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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Well, Jessica and I just visited here in Ft. Worth, Texas. She feels my life is a bit too intense for her life plans, and I respect that. We have to pay a price to follow God's leadership, and my price is a marital realtionship with her. I'd have to go in about a 180 degree turn to meet her needs, I gather, based on what all we discussed. We are gonna keep feeding each other good materials for our individual work in Christ.

She had this tape series on the first 350 years of American History from Monroe, Louisiana that I have to get on the sites for all to hear.

My gross check was $1,200 and change this week, so I'm gonna hit some personal bills in the coming days. (For you 16 year olds out there, $1,200 is a man sized paycheck, so now you have your life standard set) (ha ha). I'm off to California for a Tuesday delivery.

Keep helping my with the motor homes. Please be in prayer for their proper use. I am seeing them for sale as cheap as $2,000 in the newspaper. All we need is a fleet of mobile billboards.

Mt rv is getting set for two large Scripture laden signs. We might get a life sized picture of me on their too to build what they call in advertising, a "clebrity profile." It's just a way to get more people to listen to the message.



I was re-reading Greg Doran’s, “De Legis et Gubernatis, The Christian’s Duty to the Civil Magistrate” this evening before I went out to dinner with my wife and daughters.

In the last pages of Ch 5 he writes: “… It is against natural self-preservation, as well as a gross violation of the First Commandment, which forbids religious tribute to any but God alone, and the Sixth Commandment, which condemns self-murder, for a Christian to willingly contribute the money earned by the sweat of his brow to further the cause of God’s enemies in their tireless campaign against the church and her Lord….. To suffer a thief to confiscate our property when resistance is not possible without greater harm to life or limb befalling us is one thing; to willingly turn our goods over to those who would use it for wicked purposes is quite another.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Those words were in my brain as my family went out to dinner. We live about 25 miles from Lynchburg, VA where my girls are involved in a karate school. Tonight they had a family get together at the Golden Corral restaurant. We were finished eating and most were leaving when Jerry Falwell entered the dining room with his wife.

We see Jerry from time to time around here. It is Lynchburg after all, which he controls a goodly portion of.

So before we left, I introduced myself and recounted an experience I had just last week when my Mormon sister and her husband, a Marriott, visited my family for a few days.

In a theological discussion late one evening my brother-in-law told me that King David was not saved because of his indiscretion with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband. It was late so we adjourned the conversation but I took it up with him the next morning by showing him the words of David himself in 1 Kings 1. David said he was redeemed, but to this Mormon that did not mean he was “exalted”. Well one thing led to another and to prove his point that we can lose our salvation he brought up Jerry Falwell and his indiscretions.

My brother-in-law asked me if I thought Jerry was saved. I told him that was God’s business, not mine, but that if he or anybody else was saved, it is impossible to lose that salvation, no matter what he may or may not do before he dies.

In recounting this to Jerry he agreed and both he and his wife made comments as to the nature of the Mormon cult and what a shame it was that otherwise intelligent people could buy into that lie.

At one point in the conversation Jerry asked me what my brother-in-law’s fathers name was. I told him I didn’t know the whole family tree and asked him why he wanted to know?

Jerry told me that the Marriott Corporation supplies the food service to Liberty University.

We were interrupted by some folks seeking a picture with him so I begged his wife’s forgiveness for interrupting their dinner and left.

As we drove home the irony stuck me. I had a Mormon in my home who believed that Falwell was an evil man headed for hell and then discovered that Falwell is allowing the Mormons (Marriott Corporation), whom he acknowledges promote false doctrine, to supply his Christian university with food service.

He’s paying them to teach lies about the truth of salvation.

Now I know there are several other food service companies that would love to have the Falwell account but I doubt Jerry has even given it much thought. Or has he?

Needless to say, when I got home from dinner and found your e-mail, I could only think of God’s great providence in my life and I was glad to see Falwell’s name on your list.

I applaud your efforts to raise awareness about the insidious nature of the IRS but it is only one tentacle of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Read G. Edward Griffin’s book on the Federal Reserve of the same name or Murray Rothbard’s, “The Case Against the Fed”.

The IRS is just one of the Creature’s children, one of its tentacles. Cut it off and it will grow another. Besides, the IRS only serves a minor role in the great conspiracy.

The Beast must be attacked at the soul of its existence, the Federal Reserve System. Mow that down and it cannot survive. Destroy the central banking system and there will be no IRS. Destroy the IRS and the Beast will still live.

