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Saturday, August 30, 2003

The 21st day of the Montgomery fast is underway. I'm thinking that I'd like to have an outdoor event with my favorite foods, maybe here at the motel parking lot, after I end the fast at the State Capitol Building on Sept. 9th at 8 pm CT. I'll check with management. I have a craving for certain foods that I don't think a cafe will have. We have total strangers flying in for the event, so maybe we can rent out the whole motel and make it a block party type event. Just thinking. Gene.

TAX MARCH ACCOUNT. Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $390.77. Donations: $55.00 less a ($1.90) Paypal fee is $53.10 (Thanks to Mr. Stegmeier). Expenditures: ($15.50) Bank Service Charge thru Aug. 20, 2003. Ending Balance: $428.37. respectfully, Gene.

Please note that my personal bills are paid by donations made independently of regular donations, or I shall be forced to go get a job after the fast ends on Sept. 9th or when my jail time ends when I get arrested, in order to keep my personal bills current.

Personal Bills/ Daily Report: Bills Due: Sept. 1, 2003, $73.72. Sept. 14, 2003, $60.

Past Due: Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund, $3. Loan Payment, Aug. 28, 2003, $112 plus a $35 late fee.

Response to The $15,000 Bank Check Offer

Gene asked me to respond via email with the following - see below.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart - reporting

Subj: Gene Chapman....
Date: 8/30/03 8:46:56 PM Central Daylight Time
From: FKSmart

Dear Ladies ane/or Gentlemen:

Gene Chapman has asked that I intervene to clarify some issues relating to recent communications you have shared via email:

1) There is no implied or conditional cost and/or restrictions/conditions to interview Gene and document his story.

2) Gene has no interest in entering into any kind of written or verbal agreement - via email, phone or otherwise - which in any way, shape or form may restrict him from owning and controlling future rights to his personal story.

3) Gene has no interest in accepting your "bank check" offer of $15,000 at this time.

If you would like to talk or meet with Gene my/our suggestion would be to 1) pick up the phone and 2) call tollfree 888-606-9379.

Please don't take this the wrong way. Gene is genuinely interested in supporting individuals and organizations who have an interest in documenting his story. The first step to any relationship, business or otherwise begins with simple acts like phone calls and meetings.

Feel free to contact me, Fred Smart, personally via email at I volunteer my time and energy to support causes such as Gene Chapman's march and I would be happy to discuss whatever plans you may have in mind as they relate to publicizing Gene's story.

So please refrain from sending any checks. Gene informed me that no verbal or written agreement has been implied by his prior email responses to you.

If you are genuinely interested then we look forward to your call and plans to meet with Gene in personal sometime in the near future.


Fred Smart

cc: Gene Chapman, Rose Lear, David Marsh,. Doug Kenline


Pictures From The Montgomery Fast

Day 20 of the Montgomery Fast on the steps of The Alabama Supreme Court Building.

Rick Stanley says he's willing to call out the troops to Alabama, if I'm willing to use a gun. Could you see me with a gun the way I'm dressed? I'm the 654th member of the pact -- leading the "nonviolent force" side of things. I guess I better plan on doing the helping in the pact rather than getting the help, which is understandable. Their main thrust is force of violence; my job is to be a buffer between the Government and the armed section of the Stanley group, should the time come. I guess this specific cinerio is not ripe for the defence pact, at the moment. Gene.

More With the Documentary Group:

We have obtained a tentative agreement with a major cable channed for the
airing of your documentary sometime in March of 04. Because of your trust
in us and in the interest of your "no strings attached" request, we have
decided to send you a bank check in the amount of 15,000 dollars just to get
things started. Due to your tax situtation we feel it's best to also
forward a 1099 to the IRS's westcoast regional service center on Wilshire in
Los Angeles thus avoiding any furthur tax issues for you. If sometime in
the near future you feel you need additional tax assistence, please feel
free to contact us.

Thank you for your time

R. Linquist

cc. Greenberg


I don't know who you are or what your motives are. Please do with my materials what you wish, and if you feel I'm worthy of a donation, I'll be happy to use it for the Lord. But I have no desire to get into any contractual agreement with anyone, as the fine print always seems to get truth bogged down. I don't do "bogged down," so I can't do any written contract. Your $60,000 offer shoud be used to promote your work -- all my interviews and documentary work are free to anyone. I hope your group gets rich out of it.

Be good,

Gene Chapman
Minister of Christ

The IRS sent me my first letters since April. They upped my proposed payment from $23,000 to $30,000. We need to make sure my case gets good legal representation, as my activities are so high profile. Gene.

Rick Stanley:

My word is all you've needed from day one. You fill out any paperwork you want. Post my e-mail if you want. I've told everybody on my blog on the world wide web that I'm part of your pact. I'm the nonviolent force side of it, and I don't step back from my word.

If you don't think kicking the 10 Commandments (ie. The rule of law) out of Government is an invasion of the pact, then I'll go it alone.


Gene Chapman

Forget about the 10 Commandments Monument being anything religious. The 10 Commandments are found in the basics of all laws in all civilizations that have lasted over time. The Muslims, Hindus, etc., etc., have all had the 10 Commandments in their systems of government since time eternal.

The antithesis to the 10 Commandments are the 10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto . You may see them in my Short Sermons section on this site at the left side in the Short Sermon entitled, "Are US Troops Fighting For Communism?" The Socialist/ Communist elements in America have been quietly attempting to replace the 10 Commandments in world culture for a hundred years, through a public school system that their 10th Plank supports and we ignorantly paid for. Today, in Alabama, thier plans are coming to fruition.

