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Saturday, July 26, 2003


the stanley scoop said the server was taken down for "spamming" said rick is looking for a new host offshore
somewhere......said everything is ok with rick at this time......


I'd still like to hear it from Rick Stanley's mouth. For some reason, I don't trust that the Government couldn't make up a story to put out on Rick that missled the rest of us. Let's persure this until I talk to Rick on the phone, guys. Gene.

Saturday Night Live Audioblog Report

Conversation with Gene Chapman, Fred Smart, and Doug Kenline regarding the Tax March On Washington.

In segment 1 Gene talks about his walk today. Also in segment 1 Gene talks about the upcoming 21 day fast in Atlanta.

Powered by audblogSegment 1

In segment 2 Gene talks about the camera purchased by Gerald Klaas and the new camera purchased by Fred Smart. Also in segment 2 Fred Smart mentions that yesterday was the birthday of number 33 Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears who was from Mississippi right around where Gene was walking on that day.

Powered by audblogSegment 2

In segment 3 Gene talks about the map made by David Goodyear.

Powered by audblogSegment 3

Pictures From The Road

Picture with Rita holding yellow paper. She is my first "Autograph Hound."
Tongue in cheek, I assure you.

Man with big camera is from the CBS station in Jackson that made me a household
name today.

Two men at McDonalds who will be praying for me at church tomorrow.

My feet on a 25 mile day

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $220.38. Deposits: $1.00 (man on the street), $25.00 less a $1.03 paypal fee is $23.97 (Thanks Mr. Thompson), $50.00 less a $1.75 paypal fee is $48.25 (Thanks Mr. Paulson). Total Deposits: $73.22. Expenditures: ($2.00) ATM fee, ($3.53) breakfast, ($4.50) 9 copies of The Clarion-Ledger, ($8.00) 1 lunch w/ tip, ($47.49) 1 motel room, ($4.52) groceries and washing soap, ($4.57) 1 evening meal. Total Expenditures: ($75.61). Ending Balance: $218.99. respectfully, Gene.

Doug Kenline: We need to have you find a place where we can burn down some dried wood (No Charcoal; it has chemicals in it that are not good for the skin) when I arrive in Atlanta for the 21 day fast. There are 4 things we can do to "humble" ourselves before the face of God (see: II Chron. 7:14), as I study the Bible. We can fast, wear sackcloth, shave our head and sit in ashes. I have todate done all but sit in ashes before the Lord. I want us to have these ashes available, as I begin the 21 day fast outside the Atlanta Regional IRS Building. respectfully, Gene.

When we hit the income tax issue as being the 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto, it roots up all Federal cedability for support of the tax system in the minds of the people, I'm finding. Keep hammering this point, and God will fix this mess. In the last 24 hours, my story and the communist arguement has hit all of Mississippi. They are treating me like I'm Elvis here today. respectfully, Gene.

Thanks James for the Heads up on Rick Stanley. We're looking into it now.

The $50.00 will do alot. It costs about $100 a day to make the TAX MARCH go, so you're being used of God to give us half a day of life toward changing America. I am confident that this TAX MARCH is rocking the base of the mountain called, "Mt. Injustice," so that it will soon be cast into the sea. Just the reaction here in Mississippi to my story makes me think that a giant army may rise up tomorrow morning and fight off this communism called 'Progressive Taxation' (The 2nd Plank of The Communist Manifesto). Infact, I am so impressed with the anti-Communist Manifesto arguements, covered by the Mississippi media today state wide, that I would suggest that it is the single most powerful tool we have in turning America against the very existance of the IRS. Have faith that we are nearer to victory, as opposed to further. This word "communism" is the lever that has reached the base of the mountain here in Mississippi just in the last 24 hours. Pray that God will open even more doors in the coming days and weeks to cast this mountain into the sea, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Pray for the Atlanta 21 day fast that is coming nearer. All the right elements are in place to cast off the IRS. Let us humble ourselves in the site of the Living God. for has He has moved in the affairs of men in Mississippi this day.


