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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Daily Financial Report: $441.49. Deposits: $10.00 (Thanks to Covenant Keepers Ministries). Expenditures: ($6.62) razors and washing soap, ($44.39) 1 motel room, ($19.02) last meal before fast. Total Expenditures: ($70.03). Ending Balance: $381.46. respectfully, Gene.

Hello Hawaii:
8:08 pm CT

Now that will give you a song to sing. I took my mom to Hawaii a few years back. Maui was beyond words; you could only sing it. Gene.

I've been hearing today about many troubled souls in the camp. Nothing sooths me like a song to two or three, troubled or not, so I put a few little notes I like to sing to myself out on the road on an audio blog that Doug just put on the blog, he tells me.

A little history of myself and music: My father recorded professionally when he was young. I picked up his ear for music. In fact, I tested at genius level in pitch, tone, rythm, another area of musical aptitude I never can remember and deductive reasoning while studying at Dallas Baptist University back in 1990. The trumpet was my intrument from 6th grade thru 10th. And I did a class in piano in college.

All my studies in music indicate that Music is another language. It reaches across line of culture, race, religion, etc. What we need is to be reaching across lines with our language.

The Bible speaks of the body, mind and the spirit. Freud, I'm told, divided these three respectively into id, ego and super ego. The id (body) is the animal that seeks food and so forth. The ego (soul) is that within man which seeks satisfaction or success. The super ego (spirit) is that which seeks divine ends without respect to circumstances or personal costs.

I can talk to you about facts all day, and you get bored (ie. the id). That doesn't touch the ego (soul) or the super ego (spirit). I can talk to you about your success or failures, and you get happy or sad (ie. ego). Or I can reach into the divine and get you to focus on the eternal ends of your behavior, and we in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT get joy to our souls (ego) and spirits (super ego).

Music reaches into the divine or the super ego (spirit). I realize that I must speak more and more on this level to make the movement more appealing to those across the lines that now seperate us from them. Music can build bridges of understanding on levels we can't even articulate. I hope I'm not getting too deep here. I had alot of schooling on this subject over the years -- trust me.

People who won't listen to a tax talk will listen to a song. People who hate God will listen to His music. respectfully, Gene.

I'm contemplating support for Mike:

Hi Mike,

I want to support your run for President of the United States, but I need to understand your ideas about God. It is my view that America's Constitution is based on Biblical presuppositions. What are your thoughts on this? Also, explain for me the Seperation of Church and State concept. I'll post your reply and any interaction you wish on my bolg.


Gene Chapman

I've asked Carol Simkanin in a letter a couple of weeks ago to call Fred at 888-606-9379 and do updates on her husband everyday here on my blog, so I can get some spiritual direction on how to move on the Simkanin issue. We have heard nothing yet. Dick's prison address is down a couple of blogs. If there is anything more I can do for Dick, please let me know.

respectfully, Gene.

David Marsh is contemplating joining my "Enlightenment Fast for Gov. Riley" from there is Washington D.C. He writes:

Has anyone called We the People members and coordinators in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia about the town hall meeting in Eutaw on Tues.? The people in Alabama and possibly Mississippi will be the start of a huge groundswell of the People finally standing up and holding their Govt. accountable. I had a dream about it last night. I have had feelings all last night and today that Alabama will be the Key.
The people in Alabama will start to free this Nation. Alabama will lead this country to Freedom. I am feeling like I will fast to support you, the people of Alabama, and also for Gov. Riley to see the light starting tomorrow at 12 noon for 24 hours. God is going to use the people of Alabama, watch and see. Has anyone made contact with Devvy Kidd?

Take care,

Update: Fred and I just got off the phone with media in Alabama. We know now of two television stations that plan to be in Eutaw, Alabama at 9 am CT for my "Enlightenment Fast" for Gov. Riley on its' third day. Here is a chance for the TAX HONESTY Movement to shine bright folks. Be there. I'm now entering the 3rd hour of the "Enlightenment Fast for Gov. Riley." respectfully, Gene.

Pictures From The Road

This is the young lady who served me my last meal before the "Enlightenment
Fast" for Alabama Governor Bob Riley began at 12 noon CT, August 2, 2003.

A picture of my last meal before the three day fast began. (Your donations in
Christ's name at work in my life).

Being on foot creates interesting logistical problems. One change of clothes
means washing the old fashioned way.

Drying my clothes for church tomorrow.

Update: The "Enlightenment Fast" for God to open Governor Riley's eyes to his error in tax policy began about 1 hour ago. I'll get some pictures of the day off to Doug Kenline for posting on my blog in just a few minutes.

Please do come be with me in Eutaw, Alabama (I-20/I-59 x40) on Tuesday morning at the Town Hall meeting where Gov. Riley's tax plan will be presented for consumption to the people. I'll be there in day three of the "Enlightenment Fast." We will all go end the fast together after the town hall meeting ends. Note: My challenge to debate Gov. Riley on television live stands. There will be press there to cover the Town Hall metting and my fast in opposition to the tax plan. Please support freedom by coming.

Please call you local media in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia about this story, so we can speed the day when the taxation of assets ends in America. respectfully, Gene Chapman.

I'm off to eat my last meal before the Enlightenment 3 Day Fast for Governor Riley begins at 12 noon CT. Gene.

Assignment: I have an assignment for one of you Bible Scholars out there. The logistics of the TAX MARCH ON WAHINGTON, while on foot, requires that I carry very little weight. This means that I have one change of clothes, so my washing has to be done in the bath tub with my feet rather than in a washing machine. (I'll send pictures later.) Also, I am unable to carry heavy Greek and Hebrew lexicons with me to study for my sermons. Here is what I need: I need somebody with a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible to look up the text in the New Testament where it reads, "not grudgingly nor of necessessity." I need the Greek on both "grudgingly" and "necessissity," in total sent to me on the internet at If I'm right, 'necessissity' has to do with taxation or cooersion of money from a believer. And it is not to be done. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I see that we now have a record of visitors from 37 countries to the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON, up from 36 that we were aware of.

I'm getting ready to mail this week's pledge money to the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund for 5 days of marching ($5.00). I hope you all are doing the same. They are at $50,000 and need $100,000 total. respectfully, Gene.

How You Can Help: Please write Dick and Carole
You can help by making your donation to the Simkanin Legal Defense Fund at:

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
c/o Richard E. Clark
P.O. Box 516371
Dallas, TX 75251

Or via Wire Transfer at:

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940
Please send a letter to Carole Simkanin to give her some encouraging support through these trying times:

Carole Simkanin
c/o Arrow Custom Plastics
3717 Commerce Place
Suite A
Bedford, Texas 76021

Please send Dick a letter of encouragement to let him know that you are thinking about him and are supporting him every way you know how.

Richard Simkanin
REG# 30383-177
FMC Jail Unit
P. O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, Texas 76119

respectfully, Gene Chapman

Round Table Talk: 1) If any of you would like to attend church with me tomorrow in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, please call Pastor Bill Carr for directions: 205-391-9084.