If this stands, then the right to possess wealth (Eccl. 3:13, Pr. 31:31) in America has no legal standing, for the only document in civilization that supports the right to possess wealth has none. If this business over the monument stands, then the right to educate your children in a private school is over, for Ephesians 6:4 has no standing. If this stands, it means the State owns us and our posterity, in the mind of the state. If this stands, it means ten thousand fundamental and real changes to American culture that I cannot even begin to articulate, except to point to Communist Russia and say: "There, that's what you've created by walking away from Alabama." respectfully, Gene Chapman.

Friday, August 29, 2003

It looks like I've lost 28 lbs. in the Montgomery fast so far.

TAX MARCH ACCOUNT. Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $342.52. Donations: $50.00 less a ($1.75) Paypal fee is $48.25 (Thanks to Mr. Walker). No Expenditures. Ending Balance: $390.77. respectfully, Gene.

Please note that my personal bills are paid by donations independent of regular donations, or I shall be forced to go get a job after the fast ends on Sept. 9th or when my jail time ends when I get arrested in order to keep my personal bills current.

Personal Bills/ Daily Report: Bills Due: Sept. 1, 2003, $60. Sept. 14, 2003, $60.

Past Due: Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund, $3. Loan Payment, Aug. 28, 2003, $112 plus a $35 late fee.

Pictures From The Montgomery Fast

Today's Weight. Day 19 of the Montgomery Fast.

Me in the shade.

The Associated Press will ba happy to come out and cover me when the time comes for me to be arrested, they tell me, so news coverage will be no problem.

The Christain Legal Defense Fund has a permit thru a week from Saturday, so it may be hard for me to get arrested until then, as the permit keeps the Government off the protesters, even infront of the doors of the building. This is according to the AP reporter I spoke with.

Gene Here.Could somebody (David Marsh) go in and link in the stories from The World Socialist Website on me and the World News on the right side of this page for me from David Goodyear's site? Thanks, I'm swamped.

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Code of silence
Why won't the IRS answer a basic question about tax law?
By Joel Belz
I STILL HAVE DOUBTS WHETHER THE NAME OF VERNICE B. Kuglin, who lives in Memphis, Tenn., will someday leap off the pages of America's history books along with those of Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, and Rosa Parks. I do know that Ms. Kuglin must be a woman of some personal courage.

Ms. Kuglin, a 58-year-old pilot for FedEx, made news a few days ago when a federal court jury found her not guilty on six charges of tax evasion and willful failure to file federal tax returns. During her testimony, Ms. Kuglin said that over the last eight years she had sent numerous letters to the Internal Revenue Service requesting that the agency tell her specifically which law in the federal code requires her to pay individual taxes.

To this day, she says, she has not received an answer to that simple question. It's not, mind you, that she has received an answer she considers unsatisfactory or unclear. It's that she hasn't received an answer of any kind.

The reason I still have doubts about Ms. Kuglin's durability as a true American heroine has to do with the methods she used to make her point. (Among other things, she claimed 99 exemptions on her W-4 form.) But after watching her case—and those of other tax protesters—for the last several months, I can't help thinking they have something of an argument. And I think the IRS continues to be extraordinarily dim-headed in its response on at least two important fronts.

First, if indeed the obligation of every U.S. citizen to pay federal taxes is legitimately codified, then it shouldn't be all that difficult for the IRS to demonstrate for a layman like Ms. Kuglin just exactly how those laws apply. For some years, some pretty smart people have put together a pretty persuasive argument that the tax laws are a sham, that they have been cobbled together in an extraconstitutional manner allowing Uncle Sam to collect huge sums of money without a clear basis in law.

If these folks are wrong, more and more taxpayers are asking, why should it be so hard for the IRS and the federal government to prove the case? Why, when a minister like Gene Chapman camps out for a "fast to the death" on the steps of an IRS building, demanding an answer to the question, "Where is my tax liability in the law?"—why doesn't the IRS just provide a simple and transparent answer?

Indeed, I have actually been skeptical in the other direction. I have regularly dismissed the so-called tax-protest movement as a group of crackpots who want so badly to prove the federal government wrong that they concoct harebrained theories that can't possibly hold water. But the longer the feds and the IRS stonewall, the less skeptical I get.

Second, why must the federal government be so heavy-handed in its response to a few of the more outspoken tax protesters? Protester Irwin Schiff finds himself in federal court in Nevada this week, fighting a possible six-month jail sentence for continuing to sell his book, The Federal Mafia. The government contends that he is engaged in commercial enterprise to encourage citizens to break the law—which means that every time Mr. Schiff does anything to sell another book, he finds himself in contempt of court.

Protester Larken Rose, meanwhile, says he isn't even trying to sell anything; without advocating any particular action, he just tells people through lectures and literature what he thinks the law really says—and for that, he claims, he has had his office and home ransacked by IRS agents.

WORLD and its board and management are not tax protesters. We take seriously Christ's command to "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's." And we understand that in a secular society, that may often mean we end up paying taxes even for causes that we find repugnant to our consciences.

At the same time, it's altogether right for citizens in a free society to call on Caesar to tell us the truth about our obligations, and to do so in a civil manner.

In Memphis a couple of weeks ago, after the jury that had exonerated Ms. Kuglin had been dismissed, the U.S. attorney who had unsuccessfully prosecuted the case asked the presiding judge to order the defendant to file her forms, pay her taxes, and "obey the law." The judge responded discreetly by noting that such a response was outside his duties.

