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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Yall are not gonna believe this. I went to Walmart to get some 34"X32" jeans, as my body is expanding a bit from my tiny fast sized 32"X32" pants. On the way back, my mom and I stopped at my truck, but it was gone from the Kroger parkinglot near her home. I called it in and found eventually that it was towed to Dallas last night by property management at 1 am.

Can you beilieve this? Two vehicles I drive towed in a week? Well, it's gonna cost me $1,212 to get it out of the impound in the morning. Good thing I have a good paying job. My mom is so hacked off that she has vowed to never shop in the shopping center again, as there are even now 5 other big trucks parked there in the lot untouched. I've parked in this lot everytime I've gone home to see my mom for the ten years I've driven trucks, and nothing has happened like this before. She even had me write out a letter and give it to the managers of the businesses at the center telling them she was done shopping there. (Sounds like mom is becoming a protester like the rest of us.) Well, All I can say is: "Romans 8:28." I'd hate to have my mom boycott anything in our home town. She knows every woman in town through her church activities and is gonna tell all the other ladies in town not to shop there too. She told me she spends atleast $3,600 a year herself at this shopping center. At this rate, we'll be even in 24 weeks (ha ha), just from Mom's boycott. Wow. I guess I've learned that Mom has some gumption in her. Gene.

If any of yall around the world following my work want to inform Conrad Peterson of the TY Property Management Group how excessive and unfair you think it is to tow a truck on Thanksgiving Weekend for $1,212, where a locally raised boy has been parking his rig untouched for 10 years along with other truckers, please feel free to contact him at: 972-386-6662 X225 or go to Tell him you think the leader of the Slave Freedom Movement deserves a bit better treatment (ha ha). Gene.

Public Proclamation

I reserve the right to enter any and all matter that has been published here, to be preserved as evidence under Rule 902 (4), (5), (6), (8) and (9) of the Federal Rules of Evidence, upon the records of such public recorder's office at such place or places as I alone determine, which as a matter of public record shall be subject to submission and use in any legal proceeding thereafter as utilized by any person having cause to rely thereupon for evidence purposes, under the aforesaid Federal Rules of Evidence, and as for any other reasons that a public record of debt may be used, accordingly.

Gene K. Chapman

Thanks for the help guys, Gene.

I just got back from Chamblee. Gene's RV is now safely parked in my driveway. I know my neighbors will be loving this. Everything went smooth as silk. Nothing really out of the ordinary to report. Cost to remove the vehicle from the impound: $150. Thanks for the money order, Gene! It was exactly the right amount.


Glad to see things went well. Robert, let's get the rv back at the IRS building asap. I know you will. Insurance is good thru Dec 26th, I found out, so I'll have that paid up this week for the next year. Gene.

Well, I just ran the numbers on this job I got to pay off my personal bills, and it's averaging $1,093 per week since September 17th thru last Saturday, take home. But don't expect me to keep this up past next April. I'm going into the poverty side of ministry then. I feel God will be better served with me in the trenches, sleeping in ditches if I have to. I'm just trying to get my bills in order, so I don't burden the movement with me. Gene.

Fred is getting a NEXTEL phone set up for me tonight at a $25 initial purchase cost and $50 per month plus tax. We'll use the walkytalky nationwide ability for our conferences while here in America.

I'll be upgrading to a $600 satellite phone for the 41 day fast against the slave runners in Ghana, Africa this November. The extended trip to India may be too much to ad on this year. We'll see how the money goes. Gene.

We'll carry on this conversation at my new blog,


You, David, make the following third assertion:

"Exodus 20:14
Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Repeated several times in the New Testament:
Matthew 5:27
Matthew 19:18
Romans 13:9

A concubine, by definition (even your definition), would most certainly
be outside of wedlock, and that makes the relationship a sin of

Ok David,

To answer, a concubine is a type of second teared wife, who has no authority to claim social standing or benefit after her man is dead. "Adultery" is done when one mate cheats on the other -- a behind the back kind of thing. Polygamy assumes that all parties know of one another and are in harmony with the social environment of polygamy. The Mormons are known to have many wives, and these wives live often next door to each other, if not in the same house. A concubine is just another form of wife. She has less social standing in the home and no right to benefit from the family upon the man's death, but she is no adultress, according to my examination of Scripture.