2) I will be attending the 101.1 FM TAX Rallly in Hoover (Birminham suburb), Alabama on August 9, Lord willing. I'll need a ride there and back to the TAX MARCH location.

101.1 FM-the Source, will be hosting an Alabama Tea Party on August 9
> in Hoover (a bit south of Birmingham). Speakers will be libertarian
> talk show host Matt Murhpy, as well as Russ Fine, Stan Pate and
> Charlie Bishop.
> The Alabama Tea Party Anti-Tax Rally will be 2 to 4 pm, August 9th at
> the Wynfrey Hotel. The Wynfrey is located at the Riverchase
> Galleria, in Hoover, Al.
> Libertarians will be showing up in force for this event. Our
> tentative plan is to show up at LP headquarters around 11AM and
> decorate our vehicles with anti-tax signs and markings. We will then
> caravan down to the Wynfrey Hotel, hopefully getting a lot of
> attention driving on the Birmingham freeways.
> The exact time and place is still TBD, please but reserve this time
> to tailgate over to the Alabama Tea Party.
> For more information, e-mail or visit

I'll be happy to come, if I can get a ride.

Thanks for the invitation,

Gene Chapman

3) The Enlightenment Fast, lasting from 12 noon CT today thru the end of the Town Hall meeting in Eutaw, Alabama begins in about 4 1/2 hours from now. Anyone wishing to be with me at the Town Meeting needs to show up on the town square of Eutaw, Alabama at 9 am CT this Tuesday. When the Town Hall Metting ends, I'll end the Enlightenment Fast for the Governor and continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. respectfully, Gene.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Letters From The Road: Today, I awoke about 7 am CT. I was off about 8:30 am to TAX MARCH toward Eutaw, Alabama, where I am to do my fasting and protesting of the Alabama Governor's Tax plan at the town meeting hall on Tuesday at 9 am CT.

Fred and I spoke several times on the phone before I got out of Livingston's town limits. We discussed the rv needing to be moved from Louisiana to Atlanta and so forth. We also made the 3 day fast a concrete activity that I begin Saturday at 12 noon CT thur the end of the Town Meeting in Eutaw on Tuesday. The fast will be for the devine enlightenment of Governor Bob Riley of Alabama, who wants a $1.2 billion tax to redistrubute the wealth of the producers to the nonproducers in Alabama. It's sinful from about half a dozen Bible texts I know of to do such a thing.

The day was hot and dragged out from the swamps on both sides of the highway. I stopped for breakfast in Livingston and lunch in Epes, Alabama. Lunch was barbecued chicken, excellent fried okra, potato salad and two slices of white bread from a black woman who thought I was not dressed properly for her store but let me eat inside anyway. I filled my canteens and went my way.

The heat hit about 2 pm. I was going over the bridge where I shot the photo of the railroad bridge. It looked like Death Valley for as far as I could see. It was nothing but water mirages on the hot pavement. The clouds were puffy and nice to look at, however. That took my mind off the heat. When my mind began to fade, I seemed to be able to walk faster. So I let it fade away from the present into a zone that let me just move, move , move. When the backpack began to hurt my left shoulder, I'd sit a spell. When my feet hurt, I'd put patrolium jelly on them.

Then, I got to the crossroads of Boligee. There was one lone cafe at the crossroads. They were closed but friendly. It seems there is a law that the cafe must be cleaned of grease for the fire department every so often. The elderly lady who owned this very upscale place offered me a free Snicker's Bar and a Sprite. We talked about my TAX MARCH, and I made fast friends, as they are very much against Gov. Riley's tax plan. The lady who owned the cafe told me that the newspaper publisher in Eutaw was a personal friend of hers and that she would make a call to get me an interview on Monday. The man cleaning the grease had a helper with him, but I didn't get to talk to the helper much -- he was working.

The lead man was also the pastor of a church. He suggested he would take me into Eutaw and save me the additional 11 miles on foot, as it would have put me into the night before I could have arrived by myself. He ended up paying for me to stat in a motel near his church, and I think his plans are for me to participate in his church service Sunday. We'll see. My pizza just arrived. Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $461.09. Deposits: $10.00 (Thanks to Chesapeak Precision). Expenditures: ($5.25) breakfast at Sonic and tip, ($7.82) 1 lunch w/$2 tip, ($16.53) 1 large pizza w/$2 tip. Total Expenditures: ($29.60). Ending Balance: $441.49. respectfully, Gene.

A pastor picked me up and put me in a motel at his expence for the night. It's none of our business how much he paid, so I'm just letting his gift go as a gift from God. Gene.

Visit From Treasury Dept.:
4:37 pm CT

Update On Volunteer Offers To Get Gene's RV

While Gene was marching today I received a call from David Goodyear who said he was committed to driving all the way up from the Ft. Meyers area - where he lives some 10+ hours from where Gene is now - to pick up Gene and take him back to Pineville Louisiana where his RV is sitting.

Without a confirmed contact with Gene, David and I were exchanging phone calls right up until about the time when David was finally in bed. The plan was for David to 1) get up in the morning - roughly 3-5 am - and begin driving; 2) pick up Gene 10+ hours later; 3) drive with Gene to Pineville to pick up the RV; 4) drive with Gene to Atlanta; 5) drop off the RV - perhaps inside the living room of Doug Kenline's 1 bedroom "STAY OUT OF MY CONDO GENE CHAPMAN" condo; 6) drive Gene back to Eutaw so he could complete his fast and be ready for Governor Riley's tax plan presentation on Tuesday August 5th; 7) drive back to the Ft. Meyers area before going back to work on Monday.

For grins, I called Doug Kenline and left him a very detailed message about David Goodyear's logistical travel plans to help out Gene Chapman, etc.

I know Doug takes these things in stride. He's been a wonderful facilitator for so many folks, including myself, Gene and many others, who had never entered the blogsphere.

Thank you Doug Kenline!

And thank you David Goodyear - you can go back to bed and sleep in tomorrow as you know from the call you, Gene and I were just on a few minutes ago. Apparently Gene has made contact with a We The People coordinator in the greater Birmingham Alabama area who has expressed an interest in helping Gene to retrieve the RV and move it up the road to Atlanta.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart - reporting

Pictures From The Road

Sonic Drive Inn, Livingston, Alabama. Breakfast Time.

A beautiful bridge on the TAX MARCH

The Road Ahead

Bill and I. Bill is a pastor of a church. He is putting me up in a motel to get me ready for the three day enlightenment fast for Governor Riley and any rally Tuesday in Eutaw that might take place.