Gene Chapman, Minister of :Christ
Galatians 6:9

Thanks to Mr. Thompson for the $25.00 Paypal donation. We'll honor God with it. respectfully, Gene

See below: Fred, I think we better call Rick Stanley and see if He is ok. Gene

Dear Gene,

I could write for hours on my feelings about what you are doing for
the sake of all Americans. I just don't think I could EVER thank
God or you enough for your efforts. I've been keeping a watchful
eye on you, WTP, Simkanin, Schiff, Stanley and others. I am one
of the more tacit members, doing what I can to support WTP,
Schiff and others when I can.

My main concern at this moment, however is whether or not
anyone knows what has happened to Rick Stanley's website. Ever
since the news release about his potential standoff in Denver with
our criminal government, I have been unable to access his website!

I am hoping that you, Fred, Doug or so many others may have
heard. I sent an email to Rick but have not heard back. I know how
busy your days are with the March on Washington are so I greatly
appreciate ANYTHING you can do to find out.

I have also contributed $50 (all I have now) to your march through
PayPal. Live FREE or DIE! God Bless you and God Bless America
and all of her true patriots. Jim Paulson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 25, 2003, Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $217.62. Deposits: $10 Mary, the lady on the road, $5 black man on the road. Total Deposits: $15.00. Expenditures: ($5.56) breakfast, ($1.27) 1 Dr. Pepper, ($5.41) 1 chili dog evening meal. Total Expenditures: $12.24. Ending Balance: $220.38. respectfully, Gene.

The 77 year old man came to see me later and told how he had seen me on the 10 o'clock news. I put the tent up and went to bed.

At about 5:45 am CT, he came to pick me up to take me downtown for my TAX MARCH to proceed. He related that he had been one of ten children raised by his mother in the Great Depression, after his father died when he was five years old. He related, "My mother never turned a stranger away, and we had a roof over our heads and plenty to eat all through that time." I reminded him of the story of the little bit of meal and oil in the Old Testamanet that God just wouldn't let run out, as long as the widow honored God with it by feeding the Prophet Elijah. He agreed that the story was the same with his mother. I was glad I met him.

Upon arrival at the store, I was met with first this and then that person saying, "I just saw you on the news this morning." "Go get 'em," they would say. One man stopped me while I marched out of town and handed me a dollar bill. Yes, he saw the tv news too. And then a black woman shouts, "God Bless You!," at the top of her lungs, as her little children waved at me. Then another and another. You would have thought I was Elvis. They were everywhere waving and thanking me. Finally, a man picked me up and carried me to the next town. I was barely on the pavement when another young man picked me up to carry me into Forest, Mississippi, where I am now. About 20 minutes after I arrived in the motel here, The Clarion Ledger sold out of all 20 copies that had just been in the machine. The lady at the front desk told me the story, while I had been waiting on my breakfast in the next room. People were looking at me, not as a freak in a bed sheet, but as a man on a mission. It goes without saying that I could run for Governor of Mississippi today and win. Today, I became a hero to the people of Mississippi. May God grant me the grace to be worthy of that status that has been bestowed upon me here in Mississippi. respectfully, Gene Chapman.

I called Fred to tell him the news, and went on toward the East side of Brandon, where I thought I'd be finding a motel on the Interstate. But there was nothing there. Committed, I kept walking toward Pelahatchie. At 23 miles for the day, I entered the city limits. The sun was going down fast. A hispanic woman named Mary pulled over and put a $5 bill and five $1 bills in my hand. She said that God had blessed her today and that she needed to express her thanks by giving me the $10. A few momnents later, a black man pulled over in a nice new pickup truck. He was on his way to see his mother-in-law in the hospital in Jackson.. His wife had just called him on the cell phone, a few miles ahead, and told her husband to stop and buy me something to eat. He had food that was too heavy for my stomach at now 24 miles of marching, so I left it with him, but he insisted on putting a $5 bill in my hand from him. Within 10 minutes, two totally unconnected people stopped and put a total of $15 in my hand. I thought, "This gig isn't too bad," as I laughed at the blister and the pain of my feet and the trama that has become of my life since leaving a $150 per day job driving trucks.

I got into Pelahatchie at about 8 pm CT. It was getting dark. A local mechanic didn't seem too impressed with me, so I walked over to the only cafe in town to eat. Upon entry, I passed out fliers to the staff and asked that the local police be called, so I could
get the rules on sleeping overnight. I enjoyed a chili dog with fries and a Dr. Pepper, while waiting on the town police officer to arrive.