I'm not even sure we can say with certainty that President Clinton was in adulty, according to Scripture. Monica Lewinsky was an "unmarried" and "never been married" woman. If she were married or had been previously, we might have a biblical arguement for adulty, but I don't see it in the Greek or Hebrew. She was a concubine, whom his his wife, we're told, knew nothing about. If Mrs. Clinton had done such a thing, it would be clearly adultry, as she was married to a husband.

In I Corinthians 7:2 we read, " Nevertheless, to avoid fornication (uncommitted sex), let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband." The "Topic" again is "fornication" (uncommitted sex), not singular and plural words.

For example, we often see in Scripture, God using terms like, "the church" and then, "the churches that are in Asia." Is the Church universal or are there many local churches. One is singular, the other plural. One doesn't negate the other. Infact, there are individual churces (ie. local gatherings), but they are part of the to-big-to-be-seated-in-one-location universal church.

So when we read a singular use of a term, it doesn't mean that a whole matter is resolved. We must still address the fact that King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and there is nothing I find indicating that it is a sin in 2003 for this lifestyle to continue, other than for church leaders (see: I Timothy 3:2). (Sadly, I am a church leader, so no polygamy for me.)

Ok David, on the first point, you present "Matthew 19:3-6." I would respectfully direct your attention to Matthew 19:3, which you forgot to quote: "The Pharisees also came unto him, tempting him, and saying unto him, Is it not lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause?"

The Hermaneutic Principle used to interpret this verse is the "Topical Principle." So the topic is divorcing your wife "for every cause." I don't see polygamy addressed here, I'm sorry.

In your quote, you address the idea that "the TWO shall become ONE flesh." I agree. We could infer from the text that monogamy is the presumed preferred state of a marital relationship from youre quotation, but I still don't see King Solomon of Abraham called "a sinner" for their polygamy.

Hi David, I'll respond to your points on Your're pretty young to be so fully informed on the subject (ha ha). Gene.

Hi Gene,

I'm going to have to refute the conclusions you came to in your
mini-sermon on polygamy.

Matthew 19:3-6
Jesus said, "Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning
made them male and female, and said, 'For this reason a man shall leave
his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the TWO shall
become ONE flesh'? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh.
Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate."

This same thing is repeated several times:
Genesis 2:24
Ephesians 5:31
Mark 10:6-9.

1 Corinthians 7.2
Let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband.
(Note: NOT plural -- "wife" and "husband" -- only one!)

Deuteronomy 17.17
Nor shall he multiply wives to himself, so that his heart does not turn
away (from God).

We know from this that there are TWO people in a marriage. This doesn't
say outright that polygamy is a sin, but it does imply that polygamy is
a deviation from God's intended marriage.

Now onto the concubine issue (this one is much, much simpler.)

One of God's Ten Commandments:

Exodus 20:14
Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Repeated several times in the New Testament:
Matthew 5:27
Matthew 19:18
Romans 13:9

A concubine, by definition (even your definition), would most certainly
be outside of wedlock, and that makes the relationship a sin of

So my conclusions:
1) While I haven't proven that multiple marriages is necessarily sinful,
I have shown that it is not the way God intended marriage to be.
2) Concubinism is adultery, and therefore, a sin.

Hope that helps,
David Bindel

David I. Bindel
Website Development

The IRS Claims New Patriot Act Type Powers to Punish Political Dissenters

I sent this out to the net yesterday.

Fred Smart - reporting


Date: 11/28/03 9:55:15 PM Central Standard Time
From: FKSmart


Please continue to support Joseph Banister. The article by Robert Raymond - see below - provides in excellent recap on this control system's - I won't call it a government for it's actions have been violating the authority of our central charters (the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the united states of America) - attempt to severely restrict and limit Joe's God-given right to help, serve and care for others.

Joe is a very rare breed of individual who not only had the courage to question his beliefs and assumptions regarding the veracity of his former employer's actions, but he made the very rare additional commitment to tell other fellow Americans who have continued to assume that this "system" and IRS has been telling the truth.

We The People are discovering that as a result of the IRS's and this "system's" complete refusal and failure to answer our questions openly we really have a duty to inform other fellow Americans about these facts. What has been passing as "government" has really become a masquerade of justice that's masking an unjust enterprise of behavior that's been warring against the God given rights of We The People.

