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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Well I went downtown and saw Gene Chapman and Robert Ingle. Then we went to the Robert Clarkson meeting. I'm about tired of everything. I think from here on out I'm just going to work and blog and sleep and wait for them to come get my car and paycheck. Then they will have me on some sort of health and welfare allowance. I think they should let me keep enough to pay the rent and live on. Just barely probably. Like I say, health and welfare.

And then at least it will be over. They will have won and I will have to live as a pauper for the rest of my life. But I'm not going to sign any papers.

Meetings are all fine and dandy and these rally's and stuff are all real neato and keen. But it just seems hopeless sometimes. I think Dad is right. It's like Don Quixote fighting the windmills. So let 'em take what they want and live a life of protest. No big deal. What the IRS is doing to people is not right and I'm not going to sign any papers that I don't agree with at the point of a gun.

There can't be any law that says a man has to enter into any contract against his will.

Thing is they'd probably let me keep enough to pay my rent even if I was in a higher rent apartment. So I could break this contract here and move to a nicer apartment. And then when they garnish my paycheck at least I'd be in a nicer apartment. But then again this one should be good enough. I don't need anything fancy.

My goal will be to keep my job and pay my bills. Haven't got paycheck yet. Sometimes it comes in on Monday of the next week. I'll give it until Thursday and then call HR if I haven't seen it by then.

If they want to take it then let them come take it. In fact I feel real comfortable living right here. Just like this. I don't need anything more than this. Just give me some car to get back and forth to work in and enough money to eat enough food to keep my alive. That's all I need.

The trick will be to keep my job and I'll work hard every day to be the best employee that I can be. Hopefully I will be able to keep it forever. Hopefully Sprint will keep going and the economy will turn around and things will be ok with the war and everything and I'll be able to pay the rent here until I am an old man. Once I'm too old to work then I'll just have to go from there.

Have a great day everybody.

By Doug Kenline

We just got in from the day. Computer prob. Gene.

Friday, April 09, 2004

We started handing out business cards at the Federal Building in downtown Atlanta, Georgia today where the IRS heads are based. When you use the term Christian AntiCommunist Party, it's as if the Red Sea parts and you control the conversation and the mind of the people present for the next 15 minutes.

We are having the first Christian AntiCommunist Party party tomorrow at the Federal Building. See pictures on tomorrow night.

Gene Chapman, Co-Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON continues toward Atlanta. Gene.

I've been asked in past weeks to speak to Robert Clarkson's group in Atlanta on April 10th, but he is not responding at this time. Any help, Doug?


Thursday, April 08, 2004

Christian AntiCommunist Party:

Starting Balance: $0.00. Deposits: $25.00 less a $1.03 paypal fee is $23.97 (Mr. Ingersol annual membership fee). Balance: $23.97.

Our first paying member of the party. Gene.

Financial Report:

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: -($1728.74). Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: April 7: ($10.40) food, ($47.04) motel room for one night; April 8: ($44.70) motel, ($9.24) meal, ($21.00) food. Total Expenditures: ($132.38). Ending Balance: -($1861.12). Gene.

Kelly McGinley, the radio talk show host from Mobile, Alabama who often interviews me has been kicked out of the Republican Party in Alabama and is making national news today. She was the campaign manager of Jugde Roy Moore's successful Supreme Court run, I'm informed. Today, I made clear on the phone with her my intention to help her in her campaign to run for Alabama State School Board on the Independent ticket, now that she has been kicked out of the Republican Party.

I have also shared my interest in having her in top leadership of the Christian AntiCommunist Party over time. If you would like to help me get Kelly elected to the Alabama State School Board, please call her office at 1-866-273-8253.
Gene Chapman

American Rangers

We are in need of forming a Texas Ranger styled citizen's police force under the authority of the Christian AntiCommunist Party. This is to ensure that citizens are given due process in property in land rights issues with the IRS and local governments.

We are observing local police agencies being afraid to deal with the IRS, for example. An "American Ranger" will need to be dressed and carry himself or herself in a fashion that would be respected in the Texas Rangers organization of old.

