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Friday, February 20, 2004

It looks like we are getting ready to sit in vigil at the IRS Regional Building in Atlanta for a couple of months. Gene.

Gene here. Thanks to Cia for the paper idea for the sign proposal in Atlanta:

Hey Gene, a couple of comments from your blog today. I'll let the last
comment be first, you said:

I need a long roll of white paper, about 6' to 10' tall and a city block
long for making a big sign that can be reused over and over. We also
need some liquid that can be placed on the paper to give it strength too.

Try using tyvek, if you can get some. I know they've been using it for
home-building, and it started out being used in envelopes -- it's very
durable and won't rip or tear. And you could then use permanent markers
to write on it... If you aren't familiar with it, go to home depot (or
call) and see if they have any rolls of the stuff. And/or go to an
office supply place or large-ish store where they'd sell envelopes and
look for the 8 1/2 by 11 envelopes, there's sure to be some made of
tyvek that you could check out to see if it'd suit your purposes.

My next comment, regarding this that you posted:

I'm nothing special -- my brother made sure I learned that in spades.

My comment is that yes, you ARE special, you are a child of the most
high God and that makes you special. (I even got the 'child of the most
high god' from your old pastor, Joel Osteen on t.v.). I've spent years
getting that straight for myself, and I'm still working on it. I had a
wicked stepmother who did a number on me. Getting up from the dinner
table without a word may be rude, but.... I don't see why Candie
couldn't have politely asked for a spot on the couch or something,
rather than making the assumption that you were rude for not offering.

I could go on and on about the whole abuse issue and all that, but I
won't. Just ask yourself, why should you give your brother the power to
decide whether you're special or not? Who gave him that right? And isn't
that just what the IRS does, in convicting people of 'tax crimes' by
holding them up as someone to be scorned ? A healthy sense of self-worth
is a good thing, not a bad thing. Such a person doesn't go around
beating up other people....

Take care.


Thursday, February 19, 2004

Tv Commercials on the cable in Waco, Texas used to cost $289 for full coverage for one month. We need to look into tv commercials again. Gene.

I called about an rv in Daytona Beach, Florida that was on sale for about $3,800 that we could use as our second mobile billboard, but it has been sold. We still have the one in Texas, maybe. Anybody in Austin, Texas want to drive around a mobile billboard like Robert Ingle? Gene.

Hi Candie: I guess my silent years in a truck are showing. In reality, I'm a very quiet person with very little to say. It's not that I do not wish the best for everyone in every circumstance, but I just have very little personality that shows beyond the universe that is within my mind. I have actually gone an entire week without speaking to another human being. What you witnessed was me trying to not get in the way of anyone by staying silent during your visit, nothing else. As a boy, I was often beaten by my older brother to the point of horror, so I just know my place is to move nothing and say nothing, then the least damage can be attributed to me in the end. The only reason I speak up to the face of the abusive IRS is my desire to keep God happy with my actions. I view everyone as someone who, at the drop of a hat, might turn on me, as you did here. My defense mechanism from this is what I shared above. I'm sorry. All it takes to get me moving is an instruction. I'm nothing special -- my brother made sure I learned that in spades. respectfully, Gene.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Okay, I've had a little while to mull it over, and I have to get this off my chest:

I'm not too fond of Gene Chapman.

And here's why:

I arrived at my parents' house around 3pm. The couch/futon that Gene had slept on was still in bed form with his suitcase and a map wrapped in the blankets, with Gene sitting in the only other chair in the living room. I didn't really think much about it at first because I was carrying Giovanni in his car seat and the diaper bag, fighting the three dogs my parents own to get into the house. About the only thing that was said to me was a couple of comments about my car when my dad and I arrived back at the house after dropping off the van my dad rented to pick Gene up in.

Before dinner is when I really noticed that there wasn't a couch to sit on in the living room. I was trying to feed my son while balancing him and myself on a little corner of what was left to sit on, my mother was doing the same thing on the other side, all the while Gene is sitting within two feet of me, and glancing at me every time I adjust my position so I wouldn't fall off and onto the floor. Did he offer to clear off the couch so that other people would be able to sit in the room? No. Did he offer to give up his seat so that I would be more comfortable, and he himself could sit on the mess he made on the couch? No. I finally gave up and sat in the kitchen.

