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Saturday, January 24, 2004

I'm happy to see that the motor home in the Atlanta Project is back up and running. Thanks Robert Ingle. Gene.

I wish we could afford motor homes for signs to follow Al Sharpton. We could hammer that guy with Gene.

Maybe David marsh call tell who this is:
4:10 pm ET

Is this the Progressive Caucus, Daivd? Gene.

A US House member took a look at us today:
2:10 pm ET

"Be Thou Cast Into The Sea"

As I sit here in my motel room in Deming, New Mexico this evening, I am informed that the mayor of Bogota, Columbia reports that Fidel Castro looked very sick in December, 2003. It is no great thing to hear this for me, as I fully expected such after I began praying for the removal of Castro a couple of months ago here in New Mexico, where I now am, and asked you all to join in that prayer along with me.

Prayer has always been a thing answered for me by the living God, assuming I was not living in sin and did not ask for the thing to heap it upon myself.

The prayer I've been praying about Fidel Castro is the same prayer I prayed in Austin, Texas at the IRS Building: "Be thou cast into the sea, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost" (see: Mark 11:23). They actually had a police officer come ask me what I was doing when I began walking around the IRS Building last year and praying this prayer, quietly but openly. I told him, "I'm praying for God to cast Mt. Injustice here into the sea; it's a kind of exorcism." He was shaken and left. People from the IRS Building began coming out asking me not to point my finger at them when I prayed because they did not wish to be the recipient of any curse of God that might overflow from my prayer at the IRS Building. People were frightened of a man in a loin cloth praying at their building, without question.

But what goes on in the prayer of faith is much more real than fright. I could go on and on about prayers God has answered for me when I was walking right with him at the moment. The new hours of service regulations for truckers are prayers I prayed against Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford Motor Company, back in 2000. I've said to the rain three times in the past year, "peace be still, peace be still," and the rain stopped just long enough for me to get a tarping job done on my truck to keep wood dry. I layed hands on my grandfather's elbow when I was 17 and prayed for it's healing. He immediately raised it above his head for the first time in over a decade and always commented on it until the day he died just a couple of years ago. I once prayed for God to kill a man who was being mean to me when I was 10 years old, and he was dead within 21 days. Yes, God always answers my prayers when I'm walking right with him. Castro will be removed and the IRS will be closed for replacement by something more equitable because prayer in God's will from a clean heart always gets done. "Be thou cast into the sea, Fidel Castro, IRS, Socialist Communism, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost." Join me in prayer.

Pastor Gene Chapman

Facts you want to know:

Tax Freedom Day was reported in the United States this past year to be July, 12. That means that Americans are paying about 53% in an effective tax rate. Cuba is reported to have an effective tax rate, in a tax system identical to America's, of some 90 to 95%. That means that we are just 37% behind Cuba in a tax system that is our same current system, based on my studies. Gene Chapman

Gene here. It's Saturday night in Deming, New Mexico. I know Doug Kenline will want to see this:

Subj: Please confirm reception/
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Friday, January 23, 2004

Fidel Castro

Once again talk circulates of a moribund Fidel Castro, this time from Bogota's mayor who said he looked "very sick" during a meeting in December.

"One expects debate ... but in Cuba, everything is driven and controlled by one party," Garzon said. "That's not right. I have always said there should be no dictatorships, neither from the left nor the right."

From Lou Rockwell.

Doug Kenline reporting.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Fred did varify that the story about a rumor of Fidel Castro's death was on The Drudge Report. I've not heard anything more. Gene.

Hello From The WTP First Annual Convention

June Harrison, WTP Coordinator from Boone County, and myself flew to Regan National Airport from Chicago's O'Hare. We got here in less than 2 1/2 hours. Cold weather for these part - mid 20's. Took the shuttle to the Crystal City Marriott. Sat in the lobby for 1-2 hours while we met and chatted with the likes of Niki Hannevig, June and John Ferguson, my fellow roommate from southern Texas.

There's some breaking news over at We The People Foundation's website:


Give Me Liberty 2004 Conference: Breaking News

Right-To-Petition Lawsuit To Be Filed Within Hours
Details To Be Disclosed During Live Video Webcast

"We The People Foundation announced today that the much-anticipated Right-to-Petition class-action lawsuit will be filed before the opening of the three-day Give Me Liberty 2004 conference that commences this Thursday morning just outside our nation's capitol."

"The filing of this action in federal court marks the beginning of what will be a lengthy, and complex legal dispute to resurrect the “long-forgotten” Right of the People to Petition their servant government for redress of their grievances – and the People’s corollary Right to withhold taxes until such redress is secured."


We saw Mike Bodine, Joe Banister and a crew of folks who who were at our meeting with Bob Schulz in Chicago last month. They drove 12 hours in from northern Indiana.