We must first understand that the authority and power of government begins when
We The People grant-delegate our individual-collective trust and it ends when our individual-collective trust is abused. In effect, We The People ARE the government. As such we have a spiritual, God-given "care of duty" to report abuses of individual-collective trust to others in our world.

We The People have a duty to honor and respect the rights of others just as are called to help, serve and protect others from day to day. Anyone or any system of corruption that takes, abuses, cheats, steals and destroys the rights and property of those least - and great - among us must be defended and represented by We The People. We have an individual and a collective "duty to care" calling to protect, help and serve everyone and anyone who is being victimized by the forces of fraud and corruption that the Lord God brings before us from day to day.

When I look out at the landscape of our world I see SLAVERY - the organized controlled parasitic abuse-use of the individual energy, light and love which comes from our Almighty Creator - which is being masked by a combination of greed, diversions, distractions and fears through laws, processes and institutions that feed on our misplaced individual energy and trust through fear and misunderstanding.

This modern form of political-economic-social slavery is more diabolical than the physical slavery of control which was practiced by our ancestors. And as it is centered on the fraud of fractional reserve banking-credit - ie. paper money that has zero-no inherent value. This form of modern SLAVERY is, like mind-control, actually claiming to own/control the rights, energy, time and trust of every individual who walks the face of this wonderful world we live in. This modern form of SLAVERY operates like a dam blocking the free-flowing life force. It's like a dam that first blocks, then diverts and finally controls the boat - which corresponds to force of our individual mind-body - which should flow freely down this River of Life-Force energy called life.

A real life of freedom and liberty is a life of manifested love towards others which celebrates the oneness of this ocean of goodness and truth. A life of freedom and liberty is the expression of the Divine Design inherent within everyone to manifest useful ACTIONS to help and serve others. The simple bottom line is that nobody and nothing should ever prevent, restrict or limit any individuals divine calling to help and serve others for we are all called by our Almighty Creator to love others as much, if not more, than we love ourselves. Life is all about risk: the risk of helping, serving and loving others unconditionally the way our creator helps, serves and loves each one of us.

I am sorry to get off the beaten path. Joe Banister is a free individual who has a LOT to share with our wonderful world. I want him to be able to help and serve more and more and more and more individuals!! The world needs to hear and understand his story. We The People have a duty of care before our Almighty Creator to make sure he always has this opportunity.

May God continue to support and bless Joseph Banister and this awakening movement toward the receiving and sharing more and more of the energy, light, truth and love that originates unconditionally from our Almighty Creator.

And may we all learn to hug these "Wizards of Control" - whomever "they" are - and always seek love, help and serve those who seek to control, hate and destroy the individual energy, light, truth and love that the Lord God gives freely to us and others.

I hope you enjoy Robert R. Raymond's article on Joseph Banister below.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart


The IRS Claims New Patriot Act Type Powers to Punish Political Dissenters

by Robert R. Raymond
November 28, 2003

In a precendent-setting case, the IRS wielded new power to punish the political speech of those who "espouse views" the government considers "inconsistent" with government-held beliefs. In a hearing originally closed to the public in a secret tribunal on a military island, but moved to a public location after protests from the press and the public, the IRS wants to wield this power against a former IRS whistleblower, who was forced to resign upon his discovery of fraud in the agency. After monitoring and taping the whisteblower's appearances on Sixty Minutes, talk radio shows, and political publications where he rebroadcast his findings of IRS fraud, the IRS initiated this inquisition against their former whistelblower. This new power may find new political targets soon enough.

The IRS, through the small office of "Director of Practice," claims the authority to wield carte blanche authority over all the other powers of government -- the authority to monitor, surveil, and eavesdrop on political dissenters, the authority to pry into the private financial records of banks, businesses, and taxpayers, the authority to conduct secret investigations under a criminal grand jury, and the authority to censure political dissenters by branding on them a badge of infamy and stripping them of governmentally-protected licenses. In short, under the guise of a "practice" investigation, the IRS claims the right to wield all intrusive and invasive powers of government available.