The fast begins at 12 noon CT Saturday. Gene

Update: I made 16 miles on foot that felt more like 40, given the heat on the road today. It looked like Death Valley out there with all the mirages. Anyway, I have pictures off to Doug Kenline for postiong on the blog any moment. He has to work Sunday, and I got picked up and put in a motel by a pastor to get me rested and ready for the 3 day fast to enlighten Governor Riley and whatever protests might take place at the Eutaw, Alabama City Hall on Tuesday at 9 am CT. This is an opportunity for We The People Congress to shine in Alabama. I'm not going to get the rv this weekend, but Fred and I will be calling to talk to others who want to go get it to see what can be done. I'll do a 'letter from the road' piece when I get rested and washed a bit from today's TAX MARCH. respectfully, Gene.

Here is the link for another article written in the USA Today newspaper about the Governor of Alabama trying to make the case for taxes being Christian. Does he have a biblical, Christian, moral bases to stand on? You be the judge. What do you think Jesus would say on behalf of God to the Governor? Submitted by David Marsh on behalf of Gene Chapman.

Three Day Fast Scheduled for Eutaw Alabama Beginning Tomorrow or Sunday

Gene will be blogging with more details on this, but we were on the phone this morning with 1) Alabama governor Bob Riley's office; 2) the Eutaw Chamber of Commerce; and 3) the Sumter Country Record Journal trying to confirm the details of a meeting planned in Eutaw to discuss Governor Bob Riley's proposed state income tax increase.

Some individual from the Governor's office will be coming to Eutaw with information to distribute and discuss about the state income tax plan. The meeting will be held in City Hall on Main Street - we don't have the exact time confirmed just yet - in Eutaw on Tuesday August 5th.

Gene has received several emails from folks around Alabama - some within We The People Congress - who have expressed a very strong interest in being part of a rally to present an example of public opposition to this plan. If you have any interest in being part of this rally/meeting, please contact Gene via email or call 888-606-9379.

Here are some numbers to call for more information as it becomes available:

Eutaw City Hall - 205-372-4212

Eutaw Chamber of Commerce - Mr. Jerry Clark, President - 205-372-9002
Fax: (205) 372-9974

Governor Bob Riley seems to be a very well-meaning individual representative of the people of the state of Alabama, but as with all local, state and federal public servants, he has a duty and obligation to uphold, honor and defend the Constitution of the state of Alabama and that of We The People which are the only contracts he can legitimately receive We The People's energy, time and trust from.

For the Governor to cite religious principals of the church in an attempt to ramrod the biggest tax increase in the state's history - ie. see the text below from the Tuesday 7/29 story "Alabama Guv: Voters Have Christian Duty to Support Huge Tax Increase" - is an incredibly blatant power grab against We The People.

The Christian Coalition and other (former) supporters view Gov. Bob Riley have called him a "Judas." for while in Congress he had consistently opposed new taxes.

But for the state to tax an individual's labor - which is his/her private property - brings all of this into a completely new and darker light. Like waving a torch of light that is attempting to claim, shame and blame the citizens of Alabama, the Governor is attempting to use and combine the powerful arm of the state - in the form of compelled "at the end of a barrel of a gun" direct tax on individual labor - with the mind, heart, soul, mantle and body of the church. This is an egregious power play that will do more to enslave individuals in Alabama while it destroys individual initiative as it wars against our constitutional protections to earn, keep and share our private property.

Gene wants to invite everyone from all over the state of Alabama for an open, public discussion of the governor's tax proposals and how they are running diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian foundations of our country which were designed to uphold and protect the private property of individuals.

For the state to take and redistribute - through compelled force - wealth and property between individuals is the essence of what the second plank of the communist manifesto:

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

Note: Misapplication of the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, 1913, The Social Security Act of 1936.; Joint House Resolution 192 of 1933; and various State "income" taxes. We call it "paying your fair share".

Riley, a Southern Baptist, said "according to our Christian ethics, we're supposed to love God, love each other and help take care of the poor. It is immoral to charge somebody making $5,000 an income tax."

Regardless of one's religious affiliation, ethics is not something that We The People can claim control over or title to. But the activists "do-gooders" in our world continue to be deluded by this democratic-statis illusion that, like a Father, "the state is God. "

Rich or poor, it's immoral to use the coercive power of the state to take property from one individual and give it to another individual. Our Constitution expressly forbids such direct taxes against the individual with the first paragraph of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the united states of America:

"The Congress shall have the Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the united states: BUT ALL DUTIES, IMPOSTS AND EXCISES SHALL BE UNIFORM THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES;

The difference between Gene's message in this "Let My People Go: Tax March On Washington" and Governor Riley is that helping, serving, caring and giving is supposed to be reserved exclusively for the body of the Lord God's church which begins with the spiritual causes received by each individual from the Lord and manifests as the effects of direct actions of risk, service and love to others. For there to be Freedom and Liberty in the land the state must not step in the middle of this stream of spiritual water - which corresponds to our individual humanity - and attempt to build a dam which blocks and claims the flow of the Lord God's energy, light, truth and love.

For the state to tax the "body of the individual" and then redistribute such wealth/property under compelled force/violence while claiming Christian principals is a complete, total and utter heresy.

We The People are all part of the church of the Lord God Jesus Christ who we are all made in the image of and who is our Father in Heaven. We The People of this great nation are being compelled and called to rise up and freely receive and share the unconditional energy, light, truth and love of the Lord God Jesus Christ with others that the Lord calls us to meet, help and serve every day.

It's time for this discussion of the true roots of slavery to begin in earnest in our world. And what better place to be part of this than the great Christian and freedom-loving state of Alabama.

On behalf of Gene Chapman, Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Round Table Talk: 1) I'll be off to Eutaw, Alabama, 26 miles away, in a few minutes. I may not have those miles in me, so I might be sleeping in a tent on the side of the road tonight. 2) Doug is scheduled to pick me up and Team drive with me to piuckup the rv in Pineville, Louisiana, but Fred and I were unable to get him on the phone last night. I don't know what's up with this plan just now. 3) We need to call the newspaper in Eutaw and let them know I'm enroute and challenging Governor Riley to a television (debate) dispute. The word "debate" is actually not the correct word from a biblical point of view. It is a "dispute" (Acts 17:17) I want with the governor of Alabama. "Debate" is a fleshly war of personalities, while a "dispute" is an objective examination of the facts that all may come to the truth, according to the Bible. 4) Fred will call the editor/ publisher of the Livingston, Alabama newspaper and varify that Governor Riley is infact scheduled to be in Eutaw on Monday. If so, I'll be doing a fast in protest of his tax plan from Saturday thru Tuesday, and we will want to encourage We The People Congress participation in Eutaw to join in protexting Governor Riley's redistribution of assets from the producers to the nonproducers (see: 2nd Plank of The Communist Manifesto to see the governor's tax plan). respectfully, gene.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

With Carl Limbacher and Staff
For the story behind the story...

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Alabama Guv: Voters Have Christian Duty to Support Huge Tax Increase

Alabama's new Republican governor is trying to shove the biggest tax increase in state history down voters' throats by telling them it is their Christian duty.

Instead, Christian Coalition and other (former) supporters view Gov. Bob Riley as a Judas. In Congress he had consistently opposed new taxes.