We must fight the good fight another way. We must quietly extricate ourselves from the system, come out from among them (2 Cor 6:17), be in the world and not of it, and then teach others to do likewise.

I can empathize/sympathize with the Simkanins and Lears of this world but the energies spent in their argument against the IRS would be better spent attacking the heart and soul of the Creature.

I remember yours, Bob Shulz’s and Rose Lear’s hunger strikes to publicize the atrocities committed by this government. I also recall e-mailing you (and Rose Lear) to encourage you to give it up and live to fight the good fight another day and in another way.

Committing suicide is in direct violation of God’s Commandments.

I was so thankful to Jesus you all chose life over death.

And now I pray that the Lord will guide you all to seek to destroy the Beast at its essence by using your ministries to educate the brethren about the true nature of the mind control war we are in the midst of.

Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

May the Lord guide your steps and Bless you and yours.

Dave Clum

Reply to David from Gene below:

Well written. I do believe in eternal salvation, but I think many more claim to have it than actually do. Jerry Falwell is a man I think to be saved, but I have to nail these preachers in the way I have to get them to focus on their oversight, in my thinking.

My Death Fast in Austin was based in Genesis 10, where Abraham was called of God to lay that which was most precious to him uipon the alter and allow God to make the choices of life and death.

I hope you will help in the Atlanta Project in some way.

I have informed Dr. Falwell that I believe that there are demons in the world and that these evil spirits direct us in paths of ungodliness. As we fast and pray for one another, we are able to remove these demons off each other, based on my study of Holy Scripture. Anyway, I plan to be at Dr. Falwell's church about May 15, 2004 to fast his 'gluttony demon,' as I term it, off of him. This will open up his ministry to do greater works, I see in Scripture. I love Dr. Falwell greatly, and want to support him in every way, even fasting.


Gene Chapman

Friday, October 17, 2003

Gene here. This new IRS Commissioner, Mark W. Everson, that I found on David Marsh's website is either grossly uninformed or Wicked Demonic Filth, laying in wait to devour just men and overthrow the rule of law:

New I.R.S. Chief Plans to Focus on Enforcement

Published: October 16, 2003

WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 — The new Internal Revenue Service commissioner, with an emphasis different from his predecessor's, says effective enforcement of the tax laws rather than further improving customer service would be the main focus of his administration.

Those businesses and wealthy individuals who for years have gotten away with cheating on their taxes will no longer slip past the Internal Revenue Service, the new commissioner, Mark W. Everson, said Wednesday in his first interview since taking office in May.

"Clearly in an effort to do better on the customer service side we poached from law enforcement," he said. "Now there needs to be a re-centering of the agency."

As he spoke, I.R.S. agents in Chicago were serving a summons on a major law firm, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, for the names of its tax-shelter clients.

The firm said it was cooperating with the I.R.S. and hinted that it no longer recommended tax shelters, saying it would advise "our former clients" of the summons so they "will have the opportunity to seek relief from the court."

Mr. Everson (pronounced EE-ver-sun) said more such actions would follow until a rising tide of tax cheating was stemmed and both legal and accounting firms raised their ethical standards. "There is no doubt we saw an erosion of professional standards" during the Wall Street boom, he said, "and some people made business decisions about whether to comply with the tax law."

He also said he was pressing aides to reduce to about six months from two years the time it takes to develop a criminal tax case and to resolve corporate audits faster.

He said he was troubled by an I.R.S. Oversight Board survey last month showing that 17 percent of Americans believe that it is acceptable to cheat on taxes, up from 11 percent in 1999. "That's a big increase in a short period of time," he said.

Mr. Everson said the agency's mission could be reduced to a simple formula, which he attributed in part to Bob Wenzel, who retired two weeks ago as deputy commissioner: service plus enforcement equals compliance.

Mr. Everson also warned of major problems in the project begun five years ago to develop a new I.R.S. central computer system. The ultimate cost is estimated at $8 billion, but only a small portion has been spent as Congress has held a tight rein on the project.

He at first described the project as "getting a mixed grade," but then shifted his stance.

"The effort to update the master file system has not been successful at all," he said. "That's something we have failed at."

As early as next month recommendations will be made on how to revitalize the project. He said a central problem was not technological limits, but "the management structure, which is not adequate" to execute such a huge project.

