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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Fundamental to American culture and Christian teaching is the view that one has the right to the 'fruit of their own labor' (Eccl. 3:13; Prov. 31:31) -- property. The Socialist view is that all property is the possession of the State, violating this sacred principle that has made America the great economic power of the world in past generations. Gene Chapman, Founder -- Christian AntiCommuinst Party.

The TAX MARCH Begins

The TAX MARCH begins.

We have another new blog to explore armed robbery.

If a man sticks a gun to the head of another man and takes part of his paycheck, it's called "armed robbery." If a million people get together and agree to do the same thing to the same man, it's called "Socialism" or "Slavery." Both are grossly immoral acts and indefensible in Christian Scripture. Gene Chapman, Founder -- Christian AntiCommunist Party.

What do you think? Is armed robbery a bad thing or a good thing? Gene.

A picture of the TAX MARCH start is off to Doug for posting. I'm in Tuskeege (sp?), Alabama. is up and read for pictures, Doug.

Friday, April 02, 2004

The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON resumes the 2004 part from the State Capitol steps here in Montgomery, Alabama in 35 minutes at the march's 700 +/- mile marker from last year. It started in Austin, Texas last summer. Gene.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Tax March on Washington

The Starting place for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON 2004 in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Destination in Atlanta for the Fast.

I left a coffee cup at the reception for Gov. Riley's office and said to tell him, "No hard feelings on defeating his tax plan last year." The cup contains Biblical material on the nature of taxation and slavery.

I then walked down to the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and left a card. Outside, I met a man who said he was involved in tax planning. I laughed and told him who I was and role I played in fasting against Gov. Riley's tax plan last fall. I jokingly said, "What are we gonna do about all this Socialism?" I knew his position was probably Socialist, but I was surprised when he said, "I'm a Socialist." We laughed but saw the serious undercurrent, and he parted without further comment, while I begged him to check out with a smile.

Pictures are off to Doug for posting. Gene.

Round Table Talk:

I just arrived in my motel room down the street from the Alabama State Capitol building. I think I'm in the same room I was in last year here in Montgomery, Alabama.

The weather is very nice today. I see the blooming trees and wonder of this is really gonna be "work" or play to TAX MARCH to Atlanta this year.

I called the Associated Press, the local newspapers and two tv stations about the resuming of the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. I related the story of the TAX MARCH ending here at the Capitol last September 9th for the winter, where I fasted 30 days against Gov. Riley's tax plan until it was defeated, after the 700 +/- miles from Austin, Texas last summer.

I also related that I am the cofounder of the Christian AntiCommunist Party with Rick Stanley, the famed 2nd Amendment proponent in Colorado.

It appears all is well on expected news coverage all the way around. I have the tv station that covered us last year so well coming, they say. Gene Chapman.

Well, I'm off to Montgomery, Alabama to resume the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON 2004 to Atlanta (160 miles). Yall come out. Gene.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Round Table Talk:

1) I just got off the phone with Charlie Beall. He says he intends to come see me in downtown Atlanta during the fast. We spoke about WTP Foundation, WTPC and Bob Schultz and agree that Bob is a man of impeccable character. Bob has not taken a dime from WTP in the past 3 years, Charlie told me; down to his last few dimes after selling off his retirement to fund the building of the organization. (I'm reporting this to support the character of Bob Schultz, no other reason.) I told Charlie that I, along with many others, feel that WTP is not structured in a way friendly to growth of the organization. He said I should join to help give it structure. I think it needs an elected president by its current membership, like a Fred Smart, for example. This gives WTPC a face of the people, in my humble opinion. I'm fine with Bob being the founder/ chairman or even president, but it needs a "people's face."

Charlie tells me that WTP is structured now so that those who give and are shown to be committed members get access to the financial records to assure accountability. This keeps IRS agents and others from gaining access to information that doesn't need to just be thrown around to anyone with an evil agenda.

2) I'll be on Kelly McGinley's radio show in Mobile, Alabama tomorrow at 12:05 pm CT. We will be discussing the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON 2004, from the steps of the Alabama State Capitol Building to Atlanta, where I'll do a fast outside the main IRS building on Peachtree St. I'll go to Ft. Worth to be at Dick Simkanin's sentencing on April 30th, where I'll end the fast after his 129 year sentence is imposed.

3) I also spoke to Sheela Jackson, the former IRS agent. She will be getting together with me in Altanta, she said.

Gene Chapman, Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

Financial Report:

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: -($1224.43). Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: ($130.00) 2000 undated business cards, ($75.00) alternator, ($21.53) gasoline, ($32.00) motel room for one night, ($8.75) food. Total Expenditures: ($267.28). Ending Balance: -($1491.71). Gene.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Pictures From Atlanta

Me at a Battle Ground near Atlanta resting before the TAX MARCH resumes Friday.

The rv starter goes out, so I spend part of the day with a pastor and church family that are close to my heart, since I was 20 years old, in Resaca, Ga

The 2000 updated business cards are being printed now. The Greek Scholars are coming on board with the very technical material on these. Like pouring concrete, we're just tamping out all the air now, so nobody can argue with us on side issues.

Doug Kenline Studios.

Robert Ingle and Doug Kenline live at Doug Kenline Studios.

Robert Ingle and Doug Kenline by the Freedom Van.

Federal judge tosses out civil case against Vegas tax protester


LAS VEGAS (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a $7 million civil lawsuit against Irwin Schiff, an income tax protester indicted by the IRS for failing to pay taxes.

U.S. District Judge James C. Mahan ruled Monday that Steven Swan, a tax preparer who promoted Schiff's theories, had no claim against Schiff for fraud and misrepresentation.

Swan, of Manchester, N.H., sued Schiff in 2002, and wrote letters to President Bush and the IRS saying he believed the government let Schiff stay in business so tax authorities could go after more average Americans.

Swan was convicted in February in New Hampshire of 18 tax law violations, and faces up to 54 years and a $4.5 million fine when he is sentenced May 19.

Schiff, who owns Freedom Books in Las Vegas, said Swan was responsible for his own problems.

"He claimed he got into trouble because of following my procedures," Schiff said. "But he owed the government money before he read my books."

Schiff contends the payment of federal income taxes is voluntary and the collection of taxes is illegal.

Federal prosecutors argue Schiff is advising people how to break laws and exposing them to prosecution if they follow his advise.

Last week Schiff and two associates, Cynthia Neun and Lawrence Cohen, were charged with aiding and assisting in the preparation and filing of thousands of fraudulent tax returns. Schiff will be arraigned April 14 in federal court in Las Vegas.

He said Tuesday he plans to file four motions in federal court to prevent the government from prosecuting people for not paying income tax.

Round Table Talk:

The rv broke down in Resaca, Georgia yesterday, so I had to spend the night for a new $75 starter this morning. I called Fred to let Robert know where I was.

The Methodist pastor next to the main IRS building in Atlanta seems too frightened to get involved with our work, so we will have to plan on paying for parking, I guess.

Pictures are off to Doug for posting here.

I leave for Montgomery Thursday at 12 noon to resume the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON at the front step of the Alabama State Capitol at 7 am this Friday morning.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

I found a young man in college who says that Jesus was a commie and that he will be setting me straight on his blog soon. Interesting.

I had a conversation with a pastor who likes his coffee cup I gave him, but he says, "If I told half of what I know about the IRS in the pulpit, I'd have 15 people here next week." Sounds like a "spirit of fear" to me. We'll keep him in our prayers. He's a good man with new information in his hand.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tn. to track down my old board member from the billboard ministry days, Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor of the university. He should be about 94?, if he's still around. I've not heard from him lately. Gene.