Upon his arrival, he seemed as if he thought I was a problem to be delt with. I right away informed him that I was the one who had him called and that there was no problem. He looked over the flier a short bit and proceeded to tell me that my options were to be carried to the edge of town and dropped off in the dark or be locked up for being out on the street past the midnight curfew.
I chose to be locked up, if the only other option was being put on the edge of the town limits. I explained that I had money for a motel but that there were no motels in Pelahatchie. I was just wanting to lay down until first light and be on my way.

I called Fred to tell him of the problem, and Fred seemed to calm the officer down a bit. One of the kids in the cafe blurted out that the officer was a preacher, and that sent me off on him. I said to the officer, "You're a preacher, and you want to put me on the edge of town to sleep in a swamp?" He said, "I'ts the law." I replied, "What would you do if Jesus were sitting here right now in my seat?" "Would you just put him packing out in a swamp or lock him up for sleeping on the street? He got quiet and called the Cheif of Police. They made some kind of arrangement for me to stay free of charge at a local camp ground that was only 3 miles away. What do ya know, God had a way.

I was carried in the back of the patrol car to the campground office where a 77 year old man came out and took a look at me. He said I was welcome to set up free of charge on spot number 13. The police offer carried me over, and he let me out. I suggested that he might use his Christian influence to set up a program with local churches to look after people travelling like myself. After all, Jeus said, "I was a stranger, and ye took me not in." (Continued).

Jult 25, 2003 Narrative: I awoke at about 6:45 am CT. By about 7:45, I was on the road walking from Pearl, Mississippi on Hyw. 80 East toward Pelahatchie, Mississippi in the TAX MARCH.

Along the way, a man in a red shirt stops about 100 yards infront of me and starts taking pictures. I asked him who he was, and he shared that he was with The Clarion Ledger, Mississippi's State newspaper, based in the State Capitol. He said the article he was writing on me would be somewhere inside the paper on Saturday. I took his picture for yall to see, and we went our seperate ways.

About 8 miles into the march, I came across a place named "Bills Produce." I, rather than trying to talk a great deal after all that walking, just passed a few copies of the flier out to the people in the food line. Two mechanics said they were gonna call the local tv stations and left. They were very proud to meet me. The three women working at Bills' were equally excited, as one of them walked up to me out of the blue, shoved a piece of yellow paper infront of me while I ate and asked, "Can I have your autograph?" She was giggly, like the other two. They got on the phone to call a local radio station to try and get me on, but the station was backed up on callers., so I continued on the march. They also related that Pelahatchie didn't have motels, they thought.

This was not good news, so I evaluated if I might just settle for Brandon, Mississippi for the night. In a call to Fred, he felt I should continue on.

I went on further a few miles when a black man I noticed was filming me from about 50 yards ahead. He was with CBS Ch. 12. He also agreed with everything I was saying about communist influences in the tax system rather than Christian influences being used.
He went on to work with the story, as did I with the TAX MARCH.

As I neared I-20 at Brandon, I noticed a McDonald's on the right corner of the West bound side, so I stopped in for a Dr. Pepper.
There, I passed out fliers and met two black men who became very interested in my need for prayer at their church this Sunday. I expect they will be doing the prayer at church.

There was no East bound service road, so I got Fred on the phone to call the State Highway Patrol. We left a message asking to know the rules of foot travel on the Interstate. (They still have not returned Fred's call at this writing.) Fred kept prompting me to continue the long route through downtown on Hwy. 80, so I did.

Fred must have known something because I walked up right into a big camera filming me, as I marched through the square of Brandon, Mississippi. I thought it was the other local Jackson tv station, so I said to the camerman, "Are you here for me?" He, a tall Brittish man responded in that accent, "No, I'm with the BBC World News Service; what's you're story?" We talked about the TAX MARCH and the story he was on assignment to cover. He conveyed to me that he would pass along my flier to the appropriate people at the BBC. As I walked away, I saw him talking to his producer, as they got into their truck while looking over at me. They have enough to do a story on me, so I'm putting them down on the media link until I hear different. The BBC World News Service is the top of the line for media where I come from. There ain't no "UP" from the BBC. (Continued).