The I.R.S. keeps its master files on computers bought during the Kennedy administration, using tape-drive technology virtually everyone else abandoned long ago.

He said the one success for the I.R.S. was customer service, which he said improved greatly under Charles O. Rossotti, the former commissioner, who emphasized service, though at the end of his tenure he warned of problems because of a lack of resources to enforce tax laws.

Mr. Rossotti, a computer industry executive, is now a senior adviser to the Carlyle Group, an investment partnership run by people with deep Washington connections.

Mr. Everson has already begun to shake up the management.

As the top management expert at the Office of Management and Budget he developed the Bush administration proposal two years ago to focus agencies on results instead of process. He was also an architect of the Department of Homeland Security, which was cobbled together mostly from parts of the Treasury and Justice Departments.

At his ceremonial swearing-in in June, Andrew Card, the White House chief of staff, called him the "M" in the O.M.B.

Mr. Everson, 49, said his interest in management began after he graduated from Phillips Exeter in 1971 and took a job for a year running a chicken slaughterhouse in Zambia, where he oversaw 30 people, only 7 of whom spoke English.

He then went to Yale, where he said he thought he might be the most conservative student because he said he could not find another student who would say he had voted for Richard Nixon in 1972.
New I.R.S. Chief Plans to Focus on Enforcement

At Yale he acknowledged that he was not known for his scholarship. He was known for wearing Bermuda shorts and argyle socks once a month regardless of the weather and, he acknowledged, for becoming part of the streaking craze in spring 1974 when he ran naked through the Calhoun College dining hall, a trophy hoisted over his head.

He said he was not a member of Skull and Bones, the secret society that had President Bush as a member, or any other Yale secret societies. "Background wasn't elite enough," he said.

Mr. Everson's first government job was in the Reagan administration. He worked in the old United States Information Agency under Charles Z. Wick. Mr. Everson eventually became deputy commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

He said the immigration and tax agencies were alike in "having a tension between service and enforcement."

Mr. Everson's next job was managing a beverage can factory in Turkey while his wife, the former Nanette Rutka, who is now the White House ethics officer, worked part time as a lawyer.

A decade ago the Eversons adopted two children in a Turkish orphanage, where Mrs. Everson was a volunteer. Leonard, now 16, attends a military academy in Virginia and Emma, now 15, is in high school. The Eversons also helped raise a Cambodian refugee whom he had helped gain entry to the United States.

Mr. Everson expressed surprise when told that some I.R.S. criminal investigators, in interviews, had complained that when suspected tax cheats were not prosecuted there was often no civil enforcement action, allowing the suspected cheat to escape both the ignominy of indictment and the paying of taxes.

He also defended a plan to hire private debt-collection agencies in an effort to bring in some past-due taxes. The plan has drawn fierce opposition from the National Treasury Employees Union, which says that for the same money government employees could do the work better.

Private debt collectors also run directly counter to one of the reforms Congress approved after the Senate Finance Committee hearings on the I.R.S. in 1997 and 1998. Disclosures that some I.R.S. collectors were rated based on how much money they collected resulted in a Congressional ban on such rating techniques.

Private collectors, Mr. Everson acknowledged, will pay their employees based on how much they collect. He insisted safeguards would be written into contracts, then explained why he could not hire more staff tax collectors. "Budget scoring rules make it impossible," he said

"Extortioners Shall Not Inherit The Kingdom Of God!"

The word 'extortion' is perhaps the most powerful word in all of Holy Scripture against the Internal Revenue Service and the members of the United States House and Senate, who are complicit with the IRS, by their silence on the tax liability issue, as it relates to individuals. Even the sitting President of the United States is complicit in any extortion that he sees but does not act against. But let's not stop there. Every minister in every pulpit in America who doesn't speak up against extortion where they see it is also complicit in that extortion. And every citizen of a democratic republic who sits silent while watching an extortion take place is complicit in that extortion, as well; for, to be in a democratic republic is to be either actively or passively complict in every act of that government, as we are all individually responsible to God in the running of such a government.

Webster's Dictionary defines 'extortion': "to obtain from a person by violence, threat, oppression or abuse of authority."

'Extortion' appears in the Bible twice. 'Extortioner' appears three times. And 'extortioners' appears three times in Holy Scripture, as well.

In I Corinthians 6:9-10, we read the following: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulters, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners , shall inherit the kingdom of God." Paul the Apostle is telling the church at Corinth here that those who "obtain from a person by violence, threat, oppression or abuse of authority" are those who can expect that they "shall not inherit the kingdom of God." But what does it mean not to 'inherit' the kingdom of God?