If the judge was simply saying, "Make your law clear, sir, and maybe the lady will obey," I think he had a pretty good point.

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Breaking news story you won't find in print:

From Previous Weeks

August 30, 2003

August 23, 2003

August 16, 2003

I plan to be locked up on next Tuesday by sitting quietly and blocking the doors of the Supreme Court Building when it opens. My fiancee may well join me. I think We The People Congress has an opportunity to take the leadership role here in Montgomery, as the Christian Defense Coalition is just standing down more and more. They are afraid to engage in real civil dissobedience. I invite Bob Schultz to lead the pack. The iron is hot for We The People Congress in Montgomery. respectfully, Gene Chapman. Gal. 6:9.

The 10 Commandments Monument is on the second floor of the Supreme Court Building. The leadership of the protest rally is walking away from the matter, it seems. They had their party, and now they are toning things down. You can't get arrested for civil activity with their permit lasting until Saturday. I am going to speak to my finacee about her thoughts on me getting arrested Monday by sitting infront of the Supreme Court Building doors, after the permit expires. Who knows, she may come with me and make it a family affair. I know that the current Christian leadership means well, but they just are not versed in how to take this to the next level, based on my observations. We have to fill the jails. Gene.

I met with an Episcopal Priest last night about midnight at the Supreme Court Building. I washed his feet the other day. Turns out, he was a classmate of Professor Susan Pace Hamill in theological studies. He now works with the youth at the University of Alabama, where professor Hamill works. I asked if I was missing something in my Hermaneutics training, as Susan and I are so different in our understanding of how tax systems are to be structured. He agreed that Susan's approach had more to do with The Communist Manifesto than anything found in the Bible, and he invited me to quote him all I wanted. He just may get that chance. He read Susan's work when it came out in class years ago and found the problems I've been talking about. Evidently, this "Communist" assertion is old news around Susan's work. respectfully, Gene.

We may just have some 14 year old kid playing with us. I don't have a need for $60K anyway, but it was an interesting mental exercise, worthy of my time.

Subj: chapman tax march
Date: 8/29/2003 4:17:04 AM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Thank you for your quick reply. We understand your position and will
respect your wish not to get involved in any business aspect of your tax
march. You were our first choice. We may contact you in the future but in
consideration of your desire not to place a money based value on your
activities, we have decided to withdraw our offer and go with our second

Thank you for your time

R. Linquist

cc. Traurig

Fred, let's look into this:

Subj: documentary
Date: 8/28/2003 9:57:07 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

we are prepared to offer the sum of $60,000.00 for the rights to your story.
Let us know if this is acceptable and we will have our representatives
contact you. We are thinking of devoloping a 60 minute docu-drama with you
as the main subject. We will wait for your reply. Our offer is well over
SAG scale and we think it is a fair offer. If acceptable, let us know how
you would like the funds transferred. We are prepared to create a payment
schedule and need to know within the week.

Thank you for your time

R. Linquist

cc. Traurig

Thursday, August 28, 2003

TAX MARCH ACCOUNT. Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $342.52. No Donations. No Expenditures. Ending Balance: $342.52. respectfully, Gene.

Personal Bills/ Daily Report: Bills Due: Sept. 1, 2003, $60. Sept. 14, 2003, $60.

Past Due: Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund, $3. Loan Payment, Aug. 28, 2003, $112 plus a $35 late fee.

There is a company in Hong Kong and Switzerland interested in buying certain rights to me and my story, I'm informed. I belong to the people and am the ultimate possession of God, so I see no way this can happen.

My vision for my life is to bring about the Peace Brigade concept of Mahatma Gandhi, found in The Gandhi Reader. I plan to meet with Osma Bin Ladin to talk of Truth. I plan to study with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatman Gandhi, to learn of Truth-Force. I plan to be in the Middle East to find ways to keep violence in check. I plan to speak plainly of the Ressurrection of Jesus Christ and why I am a committed Christian where I go.

I realize that a wife will slow my progress in some of these matters, and I know she will hold my ministry in her hands. But it is not good for man to be alone. Out in Texas, we just borrow the words of Garth Brooks: "I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance." respectfully, Gene. I know you men understand.

Jessica has asked me to post an appology to her for my sharp words toward her last evening (ie. about the 10 year old comment). As her fiancee, I am preparing to become her personal property in marriage, as she will become mine. As husband and wife, we will be one flesh before the Lord, and anything that we say to harm each other is a direct violation of God' s Word and a hurt to the combined body. I am sorry to you, Jessica, and to our Lord for my sin against our combined body in the remark I made last evening. I submit myself to you before the Lord. Most respectfully, Gene.

Pictures From The Montgomery Fast

The Crowd to Hear Dr. James Dobson Speak.

My Picture was taken by the Montomery Chief (sp?) of Police Today. We became
friends in recent weeks. He was gonna have his picture taken with me, but I
turned him down, as I'm nerver sure how tro spell "Chief." I thought I'd
figure out a way not to have to use the term on the blog, as I have no
dictionary handy.

An Interesting E-mail:

Subj: chapman tax march
Date: 8/28/2003 2:41:40 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I represent an anonymous client that is interested in investing in you tax
march. We think that with the proper promotion your tax march would be a
positive investment. We are a media based operation and have access to many
different kinds of distribution up to and including direct to dvd showcasing
on a national level.

My client is currently in Hong Kong on business and will monitor your blog
for a response. Please indicate the kind of compensation that you are
looking for.