"According to our Christian ethics, we're supposed to love God, love each other and help take care of the poor," said Riley, a Southern Baptist. "It is immoral to charge somebody making $5,000 an income tax."

Two of his Cabinet members resigned after he proposed his whopping $1.2 billion tax increase.

One of them, Labor Commissioner Charles Bishop, now leads opposition to the tax-crazed guv.

"Working people, once they catch you lying, are never going to support you again," Bishop said.

"The truth is that the governor's net tax package very probably will result in the loss of 30,000 jobs or more as businesses and people scramble to pay these taxes," said Wallace Malone, chief executive of Alabama's biggest banker, SouthTrust Bank.

Voters will decide in a referendum Sept. 9, the Associated Press reported today. In a statewide poll of 500 registered voters last week, 49 percent said they would vote against Riley's plan, 39 percent were for it, and 12 percent were undecided. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

The poll found that voters in households with an annual income of less than $30,000 opposed the plan by about 2-to-1, even though it supposedly would cut their taxes.

Although Riley has alienated many, he has delighted the usual suspects, including the state's Democrat chairman and so-called Alabama Education Association, which is, of course, not an education association at all but a union that wants even more good money to be thrown after bad on failed government school monopolies.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $412.35. Deposits: $100 less a $3.20 Paypal fee is $96.80 (Thanks to Mr. Stegmeier). Expenditures: ($1.41) carrot sticks for breakfast, ($9.67) 1 evening meal, ($32.64) 1 motel room, ($4.34) 1 lunch. Total Expenditures: ($48.60). Ending Balance: $461.09. respectfully, Gene.

Hi Jonny,

We have an interesting turn of events coming together here in Alabama. The publisher of the local Livingston, Alabama newspaper told me today that Governor Riley is to promote his new tax plan next Monday in Eutaw, Alabama.

We need to varify this tomorrow, but given that I am to go with Doug Kenline Friday night or Saturday morning to Pineville, Louisiana to bring my rv to Atlanta, that puts me in Eutaw, Alabama Monday morning. I'll be in the exact same town as the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT'S biggest opponent in all of the South.

Now, I don't know about you, but I think we need to get something going on this crossing of paths. Please e-mail me your phone number of call Fred Smart at 8:15 pm CT tonight to discuss our plans.


Gene Chapman

Gene here. I'm to have a meeting with a 12 year old citizen of Alabama:


I know you probably get a lot of emails, but I wanted to offer some help on
your march to Washington. I can meet you/pick you up near Gadsden, AL
and take you a few hours or so down the road.

My eldest daughter, 12, is interested in meeting you so she can inquire as to
your purposes and such. I explained to her that you are demanding that the
government simply answer some questions. I also said I agree and also
demand the answers. She wants to see you and hear it from your own mouth.

Please let me know where to meet you and when. I am greatly looking forward
to meeting you and having some very stimulating and uplifting dialogue.

Thanks for all of your effort.

Jonny Letson
WTP Lauderdale County Coordinator

Letters from the Road: This morning, I awoke about 8 am CT. It had been hard to get to sleep before 1 am, so I got up later than usual. The weather report from David Goodyear looked as if I might get caught in a thunder storm by noon, so I held off on leaving until about 9 am CT, when I saw the opportunity to make a good march was set.

I went about three miles into downtown York, Alabama. As I entered town, a black lady and her four little children waved at me. I gave out fliers, and everybody was happy to see me. You would have thought I was the ice cream man, as they realized that I was handing out newspaper stories about the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON with my picture on the front page. Celebrity is so easy to establish in the minds of children.

As I got downtown, I cut North on Hwy. 11. Immediately, I saw an elderly clean cut white man, past 70, I'm sure. He was selling okra, tomatos, and peaches by the basket or in singles and what else, I don't know. He looked me up and down, and I smiled. I said, "Here, read this, and you will understand why I'm dressed so funny," as I handed him several fliers. Once he learned about the mission, he started in on how the Government was evil in making an old man like him work so hard to keep up with his taxes. He also was not happy with Governor Riley's new tax proposals. I agreed and shared how I'd been hammering on Riley, Alabama's Governor, since I was back in Louisiana. The man decided against getting his picture taken with me, after all he had said againts the Alabama Governor.

Next, I was asked if I wanted a glass of water in Jesus' name by a black man mowing his lawn. His name was Rochester. He was from the Navy and well educated. He spoke of his taxes being so high, just to keep his home, and I think he may end up being a We The People Congress member.

On I went, until I looked up and saw my young couple that had picked me up the day before in Mississippi. They were glad to see me and carried me on into Livingston, Alabama to meet the newspaper editor for the "Sumter County Record-Journal."

Upon arrival, an ABC tv crew from Meridian, Mississippi showed up to hand off something to the editor/ publisher. They quickly decided to interview me for tonight's 6 pm news broadcast. They filmed me. I took pictures of them. The newspaper took pictures of the tv crew filming me. I lose track, but we all got on somebody's film.

After the tv crew left, I met with Tommy, the editor and publisher on the local weekly newspaper. We interviewed for a long time. That young man and his finacee that had picked me up even left after a time. Tommy talked about Governor Riley's tax proposal and how he wanted to tax the producers and redistribute the wealth on the name of the state. I made it clear that Governor Riley is in my cross hairs. I even called the tv station later and told them I was on record as challenging Governor Riley for a televised debate on his tax proposals. That's it for now. Oh, that woman I'm sweet on e-mailed me twice today from Houston. respectfully, Gene.

Visit from Treasury Department:
12:48 pm CT

Visit from US House Of Representatives:
11:56 am CT

Update: I just finished interviews here in Livingston, Alabama with the Publisher/ Editor of the Sumter Couty Record-Journal and WTOK TV of Meridian, Mississippi.

Andrea Williams will have my interviw on tv channel 11 at 6 pm CT. I have challenged Governor Riley to a live televised debate of his tax proposals to redistribute wealth to the masses from the producers in the state.

The Sumter County Record-Journal will carry the story next Thurday in this weekly publication. We are making news folks.


This article goes along with Gene's previous post about the possible futile effort of looking for Justice and Honesty from a corrupt, dishonest, unlawful court system who have a blatent disregard of the law that is now our court system in this country. Look what a nominee for the U.S. Tax Court had done. He had broken the same "laws" he would be asked to enforce and judge, according to the article. The height of hypocracy to have him judge others on the "law" in court. I wonder if former tax defendent Whitey Harrell had any dealings with this man since he was from Illinois also. Submitted by David Marsh on behalf of Gene

Panel: Tax Court Pick Misused Deductions

WASHINGTON - One of President Bush (news - web sites)'s nominees to the
U.S. Tax Court amended his tax returns for three years to eliminate
improper deductions for entertainment, gifts and meals, the Senate Finance
Committee disclosed Wednesday.

Glen Bower, a former director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, filed
amended returns for 1999, 2000 and 2001 after the committee brought the
deductions to his attention while reviewing his nomination.

The committee's top Democrat said Bower should not be confirmed.