The word 'inherit' in I Corinthians 6:10 is the Greek word, "kleronomeo." It means, "to be an heir," "possessor." It means you are the type of person who should expect to go to Hell when you die. So, if you allow such things to go on, you are complicit in 'extortion' and should expect to go to Hell when you die.

So, Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church, Dr. Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Bishop T. D. Jakes of The Potter's House, Dr. Jerry Falwell or Thomas Road Baptist Church, Dr. Lee Roberson of Tennessee Temple University, Dr. Bob Jones III of Bob Jones University, Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dr. Charles Stanley of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, President George W. Bush, Senators and Congressmen, Americans, I present the following: If, as Irwin Schiff asserts, there is no tax liability in the IRS Code Book (ie. Tax Laws) for individuals, then, to the extent that you remain silent and/ or uninquisitive in these matters, you are complicit with one another in an extortion of funds from the American people and may fully expect not to inherit the kingdom of God.

Jesus said, 'I was in prison, and ye visited (ie. Greek -- episkeptomia: to look out for, to inspect) me not' (see: Matthew 25:43). "Then shall they also answer him , saying, Lord, when . . . saw we thee in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not unto the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punnishment: but the righteous into life eternal" (Matthew 25:44-46). Notice that righteous people, who go into "life eternal" have a heart that moves them 'to inspect/ look out for' those in prison. I know a man named Dick Simkanin who needs the inspection of the American Christians. I know another man named Bill Lear in the same prison circumstance. All they have done is ask, "Where is my tax liability in the law?" And no one in power or in pulpit will 'inspect' or 'look out for' their situation, as Jesus taught us. No one, that is, except for a rag tag group of tax honesty folks, me included.


Pastor Gene Chapman

10% Prison Ministry:
5% Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund. Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $20.00.
5% Fans for indigent prisoners. Total Deposits: $10.00. Balance: $20.00.

10% Christian School/ Home School Funding of Children. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $40.00.

10% Feeding and Housing of Poor/ Homeless. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $40.00.

10% Widow and Orphan care. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $40.00.

10% Alabama Christian Reparations Project. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $360.00.

10% Gene Chapman TV/ Internet. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $40.00.

10% Billboard Ministry/ Advertising for the Church proper. Total Deposits: $20.00. Balance: $40.00.

30% Property Lease/ Purchase Account for Montgomery, Alabama Location and Catastrophic Emergency Fund. Total Deposits: $60.00. Balance: $120.00.

Directly Funded Church Ministries:

TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON: No Deposits: Balance: $101.65.

ATLANTA PROJECT: No Deposits. No Expenditures. Balance: $1,000.

Bill Lear Monthly Funding: Total Deposits This Week: $10.00. Balance: $10.00.

Total Deposits This Week: $210.00 (by Gene).

respectfully, Gene.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I would like those who feel an attachment to my work to begin praying about moving to either Montgomery, Alabama or Pensacola, Florida (ie. no state income tax) to work in building up the church in both a Montgomery location and a Mobile, Alabama location. "Two are better than one" (Ecclesiastes 4:9). My theology is presented at Gene Chapman, Pastor.

Pictures of Jersey City, New Jersey, just across the Hudson from where the World Trade Center once stood and pictures of Pennsylvania are off to Doug Kenline. Gene.

Perhaps, we can find some homeless people in Atlanta who would like to stay in the motor homes we are able to buy as "on site protest vehicle supervisors." Robert, I'm sure you would like to provide housing for homeless people in Atlanta while protesting the IRS. ;-) The city would love it too, I'm sure. Gene.

"The Tithe"

In the formation of Gentle Love Christian Fellowship Church (, some have wondered where I come down on the "tithe." In fact, the Colony of Rhode Island was formed in part over a theological conflict with the Puritan leaders of the Colony of Massachusetts on the issue of the tithe. Some Rhode Island leaders didn't see the tithe as being consistent with New Testament ideas of not giving money by "brow beating or of [taxation]" (II Corinthians 9:7).

The tithe is a biblical idea, found clearly taught as a tax policy in the Old Testament for the Jews. Abraham (ie. Abram before the name change) tithed before the Law of Moses to "Melchizedek king of Salem" (Genesis 14:18-20), but the tithe doesn't seem to be clearly laid out in the New Testament, so I've never taught it, as I do not want to violate II Corinthians 9:7.

