(Slave Freedom Movement)

Saturday, October 25, 2003

All I need to do is pay off my bills to do a death fast, so let's not try to get too big for our britches by me purchasing more rv's. If yall want to buy them, that's fine, but I have to fly close the ground to have my greatest effectiveness for TRUTH at his point. I have to keep it simple. Gene.

Last evening, I was watching a special on the History Channel about the people who tried to stop Hitler, as he rose to power. One young ministerial student tried and failed to shoot Hitler with a pistol and was later beheaded in a prison camp. A Catholic Cardinal led a procession in the street against Hitler; I don't know what happened to him. A Protestant Minister preached against Hitler and was later killed in a prison camp. Hitler was opposed and still overthrew justice FOR A TIME.

As I read Doug Kenline's blog where the IRS swept out $2,400 of his bank account, I remembered back to the days of December last year when I drove up to the Austin IRS Building to contemplate how God would have me oppose a tyranny that refused to answer the question, "Where is my tax liability in the law?" He gave me the Death Fast, based on Genesis 10 and Gandhian history, etc., etc.

This fast was effective in placing a spotlight on the Treasury Department's failure to be honorable with citizens by answering questions. I keep seeing these carnal eager kids fresh out of Harvard running the IRS, along with old men who just follow orders from above to raise cash at the IRS. They have no moral backbone; they just do what the Socialist/ Communist supervisors tell them to do.

The winds of the Death Fast are coming back to me, just as they did last December. I've thought through Gandhi's instruction not to fast against those who do not love us or think they are right. Perhaps there is a time to fast unto death against those who will not live equitably with others, just to shame them in a scornful laughing escape from their despotism.

It will take me about 56 days to die in such a fast, based on my further study of my body and death fasting. The man in Ireland a few years back, who fasted to death in prison, died on the 56th day after being force fed once. I'm sure I'm about his size and strength.

The only problem I have in such a fast is all the voices coming in on the internet who tell me to do this or that. Once I lose mental capacity to deal with people, they have an ability to harass me into this or that direction. That was one of the failures of the Austin Fast. If I death fast in Atlanta, I will throw away my computer, have no interviews but through my personal people and answer no questions but those in writing.

My objective will be to lay myself upon the alter (Genesis 10) and let God make the choices. If He heals America of its arrogance against truth by getting me an answer to my question, then I'll stop the fast. If He wishes for me to be a martyr against the Congress of the United States and its failed oversight of the IRS, then that is fine too. Expect such a fast from me. Injustice has never won a battle with me, and I don't plan on losing this one. DO YOU HEAR ME, Mr. President!? I will have credible answers and honorable treatment of WE THE PEOPLE, or I shall have death!


Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ
Galatians 6:9

"I Shall Not be Moved!"

Friday, October 24, 2003

Doug Kenline, in the end, it's about you and God. The TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT has up and down cycles. Right now, we are in a down cycle. So big deal. We have God and each other.

I don't know what your situation with the IRS was, but I gather you didn't work with Irwin Schiff, as I suggested over and over to you. Even if Irwin fails, we still have the truth of our movement. Truth crushed to the earth will rise again. If we are living close to the earth already, as I have attempted to show in my life example, their boots can't slam us to the pavement quite so hard. Expect trouble and love it. It is the destiny of great men to feel the fire of trial.


Gene Chapman

Something for my rv in the Atlanta Project:


History's Definition of The 2nd Plank of "The Communist Manifesto":

A PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX, thus structured to redistribute wealth from producers to nonproducers, directly violating both the Christian economic principle that possession of wealth is "the gift of God" (Eccl. 3:13; Pr. 31:31) and that benevolence is the role of the church and the 'cheerful' (II Cor. 9:7) individual (not the taxing state), which ultimately inhibits productivity and investment, while deficit spending and national debt rise ever higher to meet the unsustainable demands of nonproducers, therefore ending in equal poverty for all just prior to national currency devaluation and total economic collapse of said nation.

I have pictures off to Doug for posting. Gene.

We continue to get regular hits from the Treasury Department:

We got two today. It's so regular that I quit posting them all a couple of months ago. Gene.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Doug seems to be having trouble posting my pictures from the road. I'm sending him another batch tonight. Gene.

Fred and I have been talking about an idea that would raise funds for the Illinois We The People Congress. I suggested that to meet the needs of advertising in newspapers, as Bob Schultz has asked, etc., we should build a house from the ground up and then raffle it off. I've offered to put in $5,000 of my money, and Fred says he will put money into such a project. It seems to be getting a good reception among his Illinois folks too.

The way it would work is that We The People folks in Illinois would put up the cash to build a "Freedom House" this Spring. Maybe it will cost $50,000 to build it? We do the labor, hire a professional to direct us in the more technical areas, then sell or raffle it off with tickets. The invested money will then be returned to the folks who put cash into the "Freedom House," and maybe $50,000 will be the proceeds after sale and deducted costs. These proceeds would be kept for use by the state groups over the next year. Gene.