Thank you for your time

Robert Linquist

cc. Traurig

I just got back from sitting across the street from the 10 Commandments Rally, where James Dobbson spoke to about 2,000. I can't think clearly right now, so I'm off the web for as long as I can stay away. Gene.

I don't know if yall have ever gone anytime without food, but we usually get pretty irratable. Well, I'm in day 81 of fasting since April 15th, and I think I'm now in day 19 of the Montgomery fast. I don't think this has ever been done in human history (ie. to have so much fasting recorded in a play-by-play by the person fasting). They say that Gandhi could be quite irratable in a fast, and he wasn't trying to negotiate the hurdles of marriage with a group of women trying to ruin his relationship. I need somebody to come pick up my lap top for the next couple of weeks, or I'm gonna be too stressed to stay off of it and be polite. My mind is fading in and out this morning. respectfully, Gene.

I'm off to the Capitol for an hour or so.

Fred: We need to get together and file charges on the police officer in the blog below who gave out my MVR information to a private citizen. That is a violation of Federal Transportation Law, and we need to make an example of him, so that our public servants start obeying the laws they are hired to enforce. Gene.

My 91 year old potato farming grandfather warned me to stay away from women who can't get out from under their mother's skirt tail, as his first wife ruined their marriage and bank account travelling back and forth between her mother and my grandfather. Call it a Gideon test, but I'm seeing these traits in Jessica more and more, as the women in her family keep manipulating her farther and farther away from Montgomery, where we have a chance to explore God's will.

I also found out that a friend of Jessica's did an MVR and Criminal Background Check on me through a police officeer they know. It turns out I've never been arrested. What do you know, a preacher without a criminal past. Who would have thunk it? I also have a few overweight tickets in an 18 wheeled truck back in Missouri, which any trucker would laugh at, as the company puts us in these cinerios and pays the tickets when they happen. It is the principle of the thing that eats at me.

Somebody also found my lawsuit against Heartland Express for firing me in 2000 because I refused to break my 70 hour rule on my log book (still in appeals). None of you truckers would know about being forced to drive in violation of any laws to keep your job, would you? (ha ha).

If she doesn't already have my Social Security records, I'm sure she will by weeks end. I'm waiting for the urine specimine to be asked for. Jessica is at the breaking point with me. I've informed her that if she goes to Arizona and not Montgomery to persue God's possible options this weekend, I'm calling off the wedding for good. I can't have my emotions spread all over America with the big fight for my people that I am now in. She told me she wouldn't leave Montgomery, but then she did. She told me she would not go to Arizona, but now she may. What am I to do with a wife who can't stay by her man when hens call? I don't need a 10 year old in a 26 year old's body. I need an adult who can act on her own two feet and discern God's will without concultations from the World Court. We'll see which way Jessica goes this weekend, and that will be God's will. Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

TAX MARCH ACCOUNT. Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $342.52. No Donations. No Expenditures. Ending Balance: $342.52. respectfully, Gene.

Personal Bills/ Daily Report: Bills Due: Aug. 28, 2003, $112. Sept. 1, 2003, $60. Sept. 14, 2003, $60. Past Due: Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund, $3.

My mom is ok with the marriage. She just wants us to take the time to check the water depth before we jump in, so-to-speak. Gene.

Jessica's father is ok with us getting married, she says. He just wants to know if he is to buy our children "bed sheets or pillow cases at Christmas?" (as clothing). I can tell I'm gonna get along great with him. The date issue is in Jessica's hands; I'm here for whatever comes. Atleast I don't have an angry father to deal with. Gene.

Pictures From The Montgomery Fast

I'm looking more like a stick figure everyday. I guess you have to remember
that I was 236 lbs. on April 14th.

The Monument Is Gone. It's probably for the best. The Christians were out
there just playing with God's name anyway.

I see that our We The People Congress leadership have joined in the fray on the 10 Commandments Rally. I remember telling Bob Schultz, Chairman, April 15th infront of the Austin IRS Building that WTPC might be just the mechanism to create a breakaway government -- a legitimate government within the same borders that could tax, coin money, raise an army, etc., etc. It would be similar to the African National Congress and the Indian National Congress. This seems the only mechanism to break off the yolk of secularism (Communsit/ Socialism) -- a new Democracy Beyond the Vail, as I've often called it. Or as Ben Franklin called it: "A Christian Republic." Gene.

Thurston Bell told me this morning that he is to go to prison next week. Amen. We have another Nelson Mandela in the making for the movement. Gene.

I would like all our folks to begin praying for God's blessing on Oralabs Holdings (symbol: OLAB). I own a chunk of this company, and I need to get my money back out to serve the Lord at about $3 a share sooner rather then later, in my view. Just buy and ask for their products in stores, and you'll do the work here a good turn. I'm not looking for stock manipulation, and I don't give stock tips, so let's not even go there, you guys who know how to do such things. All I'm looking for is an honest support of a good company, like any other Christian ministry would do, which inturn benefits our work. This will put about $20,000 in my pocket for God's work, so I can pay off debts and don't have to rely of donations so much.

I also have 20 acres of sand and two jackrabbits in El Paso, Texas that I'd be happy to let go at $328 per acre (what I paid for it in 1995). That land is now selling for $500 an acre due to an influx of Mexican workers wanting land upon which to build homes. But they don't have cash. This land is estimated over the next 20 years to reach as high as $36,000 per acre, given the NAFTA impact on housing in El Paso. Gene.