A "license" to practice before the IRS -- even for people who have never requested such a license or actually practiced before the IRS, but are given one as a matter of law if they are accountants -- "licenses" the IRS to conduct private audits without notice to the taxpayer, confer with criminal prosecutors without disclosure, and bring special "disbarment" proceedings against disfavored dissenters, even if the alleged "disreputable" conduct has nothing to do with any "practice" before the IRS.

The IRS now claims it can use these so-called "practice" investigations of anyone who Congress licenses to practice before the IRS -- regardless of whether they actually practice before the IRS -- to surveil the public appearances of dissenters, eavesdrop on the political conversations of dissenters, benefit from secret grand jury investigations, hold secret conferences with the criminal investigators, surreptiously tap the private database of taxpayer information, including taxpayers who merely have some financial "connection" to the accused, audit the political dissenter's personal financial records, and use all this information against the dissenter in the "practice" proceeding.

Under the guise of a "practice" investigation, the IRS can ignore all the normal procedural protections against an illicit audit while it conducts such an audit. Simultaneously, the IRS can ignore all the legal protections afforded a person accused of a crime while conferencing with the people conducting a criminal investigation. Indeed, the IRS can even ignore the sunshine laws, as the records of such "practice investigation" are exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, as are grand jury proceedings.

The IRS claims it can exercise this authority in a secret proceeding without allowing a person the opportunity to cure any alleged mistakes, the opportunity to prepare a defense by knowing the exact facts they are accused of, without any opportunity for discovery, without any opportunity to call witnesses necessary for their defense, without any opportunity to cross examine their accusers, without any opportunity to testify at their own hearing about the merits of their position, without being forced to testify against themselves without such an assertion being held against them, and without even an opportunity for a hearing on the evidence.

This power of this little office with a Napoleonic vision goes even beyond the Patriot Act type authority and stories of FBI monitoring of war protestors.

Too Hoover-ish to be true in modern America? Just read the case of the IRS against Joe Banister scheduled for a "hearing" -- a hearing where the IRS prohibited Banister from introducing any witnesses or presenting any evidence as to his defenses, and even discussing the sincerity, the truth or the "reasonableness" of his positions -- on December 1 in the city by the bay, in the Tax Court chambers of the federal courthouse in San Francisco. History is being made.

Please forward to any interested parties.


Joe Banister's web page.



Polygamy is the state of having more than one wife or concubine.

Years ago at Baylor University, I was a scholarship student studying undergraduate Law, but my focus was to become a lawyer/ preacher like the Father of The Reformation, Dr. Martin Luther, with whom I'd been compared by the American Press back in 1986 and 1987, as I'd challenged Pope John Paul II's Catholic theological assumptions with my billboard ministry. My liberal theology professor knew I was a hard core Bible thumper Fundamentalist in those days, as we had often verbally spared in class. Oneday, he became upset with my presumed astonishment at his assertion that Moses crossed the Red Sea in shallow water, as I said before the class, "That's amazing that God drowned Pharaoh's entire army in ankle deep water." The class laughed at the professor.

Then the professor charged back at me, "I'll give you or anybody in here an extra "A," if you can show me where in the Bible, Old or New Testament, it does away with polygamy." I took his offer, as did many of my fellow students in the class.

In the end, I never got that extra "A." He beat my fundamentalist assumptions on that point, and made me a better student of the Bible and even the U.S. Tax Code, as result. My assumptions mean nothing, if I can't back it up with chapter and verse, I learned.

In I Kings 11:3, King Solomon is reported to have 700 wives and 300 concubines. All it says negative of this is that Solomon's wives turned his heart away form God. I guess the concubines didn't play a role in this turning away from God. Who knows?

A concubine is like a second wife -- a woman who lives in the home but is not an heir to the man's property in any way. There are no marital obligations that must be fulfilled by the man's family to the concubine, were he to die. Nothing in the Bible does away with this lifestyle. In other words, you're not a sinner for having a live-in woman.

The New Testament does indicate that a church pastor/"bishop" (I Timothy 3:2) is not to be polygamous. He is to be the husband of "one wife." In other words, he is a one woman kind of man. It is interesting that this bishop is the head of the local church and not the tail. I think the preferred state for a godly man is to be prepared to be a bishop or "deacon" (vs. 12), and that requires that you not be a many woman type of man.