Friday, July 25, 2003

Update on Gene's Situation

Gene called to report that the Sheriff of Pelahatchie Mississippi - the same gentleman I spoke to on the phone earlier - offered some additional information which was not forthcoming in his original discussion with Gene. He went on to inform Gene that there was a campground 3 miles outside of Pelahatchie where Gene could pitch his tent. He offered to drive Gene there. Gene accepted the offer.

During the drive Gene and the officer had a rather frank discussion about truth, the need for transparency, the example of Jesus and our individual calling to follow that example. He thanked me for talking to the officer and said he will just plan on laying outside this evening.

The nearest town - an perhaps tomorrow's destination - is Forest some 20 miles east. Gene said it's been a long day of round about walking and he's simply looking forward to getting up the road to the next motel.

Say a prayer for Gene as you go to bed tonight.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Waiting for Deliverance in Pelahatchie Mississippi

Gene called 15 minutes ago to report that he arrived in Pelahatchie after marching some 20-25 miles. There is no motel in town and the local sheriff informed him that once past curfew he must either drive Gene to the edge of town or take him all the way back to Brandon 12 + miles east and lock him up. The call was made from a local restaurant-diner where there were some 15+ folks gathered. None have offered to help or advise him on what he can do or where he can go to at least pitch his tent. He's even offered to pay someone just for the chance to pitch his tent on their property.

I spoke with the Sheriff who reiterated what Gene said. The guy seemed like he was trying to working something out with the local highway patrol or a trucker to get Gene a ride up the road to the Forest, the next town which is some 24-27 miles down the road heading east.

On A Separate Note: The BBC Meets Gene

Earlier in the afternoon Gene called to report that a fellow with the BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation - in the town of Brandon to film-report on a story about a gay priest-minister - filmed Gene and spoke with him at length. At first Gene thought it was on of the other TV stations which some folks who met Gene indicated they had contacted to do a story about him. The fellow from the BBC took down all the appropriate information and said he would pass it on to his superiors.


That's all for now.

Pray that Gene can find a place to lay his head this evening.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Gene's Location

Gene just called to tell me he's at the intersection of highway 80 and I-20. He's attempting to walk along the service road along I-20. If he can't proceed he will be heading through the backroads north of Brandon.

Jackson Mississippi's WJTV, Channel 12 Interviews Gene Chapman

Gene just called to tell me that the local CBS affiliate, News Channel 12, WJTV just finished doing an interview which will appear on the evening news this evening.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Jackson Clarion Ledger Interviews and Takes Pictures of Gene

Gene called to inform us that some folks from the Jackson Clarion Ledger met with him to take pictures and take down some information for an article which they said would be in tomorrow's paper, Saturday, July 26, 2003.

The folks from the Jackson Advocate have not contacted him yet on the article they said they would do, but we have a very good feeling that they will follow through on their promise.

Gene has walked some 10+ miles today and is just entering the service road underneath I-20 which will connect back with state highway 80 heading east toward Forest. The folks outside of Brandon said that the next town along 80, Pelahatchie, does not have a motel and that Gene would have to go another 20 miles to Forest before he came to the next motel. Gene was going to call it quits in Brandon, but I encouraged him to just keep walking for someone would either help or pick him up along 80.

I'm not sure what Gene will decide to do, but whatever he does will be fine with me. I just know that movement and action is what this march is really all about. Meeting, greeting, sharing, helping and serving up this wonderful picnic of energy, light, truth and love that the Lord God freely and unconditionally gives to each one of us every second of every day.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Round Table Talk: It's 7 am CT in Peal, Mississippi. I'll be heading out for today's TAX MARCH to Pelahatchie, Mississippi in a few minutes. My path is to be Hwy. 80 East. At Brandon, Mississippi, Hwy. 80 weaves under the I-20 service road, so I'll be on that service road for a mile or three, then back to Hwy 80 again. Have a good day, folks. I'll be praying for you and with you that God will cure our nation of its messes. respectfully, Gene.

P.S. I'm beginning to prepare myself emotionally for the 21 day Atlanta IRS Service Center Building fast that is coming when I get to that city. Jesus said that some evil is only cast out by fasting and prayer. We're gonna put God's word to the test; why be a person of faith otherwise?

