(Slave Freedom Movement)

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Greetings to The Elpaso Times:

7:01 pm ET

I'm gonna stay with the fast before I do anything else. I can't let the egos of others impact my work. I'm seeking God, not man in this fast. Gene.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Several of you have e-mailed me to ask that I continue the fast in spite of the lack of participation by the Cuban people in Little Havana in the effort. I'll take a look at things tomorrow, and we'll see. Gene.

Jose from Brothers to the Rescue and Ramone Sanchez told me many weeks ago that they appreciated me coming to Little Havana to fast to Cuban freedom. Neither Jose, nor Ramone Sanchez have been bye to see me since I arrived. My conclusion since I arrived is that I am not even worthy of a visit from these men. Just now, Jose told me that his methods for Cuban freedom do not involve fasting. I have informed Ramone Sanchez, via phone message, that I intend to just wrap up the Cuban Freedom Fast and go do something else. It is obvious to me that the Cuban people in Little Havana have only a passing interest in the freedom of Cuba, else they would be present at any attempt to bring attention to the plight of their people. I end the fast tomorrow at 12 noon.

Because the freedom loving people in America seem to be such a minority, I am also of the mind that the popular sovereign will of We The People of The United States is to be enslaved by whatever degree to the Socialist Communist leadership in Amerika. Thus, I shall work from this day forward to pay off any slave debt the IRS thinks I have and go into exile in another country as soon as practical. This is the only path I see in temporal law and the Holy Bible.

Gene Chapman

I would like to speak to Dan Evans to explore my $16,000 tax issue with the IRS. I'm just curious at this point. Gene.

Finally, I see the first rational thing from the other side in 4 years:

Protestor Position: Wages cannot be taxed because our labor is our property, and so a tax on labor would be a tax on property and a "direct tax" within the meaning of the Constitution.
It is difficult to understand how you can claim a property right in something you haven't done yet. If your labor were "property" like other property, you could sell it and then sit back and do nothing. However, if you "sell" your labor and are paid for it, you still have to work to earn it.

Even if the major premise is correct, and labor is a form of property, the conclusion is still wrong because the Internal Revenue Code does not tax labor itself, but the compensation received for labor (i.e., the income from labor).

If you go into your back yard and work for a week taking clay and making pots, there is no income and no tax. However, if you sell your pots, you have income because you have taken in money, and have more money than you had before. Similarly, if you "sell your labor" by agreeing to work in someone else's factory (or farm) for a week, you have sold your labor and the compensation you realize is taxable.

As a general proposition, it is correct that Congress cannot tax the value of property directly (or at least not without apportionment), but can only tax exchanges or transfers of property. For example, the federal estate tax is clearly a tax on the value of property, and yet it has been held to be constitutional as an excise tax on the transfer of the property at death. Knowlton v. Moore, 178 U. S. 41 (1900). Similarly, Congress cannot tax the value of real property, but can tax sales or transfers of real property. So the income tax is a tax on the receipt of income, and the sale of labor is a transaction that allows the constitutional imposition of a tax.

Of course, every court that has been forced to rule on this issue has ruled against the tax protester raising it.

"Finally, the taxpayer argues that because wages are property, a tax on them is a property tax, and because the tax the Commissioner is attempting to collect is not apportioned, it is unconstitutional. However, as we and innumerable other courts have repeatedly explained, wages are income, and income taxes do not need to be apportioned." Connor v. Commissioner, 770 F.2d 17, 20 (2nd Cir. 1985), (the court not only ruled against the taxpayer, but also imposed sanctions of $2,000 against the taxpayer).
"It is clear beyond peradventure that the income tax on wages is constitutional." Stelly v. Commissioner, 761 F.2d 1113, 1115 (5th Cir. 1985), cert. den. 106 S.Ct. 149 (1985).

Dan Evans

A visit from a Congressman's Office:

2:39 pm ET

Daily Financial Report:

Cuban Freedom Fast: Starting Balance: -(755.69). Deposits: $00.00. Expenditures: ($9.00) cab rides for Thursday to and From Fast Location, ($197.75) Total Expenditures: ($206.75). Ending Balance: -($962.44). Finances are looking rough.


It doesn't appear on the surface that God is blessing the Cuban Freedom Fast, but I know God called me to it. Maybe God is showing me that there are not sufficent numbers left in America who want to be free from Communism to make staying worth my while. Maybe I'm to leave Sodom; maybe we are to embark on an Exodus from Amerika.

I got paid up for the next week in a hotel 2 blocks from the fast site.

I'm not seeing anything from the Bay of Pigs Invasion Force today that makes me think they are on board. If I can't lead Cubans who fought Castro's Communism, what hope do I have to lead America from the Communism of the IRS, etc?

Todays pictures are off to Doug Kenline. Gene.

I'm off to the fast location in a few minutes. I hope to meet with the President of the Bay of Pigs Invasion Force Association today. Everyone is welcome to the first rally against communism at the corner of SW 8th Street and SW 13 th Avenue on Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon. I expect media coverage if the group is big enough. Gene.

Daily Financial Report:

Cuban Freedom Fast: Starting Balance: -(741.69). Deposits: $00.00. Expenditures: ($14.00) cab rides for Thursday to and From Fast Location. Total Expenditures: ($14.00). Ending Balance: -($755.69).


