drain on me and my finiances anyway. I'm out of cups and just got my video in to look at in a week or two.

I'm working too hard to know how much I'm making right now. The last paycheck was $1,600 +/-. It all goes to the work in the end. The videos will change the Christian discussion on the taxation of property and income. The internet is allowing voices like mine to be heard in every corner of the planet, and people are listening. I'm trying to find a way to get the video on a internet video stream or something to let people see the 30 minutes of my most centeral issues. Gene.

Hey Gene,

I bought a book last week at a used book store, called "Saved by the Light" by Dannion Brinkley. It was published 10 years ago. He'd had 2 NDE's (near death experiences), and that as well as after death communication, etc. are things I'd been studying before discovering the tax issue. Turns out he's had a 3rd NDE in the intervening 10 years. So I went into my favorite search engine ( and found that Dannion has a website (, and was reading one of his articles, and guess who was mentioned on one of them? You! It's possible you'd heard of it already but here it is, below. Take care, Cia

Well, now that I’ve made all the whiners happy, I’ll get on with my normal STUFF… ranting over death, healthcare, and taxes.

With the recent passing of President Bush’s tax cut, it gives us the chance to look at how very complicated and muddled our tax code is becoming. I say this due to the fact that it is increasingly difficult for us to determine if we owe the tax, why we owe the tax, and how we owe the tax. The President says that the purpose of this tax cut is to stimulate the economy. Now read this quote from John O. Fox in the Washington Post and decide whom you think the President is truly looking out for:

“ My favorite tax treat this year is President Bush’s controversial proposal to eliminate the corporate dividend tax. Here’s a real winner! It aims to redress the “wrong” of taxing corporate profits twice – once when they’re earned by the corporation and again when the stockholder gets them. And Congress is ready with the knife – the same Congress that refuses to eliminate a far more common double tax: the income tax we pay on the portion of our wages that goes to pay Social Security taxes. Apparently stockholders are more aggrieved by double taxation than American workers are.”

Next, I want to share something that you may not have heard about in this week’s news. My friend, Brian Doman, sent this poignant story to me. A man in Austin, Texas by the name of Gene Chapman, began a death-fast on April 15, 2003. Mr. Chapman is a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, therefore, in the style of non-violent protest, Mr. Chapman decided that he would not eat until the IRS answered one simple question for him: “Where is my tax liability in the law?” Despite the fact that Mr. Chapman emailed this very question to the IRS 39 days ago, there still has been no clear, concise and definitive response received. Mr. Chapman wrote his local and state representatives looking for the answer to this questions as well. They in turn wrote letters to the IRS, and received responses, which also failed to cite any specific law that was enacted by congress creating the obligation to pay income taxes. Please take a look at Mr. Chapman’s website for all the details of this extraordinary saga (, then decide for yourself! I, myself, wage campaigns regarding the constitutionality of this issue and many others. It is amazing how one’s perspective is altered following a bunch of near-death experiences.

Monday, May 10, 2004

The two issues involved in stopping the Death Fast in Austin were that I was violating two Gandhian moral principles:

1) We do not fast against those who do not love us.

2) We do not fast against those who think they are right.

On point one, we must be known by those we fast against in order for them to love us and thus qualify for a death fast.

On point two, we must be sure that our Death Fast opposition is aware they are morally wrong in their position.

If I am to do another Death Fast someday, it needs to be done with these two assumptions in mind.

Biblically, I am not to be the slave of men (I Corinthians 7:23)"literally, figuratively, involuntarily of voluntarily." If the IRS were to take property from me, then that would amount to involuntary slavery, and my obligation to God is to not allow that to stand. The only nonviolent ways to keep that from happening are for me to have nothing for them to take or to fast to death in order to ensure that I am not enslaved.

It seems to me that eating food and drinking water while in prison is accepting a means for the Government to keep us alive for slavery. So if I am arrested at some unknown point in the future, I can see moral merit in stopping all food and liquid intake, even medical attention. This keeps the spirit of not being a slave. Gene.

Well, I'm in for the night in Pomona Beach, Florida. Fred tells me that we have a $10 donation and a $100 donation. I'll get that updated in the church finances when I get the names.

For those who donate to the work of God, as these have above, I want to share a little Kingdom math with you. The Bible teaches that those who invest into God's work can expect some 40 fold, 60 fold or 100 fold return in their investment. A penny at 100 fold compounded for 5 years is $100,000,000.00. That's $0.01 x 10,000% interest compounded for 5 years is One hundred million dollars. If you're a mere billionaire in heaven, then you gave nothing at all to God's work, it appears. Interesting math. Gene.