Also, he was talking about how hungry he was, and when dinner was going to be ready, and blah blah blah...then, when dinner was ready, my mom and I sat at the table for 15 minutes or more waiting for Gene and my dad to come eat. When everyone was finally assembled, I had two bites off of my plate and my son started crying, indicating he too was hungry. If we would have sat down when my mom said (the first time) that dinner was ready, I wouldn't have had to abandon my food.

During dinner while my mom was feeding Giovanni, I tried to make some friendly conversation (not related to his fast), and he completely ignored me. He was sitting right next to me, acting as if I didn't even exist.

He indicated he was done eating by getting up and simply leaving the table. He left his plate, silverware, and napkin on the table and sat in the living room and watched TV. Didn't even attempt to put his plate in the sink, throw away his napkin...nothing. Just got up and left.

My mother and I didn't even attempt to sit in the living room, because there was no place to sit. We just sat in the kitchen and chatted among ourselves.

It's just amazing that someone who is supposed to be so dedicated to helping other people would act this way at someone else's house. I mean, I've never had anyone make me feel unwelcome in my own house. (Well, not my house anymore, I feel that way because it's my parents' house and I lived there for almost 3 years.)

We've all heard of good hosts...there's also a thing called "good guests", and Gene wasn't one of them from my observation.

When I left, he didn't even attempt to say "Good Bye". He wouldn't have said anything if I didn't say "Nice to see you again" on my way out the door. He just said "Yeah". He didn't even look at me when he said it, either.

He's not interested in anything anyone else has to say unless it pertains to him or what he's doing. Beyond that he could care less and will ignore you without the slightest bit of apology. He even freely admits that he doesn't read anyone else's blog because he's "too busy".

What a crock of s**t. My dad works all day and still manages to visit other people's blogs, AND do research on stuff that he himself later posts. I may not post as often as I used to, but I still get on and read the blogs when I get a chance. I don't want to hear anything about Gene being "too busy" to read the opinions and comments of people that support him. In my mind, that makes him no better than any of the politicians that are running this country. In fact, I'm sure he would fit right in.

And then I hear yesterday that Gene is talking about paying off the IRS (????), learning how to do underwater something-or-other, ex-patrioting himself from the country and moving to another one. I only have one thing to say: Good Riddance.

My dad is going to pick him up in Miami on Saturday, and he'll be staying for a week. Oh Joy...

Luckily, I don't live there any more and I don't have to deal with him. If I do happen to venture out that way while he's there, it will be to see my parents and he can go to hell.

The sad thing is, I think Gene knows how rude he is and he just doesn't care. No wonder things didn't work out with Jessica. Luckily for her, she got out of it before things got too serious to undo.

That's about all I have to say for now. I got myself all worked up just thinking about it, and now I have to go calm down.

Until next time...

Comments (2) | Trackback (0) posted by Candie Goodyear at 11:17:15 AM

David Goodyear and I are to go to Key West on Saturday to visit and then hang out at his home in Ft. Myers, Fl. atleast until next weekend. I'm thinking over when might be the best time to get to Atlanta and stay with Robert Ingle and Family.

I need a long roll of white paper, about 6' to 10' tall and a city block long for making a big sign that can be reused over and over. We also need some liquid that can be placed on the paper to give it strength too. Gene.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: -(962.44). Deposits: $100.00 (Thanks to Fred Smart). Total Expenditures: $0.00. Ending Balance: -($862.44).


I've taken the liberty of requesting Robert Clarkson reserve a ticket for Doug Kenline, Robert Ingle and myself to hear Congressman Ron Paul in Columbia, SC on April 2, 2004. They are $50 each, and I hope others will also attend. Gene Chapman.

I defy "Joey Smith" over at Quatloos (an organization that won't let me into the chat link) to find a quote in my work where I said the Following:

Next best quote: "Maybe all of those of us who are real patriots and who still really believe in the movement should all leave the country together."

"real patriots" is not a term in my vocabulary. Please do not steal my name and place your words under it. I have a Nobel Prize to win, Sir. Truth turns on a dime, Mr. Smith, and I am not condescending to people who are not condescending to me. Patriots have never been condescending toward me, and I have no intention of starting a verbal abuse toward anyone who treats me with common respect. Gene.