If, however, you see polygamy in your life, I couldn't and wouldn't oppose your lifestyle. Having a concubine or a wife or two is not a cut and dried sin in the Bible, so who am I to oppose it? I'm not God, and God didn't oppose it. Just be careful that you're not hiding these women from one another, as it would be immoral to portray yourself as being married or in a concubine relationship to one or more women, while not.


Gene Chapman, Pastor

Friday, November 28, 2003

"Season Of the Beast"

In Matthew 24, Christ Jesus makes us aware of his second coming at the end of Time. While no man may know the "day or the hour" (Matthew 24:36) of the end time, he speaks often of the 'season,' as we all know. And the Season of the Beast seems more real today than ever before.

In Revelation 11:8 and 9, for example, we read of two "prophets" who are killed in the street. Those of "kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and a half" (vs. 9), as they lay in the street. How is it possible that John, the author of Revelation, could have predicted such an event being seen all over the world before the advent of television 60 years ago or the internet a dozen years ago? We live in the Season of the End, no doubt.

And look on at Revelation 13. We see a system of numeric control over all peoples such that one cannot buy or sell without the mark or the name of the Beast in his right hand or in his forehead (vs. 17). And that number and name is 666 (vs. 18).

We have an IRS that has Social Security numbers tracking all of us, and a world economic system building the infrastructure to number and economically control the whole world in the years just ahead. Yes, it is the "Season of The Beast."

Pastor Gene Chapman.

We need to build content for the TV Station. If any of you have a web cam and would like to allow us to uplink your content for a week at a time, let me know. We're ready for it, I'm told. Gene.

Thurston Bell Checks In:

The Judge is only proving Dick's general observation of the Security fo
Judges being the main impedement to change.

If the Judge released Dick he would prove Dick wrong in that it would then
be clear that change can come by juries, and Judges do not need to have
their job and physical security challenged in order for change to occur.

By holding him, the judge is proving to all of America that the Judges are
out of control, for if half of what I read about the proceedings is true,
the Judge has acted contrary to Justice and the fundamental rights of due
process, and all but the Ringer in the Jury refused to become part of the
Federal Express (Woooo! Woooo!)

By holding Simkanin, the Judge is proving Dick correct in his observation.

This judge is playing with fire. If anything happens to Mr. Simkanin, his
wife, his happiness, and his busines never recovers, his eternal soul is in
jeopardy (assuming he has one).

It looks like the Judge is going to continue in his treason against the
People of America by holding Mr. Simkanin and thus is absolute power just
like Former President of Georgia Eduard Shevrenodza.

Despite that velvet revolution over there, a march or thrreeat thereof on
the President's Home had to occur in order for him to finally relenquish
his belief in his control.

Perhaps now is the time to march, as the judge is exposed in the Court, by
the Jurors. This is a moment of weakness.


I noticed an increase of about 20 hits per day to when the one mobile billboard we now have in Atlanta was on site for those four days last week. How many more people don't have computers but are getting in step with our message and movement by having the billboard on the street at the IRS Regional Center? I'm happy with what I'm seeing with the mobile billboard concept. Wish I could afford ten more. Gene.

A picture of a second moblie billboard we might buy for $1,500 is off in the mail to Fred Smart. Gene.

After reading over Gandhi and sleeping on the letter I'd written Dick Simkanin, I chose not to mail it this morning, as I may need to be more a conciliatory voice for Truth than that "Mutual Defense Pact" discussion might promote. Gene.

One of the vows of Gandhiji:

Ahimsa (Nonviolence)

Ahimsa is not merely a negative state of harmlessness , but it is positive state of love , of doing good even to the evil-doer. - Young India,August 25, 1920

Ahimsa is a weapon of matchless potency. It is the summum bonum of life. It is an attribute of the brave, in fact, it is their all. It does not come within the reach of coward. It is no wooden or lifeless dogma, but a living and life giving force. - Young India, Sept 6, 1926.

Ahimsa is not the way of the timid or cowardly. It is the way of the brave ready to face death. He who perishes sword in hand is no doubt brave; but he who faces death without raising his little finger and without flinching, is braver. - Young India, Oct. 11, 1928


January 15, 1948


This is a new experience for me. I have never so far had occasion to convey my word thus to the people. I cannot go to the prayer ground and my voice from here cannot reach you. Even so I thought that if you could hear my voice you would feel reassured. I have already dictated what I have to say. I do not know for how long this state will continue.