This is a war of imagery, and we must not allow the government to paint us as fringe elements. We are not a fringe after all. To ensure this American Ranger detachment is respected, we need a uniform: white or tan cowboy hat. We need hair standards that will ensure respecability in any setting: trimmed beards and hair over the ears and collar. We need tan boots as footwear, nothing black. The side arm should be American made: maybe a .44 on the hip with a .30 cal. lever action long rifle as standard. The idea is to be more American than anybody else could be.

This will help us win any public issue before it gets out of hand. We will be presented as the best American citizenry has to offer. The result will be openess to our ideas when times get rough.


Gene Chapman, Co-Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Round Table Talk:

I've asked Doug Kenline to repost my counter and comments on, if he can. I reposted the template and lost those features.

An ad I am running on Google brought in 3 original hits for a total cost of $0.15. It has now been linked to three other blogs and generated in excess of 60 hits today. This was good advertising. The Christian AntiCommunist Party on a google search of 'communist' was the attraction, I'm positive.

I've noticed that the name, Christian AntiCommunist Party, gets people to sit up and take notice. The co-chair of the Progressive Caucus wrote me today to thank me for her coffee cup, along with the ministries of Dr. D James Kennedy and Dr. Charles Stanley. They all want a positive relationship with the Christian AntiCommunist Party. I've had several young people apologize for their off-the-cuff comments on their blogs about the party when I e-mailed them to ask what questions I could answer for them. We are a powerful organization in name today. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to be on our bad side. When I speak these days, I notice that I don't have to speak fast to get my point made. People always have time for the Christian AntiCommunist Party. I hope you all will work with us to form the Christian AntiCommunist Party in the coming days. I cannot imagine a judge or a pastor or and elected official who would pick a fight with the party.


Gene Chapman, Co-Founder

Google seems to have suspended our ad because it says we are "AntiCommunist." Gene.


I can see I have a big job ahead of me. You are making the assumption that the State has the same authority as God. I would encourage you to draw a line of seperation between the duties of State and Church.

You can link on to the texts in the planks to see the Biblical references we make. I would also encourage you to examine


Pastor Gene Chapman

You wrote:

... is not the physical manifestation of labor, but rather the use of the
Lord's land is a way of making food, and in this day and age, for better or
for worse... money.

So to speak or justify the ownership of it in Biblical terms is
self-righteousness at it's best, and using the Lord's name in vain. Hence
the seperation of Church and State and the rightousness of the State's
ability to righteously extract taxes from you. As it was the Great United
States Government that gave you the right to buy your land it is the Great
United States Government you owe your taxes to and should want to pay
earnestly and willingly. And once the Great United States Government says it
isn't right for you to own a gun then you shouldn't own one. The founding
fathers would have wanted it that way, believe me.

Ask yourself if Jesus ever owned property and why it was that he didn't...
he probably also didn't give you the right to use the Gospel as away of
justifying your own selfish greed. Think about it.


Gene here. Looks like the Google ad is working.

My reply:

Said like a true Communist; no logic, just insults.

Gene Chapman, Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

From: slaytanic1984@yahoo.

Ever heard of separation of church and state?
Does it make you feel better to put your faith in a
fictional character to make up for your lack of inner
strength? Don't ever call yourself an American while
wiping your ass with The Constitution.

You are the brainwashed disease of scoiety. See you in
hell m***erf***er.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I've just set up an ad on Google world wide to link search engines to Cost is $10.00 per day tops. Gene. We'll see.

Financial Report:

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: -($1737.62). Deposits: $200.00 (Thanks Mr. Smart). Expenditures: April 4: ($17.00) food, ($32.00) motel room for one night; April 5: ($59.00) motel, ($21.00) food; April 6: ($47.04) motel, ($7.54) meal, ($7.54) meal. Total Expenditures: ($191.12). Ending Balance: -($1728.74). Gene.

"Tribute/ Custom"

In Romans 13:7, we read, "Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute [is due]; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor."

First, a "tribute" is the Greek word, "phoros" meaning: "an annual tax levied upon houses, lands, and persons."

Second, a "custom" is the Greek word, "telos" meaning: "a toll, custom (i.e. indirect tax on goods)."

Third, the word "dues" is the Greek word, "opheile" {of-i-lay'}, meaning, 1) that which is owed or, 2) a debt.