I walked over the the 10 Commandments Rally after I saw on tv that the monument had been moved. I have a picture off to Doug. It's probably for the best; the Christians were just in a party anyway. That's why I left yesterday. I had to walk past 4 tables of food just to get to the window to take a picture. "Feast and Play," or was it "fast and pray" that the Master said? Gene.

As I am now in day 80 of fasting since April 15th of this year (now in day 17 of the Montgomery, Alabama fast), and having walked from Austin to Alabama, my body is showing signs of needing rest. I have sputs of energy, but my down time is more prevelent. Without help walking, I don't feel safe walking down to the Capitol Building or to the 10 Commandments Rally.

I'll see you all at the Alabama State Capitol front steps on Sept. 9th at 8 pm CT to break my 30 day fast against Gov. Riley's Tax Plan. Jessica may or may not br marrying me on that date at 7 pm, but we are trying to keep our courtship off the world wide web, so you understand.

I noticed we got on the front page of the "New York Times," were in "The Guardian" from England and in "Reuter's Internation News Service" this past week, so I feel I've done enough work to gain attention to the work of TAX HONESTY this week, although those articles did not address TAXES in specific. They will drive traffic to the sites.

I am thinking of a trip to India to study with Arun Gandhi this December, should the Lord provide the $3,500 needed, along with a time with The Sisters of Mercy in Calcutta (ie. Mother Teresa's group). While I am neither Catholic nor Hindu, I do respect that my brand of Christianity is in deep need of something more authentic than what I see at the 10 Commandments Rally. This authenticity will be manditory if I am to hope to lead my people to freedom here in America from TAX oppression.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ
Gal. 6:9

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

TAX MARCH ACCOUNT. Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $382.81. No Donations. Expentitures: ($40.29) Aditional AOL 800 line costs from July. Ending Balance: $342.52. respectfully, Gene.

Personal Bills/ Daily Report: Bills Due: Aug. 28, 2003, $112. Sept. 1, 2003, $60. Sept. 14, 2003, $60. Past Due: Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund, $3.

Trip to India in December to Study Nonviolent Noncooperation with Arun Gandhi: $3,500. repsectfully, Gene.

Letters From The Montgomery Fast: The foot washing took me into a new realization of the filth on human feet, today. I learned something too; I'm still not humble enough to properly serve our Lord. As I was washing this one man's feet, I noticed he had very bad foot fungus in every toe nail, along with the smell. He assured me that I would not catch anything, so I continued with the washing of his feet. As I washed, I almost began to vomit, and I'm still in a state of nausa even now. I thought of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India, and I knew I needed to study The work there to better grasp my place in the world. I am neither Catholic nor Hindu, but I must find somewhere that I may learn to become nothing, so that God may better use me to free my people here in America. India seems the logical choice. respectfully, Gene.

Gene Chapman Quoted in NY Times, UK Guardian and Reuters

Thanks to David Goodyear's support in gathering the information. Here are the quotes and links:

1) New York Times - August 20, 2003

Today, hundreds of supporters descended on Montgomery and turned the steps of the state's highest court into a spectacle of chanting, kneeling, praying and crying, shouting out the Almighty's name and at times lying on their bellies to block passers-by.

"This is not about a monument!" bellowed Rev. Pat Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition. "This is about resisting tyranny!"

"Amen!" the crowd boomed.

Gene Chapman, the man who came the 700 miles from Austin, Tex., said, "This is a culture war."

Then Mr. Chapman added, in a thin voice: "I'd go to jail. Happily."

On top of the long walk, he's been on a 10-day hunger strike.

It's not clear what is going to happen next.

2) The Guardian United Kingdom - August 25, 2003

They appear as dotty as they do devout and determined. "What you're watching is that the socialist, communist elements are attempting to push out God from the public domain," Gene Chapman, a minister from Dallas, told the Montgomery Advertiser. Those subversive elements include the national rightwing Christian coalition and the seven southern, Republican judges.

3) Reuters - August 21, 2003

Gene Chapman, a preacher who walked 700 miles to Alabama from Austin, Texas, said he has studied many ideologies and not found any religion that opposes the Ten Commandments. "I fear this could come to bloodshed," he said. "This is how revolutions start." Meanwhile, opponents stepped up their complaints against Moore, whom they accuse of using his office to impose his religious views on others.


Not bad for a guy fasting while wearing a white robe!!

Congratulations on the coverage Gene!

Fred Smart - reporting

Visitors From The Treasury Dept. and U.S. House

Tue Aug 26 03 01:50:01 PM Yes
Direct Access

Tue Aug 26 03 02:36:57 PM No
Go :

Perhaps these folks can help us pray for Mrs. Ena Sharples "lovely mongrel dog Bludge"

As Ena wrote to Gene - see below - "If you could reprint this letter and ask your readers to say a little pray for Bludge perhaps he can make a miraculous recovery and restore my faith in Our Lord Almighty. My best wishes to you and Jessica."

Ena, I prayed this evening for Bludge from the Chicago area. Here's a little prayer:

"May the Lord God Jesus Christ allow Bludge to rise again and fill Ena's life with your spirit of natural-unconditional love, care and concern. Amen."

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart - reporting

Pictures From The Montgomery Fast

I'm about to explore foot washing for my first time (See: John 13:4-10.)

Foot washing is nasty work, I find.

It's very nasty work.

I see we made The Guardian of the United Kingdom on yesterday. Gene. Thanks to David Goodyear for the heads up. I know these mentions will translate into a better opening to our work down the road. Gandhi said, "First they ignore us, then they ridicule us, then we win."