Thursday, February 12, 2004

Day 4 of 41 Day Fast Against Communism in Miami, Florida

Cuban Bay of Pigs Invasion Momument. Names of the dead are listed along side.

Gene Chapman

I met another half dozen of the men in the Association of the Bay of Pigs Invasion Force today. They are all happy to meet me, but I'm not putting their pictures up on the web to protect their identity. I met a Sgt. who fought against Castro before he came to power. I met a young man who came over on a boat just 10 years ago. You wouldn't believe the conversations we are having! I can't even talk about it.

They are calling the press to start coming out tomorrow or Saturday for the 10 am to 12 noon rally for Cuban Freedom and opposition to Communism everywhere, including opposition to the IRS. I am to meet the President of the Association ASAP.

Pictures are off to Doug Kenline for posting. Gene.

I'm off in a few minutes to the Cuban Freedom Fast location. Gene.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My reply: Thanks for the help.

Gene Chapman


May God be glorified through you. I am fasting too. I
began this past Sunday at noon and plan to continue
until the coming Sunday. I am doing this partly to
share a time of fasting and prayer with you, and God's
will in your life, and partly for myself and those
around me.

I would consider fasting longer than 6-7 days, but I
need clarity of thought and patient concentration for
work. Perhaps in 3 years, when my service to my
family's business is complete, I will join you in
person for a longer fast.

May God's will be done in Cuba, in the U.S., and
throughout the world, as it is being done in Heaven.
He is moving in striking and uplifting ways around me,
as I have seen His hand touching many of the areas
surrounding my life where there had been opportunity
(I don't want to call them "problems").

I will continue to keep you and Cuba in my prayers. I
may fast and pray for a few days toward the end of
your fast as well.

- Paul Ott

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and
James 5:16, NIV

"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man
avails much."
James 5:16, NKJV

I met with a leader of the Bay of Pigs Invasion Force today. He asked not to have his photo placed on the internet, so.... He brought me a bottled water, and we spoke about 30 minutes at the fast site. He has asked the rest of the guys in the Bay Of Pigs Invasion Force to look out for me during the fast. AMEN!

I expect to be meeting the guys in the coming days. We are hoping to have a crowd for a rally each Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon at the corner of SW 8th Street and SW 13th Ave. in Little Havana (Miami), Florida. Come on out and meet Cuban Freedom Fighters who think just like you on the IRS being the 2nd Plank of The Communist Manifesto. We are on the same page.

This man tells me that 163 men were killed in the invasion in 1961. Some 2,400 men were involved in the invasion and 1,400 hit the beach.

As a side note: He left Cuba 44 years ago today to float to Miami. Gene.

Daily Financial Report:

Cuban Freedom Fast: Starting Balance: -(562.69). Deposits: $00.00. Expenditures: ($47.00) cab rides for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to and From Fast Location, ($59.00) 1 Electrical Cord for Laptop Computer, ($66.00) Expidited Delivery of Electrical Cord. Total Expenditures: ($179.00). Ending Balance: -($741.69).


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Monday, February 09, 2004

I'm glad to see Doug is on the job. Thanks Doug. Gene. I'll have a new cord by Wednesday for my computer and be back online more.

The radio interview in Mobile, Alabama went fine. We are to be back on with Irwin Schiff in March.

Don't miss the Feb. 24 th rally in Florida for the Cuban Plane Shootdown Anniversary. Details to come.

Gene Chapman in Miami Herald

Bajo el lema ''no sean esclavos de los hombres'', Gene Chapman, de la Congregación de Cristianos de Alabama, inició ayer una huelga de hambre de 41 días en la Pequeña Habana para luchar contra el comunismo.

Read article here.

If anybody can translate, please translate to english and send email to and Thank you.

Doug Kenline reporting.

Gene Before Breakfast At the Hotel.

The Area Where the Cuban Freedom Fast Takes Place.

More Area Around the Fast Site.

The Miami Herald Comes To See Gene.

The Lord's Supper with Gene Chapman/ Sat. 9 pm ET

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Daily Financial Report:

Cuban Freedom Fast: Starting Balance: -(543.07). Deposits: $00.00. Expenditures: ($8.00) cab ride, ($7.50) 1 meal w/$2 tip, ($9.50), ($1.49) Orange Juice to start the 41 day fast. Total Expenditures: ($18.99). Ending Balance: -($562.69).


I'll be on site at about 10 am tomorrow at the corner of 8th St. and SW 13th Ave. here in Miami until I do the interview in Mobile, Alabama at 1:15 pm ET with the Brother's to the Rescue president. Gene.

Round Table Talk: My computer cord has chosen now to stop working for me, so I'll be off line, it appears.

My phone number is: 305-324-0800 rm. 625.

I told the reporter today that Socialist Communism is the vile filth of the earth and that it was only second to the Devil himself in the evil it imposes upon humankind. I told her that the taxation of labor and real property were gross violations of Christian scripture and that the greatest evil of all is that the communist seeks to forever put the robes of Jesus on the shoulders of Karl Marx, justifying armed robbery in the name of God. Gene.

The Cuban Freedom Fast is in full swing. Pictures are off to Doug Kenline for posting. Thanks to David Goodyear for coming out. We will be promoting a rally each Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon throughout the fast.

The Miami Herald came out and took pictures. Then another Miami Herald reporter came and did the story. We spoke at length about tax policy in both America and Cuba. Gene.

The Cuban Freedom Fast begins at 12 noon, about 2 hours from now. Gene.