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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Robert and I went to a church Easter dinner/ play tonight at his church and had the privilege of meeting and giving one of the coffee cups to a state legislator for Georgia. I told him we were looking for good people to help stay in office and gain ground for our views. We'll see where it leads. Gene.

The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON resumes from the 700 mile marker at Montgomery, Alabama's state capitol building on April 2, 2004 at 7 am. The march will go from Montgomery to Atlanta's downtown IRS office building (about 160 miles), where I shall fast against the IRS for 21 days, starting at 7 am on April 15th. Gene Chapman.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Under the Law of Moses, these people are to be put to death.

Under the Law of Grace, these people are to be prayed for and fasted for and loved while in their sin of working for the IRS on into God's family of forgiveness. Gene.

Tonight, I purchased a copy of the Wycliff Bible Dictionary to add to my collection of Greek and Hebrew works. Obviously, I looked up our slave related term in I Timothy 1:10 -- "enslaver." Enslaver is most accurately presented as "one who unjustly reduces free men to slavery," in the Greek word, "andrapodistes." This person us under the judgement of the Moral Law of God in verse 9.

This may also be represented accurately as, "one who imposes a labor tax / burden (ie. income tax) upon an uncondemned free person; thus, under the judgement of the Moral law of God."

The Old Testament discussion of this type of person in the Law of Moses is found in two places: Exodus 21:16 and Deuteronomy 24:7.

Exodus 21:16 reads, "And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, shall surely be put to death" (KJV).

Deuteronomy 24:7 reads, "If a man be found stealing any of his brethren of the children of Israel, and maketh merchandise of him, or selleth him; then that thief shall die; and thou shalt put evil away from among you."

Interesting where our study is leading. It doesn't look good for IRS employees in the Old Testament.

Gene Chapman,
Minister of Christ

I'm verifying, but I believe we have 4 out of 4 ordained ministers on our side of the tax theological discussions now carried on the coffee cups. We have a 5th ordained minister who spoke with me on the phone yesterday who said he planned to examine the Greek today. It's been a spirited and pointed examination and discussion, but I believe we hit the nail on the head with the coffee cups. I'm very happy to be batting 1000 on the issue of the income tax in Holy Scripture. Gene.

Doug tells me this is the master of all bloggers: (70 k hits a day). Gene.


I was 7 years old attending Sunday School at the First Baptist Church of Denton, Texas when I first found something wrong with the tax system. As a young boy, I grew up in a neighborhood where Superman, apple pie, hot dogs and Jesus Christ were the norm. It was as American as it gets.

I thought Jesus Christ and Uncle Sam were buddies. My eyes had been shielded from pictures of Vietnam on tv. If there ever was Vietnam on tv, I never saw it.

Anyway, I'm walking into Sunday School class oneday, and I overhear two Sunday School teachers talking in the hallway outside their class room doors. One says to the other that the tax laws are "inequitable" and "unjust" and some other stuff my mind has forgotten over the years. I knew what "unjust" meant because we had studied it in Sunday School about being "justified by grace."

I also knew that my teachers didn't lie.

I packed this moment into the back of my mind through Bible college, through pre-med studies at DBU, through undergraduate law studies at Baylor, etc.

After my wife left me for another man in 1994, I quit the education focus and went to make some money in trucking over the road.

Studying Warren Buffett like a Greek class, I learned his mind. Soon, I could buy stocks the day before he bought his stock in the same company. I was beating Buffett in his own theories. He even wrote me twice to slap me on the back. I found myself with $16k turned into $36k within a few months. This meant taxes to pay.

I started studying the tax problem and found a graduated income tax as the US system. As a Christian, I'd learned that the tithe is a flat tax concept and wondered how America could justify a graduated system.

I was introduced to the teachings of Irwin Schiff in 1999 and by march of 2000, I filed my first zero income tax return.

After years of zero answers from the IRS about my tax liability in the law, I realized that Schiff was telling me truthful things that would happen in the process right down the line.

When the IRS suddenly shot my penalty from $500 to $20K in December, 2002, I set a course to do a death fast in Austin, Texas at the IRS building. As we all know, that fast took place with the blessing of Pat Robertson and Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson.

The fast ended 40 days later as recorded on

The treasury agents apologized for not being able to show me my tax liability in the law. They would have let me die, I'm convinced.

Gene Chapman

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Doug, check this guy out and see if we want to link his blog. Gene.

Side view of Freedom Van.

Rear view of Freedom Van.

The first 24 hours with the Christian AntiCommunist Party logos on the rv here in Atlanta have turned out very nice. While people have been muted on the tax honesty message in the past, people are very receptive to the "Christian AntiCommunist" message across the board. We are on message!

I had an 85 year old veteran of the Cold War almost come over and hug me when he read the rv message. Another man honked and gave me the 'thumbs up' on the way home. It's working.

Gene Chapman, Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

Financial Report:

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: -($1087.38). Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: ($30.45) sign work, ($18.08) postage, ($4.18) paint, ($15.00) 10 big envelopes for cup mailing, ($16.00) gasoline, ($32.00) postage, ($2.59) 1 can of oil, ($18.75) gasoline. Total Expenditures: ($137.05). Ending Balance: -($1224.43).

Gene thinks that if he pays even a 1% income tax that he is a "slave"

And your point is?

If a 100% tax on labor is absolute slavery (cut and dried), then wouldn't it stand that a 1% tax on labor is a degree of slavery?

And if property is the physical manifestation of labor, then isn't a tax on property "slavery" in it's end?

And for one to impose slavery to any degree upon a free person is "andrapodistes" (I Timothy 1:10): "one who unjustly reduces free men to slavery." Right out of the book.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Somebody get me this IRS woman's address. I think she needs a coffee cup. Gene.

LAS VEGAS – A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted anti-tax author Irwin Schiff and two of his associates, charging them with conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Schiff, along with Cynthia Neun and Lawrence Cohen, have also been charged with aiding in the preparation and filing of fraudulent tax returns. Schiff and Cohen also face additional tax evasion charges, while Neun faces charges of willfully failing to file federal income tax returns, social security disability fraud and theft of government property.

"The indictment today reminds us that fulfilling individual tax obligations is a legal requirement and those who willfully evade that responsibility will be prosecuted," said Nancy Jardini, who oversees criminal investigations for the Internal Revenue Service.

Schiff, the author of "The Federal Mafia: How It Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes," believes there is no requirement in the law that income taxes must be paid.

"At my arraignment, I will plead guilty to all the charges if they can show me a law in the code that say persons earning income are liable for income taxes," Schiff told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday.

The Internal Revenue Service raided Schiff's Las Vegas office, Freedom Books, in February 2003.

STANLEY NOTE: I will pass on this information Gene. By the way, you have been
invited a s a speaker for the opening dinner of the Empty Holster Gathering on
Sunday June 20, 2004 and I am awaiting your response. I wanted to ask you if
you would do the opening and closing prayer. I have invited another "preacher"
to speak, but neither of you have committed as of yet. If he commits as well, I
would like you two to split the honor, if possible.
No pressure, just adding to the invitation. Thanks Gene.

Rick Stanley

Hi Rick,

Put me down to attend on June 20th all day, even if I have to fly in, leaving my truck somewhere.


Hi Rick,

The Christian AntiCommunist Party planks to the platform are now at for examination and discussion.

We are seeing interest by the collegiate community in supporting the party, as you read last night in my e-mail.

I am of the opinion that while many Americans may not know what a Libertarian or a member of the John Birch Society represents, they do know what a Christian AntiCommunist is and are happy to see us coming. Grandfathers across America fought for freedom in Korea and Vietnam against Communism, but the children don't know how to spot one. With our pointed name, we provide the ability to direct the light of day by public protests on the actions of the Al Sharptons, judges and others of our day, who represent a great threat to Constitutional government.

In my view, you would be greatly served in your coming court case by the liberal use of the Christian AntiCommunist Party name on banners, bumper stickers, etc., etc. The people come to this name like nothing I've seen before.

Gene Chapman, Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

Doug, I'm trying to figure our how to enable comments on

Any help, Doug?


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Gene here. This is the second lawyer I've come in contact with this week who says they have been bisbarred over moral issues against the corruption in the courts:

Dear Mr. Smart:

My name is Elsebeth Baumgartner. I am a recent refugee from Ohio judicial corruption here in the state of Florida. I advanced the Dean story to Mr. Farley, a friend who wisely told me to get out of Dodge and come to Florida.

I was disbarred in Ohio without a trial because I discovered along with a lot of other people that cases are routinely fixed via sham special prosecutor and visiting judge appointments. When I started representing victims of the system pro bono as part of my Christian testimony, I found myself abruptly suspended without hearing and later permanently disbarred without meaningful hearings. I was incarcerated for 231 days during this process without hearings in order to prevent fair adjudication.

My credentials are very good. I graduated at the top of my law school class in 1994 after practicing pharmacy for 14 years at that time. I went on to obtain a doctorate in Pharmacy and become a leading biotechnology attorney in the Midwest representing major institutions such as U of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University. That work made me somewhat of an expert in public finance, public law, contracts, academic law, intellectual property law and ethics.

My problems began when I discovered corruption in our local schools where my husband sat on the Board of Ed. (Sham contracts) One thing led to another and lo and behold a massive billion dollar a year fraudulent public contract scheme in Ohio aided by Prosecutors, major law firms and judges was discovered. (See for Mr. Palmer's work on sham contracts and income tax evasion in Ohio's Supreme Court)

Needless to say they shut me up fast. Out of necessity I've become knowledgeable about criminal defense and civil rights. I will be happy to assist Mr. Dean with drafting a federal lawsuit against Judge Haralson and his county for false imprisonment, violations of the First Amendment and 5th Amendment. I'm also curious what sort of morass of legal papers Mr. Dean has that drove him to post his sign in the first place. Sounds like an Abuse of Process claim, may also be in order against some local attorneys.

Regards and God Bless

Elsebeth Baumgartner
The OutLawyer

Hi Amanda,

Publicity is always in order. Your mind would be greatly appreciated in the work to form the party platform, as well. Please feel free to e-mail and dialogue with me at will. I'll put you on Rick Stanley's radar screen tonight. He is the cofounder of the party.

The platform is being examined at at this time.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman, Founder
Christian AntiCommuinst Party
Galatians 6:9


Dear Pastor Chapman,

Though I am honored that you would consider me for a party nomination, I
had thought it to be a symbolic gesture rather than an actual one. Since
most all of my time is dedicated to my studies in philosophy right now, I
wouldn't have the time to consider actually running for any offices, even
for positions at my school. The student body is extremely liberal anyway,
so I very much doubt that it would be worth the time to try. Do let me know
if there is any way in which I might assist you--perhaps through some
publicity on my Blog? Just let me know.


The Stanley Scoop covered the Christian AntiCommunist Party today.

Christian AntiCommunist Party:

Today, I had the first materials made for public display of the party.

The party platform is currently being formed and presented for examination and discussion at for now.

The name is being met each day with enthusiasm by the people on the street here in Atlanta with whom I meet.

Gene Chapman, Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

I'm praying about the TAX MARCH continuation on April 2nd in Montgomery, Alabama. Robert Clarkson wants me to update him with fliers to get people to the march. Gene.

It's been almost 24 hours, and I've not heard from any of the pastors I spoke with yesterday. I need atleast one positive voice on the cups before I continue forward in the TAX MARCH. Gene.

I'm thinking that membership in the Christian AntiCommunist Party should be something like 16 oz. of silver per year or 16 oz. of $1 US notes per year. Any thoughts?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Three Christian AntiCommunist Party leaders. ( Robert Ingle's children with me in their front yard. We have the coffee cups in hand.)

Rick Stanley, Fred Smart and I just got off the phone. Rick and I are on the same page. Rick is to be kown as the "Cofounder" of the Christian AntiCommunist Party. Gene.

As witness to the treatment David Goodyear received at Wal-mart in Florida a few weeks ago, I am officially joining the Goodyear Boycott of Wal-mart. I believe that it is imperative that the 2nd Amendment be honored and that citizens must have no restraint, ultimately, in the possession of transport of guns for a free and polite society to exist.

What I saw was an antigun owner mentality that restrained David Goodyear from even the current unconstitutional law of gaining access to a single shot .50 cal. hunting weapon with a background check for 10 days.

Gene Chapman
Christian AntiCommunist Party

I have a picture off to Doug for posting. Gene.

The pastor of the big Methodist church in Atlanta, across from the main IRS building downtown, was a former banker. We are trying to set up a meeting with him to see what he thinks about the cups first. And if the cup message goes over well, we'll ask to park in their parking lot during the 21 day fast in the Atlanta Project. Gene.

I just got in from visiting with pastors around Atlanta today. About 8 or 9 cups were given out, and I have invitations to the various pastors to e-mail me with their conclusions about the message on the cups over the next few days. They have some massive churches in Atlanta, WOW!

The Christian AntiCommunist Party name is being met with open arms. Gene.

Dear Pastor Chapman,

I'm not familiar with the Chriatian AntiCommunist party, but from the name
of it, I imagine there is much we would agree on. Let me know more about


Hi Amanda,

I am very appreciative of your response. The party is a Libertarian/ Constitution Party type setup. Rick Stanley, a 2nd Amendment proponent in Colorado, and I joined forces last week to form this party in order to have some fun with influencing political matters in America where it matters most to the politicians -- the ballot box.

We are looking for people like yourself to get behind and push as credible candidates at local levels now. Later, you understand with growth, anything is possible.

You are attractive and well reasoned. I feel this makes you a credible person for elected office.

Our group is for the abolition of the income tax (labor tax) at every level of government on earth (ie. 2nd Plank of "The Communist Manifeso").

We are for the right to keep and carry arms without registration, as this is the surest defense of a free people.

We are for the abolition of a centralized banking system and paper money that is not back with something tangible (ie. 5th Plank of "The Commuist Manifesto).

We are for the abolition of a K-12 public school system (ie. 10nd Plank of "The Communist Manifesto") in favor of a private school system.

This should get our conversation started. My theology is available on the left side of most any page I operate in "Gene's Short Sermons."

Be good,

Gene Chapman, Founder
Chriatian AntiCommunist Party

Sunday, March 21, 2004

We didn't get a start early enough to make it to Dr. Stanley's church, but we'll make it over asap. I'll be out tomorrow in the rv passing out cups to pastors around Atlanta.

We had the second batch of cups come in Friday here in Atlanta.

Daily Financial Report:

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: ($881.38). Deposits: $0.00. Expenditures: ($126.00) printing, ($80.00) groceries. Total Expenditures: ($206.00). Ending Balance: -($1087.38).

I want to thank my very kind hosts, Mr. and Mrs. David Goodyear for a very enjoyable stay. We hit news in Havana, Cuba, the French Press and The Miami Herald, Spanish Edition over the 7 1/2 days of the fast there in Little Havana. I do hope to return for another project in the coming years. Fighting communism is my calling in Christ, as it is the most direct threat to the Church on earth today.

I'm praying about what to do here in Atlanta, Georgia. Robert Clarkson, I hear from Doug, wants me to speak at his event on April 10th in Atlanta. I'm also welcomed to come hear Congressman Ron Paul in South Carolina on April 2nd. I'm also to start the TAX MARCH back up in Montgomery, Alabama at 7 am CT on April 2nd, as we are perhaps scheduled. I have an invitation to speak in South Dakota when that pig roast gets set up. I'm needed in Colorado in June to be with Rick Stanley to promote the Christian AntiCommunsit Party. I've got a full plate and an empty wallet.

We'll see.

Today, I heard a well educated pastor preach to Robert Ingle's family and myself. He will examine the Greek on the coffee cup and tell me impressions of the material.

Tonight, Robert and I are to go see Dr. Charles Stanley of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia and give him a coffee cup. The coffee cups will quickly make or break my work in America. If I get positive responses from pastors on the coffee cup message, it's all over; we win. If I don't, America is a lost cause from a Christian perspective, and I'll be looking for an EXODUS from Amerika. That's about the size of it. Gene.

Well, we got settled in at the Robert Ingle home for the Atlanta Project last night, after a very nice ride to Valdosta, Ga. where I traded from David Goodyear's truck to the rv, driven by Robert and Doug Kenline.

We went to check out the two IRS bulidings in town, and then dropped Doug off at his apartment. Doug was in the process of being robber, we found. It was a communist, if you ask me.

No blood, no foul, I guess. Doug seemed to take it in stride.