Personal Bills/ Daily Report: Bills Due: Aug. 28, 2003, $112. Sept. 1, 2003, $60. Sept. 14, 2003, $60. Past Due: Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund, $3.

Trip to India to Study Nonviolent Noncooperation with Arun Gandhi: $3,500. repsectfully, Gene.

The people here at the 10 Commandments rally are eating like pigs at the bucket. It's like a Roman orgy, and I see no reason to hang out in such an flesh feeding environment, during such an seriously important time in American history. So I'll be up at the Capitol Steps, as I was before. Gene.

Hi Amrit,

Let's get some prices on flights for me to India this December and accomodation costs. I want to come explore the life a Mahatma Gandhi, as Dr. Martin King did for a few months. Most respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ, Galatians 6:9.

Subj: Pray for Bludge
Date: 8/26/2003 11:57:08 AM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Gene,

A beloved friend introduced me to your wonderful website. You truly do the
Lord's work. I read about your problems paying your bills and am moved to
reach out and help you with a donation. I am a retired lady with little
money but what I have is yours. In return, I ask you just one favor though.
My lovely mongrel dog Bludge is being treated by the vet. The vet's bill is
very high but I could not bear to see my baby put to sleep. If you could
reprint this letter and ask your readers to say a little pray for Bludge
perhaps he can make a miraculous recovery and restore my faith in Our Lord

My best wishes to you and Jessica.

Ena Sharples (Mrs.)

Well, I'm off to try and wash some feet at the 10 Commandments Rally. I've never done that before, and I don't get all tangled up in the church ordinance issue over it, but I want to just love today, the way Jesus did. I want to feel and see what he did.

Yesterday, a man I met a few weeks ago came up to me with a whole ice chest full of bottled water and asked me to pass it out in Jesus' name, so I did -- every bottle. Another man gave me a $20 bill for more, so I took that as God's will to go get more for me to pass out, in Jesus' name. Before I left, I had passed out about 75 bottles of water or lemonade in Jesus' name, and I couldn't walk through the crowd without a friend smiling back. I like this servant stuff.

Several pastors said that my Christian example had rebuked their lack of love and service over the past few days, and fasting is becoming more common at the rallys, as a result. Pray for God to be honored.

Jessica is staying in Tyler, Texas, as people who are against the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT are e-mailing her family to undermine me, and one of her aunts is on a campaign to attack me. You know how it goes. It' s not about truth or questions; it's about character attack with no rational basis, like a pack of hyeenas (sp?). Jessica keeps me on the hook but follows her family everytime, a direct violation of Matthew 19:29, if she thinks I'm God's plan to be further explored. I watch feet, not words. I don't need a wife who is gonna drag my emotions through the mud for a bunch of carnal old open graves. They would probably slaughter our children and call it God's work. I guess they won. I just left it in Jessica's hands. It's me or them; her family made the line in the sand, and I'll live by it and die by it. If they want to see her again, they better pray to God I don't marry her. I wouldn't dust my shoes off in the yard of people like that. What a world. respectfully, Gene.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $581.35. No Deposits. Expenditures: ($186.00) 1 week prepaid motel rent, ($0.69) money order, ($11.85) UPS Postage. Total Expenditures: $198.54. Ending Balance: $382.81. respectfully, Gene.

Someone had e-mailed me a few days ago indicating they would be sending the needed funds to cover my personal bills for two months. Ofcourse, we always just take what is needed for the one month and put the rest in the TAX MARCH account, as we say on the site. This money has not arrived at Fred's home in Chicago, to date. On Aug. 28th, I'll have my first $35 late fee in about 10 years on one of my loans. I was trained that it is a bad Christian testimony to pay bills late, so I'll be making a move to handle this in the coming weeks so that it never happens again. I live by strict economic principles, so I know I need to handle this.

The Bible teaches against debt in (Deuteronomy 15:6). My pastor, Joel Osteen, of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas always uses this verse. However, I had been also a student of Warren Buffett, who proposes that debt in a conservative investment with an interest rate not exceeding 10% is acceptable. During the fall of the stock market in 2000, I was offered $13,000 at a very low interest rate, so I took Warren's approach and loaded up on lots of good stocks that have not yet returned to their glory. Infact, were I not doing my present work, I'm sure I'd be loading up on more of these stocks at the moment.

It would be wrong of me to sell out it this lull in the market, so I must find another option with which to honor God. Since God did not provide the needed funds this month in a time frame that would maintain a good testimony for Him through donations, I'm gonna take that as His message to go find a work-a-day job until I get the debts paid off. Jessica also has debts about equal to mine, so I should be able to hammer those out pretty quickly this winter and then continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON next spring, it appears, as of this moment.

I am also aware that there are about four millionaires watching me in our little movement, so I know big moves are very possible here. If you feel led of the Lord, we will discuss other options in order to keep the personal bills paid and continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON through the winter around Florida and back up to Washington for next summer. Jessica has about $300 a month and I $250 a month of these bills. I'm open to what God does in everything. He knows what He is doing, so I've learned to just lay it all out, and let Him and His people pray over the matters. respectfully, Gene.

My life is such a soap opera. I miss being in a truck watching the sun set in Utah, my bills paid, money in the bank, nobody to impress. Gene.