We have from 4-5 local volunteers and coordinators from the greater Chicagoland area. I don't have a sense yet for the turnout, but I would suspect that there's going to be somewhere north of 300 attendees.

Tomorrow will be the biggest "March For Life" since the march began in 1974. Some 250,000+ individuals from all across the nation are expected to convene at 12 noon tomorrow at the elipse in downtown DC in route to the Supreme Court building. Bob Schulz has offered for us and and others with connections to these groups 200 free passes to our conference. I'm not quite sure how we are going to pull this off, but Robert Moore in Chicago has been doing a lot of background calling to set this up. We'll have to check with Bob to see how we are going to get over to the march tomorrow sometime. For more information on this anti-abortion crowd event you can go to this link.

I'll try some audioblogs throughout the next few days, but if you really want to follow the events day by day I'd strongly recommend that folks subscribe to We The People's internet video feed over at this link.

May the Lord God Jesus Christ continue to bless this conference and these proceedings going forward.

Peace and God Bless,


Fred Smart - reporting

As of this moment, David Goodyear is to meet me in Birmingham, Alabama to carry me to his home in the Tampa, Florida area until February 7th. I am to meet with the leaders of the Cuban Freedom Movement on the evening of the 7th, check into a cheap motel within the Cuban community ($250 per week on my credit card) and start the 41 day fast for the Freedom Of Cuba From Socialist Communism. My plans are to pray with the Cuban people and ordain with oil on each head I pray for to empower their spirit in the Lord to free Cuba from Castro's Communism. I have no chair, no rv, no nothing but a credit card with money being spent that I don't need to be spending. I'll be trusting the Lord to provide everything, especially as we get into the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON on April 2nd. It's gonna be another long year, folks. But we must champion the cause of freedom in the streets today or die in obscurity tomorrow. Pastor Gene Chapman

I have a question: At what point do you know it's time to leave Sodom? Gene.

Robert Ingle reports the RV is out of commission in Atlanta. Sorry folks, Gene is out of money.

Hi Gene,

The Atlanta Project RV is currently out of commission. I broke down in it in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, January 20 and had to have it towed because it could no longer hold coolant. I had it towed to America's Service Station near my house thinking this was related to the work they did right before Christmas. They tell me that the water pump has failed and are quoting me a price of $414 plus tax (that includes the tow) to replace it. I told them not to do anything until I or they hear from you.

(Robert Ingle)

Joe Banister talks about seeing the motor home in Ft. Worth:

Hi Gene,

I was actually quite moved to be able to see the RV in person. It reminded me of all the reports you had given about your whereabouts and condition and it especially reminded me about your sacrifices and unselfish commitment to Jesus Christ and your fellow man. Sorry to hear it was damaged. Hope it is back on the road soon.

Warm Regards,

Joe B.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Praise God!!! Another tax protestor is born! Breed people, breed. We'll out populate the world with our kind. I'm so happy for David Goodyear and his family. Yall have a good week. Gene.

January 18, 2004

Posted 06:34 EST

Giovanni D'Angelo Giangeruso was born at 4:52 am EST. He weighed 7 lbs. 10.8 ounces, and was 20.5 inches tall. Will set up a BabyBlog when I get pictures.


Posted 05:55 EST

It's a Boy!!!

Born about 4:50 am EST!! Mother and child (and grandparents) are doing well. More details as they come in.



January 17, 2003

Posted 11:22 EST

Candi is in labor. She went to the hospital this afternoon. Her water broke around 4:30 pm. I will let you know as things progress.


Hi Mr. Cummings:

As you might imagine, I'm a bit suspect about why you would want to direct a check to our work for $10,000, then have me deduct 20% and forward the rest to you, rather than you getting the check first and mailing in the 20% you vowed to God on your own. I'd prefer to not get tangled up in your personal finances. Too many things could go wrong in the transfer, and I need to maintain a clean motive and testimony before God and man in the work I do, as I'm sure you know.

At any rate, donations are to made out to Gene Chapman or Gentle Love Christian Fellowship Church and mailed c/o Fred Smart, 3242 Harrison St., Evanston, Ill. 60201. I'm always suspect about people wanting to move large sums of money through our work. Let's let you handle the cashing of the $10,000 check on your end. I'll be happy to be responsible to God for the other $2,000.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman

You Wrote:

Dear Pastor,Praise God!!!
Brethren praise the living God!!!Brethren praise the lord,I wish to tell you that I have a debtor in the US who has been owning me $10,000, for a long time now.
I made a vow of 20% of the money to the Church anytime I will be paid and now my debtor is ready to pay. He will therefore be sending you a Cheque for $10,000, to cover the 20%, as promise.On receipt of the Cheque, you will cash and deduct the 20% of my vow while the balance you would send to me as I will instruct you to.Please do send me your address where to send the Cheque, as well as the name to be on it. Also send me your phone numbers for quicker communication.
Thank You Jesuslook foward to your prompt reply.Ray Cummings.