"Mr. Bower was given a fair opportunity to clean up his tax returns," said
Democrat Max Baucus of Montana. "After repeated attempts to get it right,
he came up short — woefully short."

Bower submitted income tax returns to the Senate Finance Committee that
showed approximately $2,000 in improperly deducted expenses over three
years, committee leaders said in a joint statement. The panel requires
every nominee it considers to submit their last three tax returns.

The committee found questionable deductions for unreimbursed employee
expenses during its initial inspection early this year. Bower prepared
amended returns and submitted those to the committee, and the panel found
more improper deductions.

Those deductions included entertainment expenses, nondeductible gifts to
employees, gifts to elected state officials that exceeded legal limits, and
meals with no legitimate business purpose. Bower's tax returns, which were
prepared by an accountant, have not been audited.

Bower this spring filed amended tax returns for 1999, 2000 and 2001 and
paid $649 in additional tax for those three years. He will pay additional
interest to the Internal Revenue Service (news - web sites).

Baucus said the improper deductions raise questions about Bower's
"suitability to be a competent U.S. Tax Court judge."

"American taxpayers need to know that the Tax Court judge who sits in
judgment of them is himself compliant with the laws," Baucus said. "Mr.
Bower's conduct evidences a belief that the American taxpayer should
reimburse him for his personal expenses. He is wrong."

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said Bower has
uniquely qualifying experience for the job.

"It is rare we get the benefit of someone who has made tax law,
administered tax law and judged tax cases to serve on the Tax Court —
certainly good qualifications," he said.

Before serving as director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, Bower was
assistant director for 7 years and general counsel for 4 years. He served
on the Illinois Board of Appeals for three years, and he was an Illinois
state representative from 1979 to 1983.

The U.S. Tax Court has 19 presidentially appointed judges

I'm off to Livingston, Alabama. By interstate highway, it's only 8 miles to the Livingston exit. But through Hwy. 11, It's 13 miles, I'm seeing on the map. And there is nothing within a range of Livingston that I could get to before night fall.

I plan to do my newspaper interview this afternoon in Livingston. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Good Morning. I'm hearing about a front blowing through today. I'm going to spend the next hour checking the weather before I get on the road and start the TAX MARCH. respectfully, Gene.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Update: Dr. Jerry Falwell was just on the local television station preaching. He related that he has been reading about "fasting" on "World Net Daily," a publication that he reads "religiously everyday." Now, let's think about this. Hum. Fasting on World Net Daily? Hi Dr. Falwell. Gene.

Gene here. Looks Like the Patriot Community is gonna get to hear some Gene and help house me too:

Subj: Re: TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON Reaches Alabama Border
Date: 7/30/2003 9:15:05 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

i can put yopu up here. hope u can speak to our clubs.
someone will put u up

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $491.76. Deposits: None. Expenditures: ($2.96) stamps, ($6.83) breakfast, ($10.00) 1 lunch w/ tip, ($42.54) 1 motel room, ($6.21) honey roasted peanuts and 1 two ltr. Dr. Pepper, ($10.87) 1 evening meal w/ $2 tip. Total Expenditures: ($79.41). Ending Balance: $412.35. respectfully, Gene.

Doug is feeling sick today, so the pictures from the road are running a bit late getting on the blog. Gene.

Update: We just fowarded pictures to The Meridian Star in Meridian, Mississippi. Fred tells me that they will be covering the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON but don't have available phographers today. Good lick, Fred, on buying this camera. We're now helping the media to do their jobs.

Meridian looks to have a couple of 20 story buildings downtown, so it's no small town. It's probably just a hair under that of Jackson, the state capitol.

Let's be sure and ask that they put in the article one or two of our websites: or People like to follow the march across the nation, and our message deserves public debate.


Update: I just heard from the woman I told you all about whom I respectfully pursued for a year with no returned romantic interest in me.

How are you?

That's what she said, after reading my last email entitled, "TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON Reaches Alabama Border." I responded, "I think about you everyday on the highway." Folks, this woman touches evey grain of being inside of me. I used to look at her across the auditorium at the church I attend in Houston, and I would actually wonder if she was hiding wings under her clothing. I once asked her if she was an "angel unawares," and I was serious. She never cursed or spoke badly of others. She could have been Mary, the mother of Jesus, had she lived in those days. One of the last times I saw her was Valentine's Day week. I had a star named after her. It was the most perfect thing I've ever done; she fit the act in the divine, as the act fit her. I may not be remembered, but her name will forever be on the lips of humankind. And for this one act to name a star by her, my life has not been lived in vain.

I've not seen her since March and not heard from her since about the time the Austin fast began. Today she actually spoke to me.


A Visit from California Government:

This is David Marsh adding to this on behalf of Gene Chapman. For those of you not aware of this that web address is for the Franchise Tax Board of California. They are the equivalent of the IRS for California. They are the State tax agency there. Ex-IRS CID agent Joe Banister probably has some experience and exposure to them. Very interesting that they are watching Gene at the California Tax agency. Wonder what they are thinking right now. Bring them all into the Light Gene!

Update: I have a newspaper interview with the Sumter County Record Journal in Livingston, Alabama tomorrow downtown about 13 miles from where I am now.

Fred, we need to call newspapers in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Anniston, Eutaw, Epes, Boligee, Knoxville, Ralph, Fosters, Gadsden and Montgomery, Alabama. We also need to call CNN in Atlanta and also let the local Atlanta area papers know about the 21 day fast that is coming outside the IRS Regional Service Center in Atlanta. I'm 250 miles from Atlanta now. Keep the faith.

David Goodyear put the theme song to 2001, A Space Oddesy on the map today. I get such a charge out of that map and that music! respectfully, Gene.

Letters from the Road: This morning, I started out about 8 am CT on the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. Just down the street is a Conoco Station, where I was informed I could get money orders to get those personal bills off in the mail. The money order issue was quickly resolved, along with the purchase of several stamps for the envelopes I still needed to mail with copies of The Clarion-Ledgerarticle inside.

I passed several copies of the flier out. Now 2 pages double sided instead of 4 pages one sided, I can carry twice as many at a time. This plentiful number of fliers allows me to be more free in passing them out.

After breakfast, I went on the Interstate for the next 8 miles. It showered a bit, but I pulled out my red umbrella, and everything was ok. No lightening.

Then, a young man and his fiancee pulled over and picked me up in their white pickup truck. He is a Christian and tries never to pass anyone up on the road. He told me infront of her that his fiancee was not as eager to pick people up on the freeway, as we drove toward York, Alabama, her home town. I told them of the TAX MARCH, and he got excited. He will be checking into joining We The People Congress, I think. She will call the Livingston, Alabama newspaper this afternoon, where some of her family members work.

They got me to the Day's Inn next to a truck stop at exit 8, I think it is. I used my commercial driver's license to get an additional $8 off the room cost, and we had the lady at the desk take a picture of the three of us together. "Now you have your picture in the history books with 'The American Gandhi,'" I told them, laughing. That's what many people like to term me these days, so I was poking fun at my new nickname.