Aunt Sandy Says Hi:

Subj: baby Jessica (another perspective)
Date: 8/25/2003 4:04:28 PM Central Standard Time
From: Skybaby2

Dear Gene;
I am Aunt Sandy. Baby Jessica (a term of endearment) is very precious to us, as she is to God. I hope you understand that any preconceived, prejudged ideas about ANYBODY she decides to marry in 4-1/2 hours is out of complete concern for the niece we so love and adore. We consider Jessica to be the "whitest" sheep of this family (no prejudice intended), and we are very proud of her to say the least. Believe me, I have also experienced a taste of my family's judgement before and know how it feels. But I also realized that their motivation was out of love. I pray that you, understand the same.
I, having learned very clearly, not to judge someone, (because it is not my job) also refuse to judge you, or Jessica, or your decisions. I am impressed by your passion, your strength, and your love of God. I am similarly impressed by Jessica's character. She's a big girl now (guess we can drop the "baby" part) and can make her own decisions. I support her and pray that she has truly discerned the truth in this matter.
I am a new Christian, and have recently become "saved" from a deceptive "New Age" church. I now understand what a "cult" is. I must admit that I was searching very hard for signs of it (cultism) in your writings, out of fear that Jessica might be "trapped" into a similar situation. But it seems apparent that your profession of Jesus Christ is real, yet your political agenda could be construed as almost idolotrous. It seems to be your pulpit for now, but even Jesus had to speak to the people about worldly things. No, I am not judging, just discerning. Did not Jimmy Jones also profess Jesus? Anyway, as I said's not my job to judge, but Jessica is my concern and I will continue to pray for God's guiding hand.
By the way...I thoroughly studied Gandhi's movement and understand your methods.

Looking forward to have future discussions with you...
God Bless You,
Aunt Sandy

I don't think I'll be hanging out with these aunts after the wedding.

Reply to Paragraph #1) The reason I took any comment off my blog was because Jessica's mother kindy asked me to do so. I respect this like dialogue.

#2) My objective is not to ridicule anyone but to be transparant.

#3) I didn't ask your family to marry me; I asked Jessica to marry me, a 26 year old indepentent Christian woman.

Have you ever thought that I might just be the real deal, for once?

People are gonna ridicule me all over the net for the words you wrote that I've openly published here. I gain no real benefit by publishing anything against me, I can assure you.

#4) You are correct that my ego is my failure. My ego and id is a horrible distraction to God's work, so I make every effort to mortify the flesh. Please pray for this failure of mine.

My investing skills do what they are designed to do, under God's hand. At this point, my calling is to become nothing before the face of God; to become one with truth, which is love, who is God.

I'm sorry Gandma thinks I'm a blowhard. I hope to win Grandma's love over time.

#5) I'm sorry, I was under the impression that the woman in Alabama was an old family friend to all of you. My error.

My Baptist affiliates? Most of my old billboard ministry board members are dead. They were old back in the days of of the work. I've been in a monastic enviornment for 9 years (the 18 wheeled kind). Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor of Tennessee Temple University is probably still alive at age 95 or so. Dr. Bob Jones III, President of Bob Jones Univ. might be a good call, but I was friends with his father, Bob Jones Jr. (now dead). My mom would love to talk to yall, I'm sure. And there are preachers now joining my current effort who would probably love to talk with you all. Just let me know your desire.

Pictures From The Montgomery Fast

I become the local water distributor for the morning.

In the spirit of Transparancy, I'm posting the opposition's position on my marriage:

Subj: Jessica NOT Jassica
Date: 8/25/2003 1:41:01 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Mr. Chapman..

Again, that telling little Freudian slip...JASSICA? Spell it with me....J E S S I C A, can do it! In our society, it is expected that the groom know how to spell his bride's name! But then..that marriage scenario is never going to take place. Forget about the drama on the capital steps..Mr. Showman. If you cared for wouldn't exploit her for YOUR causes. I see you took off the part about not having to have the blessings of the state for your marriage, huh? Ashamed? Or did that reveal a little too much about your warped, twisted idea that it's YOU against the BIG OLD BAD WORLD? All those ole meanies trying to tell you how to live your life?

Jessica has now parted company with you, and we will convince her that your way is not the right way for Jessie to express her love of the Lord. We will use all of our influence and power from the very well equipped arsenal that comprises Jessie's family circle, in order to turn her around and back onto the right path. We are not to be trifled with, nor ridiculed publicly in your hourly website "diatribe".

Admittedly, I will acknowledge that you are a very charming and intelligent personality.I know that from speaking to you. Jessica's mother feels the same way. Which makes you wholly dangerous. I have learned that the devil lurks behind such a pleasant outward package. Jessie doesn't know this yet...but she will learn. This attribute of yours is being used in a very insidious brainwash those poor souls looking for a cause and thinking that YOU can show them the way. There are so many of them out there in this world..just waiting for a Mr. Chapman of the world to come along and pick their pockets and exploit their weaknesses. Jessie was a ripe little plum for you to pick, wasn't she? Timing was good or bad..depending on whose side you ask. If you were even one half of a would stop this marriage b.s. dead it it's tracks. You now know what this has done to the family..and is consequently doing to Jessie. If you love her, as you say you do, you'll back off and wait this out. But you won't...because it's going to be YOUR way...right? You're going to show us, aren't you? You don't have a shred of decency in your gauze wrapped, costumed body. You are satan's puppet dressed in white.

