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Saturday, December 06, 2003

The general funding for the Church is set up as follows:

10% Prison Ministry:
5% Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund. (Directed Toward Billboards in Atlanta Project, Per Dick's Instructions): Total Deposits This Week: $10.00. Balance: $90.00.
5% Fans for indigent prisoners. Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $90.00.

10% Christian School/ Home School Funding of Children. Total Deposits This Week: $20.00. Balance: $180.00.

10% Feeding and Housing of Needy/ Poor/ Homeless. Total Deposits: $20.00. Ending Balance: $120.00.

10% Widow and Orphan care. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $180.00.

5% Alabama Christian Reparations Project. Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $440.00. (A new computer will only cost $550, so we're holding off for purchase until we reach that figure).
5% Christian Slave Freedom Project (Africa). Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $60.00.

10% Gene Chapman TV/ Internet. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $180.00.

10% Billboard Ministry/ Advertising for the Church proper. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $180.00.

30% Property Lease/ Purchase Account for Montgomery, Alabama Location and Catastrophic Emergency Fund. Total Deposits: $60.00. Balance: $540.00.

Directly Funded Church Ministries:

TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON: Starting Balance: 151.65. No Deposits. Balance: $151.65.

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: $446.00. No Deposits. No Expenditures. Ending Balance: $446.00.

Bill Lear Monthly Funding: Total Deposits This Week: $10.00. Balance: $30.00.

Joe Banister Legal Defense Fund: (Joe Requested I keep funding my work, and so I shall.)

We The People Lawsuit: Deposit: $10.00. Balance: $10.00. Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $10.00.

Total Deposits This Week: $230.00.

respectfully, Gene.

I have a very nice surprise. I just received word from Kelly, host of the renown Retaking America Radio program in Mobile, Alabama that she will be happy to do video stories as a reporter for our SFN News program. She was a plaintiff in the major lawsuit over the TEN COMMANDMENTS MONUMENT, and I understand she and her husband are friends with the Judge Roy Moore family. Welcome aboard, Kelly.

Gene Chapman. is set up. This is the video CNN styled Slave news Channel I've been working on. We have 5 or 6 reporters. Gene.

"Blessed Are The Merciful"

In Matthew 5, we find Jesus offering us The Sermon On The Mount. This text is the basis of the Civil Rights Movements all over the world.

In it, we find Jesus saying, "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy" (vs. 7). The easiest thing in the world to do is to be violent and unmerciful to those who have done us a wrong. The great strength is in personal constraint.

We see Dick Simkanin in jail, while 11 or 12 jurors voted for acquittal. Surely, the Government has been and is being unfair. However, our objective is a larger goal of honoring God. I know that is Dick's objective. So jail is no great thing to him, relative to the larger agenda.

I sit wanting to announce some Bible Voo Doo Curse on the judge and the prosecutor, but I feel a need to be merciful to these evil men for now. I'm sure some of you feel a drive to use violence, but it is enough that they know that we love enough to be constrained while we are abused by them. This, the opposition cannot deal with, for love has no rational enemy.

Let us be merciful to those especially unworthy of it.

Pastor Gene Chapman

Friday, December 05, 2003

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The web address of these planes I'm looking over is Pastor Gene Chapman.

Currently, I'm looking at a DC-3 in Virginia for $165,000. As God provides, I hope to put this plane to work in Africa to fly slaves to freedom, in America at Super Bowl Games, etc., to pull Tax Slave Freedom Banners and to bring doctors and food to distressed peoples in the world. Pastor Gene Chapman.

I think CNN must be reading my blogs. They did a story on polygamy tonight. Ha.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Sunday, November 30, 2003

I get such good e-mails. Gene. Look at the one below.

Subj: Season of the Beast (slavery)
Date: 11/30/2003 8:14:27 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

"When I look out at the landscape of our world I see SLAVERY - the
organized controlled parasitic abuse-use of the individual energy,
light and love which comes from our Almighty Creator - which is
being masked by a combination of greed, diversions, distractions
and fears through laws, processes and institutions that feed on
our misplaced individual energy and trust through fear and

This modern form of political-economic-social slavery is more
diabolical than the physical slavery of control which was practiced
by our ancestors. And as it is centered on the fraud of fractional
reserve banking-credit - ie. paper money that has zero-no inherent
value. This form of modern SLAVERY is, like mind-control, actually
claiming to own/control the rights, energy, time and trust of
every individual who walks the face of this wonderful world we
live in. This modern form of SLAVERY operates like a dam blocking
the free-flowing life force. It's like a dam that first blocks,
then diverts and finally controls the boat - which corresponds to
force of our individual mind-body - which should flow freely down
this River of Life-Force energy called life."

It appears as mind-control because we don't quite understand
precisely what is occurring.

Most people who call themselves 'Christian' 'pray' to some god,
but in fact worship the State.

To whom do they turn to solve their problems? The State.
To whom do they turn to make their lives more convenient? The State.
To whom do they pledge their money? The State.
To whom do they pledge their lives and their children's lives? The State.

Most 'Christians' don't worship God or Jesus Christ, His Son. They
worship attributes of God. They worship his Power, His Glory, His
Mercy. In doing so they are little different from the Greeks or
the Romans who chose a god (or gods) to worship because they wished
to partake in that attribute that god represented. The main difference
is that there is only one name to this god that they worship so it
appears to be the same God that Christians belong to (an interesting
aspect of privacy :^).

The problem with worshipping attributes of God is that attributes
have no real power. With no real power behind their gods, they
ignorantly and often unconsciously reach out to something that
*can* have power - the State. The so-called christians have been
using the real power of the State to control social behavior,
instead of trusting God in doing what God needs to do. In doing
so, they give their own power to the State instead of to God.

The problem is that the State isn't a real God. And the power of
the State is a dragon, which once woken up becomes ravenously hungry
and has to be fed or it will turn even on its 'master' - the ones
who awoke it. In the past century and a half, most 'christians'
have been slowly waking this dragon, feeding it the lives and
reputations of people they didn't like through illegal laws, etc.
But now the dragon is becoming fully awake and needs more to eat.
It demands more flesh, gold and silver from it's wakers, who think
they are still its masters. But there isn't enough to satisfy it.
It is on the cusp of turning on those who awoke it.

The IRS is part of this dragon, hoarding much of the gold and
silver. The IRS has become so hungry for money that it has to insert
its fingers into every single transaction of the people it ultimately
desires to consume. Information is a weapon, and the dragon knows
this far better than its 'christian' wakers. It's christian wakers
still think they control this dragon and will often violently oppose
or attack those who try to explain their error - because it threatens
the power of their perceived god. This is one main reason why you
get little support from these christians and why they are so bent
on supporting the State. This is also why they often almost violently
require that you provide SSN and State photo id for authentication.
If you refuse, you aren't worshipping their god.

You have a great sound bite 'Where is my tax liability in the law'?
This is great. Congratulations for discovering this one. I have
searched for such a sound bite for the State ID issues, but have
yet to discover one. Several reasons, most likely because real
security is the opposite of the perceived security (that the State
protects them) that most are familiar with. Also, almost every one
you meet will chosse convenience over security and freedom, when
in fact they are almost always opposites. History shows us that
slavery is far more convenient than freedom, thus why it is often
historically accepted as a way of life.

The main problem however, is that most people really do worship
the State as their god. Start paying attention to whom people turn
to to solve their problems. That shows you who their god is. Their
prayers are just rhetoric if they turn to the State.