After getting into the room, I went next door at the truck stop to eat lunch. Man, they know how to cook in Alabama! They had green beans, soft bread rolls, hamburger steak, fried pork chops and sweat tea. Could life be any better?

Across the room, there were three State Troopers from Alabama. I told them I was the man on the TAX MARCH from Austin to Washington. They read my flier. We laughed about them being revenue officers (truck fuel taxes) and me being a 'tax protester." -- their words.. But they liked talking with me. And I explained that excise taxes (ie. the ones they were enforcing) were the kind of taxes that my group likes; it's income taxes we hate. They also told me I couldn't walk on the interstae in Alabama, so I'm gonna be on Hwy 11, it appears.

I ate my meal next to four men with gray hair. I overheard one of them say, "I was talking to the governor about that." I asked what governor he was talking with, and he said, "Governor Riley of Alabama." I handed him a copy of the flier for himself and/or Governor Riley and explained that I did not agree with Governor Riley's state income tax plan. I called Riley communistic in his tax plan a few weeks ago. Then I said a silent prayer that my flier would get into the right hands, as they paid their bill and left. They agreed that the federal income tax is not consistent with Judao-Christian ideas on taxation and was more consistent with communistic tax policy. That's it so far. respctfully, Gene.

Update: I'm off to Toomsuba, MS. or further today. Gene.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Note: The $10.00 Paypal check from Chesapeake Precision will not be ready for deposit for a few days, the system tells me. This is normal proceedure on a check format. respectfully, Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $393.59. Deposits: $200.00 less a $6.10 Paypal fee is $193.90 (Thanks to Mr. Hobbs), $10.00 (Thanks Mr. Merek). Total Deposits: $203.90. Expenditures: ($3.40) breakfast, ($1.50) ATM fee, ($37.22) 1 motel room, ($10.81) 1 evening meal, ($42.80) fliers -- 200 copies of 2, double sided, ($10.00) two cab rides for copies. Total Expenditures: ($105.73). Ending Balance: $491.76. respectfully, Gene.

Letters from the Road: Today, I marched 13 miles before a very frightening serial rapist/ killer looking fellow stopped to give me a ride the rest of the way. He was a retired heavy equipment operator who didn't want me to take his picture for the web site. He offered to take me all the way to Atlanta with him, but I politely explained that I was on a TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON and that I checked in several times a day with my coordinator, Fred Smart, who would need to hear from me very soon. The man was a nice fellow, 60ish. But he made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I can handle the serial killer part; I am walking death some days, you know. But the rapist part bothered me. Now I know how women feel. You get to feeling pretty vulnerable when you are alone. Anyway, he didn't kill or rape me, so I'm happy about that (levity) respectfully, Gene. 8-)

Wow: A $4 website in India. Gene.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Posted 4:01 AM by amrit hallan Comment (0)
Referring to an article at

This article glaringly amplifies the current status in the markets in India, where customers REALLY seem demons most of the time. Especially in the services like web designing and copywriting. They want to get the best, and they want to pay the least. They don't care whether the service provider can survive on the measly fee for the next two months or not. Complete businesses are wiped out like this.

For example, just now (half an hour ago), a customer left my office after spending a good hour here. What was I doing? I was uploading his website for which he had bought space from me. He has paid me Rs. 190/- (approx. $4) for a year of hosting. He has called me umpteen times because he doesn't know how to configure an FTP program. When he called first, he didn't even know that he would need to upload his pages in order to make the website functional. All in all, I must have spent around three hours on this customer - for $4 per year.

And some customers have either inherited or stolen their websites. If the code doesn't run, they call me and blame it on some server problem. I end up telling them what ASP and PHP lines they need to insert or remove.

There's another customer for whom I'm making a website. Every second day he wants the layout or graphics changed, even after finalizing the initial design? The fee? Of course it remains the same.

I wrote the entire copy for an industrial website. For four months they kept getting the content changed. All of a sudden, the copy that was acceptable a week ago was not acceptable now. After five months they paid me 60% of the amount agreed upon because they said I left out some portions.

The list goes on...

The point is, I really agree with this article. Such clients are not worth it.

Update: I just got back from having 200 sets of 2 double faced fliers made. I may have some interviews coming up tonight or tomorrow. Gene.

Pictures From The Road

Butch with me at the rest area where I ate breakfast out of the machines yesterday. He Likes the We The People concept of citizens watching over the Government.

The road from my view.


The road behind me.

I-20 sign

Passing under a bridge -- Before.

Passing under a bridge -- During.

A beautiful private lake along the TAX MARCH route.

Margerate Roberts, next to me, gave me a ride the last miles of the TAX MARCH yesterday.

Today -- My best friend, a mile marker.

Today -- If you can see the bridge, I'm exactly 1 mile at the 119 mile marker looking back at the 118 mile marker at the bridge. Just 900 more miles to go.

Today's lunch. Blue grass stems. They are not as good as coastal bermuda stems, I find. ;-) Gene.

I was saddened to hear of the death of Bob Hope this past weekend. Gene.

I have pictures uploaded to Doug for placement on the internet from yesterday and today, so he should be getting them up by 6 pm CT.

Also, I heard from Rick Stanley today, so I won't be planning to head to Denver to check on him, as I was contemplating. I have agreed to be the nonviolent side of his mutual defense pact. If he gets in trouble, I have to go in order to honor my word to Rick.


Thanks to Mr. Hobbs for the $200 Paypal donation and to Chesapeake Precision for the $10 Paypal check that just showed up on my computer screen. They are on their way to the bank right now. I'll update them tonight on the Daily Financial Report.

I hear out transparancy of financial reporting is rubbing off on atleat two other TAX HONESTY groups. Praise the Lord. I would never want to impose my use of Daily Financial Reports on any other group. After all, we all have our mission, and some of those missions may require a little less public discussion of funds than others. The government is watching, we know. So I respect the privacy some choose for their finances. My activities, on the other hand, are about putting the innocent facts in the face of the Government without hesitation. Let My People Go has no physical asset base to protect; the people are our only asset base here in my work. What they fund under the hand of God will be funded. What they do not fund, doesn't get done, and we take that as God's perfect will. We seek to build no buildings that may be taken over by a hostile government, no big accounts that can be raided. All we seek is more and more interaction so that the government cannot break our bonds between us. When money is needed for this or that emergency (ie. Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund), I expect God to touch hearts. When I pass out from the heat, hunger and stress of the road, I hope God will touch one of you to come revive me. That is what LET MY PEOPLE GO is about. respectfully, Gene.