Quatloos still won't let me into the system to exchange ideas with the Tax Honesty Haters. My password just fails each time. Makes me wonder who is running the site -- IRS agents who can't take a moral arguement?

Robert Ingle has invited me to Atlanta early if I should desire to get things off and running there at the Regional IRS building now. He even offered to come pick me up in Miami. I wish I had a thousand just like you, buddy. We would need a big spool of white paper about 6' to 10' tall and about a city block long, so we could make our point. And lots of black paint for the signs.

I'm thinking for a long sign a city block long:

"Enslaver" (I Timothy 1:10): A person who exstracts a tax on labor (ie. income tax) from another and is, thus, under the judgement of the Law.

IRS Enslaver: Quit your job at the IRS today; repent before God the Shame of your Sin. "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them" (Ephesians 5:11). "Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" Jesus the Christ (Luke 6:46). 888-606-9379

Round Table Talk: I've done alot of thinking about the Dan Evans position that a tax on labor is something different than a tax on "profit from labor." I am of the mind that any fee that one must pay in order to have contact with the direct fruits of his or her labor is slavery, and I do not see Mr. Evans and I coming together on this point.


One of our Tax Honesty Folks, Angela Stark, is a pin up girl for Dr. Atkins Diet:

I'm trying to buy the right stuff, but the stores are hard to shop. Gene.

Thaks Dave,

I just wonder if I'm making the best use of my tallent, given me by God. My calling when I was 18 years old was billboard ministry (Deut. 6:9, etc., etc.). I know I've had great successes in the past with billboard ministry, and this fasting and marching thing is untested relative water for me.

I just don't know where to go next. I know the moblie billboard concept will change America to our liking, if I can get enough of them out there on the road in time. But they cost $3,800 each, plus $300 for sign work, plus $230 per year in insurance. We are already hearing stories of IRS employees quitting faster than they can be replaced in areas where I've been at IRS Regional Centers. If I could just have those rv's at all the Regional Centers at one time with my Bible Centered signs on them at once, we could win this thing in a heartbeat.

I worry that I'm fasting and marching my time away when I could be hitting the IRS/ Communism with wave after wave of my billboard ministry stuff.


I find myself in a spiritual battle within here in Little Havana. I don't have direction on anything at the moment but to read my Bible and stay in Miami for today.

I've been reading a book on the Atkins Diet in my other time.

Thanks to Fred Smart for the $100 donation to the work.

I'm having a real moral problem spending my money on the time off work doing the Cuban Freedom and Tax Honesty stuff, knowing that Deuteronomy teaches, along with other texts, that we should seek to be debt free. I'm still carrying about $9,000 in debt, as I have not yet paid off these bills so that I may fund the other work. There is a part of me that wants to fight with dollar bills -- more mobile billboards, higher paying career paths -- and another part that wants to fight with the "less is more" approach of Gandhi.

For $16,100 plus room and board for 5 months, I have a job that allows me to travel the world and make $125,000 a year in 5 years, they tell me. That buys a lot of mobile billboards! And Martin Luther styled scripture laden billboards are my specialty. I could hammer the IRS/ Communism with God's Word in wave after wave of moral presentation right on their door step.

The other path is to fast and march with nothing in the bank and nothing for the future. I guess I'm just conflicted about what path will accomplish the goal of freedom fastest. It's the old economics issue: "What do we do in a world with unlimited wants and limited recourses?"


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Round table Talk: I see that our old friends at quatloose are misinforming the people about me again. I'm not ending my tax work at all. I'm just reviewing what directions present the best possible overall outcome. (The quatloose system will not let me log in to their system to respond point for point or I would.)

I did end the Cuban Freedom Fast Monday night at 7:51 pm ET. I remember how Dr. King refused to blow his time on a city that refused to get behind the effort to bring attention to their own plight, as he on occasion, packed up and went home from a work. If Cubans don't care to be free, why should I? (WE NEED MOBILE BILLBOARDS BEFORE WE REACH OUT BEYOND OUR GROUP: THE GREAT TRUTH THAT WE FOUND HERE IN LITTLE HAVANA.)

I'm still praying about what needs to happen from here. I'm to stay put in Little Havana for now. I'll have a course of action in a few days. Gene.

Sunday, February 15, 2004