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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Audioblog Interview With Gene Chapman

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Monday, October 06, 2003

WANTED: A Used RV for sale or donation

Gene Chapman, Dave Wallin (Michigan), Lorraine Adams (Birmingham) and I, Fred Smart, were in conference yesterday sharing ideas and goodwill as the Chicago Cubs where finishing off the Atlanta Braves.

We discussed a unique idea shared by Gene:

Invest in another RV to display banners and ads for the upcoming Atlanta Project

One RV could support a very large banner or two to display/advertise the message. This RV could be parked right near the IRS admin center in Atlanta while Gene's regular RV could be used for the ongoing use of the existing march when it begins again on April 2nd.

We also discussed the Nextel "push to talk" network in greater detail. Here's what I posted over on my personal blog the other day:

Creating, Building and Growing Smartbandwidth

Posted 10/4/2003 08:17:39 PM by Gene Chapman

Fred and I are going to experiment with NEXTEL cell phones for conference calls, now that I have good personal pay checks coming in to use on such experimentation. We hope these conference calls will build communication between the TAX HONESTY folks. Many modes of group communcation will free us from being so dependent on the internet. This technology might be something Rick Stanley needs to look into for the the MDP, as well. Gene.


The focus here is actually much simpler: Nextel's "push to talk" radio dispatch service which they call "Direct Connect".

Smartbandwidth manifests whenever and wherever the "right order" of the Lord God's energy, light, truth and love is allowed to flow. Smartbandwidth is the manifestation of the Lord's energy, light and love. Smartbandwidth is love and service to others. Smartbandwidth begins to manifest when we realize that everything in reality is an act of helping and serving others.

Nextel's Direct Connect service is now nationwide.





Not chit chat conversation. Just simple, direct actions that provide use and service to others ways that allow for a greater expression of the Lord's energy, light, truth and love in our lives.

Check out Nextel's website here.

And get ready to GO!!