Your website is nothing but your giant ego floating around in cyberspace. Laughable, really. If your investing skills are so wonderful..don't you think it would have been better to grow the church's money, so that many people could go on the road and spread God's word, instead of just YOU, O Pretentious one? So many holes in your "story" looks just like Swiss cheese to me. Jessica's Grandma, ill as she is, calls you a big ole "Texas Blowhard"...she knows the Baptist teachings, she went to Hardin-Simmons U in Abilene, Texas..and she questions your sponsors..and whatever umbrella you are supposedly under. Also, you need to work on your humility...Jesus was are far from that. You're a little premature comparing yourself to Mandela and Ghandi. You are a legend in your own mind, Mr. Chapman.'s all about YOU isn't it?

Forget about having your lady friend talk to the family. About how wonderful you are. Why would we even listen to a stranger speak accolades of you? Why would we think she even credible? We don't think YOU are credible! Why not have your Baptist affliliates come up and speak for you? Now that would be credible. But there aren't any are there! Because they think you are just as whacked as we do! What lies within that bald head of yours? Really, What? Mr. Chapman..your light is on..but no one is home!

Jessie's Other Aunt..JeanenePetron, (one of the relatives that you were UNAWARE OF)

P.S. Gee, I hope those suckers sent your Donation..maybe then you can go buy a phone card. What's up with that? Why don't you have a cell phone? Oops..there go those darned holes again!

Jassica is still shooting for marrying me on Sept. 9th (I'm not sure I want to be broadcasting this to her aunts, but we don't hide things here in this work):

Dearest Gene,
I am in Longview, I am going to take a little nap in
the dental chair before work. Got here safe. Still
aiming for Sept. 9.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yall, the Bible tells us that it is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18). And I've been alone like a monk for 9 years in an 18 wheeled monactic environment, waiting on God to direct me in His paths, for His name's sake (Psalm 23). A godly woman protects a man from his natural vulnerabilities, and she is highly valued in Proverbs 31:31.

Listening to Jessica's mother on the phone yesterday, speaking of how Jessica wanted to be a missionary from childhood, I know that I made an excellent choice for a mate. I'm sorry to make this TAX HONESTY site into a soap opera, but I feel it's important to have a historical record of my activities. respectfully, Gene.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $581.35. No Deposits. No Expenditures. Ending Balance: $581.35. respectfully, Gene.

Well, someone had informed me that they were sending in 2 months worth of donations for my personal bills, but I've not seen the money yet. I'm making plans to go hop in a truck for a time after Sept. 9th to raise money for those bills. It's just $250, but we have to keep our bills paid to honor God. It don't let things get behind. Gene.

I spoke to Jessica's mother on the phone. She seemed quite nice, but she is obviously concerned about her daughter making such fundamental changes in her life so quickly. I told her that all I wanted to do was take her daughter into all the hot spots of the world and work to bring the Lord's peace into those situations, or I might end up in jail for decades, like Nelson Mandela. Let's just say, I don't think Jessica's mother is a fired up about selling out to God's work on that level, as Jessica and I seem to be. (I hope you newspaper folks are writing all this down for my biography; they are having a blast with this on the world wide web right now -- mostly humor poking fun at my clothing.) It's a riot! Good night all. Love ya, Gene.

There is a Christrian couple in Greenville, AL who offered to let me stay at their home while I heal up for week from the fast, after our party on Sept. 9th. Gene.

Jessica has agreed to go home to Texas for a time. She just left. Let's pray for the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ in this matter, as her family is so stressed. I've asked Jessica to have the woman with whom she stayed here in Montgomery talk on the phone with Jessica's family to resolve any fears about me being a cult personality, as this woman has met me. respectfully, Gene.

Well Folks, Jessica's aunt is meddling with our wedding plans. She called me everything but a white man in an e-mail this morning. She has some bad information on my efforts in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT and actually used a curse word. Anyway, it looks like we have some rough waters ahead with Jessica's family. They don't know how to take my II Chronicles 7:14 activity, it seems. I guess I would be shocked at my apperance too, were I not studied up on why I'm where I am in life. Jessica wants a man sold out to God, and her family thinks I'm so sold out that I'm a cult leader. "Scam" artist, to use Jessica's aunt's thinking. I don't usually get my character so judged in the open before my eyes. Bigotry is alive and well in Alabama (ie. judging a person's character on sight before you get to know their motivations). Let's pray for patience to work through this knot in the string on every side.

FYI -- They trained us at Baylor University that a cult has two basic definitions: 1) A violent sect. or 2) A Christian sect that rejects the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. repsectfully, Gene.

Update: Jessica and I are in agreement that the wedding will be at the State Capitol Building's front steps on September 9th at 7 pm CT. We agree that we do not want the State to sanction our marriage with any kind of license -- kind of a Libertarian thing. We care only about God's sanction. We will not be exchanging wedding rings either. Our marriage will be bound in the heart alone. We are having a bit of trouble finding a preacher to preform the wedding at this time in our relationship, as most pastors are brainwashed by state thinking that people must have all this time before they can be married. Every marriage I ever heard of that went our way has lasted 80 years.

Pictures From The Montgomery Fast

Jessica and I in the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church.

The picture of Dr. King's old pulpit.

Jessica and I are back from church services at the Dexter Ave. King Memorial Baptist Church. Gene.

Doug Kenline: Could you please look into my template here on the gene blog and see if you can figure out why the print coverage and the tv coverage sections are running together? Thanks so much, Gene.

I'm up.

"Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. I gettin' hitched in a couple of weeks to a hot chick who loves God." (Trust me, it sounds great when I sing it. ;-). Gene.

Jassica and I are going to Dexter Church this morning, then on the the rally. have a good day. Gene.