So, if we find a liability in the law for houses (property), lands, person or an indirect tax on goods, we Christians are absolutely to pay the tax. Assuming labor is property, we would be instructed to pay the tax on labor, if such were found in the law. I'm still waiting to see the Statute that makes me liable for an income tax/ labor tax in now year five of asking the question.

Gene Chapman

As I listen to Al Thompson's interview on Doug's show, I muse that the best course of action may well be to move Al to New Hampshire (The Free State) and give him a 24 hour armed guard, given his high profile. Gene Chapman.

The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON 2004 is in La Grange, Ga. Gene.

If a man sticks a gun to the head of another man and takes part of his paycheck, it's called "armed robbery." If a million men get together and agree to do the same thing to the same man, it's called "Socialism." What is the moral distinction for the Christian? Are we to participate is armed robbery, as long as a large number of people call it law?

The tax policy in Scripture is a tax on increase on assets (business profits), not on assets.

Gene Chapman

Monday, April 05, 2004

Without a driver, I find myself in the situation I was in there in Louisiana last year. The rv is pulling me down in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON 2004 from progress on the ground.

We hit news on the radio in Mobile, Alabama, but no other news services have picked the TAX MARCH up to my knowledge. We will plan to focus on the Atlanta arrival and fast on April 15th.

Gene Chapman, Founder

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Computer troub e. Gene. 60 mi. fin. Gene.

Financial Report:

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: -($1491.71). Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: April 1: ($23.50) food, ($9.70) mail, ($11.21) food, ($32.00) motel room for one night, ($9.70) food; April 2: ($52.00) motel, ($11.30) food, ($3.60) snack, ($40.00) phone card; April 3: ($32.00) motel, ($9.74) meal, ($7.16) meal. Total Expenditures: ($245.91). Ending Balance: -($1737.62). Gene.

The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON 2004 is now in day 3. I shall be in Atlanta by April 15th for a fast at 401 Peachtree St.

See the tremendous Socialism of America's Republican Party below from the Liberty Caucus:

We are abandoned by our governmnt,

Gene Chapman,

Subject: Republicans praise New Deal socialism

March 22, 2004

Most liberty-loving Americans consider Franklin D. Roosevelt
the single worst president of the 20th century, even with
stiff competition from the likes of Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon
Johnson. FDR was perhaps the most openly socialist leader
ever to occupy the White House, and his policies reflected a
firm belief that government should control business and
redistribute wealth. His New Deal programs dramatically
increased both the size and scope of the federal government,
fundamentally changing (for the worse) the nation's perception
of the proper role for government in our society. Contrary
to popular myth, Roosevelt helped cause the Great Depression
through his monetary policies and public works boondoggles.
All Americans are less free and less prosperous today as the
result of Roosevelt's presidency.

So why were congressional Republicans busy praising the man
last week?

A resolution honoring Roosevelt and his "legacy" passed
overwhelmingly in the US House of Representatives Wednesday.
The resolution expressly praised his New Deal programs,
applauded his administration's "productive partnership with
private appointing top businessmen to run the
production agencies" and repeated the lie that somehow he led
America out of the Depression. The resolution ends with the
preposterous assertion that "a grateful Nation and world are
better off because of President Roosevelt's inimitable

The resolution was introduced by a Democrat, but Republican
leaders of the House tightly control procedural rules that
determine what legislation reaches the floor. The bill could
not have seen the light of day without their approval. To
read the resolution, go to .

Only five House Republicans had the integrity to vote against
the resolution, while six others voted "present." Nearly 200
Republicans joined the unanimous and enthusiastic Democrats
in voting to honor FDR's terrible legacy.

This vote provides yet another example that the mainstream
Republican party has abandoned any last vestiges of principle
and ideology. The big-government neocon faction of the GOP
finds much to admire in FDR, but rank-and-file Republicans
still believe in lower taxes, less regulation, and more
personal liberty -- not socialism. Voters who rejoiced when
the GOP took control of both Congress and the White House
could not have imagined their heroes would proceed to spend,
borrow, expand, and regulate even more than Clinton did! The
national GOP has lost all credibility as the party of
limited government, and Americans who love liberty should not
be fooled by big-government socialists simply because they
have an "R" next to their name.

You can see how your representative voted, as well as express
your opinion about his or her vote by going to .

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee