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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Gene here: Further examination of the Greek word, "andrapodistes" in I Timothy 1:10:

"a slave dealer, kidnapper," from andrapodon, "a slave captured in war," a word found in the plural in the papyri, e.g., in a catalogue of property and in combination with tetrapoda, "four-footed things" (andrapodon, aner, "a man," pous, "a foot"); andrapodon "was never an ordinary word for slave; it was too brutally obvious a reminder of the principle which made quadruped and human chattels differ only in the number of their legs" (Moulton and Milligan, Vocab.). The verb andrapodizo supplied the noun "with the like odious meaning," which appears in 1Ti 1:10.

We just got back from the golf game where I found that my handicap must be somewhere around 98. We had fun. Gene.

Good show today, Doug.

We are off to play golf here in Florida. Gene.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Mrs. Goodyear and I just finished our afternoon of mailing 25 of the coffee cups in the Silver Bullet Project to American leaders in Congress and the pulpit. The cost was $126.00.

We also picked up the last 3 boxes of cups from the printer and dropped 4 cups off to the very nice people in Congressman Goss's office. The lady who greeted us said, "Thank you, but we are not really supposed to take gifts." I replied, "Well, you're welcome to throw them away, if you need; and just think of them as little billboards from the Tax Honesty movement. " She said, "Ok." They may get trashed, but I'm sure they will get read before. Pastor Gene Chapman.

I've gotten a ton of hits from Bill Stegmeier's blog from IRS people after he put up the Quatloos mug on his site. Interesting. Gene.

Hellow Mr. Congressman:

4:06 pm yesterday

Dear Sirs:

It comes to my attention that Bob Schultz is on some kind of warning from your AntiDefamation League site. I know Bob, and I can assure you that I've seen nothing other than a very honest man asking very pointed and serious questions to the United States Government. Please remove Bob from your list, or put me on the list with him.

Pastor Gene Chapman
(Supporter of the Jewish People)

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Good job, Fred:


72 cups are on the way!!


I'll report back on the progress, reception, feedback, etc.


Doug is having trouble posting the cup picture. We'll keep trying.

Fred Smart tells me he wants to order 50 to 100 of the cups direct from the maker to save us on shipping. You may wish to do the same: ph. 239-573-2679. Pioneer Printing will have them mailed to your home in boxes in about 10-11 days. I suggest for best pricing for the relative number, you should look at buying 288 of them at a time for $747.49. They do sell smaller numbers, however.

This is the Silver Bullet Project's most powerful weapon against the income tax. The cups sit on counters and tables and desks of world leaders talking to them day after day. Get them for your congressman and senator, the president, your pastor, your whole church. Let's change the moral discussion on the income tax in churches and all over America in one move. Gene.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Gene here. Thanks to Fred for the kind words:


From fasting to blogging to marching to trucking to billboards to fasting....Gene Chapman is now making and sending coffee cups with powerful scriptural messages that correspond to the sin of slavery as it is manifested in the personal income tax. Even while wearing his sandals, Gene Chapman doesn't let too much dust gather between his toes.

Below is a picture of two deep blue coffee cups which have scriptural messages which, on a letter for letter and word for word basis, hit closer to the heart of the moral argument against the slavery of the personal income tax than any approach I have ever seen.

Since he announced his fast in April of 2003, Gene Chapman has been on a quest in which he seems to be compelled by the Lord God to somehow boil the message for freedom and against slavery down to a few simple words. This has been a process which has involved many individuals in this movement. If we are all open and honest with ourselves and each other, the thoughts we receive, share and celebrate do end up being distilled messages that can powerfully reveal and expose Divine Truth. I believe the messages on these two coffee cups - see the images below - gets about as close as one can get to accomplishing this end.

I'm not sure about the mechanics behind receiving these coffee cups, but I'm going to be contacting Gene to get a shipment sent to Chicago. From pamphlets, DVDs, videos, WTP stickers, Larken Rose's mini CD and now antislavery coffee cups. I'd say the market for FREEDOM in our great country is indeed looking brighter and brighter with each passing day. We have many volunteers here in the greater Chicagoland area who are ready, willing and eager to come together to get these materials out to We The People in our great area of the country. This is really a time to celebrate for a great awakening is happening and we are ALL called to take part in this process.

Thanks Gene for keeping the flame of freedom and liberty alive!!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

Don't ever underestimate the power of the Word.

T. Coleman Andrews. Mr. Andrews (a Democrat) was Commissioner for the first 33 months of the Eisenhower Administration, stated the following in an article for U.S. News & Report, May 25, 1956:

"....We're confiscating property now....That's socialism. It's written into the Communist Manifesto. Maybe we ought to see that every person who gets a tax return receives a copy of the Communist Manifesto with it so he can see what's happening to him." Thanks to the good work of Devvy Kidd in her article of 2001.


The first official cup went out to the pastor of one of the largest churches in Ft. Myers. Gene.

We just picked up the first wave of cups for the Silver Bullet Project. They look sharp, I tell you! I have pictures off to Doug Kenline for posting. They are very dark blue with white letters. I know you all will want to get these out asap. Reproduce anything you want from my materials. Get IT OUT, so we can stop the income tax!


We now have about 80 letters mailed out in the Silver Bullet Project, including all of the Ron Paul Congressional Liberty Causus and about half of the Congressional Communist Caucus. We have about 5 major ministerial figures too. Gene.

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: ($1,681.38). Deposits: $800.00 (Thanks to Mr. Steigmeir). Expenditures: ($74.00) Stamps, ($4.00) envelopes. Total Expenditures: ($78.00). Ending Balance: -($881.38).

I've got $150 off to Bill Lear on behalf of the church account. Congratulations on your freedom, Bill. Gene.

I just mailed Congressman Johnny Isakson his group of business cards, Doug. The cup will come in about 2 weeks. Gene.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I just sent out some mail and bought 200 more stamps for mailing tomorrow. I mailed out today cards to: Minister Al Sharpton, 1001 6th Ave., Ste. 1211, New York, New York 10018. You may want to give his staff a heads up on the business cards coming: ph# 888-303-4903.

I also sent some cards to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, 14400 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107. You can call his staff at 216-228-8850 and let them know we are sending them important moral material on the income tax. Gene.

The cups will be in by maybe Friday, so we may then start sending those out as well.

The Silver Bullet Project

5,000 Cards. The Silver Bullet Project Begins.

One Side.

The Other Side.

My host, David Goodyear with his new grandson of seven weeks, "Hunter," as David calls him for short.

A Letter From Dick Simkanin

4MAR04 A.D.

My Dearest Friend Gene:

Greetings with love and steadfastness in our Lord and Savior the Christ, Jesus. I am so appreciative of your never ending work to achieve glory for our Lord. Billboards, Camper Trailers, Banners, now coffee cups, fasting, walking, etc. etc. I pray that more people will be convicted to enter the righteous and good fight for Truth, Justice, and Freedom. I also like your card you enclosed with your letter.

For the CUP, here's the address:

John Henry McBryde, Judge
United States District Court
Northern District of Texas
Forth Worth Division


Charles R. Fulbruge, III, Clerk
United States Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit
New Orleans, LA 70130

I most assuredly think you are on the right track to calling attention to the real fix. IICHR 7:14. If the people in the US. would study the Scripture as hard as they study the federal Statutes our land would be healed overnight by our most merciful Lord.

Thank yolu for being who you are, and do not stop ijn your quest for righteousness.

God bless you and yours!!

Richard Simkanin
Political Prisoner
Christian Soldier

[cartoon drawing of two arms and hands within and without which he wrote "Big Hug of Love"]



Pictures are off to Doug Kenline for posting. Gene.

Round Table Talk: Well, we just picked up the 5,000 business cards at the printer and passed out about 150 to local businesses. I gave about 30 of them to the office of Congressman Porter Goss, 2000 Main Street, Suite 303, Ft. Myers, Florida 33901, (Ph# 239-332-4677). You all may wish to notify the congressman's office and tell them how important you think my visit was to you.

I gave a few cards to the local newspaper, and we came on home. I'm very impressed with the cards at this point. They contain the message that will stop the Federal Income Tax on moral grounds. If we can just hammer the message now, we'll be fine. Gene.

I can send you all cards to pass out in your area, and feel free to copy them. Gene.

The material below came from a conversation on


Two reasons:
1) I get a laugh from misguided people like Alan and Gene;
2) I'd hate to see Doug go to prison on these debunked, silly theories - NONE of which have protected anyone from paying taxes.
Kathy | Email | 03.08.04 - 9:49 pm | #


Kathy, I guess I must be the exception to the rule.
John Vories | Email # | 03.08.04 - 10:21 pm | #


Here it is, Kathy:

"enslaver" (I Timothy 1:10): (Greek word: andrapodistes) One who imposes a labor tax (income tax) upon a free person; thus under the judgment of the Moral Law of God.

Don't be part of the evil by not supporting the will of Love, who is God, who is Truth.

Gene Chapman
gene chapman | Email | Homepage | 03.08.04 - 10:26 pm | #


The question of the 16th Amendment's legality was settled years ago. The Constitution and its amendments are the supreme law of the land. You don't like it, amend it. Or leave the country.
Kathy | Email | 03.09.04 - 1:12 am | #


All temporal law is subordinate to moral law; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed that when he led violations of presumed laws on racial seperation with the lunchcounter sitting episode, etc.

Just as the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, Moral Law stands even above the Constitution. And there is tremendous debate about the nature of the 16th Amendment and how it may be legally used in light of the Constitution's main body anyway.

Your reply gives me great confidence in the coffee cups being the Silver Bullet in this matter.


Monday, March 08, 2004

I just got off the phone with Robert Ingle. He says that we are good-to-go on my transfer to Altanta a week from this Saturday. Gene.

You may wish to visit my very slow and direct study of Josh McDowell's book, The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict at Pastor Gene Chapman.

We contacted two local newspapers today about my planned delivery of the new tax honesty/ morality materials to the local congressional office on Tuesday or Wednesday. Gene.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I am scheduled to deliver the first coffee cup with several business cards to a U.S. Congressman here in Florida on Tuesday or Wednesday when they start coming in from the maker.

I have a fellow in Texas who wants me to send him some bumper stickers. I'm too tight on funds right now until I get back to work in May to have them made myself, but you all are welcome to fund the bumper stickers, if you like. Here is our open door, folks. Folks are asking for my materials. Gene.

I just saw Theft By Deception, and we are gonna give it away free in the book store. Gene.