My request to you is that none of you should think what another is doing, but each of you should examine your own self and purify yourself to the extent you can. I am convinced that if people in large numbers purify themselves it will do them a lot of good and it will also do me good. India then will benefit and maybe I shall be able to give up my fast sooner. Let no one be concerned about me. Let everyone be concerned for himself. You must give thought to the progress of the country and the welfare of the people. In the end all men have to die. He who is born cannot escape death. Why then should we fear death or grieve over it? It is my belief that death is a friend to whom we should be grateful, for it frees us from the manifold ills which are our lot.

Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Gene Chapman Letter to Dick Simkanin:

Nov. 27, 2003

Dear Brother Simkanin:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so happy to hear that you are not guilty! Praise God! However, I'm distressed to hear that you are still in jail, given, I understand, you had 11 of 12 jurors in your favor.

There is thinking in the "Mutual Defense Pact," of which I am the "nonviolent" leader, that the 750 members should surround your situation. Of course the armed side of the pact is much larger than my unarmed side. There is thinking in favor of jailing the judge in your case until you are freed, at this juncture.

The "Mutual Defense Pact" members are observing events in your case and will not tolerate your eternal incarceration, I know. We just have to think through God's solution. Your thoughts? Are you in the pact?


Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ

I did everything you told me to do Doug, and I got nothing when I double clicked on your picture. TEST.


I need somebody to tell me how to link in my pictures from my Kodak pictures to the website I'm now paying for.

We also need to find out how to link in our video tapes from the news interviews I did this past summer on the site. (Fred, I need the addresses of the vidoe makers, so I can send them a money order and get out tapes sent to us).

I also need to know about what camera we will be buying in the next few weeks for Gene Chapman TV. I like BestBuy products. Gene.

The general funding for the Church is set up as follows:

10% Prison Ministry:
5% Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund. (Directed Toward Billboards in Atlanta Project, Per Dick's Instructions): Total Deposits This Week: $10.00. Balance: $80.00.
5% Fans for indigent prisoners. Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $80.00.

10% Christian School/ Home School Funding of Children. Total Deposits This Week: $20.00. Balance: $160.00.

10% Feeding and Housing of Needy/ Poor/ Homeless. Total Deposits: $20.00. Ending Balance: $100.00.

10% Widow and Orphan care. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $160.00.

5% Alabama Christian Reparations Project. Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $430.00. (A new computer will only cost $550, so we're holding off for purchase until we reach that figure).
5% Christian Slave Freedom Project (Africa). Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $50.00.

10% Gene Chapman TV/ Internet. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $160.00.

10% Billboard Ministry/ Advertising for the Church proper. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $160.00.

30% Property Lease/ Purchase Account for Montgomery, Alabama Location and Catastrophic Emergency Fund. Total Deposits: $60.00. Balance: $480.00.

Directly Funded Church Ministries:

TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON: Starting Balance: 151.65. No Deposits. Balance: $151.65.

ATLANTA PROJECT: Starting Balance: $511.00. Deposits: $100.00 (Thanks Mr. Wornock). Expenditures: ($150.00) Towing fee for RV ($15.00) Postal Fee for letter to get rv out of Impound. Total Expenditures: ($165.00). Ending Balance: $446.00.

Bill Lear Monthly Funding: Total Deposits This Week: $10.00. Balance: $20.00.

Joe Banister Legal Defense Fund: (Joe Requested I keep funding my work, and so I shall.)

Total Deposits This Week: $310.00.

respectfully, Gene.

Pre-Thanksgiving Wishes From the U.S. Treasury Dept.

Wed Nov 26 03
04:34:39 PM
Direct Access

Wed Nov 26 03
03:34:21 PM No
Direct Access

Wed Nov 26 03
11:50:26 AM
Go :

We The People would like to know why our servant government officials are visiting these sites.

May the Lord God Jesus Christ continue to reveal more and more of His energy, light, truth and love.

Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless America!