All we see clearly laid out in the New Testament that I can find on any consistent weekly giving to the work of God (ie. collection for the saints) is in I Corinthians 16:2: "Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come," written by the Apostle Paul to the church at Corinth.

I will note that consistent giving to a work one respects to honor God does seem to motivate a person to be more productive. A trucker drives more miles, for example, when God is honored consistently in their giving. More care is given to make things last, to get more use from things, when God is the object of consistent giving to His work. Other than this, I can't promote anything in the area of a tithe. You can give 1% or 100%; it's your relationship with God, not your relationship with a pastor or a church.

I don't like people knowing I give either, so I hesitate to even make my giving here a spectacle, but I realize that me being a leader in this requires a certain transparency that we would never seek to impose on you all.

My personal theology on giving to God is based in I Corinthians 6:20: "For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." As a Christian, I am the 100% possession of God, and so I have no right to have a will of my own. I'd just mess my life up anyway, if I ran it. King Jesus is my only ruler, in the end, as he is my owner. As God's possession, all I make at a job is God's, 100%. All the turns in the road of life are God's, if I turn over everything to Him. How can you go wrong listening utterly to God alone? If God told me to write a check for everything He owns through me to you folks, I'd do it in a second. When God directs my path left, I go left. When he directs my path right, I go right. My suggestion is to do as I do in this area. Seek God, and He alone will tell you when, where and how to give to HIS work and not to men's agenda to build temples to themselves.

respectfully, Gene.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Back of Former Dallas Cowboy Herschel Walker. Jessica and I waved and spoke with him at the driveway as we drove in to park our car, but I didn't want to disturb him for a frontal picture on the way into church.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship during services.

Dr. Tony Evans. He's a big part of the Faith Based work of President Bush. Pres. Bush will be at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship on Oct 26th to help open a new wing of the church devoted to Faith Based Initiative work.

A Louisiana Tree.

An $8,000 motor home that we could buy for use as a mobile billboard during the Atlanta Project and all the way through the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. Robert Ingle e-mailed me that he will be happy to help out in the rv part of the project to supervise the motor homes we buy and sign for the people of Atlanta to read.

A $6,000 motor home we can buy for the Atlanta Project for use as a mobile billboard all the way to Washington. These would be owned by the chrch.

Traffic in Virginia

Trees in Virginia

A Nice View in Virginia during Fall.

More Virginia.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

If anybody wants to help me buy a few motor homes for the Atlanta Project, let me know. They will belong to the church, after we end the IRS.

I need to get with Doug Kenline and Robert Ingle in the next week to see if Robert will look out for my motor home when I move it to the IRS building on by December 1st. Two 6'x4' signs are being made for my rv now. You'll love the words. Gene.

I've got pictures off to Doug Kenline. My travels will take me to New York City tomorrow for delivery.

TAX MARCH ACCOUNT: Financial Report: Starting Balance: $101.65. No Deposits. No Expenditures. Ending Balance: $101.65.

ATLANTA (Mobil Billboard/ RV) PROJECT: Deposits: $1,000 thru the church. Balance: $1,000. Goal: $3,700 minimum and $70,000 maximum.

Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund: Deposits: $20.00 thru the church. Total Church Donations: $20.00. Dick's Last Known Balance: $50,000. Goal: $100,000.

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
c/o Richard E. Clark
P.O. Box 516371
Dallas, TX 75251

Or via Wire Transfer at:
Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940
respectfully, Gene.

"Do Good Deeds"

In John 3:19 we read, ". . . men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil." The "light" represented in this text is Jesus Christ, but he further represents all that is right in the universe.

So, as we do evil works, we can presume that we will develop a heart that turns its back on Jesus or "all that is right in the universe." The opposite of this is that when we do good, we support all that is right in the universe (ie. Jesus Christ).

If you want to throw off Socialist/ Communism, the way to do it is to "do good works," according to the Bible. Pass out computers to poor black kids in Alabama, etc. If you want a better world, the Apostle John tells us here to go out and do individual acts that together culminate in a better world being present all around us.

If you don't like prostitution and drugs in your neighborhood, then don't go buy hookers and cocaine in someone else's neighborhood or anywhere for that matter, including your own neighborhood.

We make the world love light (ie. all that is right in the universe) because our individual deeds are good. So, do good deeds. respectfully, Pastor Gene Chapman.