We keep getting visits from our writer friend who did the great front page story in Polk County Enterprise. I think I'm ganna have to let her be my biographer, if she keeps coming to see us this regular. Good to see you Livingston.
8:56 amCT


On The Road Again

Gene started marching at roughly 7:30 am heading east along I-20 from exit 109. The planned destination for today's march is Meridian Mississippi which is exit 129 or thereafter.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Daily Financial Report

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $159.61. Deposits $512: $2.00 (the gentleman from Utah); $210 check (Mr. Albers in Missouri for Gene's personal bills for July); $300 cash (Mr. Olley in Mississippi for Gene's personal bills). Expenditures: ($2.05) breakfast, ($2.13) medical supplies, ($11.19) lunch including a $1.80 tip, ($40.00) motel, ($12.65) evening meal including a $2 tip, ($210) personal bills for July. Total Expenditures: $278.02. Ending Balance: $393.59.

Gene made this comment yesterday to clarify the use of the $210 and $300 in donations which were earmarked for his personal bills per the instructions from the individual doners.

"Fred has a check for $210 and one for $300 for my personal July bills. Another paypal for $200 less Paypal fee has already been used in the TAX MARCH. I only need $210 for my bills this month, so I'll be directing any remaining duplicate donations to the TAX MARCH account when Fred updates me. This means that we should have $300 or so to ad to the TAX MARCH account when Fred gets an e-mail to me on the exact numbers and persons involved."

Received via phone from Gene Chapman and reported by Fred Smart

In a further discussion on the point I made about lawsuits not working in dealing with our Government, I would direct you to the tactics of Jesus Christ in dealing with Pilate and Herod. His tactic was to be "dumb as a sheep before her shearers". Christ's example is to not fight evil on its own terms. When we fight in a courtroom against our Communist/Absolutist/Statist government , we give them credability in the minds of the masses, when they rule against us over some technicality. What I have tried to do in my example is to walk away from the World's system altogether. My life is about sleeping in ditches, eating fire ants and coastal bermuda stems for meals. The punishment that the state could impose upon me is a step up from where I am living now. They know in the silence of their bedrooms each night that they will not break me. It is only when they realize that we will not be broken that they will conceed to the demands of truth. As Gandhi became nothing before God and man (ie. almost no ego nor id), the fight shifted in India from punnishment of Indians to inclusion in the discussion by the Brittish Government. Our approach should be the same. Bob Schultz, Irwin Schiff, Thurston Bell, Larin Rose, and all the rest of you fine nameless faces I don't even know, in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT, would accomplish infinitly more in Atlanta the coming 21 days with a shaved head and a lion cloth than in raising a threatening fist to Washington with this or that legal action.

This, in my humble opinion, only allows Government to become further enraged with more shows of force and violence against the citizens. Are we to defeat an atom bomb? I think not. Our force of choice is the open hand.

Remember, a fist against a fist breaks bones, but an open hand catches a fist. Respectfully Gene

I am in Newton, Miss. After 11+ miles of marching from the previous town. I have checked into a motel for the night. I received a ride from a lady by the name of Margeret Roberts for an additional 10 miles for the rest of the way. I will be getting into Meridian, Miss. tomorrow. The motel I am in doesn't have internet access so I will not be able to blog tonight or upload pictures. Submitted by David Marsh

This is David reporting for Gene. Here is the link for the TV newstory done on Gene in Jackson, Miss. They might have a streaming video clip of the newstory at this website but I haven't found it yet.

Gene Chapman Asked About The Status of Rick Stanley

Rick Stanley's website has been offline for the past 2-3 days. I spoke with Rick Stanley's webmaster, Sarah, this morning. She said their webhosting provider shut them down for a "spamming" claim. They are looking for an alternative.

I told Sarah that I would strongly recommend Amrit Hallen of Bytesworth Internet Marketing Solutions - based in India - which designed this site and also offers hosting services.

Fred Smart

Scott County Free Press Contacted

Special thank again to David Goodyear for his great "Where In The World is Gene Chapman" link:

Subj: Fwd: Information About Gene Chapman...
Date: 7/28/03 11:13:10 AM Central Daylight Time
From: FKSmart

Per Gene's recommendation, I made contact with the Scott County Free Press - based in Forest MS. They were very cordial, friendly, etc. The person who picked up the phone said she knew about you and the march, etc. The reporter she passed me off to had not heard of you, but I sent her this so we can follow up later.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Subj: Information About Gene Chapman...
Date: 7/28/03 11:08:37 AM Central Daylight Time
From: FKSmart

Dear Geane/Jeane/Gene:

I just got off the phone with you.

Gene Chapman appeared on a 5-6 minute interview piece on NewsChannell 12, the local CBS affiliate in Jackson. He was also featured this weekend in the Jackson Clarion Ledger.

I am writing this to let you know about a story that your newspaper/magazine might be interested in covering. There is a man by the name of Gene Chapman who is walking from Austin, Texas to Washington D.C. Right now he is marching from this point here toward Washington DC. He is dressed in white robes called Dhotis and has a shaven head and wears sandals just like Ghandi from India did. Some people have said he looks like the first horseman of the Apocalypse talked about in the bible. Gene has been getting alot of media attention along his march and alot of interest from the common, everday folk, including Pastors. If you would like to learn more you can look at these websites related to his march: Also Worldnetdaily did an article on him:

Here are websites with background information related to his march cause:

Below I have pasted the articles from the Polk County Texas and Louisiana newspapers. You can reach Gene at his e-mail address: and

You can also me through the toll free number we have set up for this march, 888-606-9379. My personal email address is

Thank your for your time and help,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

I'm off on the TAX MARCH in about 30 minutes toward the east from here in my motel at Forest, MS. Be good, Gene.

Former IRS CID Agent Joe Banister checks in this morning:

Hi Gene,

The pictures look great. I enjoy meeting people when I travel. It looks like you are meeting many great people and are spreading the truth quite effectively. Thank you for all of your sacrifices. Your are doing remarkable things!

Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, C.P.A.

Thanks Joe,

Just keep praying and fasting and trusting God. respectfully, Gene.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Information Request: It looks like I may have some raw country infront of me down the line. I've been eating fire ants and coastal bermuda grass stems when I had to be away from people food overnight, but I need more instruction. What plants to eat and not to eat; what poison ivy and poison oak look like, etc., are what I need to know about. I need to know how to live off the land. Any help with advice in surviving would be helpful. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) We have agreement from the Mississippi Highway Patrol to continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON on I-20 eastbound at about 8 am CT tomorrow. 2) I'll be heading for Newton, MS., maybe even Meridian, if things go well. 3) I have a personal friend of mine, an editor at the Associated Press, who Fred will be calling tomorrow in Dallas, Texas to get our story possible coverage by that service. 4) We need to call The Scott County Free Press at 8:10 am CT tomorrow, so they can get to I-20 and cover the TAX MARCH, if they wish: 601-469-2561. 5) I'm low on fliers, so I need to get that taken care of in Meridian asap. 6) We will be in Atlanta for the 21 day fast in another week to two, I expect. Thus, we need to let the press there know of the TAX MARCH now, Doug. 7) I'll be fasting in the ashes, I expect, during the day and going to either a motel or a private home to clean up and sleep at night. We'll just be open to God on that. 8) Irwin Schiff is going to do his own local tv show in Las Vegas, I hear, at the invitation of the station there in town. Close and door and God opens a window, amen. 9) I'll update the finances tomorrow. Fred gave the the info just now, but I don't want to muddy up the Daily Financial Report below. 10) Keep praying. The bonds of injustice a breaking. You may not see it from where you are, but I can see it clear as day here in Mississippi. Just hope that I can keep my ego and id down before the face of God, and He will move more and more. That has been the entirity of this activity since Austin. respectfully, Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $218.99. Deposits: $2.00 (Thanks to the lady at Subway this morning on her way to Washington D.C. on a bus). Expenditures: ($6.94) 1 evening hamburger meal, ($47.19) 1 motel room, ($1.70) 1 two ltr. Dr. Pepper, ($5.55) 1 Subway meal. Total Expenditures: ($61.38). Ending Balance: $159.61.