Happy Thanksgiving:

This year, I'm thankful that God has given me all of you for comfort, without whom I'd be all alone (in human terms) in my struggle for freedom from Slavery in America and around the world. Thank you for walking down life's highway toward the light besde me, and me beside you. We are a small nation today, but "right makes might." Oneday, we slave opponents shall number in the millions, and equity shall rule in this world. But for now, we must continue the march toward freedom. Let us continue. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Servant of the Son of Man.

For anyone out of the loop, the CDC (Center For Disease Control) building is right next to the IRS Building in Atlanta. They share the same driveway. Interesting note from Robert's blog. Gene:

Posted 2:03 PM by Robert Owen Ingle

According to one of the women in the office at the Chamblee Police Headquarters, the CDC called them earlier today inquiring about the RV. Perhaps CDC is a codeword for IRS which seems to prefer anonymity to personal responsibility.


Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Round Table Talk:

1) I'm glad to hear Dick Simkanin was not found guilty. A hung jury is better than guilty.

2) I have a $150 money order off to our Atlanta On Site Supervisor and a letter to get the rv out of the impound. The vehicle sat untouched for 4 solid days, but they decided Monday afternoon that it was blocking traffic. Why didn't they tow it last Firday? Either they have a very slow police departmant, or we just had our Civil Rights (right to protest) violated. I'll be looking more into this.

3) The rv will be relocated near the IRS building asap.

4) We have interest showing up in several corners of the movement in how exactly others may advertise like we are. Just buy the "oldest motor home" (we don't want the Government thinking Donald Trump is fighting the IRS) you can get to run legal. It will cost between $800 and $1,500. Then insure it for about $200 per year. Then buy signs for about $300 (I'll be overjoyed to help you make the sign plan and even put it on your rv, if you like). I have immediate plans to buy another rv with Fred for about $1,200 ($600 each). I will say that we get a compounding advertising benefit when several motor homes/ moblie billboards are in a local area to one another. Two rv's will do the advertising work of three. Three rv's will do the work of five, and so on. This is an opportunity to move the nation on this moral issue at the grass roots. Join us in the TAX SLAVE FREEDOM MOMVEMENT. Gene Chapman.

Missing RV Update

I just sent this to Gene et. al via email:


Robert Ingle called with this update:

In order for Robt. to take possession of your RV the Chamblee Police Dept requires that you make out a letter spelling out Robert's authority to take possession of your RV as coming from you, OK'd by you, etc. This letter - it can be handwritten - MUST BE DATED, SIGNED AND NOTARIZED!!

The letter sent in a separate sealed envelope and should be addressed to:

To Whom It May Concern
c/o Chamblee Police Dept.
3518 Broad Street
Chamblee, GA 30341-2286

Dear Sirs:

I understand from conversations I and others have had with Asst. Chief of Police Mark Bender that, in order for Robert Ingle to take possesison of my Toyota RV I must wite, sign and notarize the following statement:

"I, Gene K. Chapman, do hereby authorize Robert O. Ingle of 4542 Adams Lane, Acworth, Georgia (770-794-9524) to take possession of my Toyota RV with Texas plates SGW 16X per towing/impounding case # 03-04582."

If you have any questions, please call 888-606-9379.


Gene K. Chapman - owner of Toyota RV with TX plates SGW 16X


This letter must be overnighted to Robert Ingle at his personal home address which, again, is:

Robert O. Ingle
4642 Adams Ln
Acworth, GA 30102-6334
h 770-794-9524
c 678-463-1436


That's it!!

Peace and God Bless,




Tuesday, November 25, 2003

We Found Gene's RV

Gene's RV was towed Monday evening. Brown's Towing Service confirmed that the RV was towed. There was no ticket. The case # on the job is 03-04582. Gene will be contacting Assistant Chief of Police of the Chambleee Police Dept. to discuss potential civil rights violations.

The cost for storage is $10 per days and with the towing the total charge at this point is $120.

Fred Smart - reporting

Gene's RV was either stolen or towed

We received word late yesterday about this and are working with individuals in the greater Atlanta area to determine what happened.

We've been in communication with the auto-theft dept. of the Atlanta police - (404) 853-4205 - and the DeKalb County auto-theft dept (404) 294-2560.

We may have a civil rights violation on our hands as there were no restrictions against parking in the area where Gene left the RV.


Fred Smart - reporting

Sunday, November 23, 2003