Note: Fred has a check for $210 and one for $300 for my personal July bills. Another paypal for $200 less Paypal fee has already been used in the TAX MARCH. I only need $210 for my bills this month, so I'll be directing any remaining duplicate donations to the TAX MARCH account when Fred updates me. This means that we should have $300 or so to ad to the TAX MARCH account when Fred gets an e-mail to me on the exact numbers and persons involved.

Money looks pretty tight, but God is in this thing, so I'm confident that He will open the correct doors and touch the right hearts. I'd rather die in God's will on the street than live in luxury out of His will. That's the way I've long felt about it. The Bible teaches that in the last days we uncompromising Christians are gonna have to be living in the streets to escape the World system. This is what it looks like to refuse the "mark of the beast" in Revelation. Here I am, in full color, refusing the World system that they want to impose upon me, even unto death. I'm looking to the East everyday for the Second Coming of Christ in the clouds. God will pull this thing through. "Don't worry; Be happy," as the song goes. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: Gene here. World Net Daily has a great article. I could not have said it better myself:


A Christian tax plan?
Alabama governor puts freedom into question

Posted: July 23, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: Ian Hodge is a regular columnist for Business Reform Magazine, the leading Christian business magazine with over 100,000 readers. Each issue of Business Reform features practical advice on operating successfully in business while glorifying God.
By Ian Hodge
© 2003 Business Reform

In a world that is struggling with terrorism, one of the casualties of war has been freedom itself. The death of civilians in war is called collateral damage. The loss of freedom might thus be viewed in the same light.

If we followed Western civilization from the time of Rome, we would see that society has been governed at different times by two opposing ideals. One is called freedom, while the other might be referred to as absolutism, or in the words of one historian, "enlightened absolutism."

There are various indicators of the absolutist idea. On the top of the list is the idea that the political order has no limitations to its jurisdiction. This principle is at work in overtime mode at the moment as governments around the world use 9/11 and disputed threats of terror as the excuse to improve their powers of search, hold, and interrogation.

Right at the moment one of the debates is over the privacy of conversations between the alleged villain and his counsel. In some quarters, these conversations are no longer private, and are to be recorded by the authorities.

Another example is the proposed tax changes in Alabama, which the governor of the state is arguing is a Christian imperative. It has long been the dream of some that the Bible somehow supports the idea of redistribution of wealth from rich to poor by government rather than by people working their way up the social ladder. Strangely, it is not the reputable theologians telling us this, but politicians who use the religion of Christianity to support the oldest false religion of all, statism.

In this absolutist world it is easy to forget that at one time in our history, perhaps a short period relative to the history of mankind, the political state was held in check by another organization—the Church. Claiming at least equal authority with the political powers, the Church has been the source of freedom in the Western world. Freedom without the Church is like tennis without John McEnroe—unthinkable. And freedom, most of all, meant freedom from the coercive powers of the political state. This meant freedom from taxation, freedom from confiscation of property, free speech, and freedom to move around the country or the world without permission.

Today, it is not fashionable to think about Christianity opposing the ideas of absolutism, but Christianity, as a belief system, needs to be put into action and carried at the human level by organized Christianity—the Church. That we no longer have an organized Church to oppose the organized state is a major hurdle for Christians to overcome.

What we do have are organized Churches (plural) who refuse to cooperate on the major issues facing our world. And the refusal to cooperate is compounded by the inability to agree on the agenda.

Thus it is the Church that needs to be reformed, not the state. And when we get things in their right order, perhaps we will see the return to freedom, an idea we are so fond of talking about. And this might just occur in the future as it did in the past when a Church that alone held to the ideals of freedom and liberty for the individual held the absolutists and despots in check.

Pictures From The Road

David Marsh of Virginia standing at the Louisiana border. David flew down to Texas to help Gene drive the RV. Picture taken by Gene Chapman.

Japan Bureau of BBC Visits us:
3:23 pm CT.
4:10 pmCT.

I told you so, folks. Gene.

I'm glad to see the billboard idea is catching on in Indiana:

That would make an excellent billboard, Gene. Keep up the good work.
Going to an Indiana County co-ordinator meeting on SW side of IPLS IN on Sat Aug 2, 2003 9am to noon.

Will provide feedback at that time as to your effect in Indiana.
David Wallin | Email | 07.27.03 - 3:07 pm | #


[ Sun Jul 27, 01:23:49 AM | Gene Chapman | edit ]
Proposed Billboard:

"IRS Taxation of your labor is the 2nd Plank of The Communist Manifesto in action."
It's UnChristian/ It's UnAmerican/



The picture of me infront of the bridge is right before I crossed the Mississippi River into Natchez, MS from Louisiana.

The rv pictures are infront of the home of the man who is letting us keep it there at his house until we get a driver. Pray for his wife, as she is very ill.


Doug, we need to get "Blogsnob" on all the blog accounts connected to the TAX HONESTY movement. It drives traffic to us all. Fred knows about it. Gene

The Scott County Free Press, Forest, MS.: 601-469-2561. We'll need to let these good people know that the TAX MARCH is heading out of their town tomorrow at 8 am. toward Lawrence or Newton, MS. Gene

Pictures From The Road

Me in Motel Lobbey

This Lady lives in Washington D.C. She is waiting for the bus to get home at the local Subway store, as I was getting breakfast. She gave me $2 for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. Every bit helps. She will be following us on the web when she gets home.

David Goodyear has another song up on the map. That map is the most fun I have in a day. I love it! Gene.

Update: How many days did I march this week, somebody? I need to send my $1 per marching day to the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund for the week. Gene.

Visit from "Intouch Ministries" (ie. Dr. Charles Stanley, First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia).

Proposed Billboard:

"IRS Taxation of your labor is the 2nd Plank of The Communist Manifesto in action."
It's UnChristian/ It's UnAmerican/

Amusing: I just got an invitation to be in a singles ad network. Can you imagine the ad? 8-)

Single White Gandhi type holy man fighting IRS with nonviolent noncooperation tactic seeks attractive female (23-40) for fun 10 to 25 mile daily walks and long fasts? Yep, I'd say celibacy may be in my future.