Thursday, July 24, 2003

We will be connecting to media stories done on LET MY PEOPLE GO, as we have opportunity. Gene.

Pelahatchie, Mississippi will be our goal for tomorrow. Good night, Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $335.72. Donations: $192.59 (Fred Smart bought the camera today, Thanks from everyone, Fred). Expenditures: ($9.39) 1 large Schlotzsky's lunch, ($51.23) 1 motel room in Pearl, Miss., ($9.72) 1 large Schlotzsky's evening meal, ($25.25) taxi ride to Best Buy for camera in North Jackson, Miss., ($22.50) taxi ride back to march location in Pearl, Miss., ($192.59) Fred's purchase of the camera. Total Expenditures: ($310.68). Ending Balance: $217.63. respectfully, Gene.

I get such a kick out of David Goodyear's map of my location. Saturday Night Live used to have a clay figure named Mr. Bill. Sometimes, Mr. Bill would go for a drive between towns, and he would be in his car moving along on a map just like the one David has pictured and in exactly the same format. I keep waiting to see a clay figure of me in a loin cloth walking along that green line. It's a riot!! I guess you have to be me to enjoy my humor. Gene.

At Rick's invitation that he just gave, I'll be happy to be part of the unarmed nonviolent noncooperation force side of the Mutual Defense Pact that he has. What I am assuring is that I will come to be an honest broker in any standoff his 2nd Amendment group has with the Government. I will go to jail gladly to bring attention to any conflict, bringing shame to the Government if they attack Rick's armed community without reasonable mediation, observed by myself and anyone who may wish to be with me. Fasts, Marches, etc. are the mechanisms of nonviolent resistance, and I will use these mechanisms to assure Truth is honored where the Mutual Defense Pact is concerned. You have my word, Rick. respectfully, Gene Chapman.

Rick Stanley Likes My Gandhian peace Brigade Idea:

Subj: SCOOP & WEBSITE: MILITIA SECTION: Gene Chapman/ Denver Standoff Discussed
Date: 7/24/2003 2:57:27 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

STANLEY NOTE: Thank you for the kind words Gene. We would welcome you and
anyone who wants to join us in an unarmed branch of the Pact. I think it is a
great idea. We will still defend those who are unarmed if given the
opportunity. However, those who will not defend themselves are sitting ducks.
We need time to respond. A brigade of unarmed demonstrators for defense of our
militia would absolutely be welcomed. If you join, and become a part of this, I
would welcome your help. It is all done through the website at and the Stanley scoop newlsetter and Media/Militia releases.
Letting America know how we can defend God's Laws and the Constitution at the
same time. We are each servants of the one God.

Luke 22, Verse 36: "But now one who has a money bag should take it, and
likewise a sack, and one who does not have a sword should sell his cloak and buy
one." Jesus Christ.


Rick Stanley

Special Situation Audioblog Report

Listen in on the inner workings of the Tax March On Washington.

In segment one Gene Chapman and Fred Smart speak with Alice Tisdale Associate Publisher of the Jackson Advocate.

Powered by audblogSegment 1

In segment 2 the conversation continues with Alice Tisdale then towards the end of segment 2 Gene is talking about his experience with the Branch Davidians and David Koresh in Waco, Texas.

Powered by audblogSegment 2

In segment 3 Gene continues talkine about his experience with the Branch Davidians and David Koresh in Waco, Texas. Also towards the end of segment 3 Gene talks with Annie Oaks (?) of the Mississippi Clarion Ledger.

Powered by audblogSegment 3

In segment 4 Gene continues his conversation with Annie of the Mississippi Clarion Ledger.

Powered by audblogSegment 4

Update: I see that we have three pictures up on the blog from when David Marsh was with me in Texas. The water picture is of me holding a paper next to the river at the Louisiana/Texas border infront of one of those Cypress trees that grows in that local lake. We are actually off shore about 30 yards in this picture. There other 2 pictures of me are me walking on the road outside of Jasper, Texas and me in the motel room in Woodville, Texas. That's pretty much what I still look like, folks.

I've e-mailed a picture from today to Doug and Fred; I don't know how to get the picture on the blog yet. We'll see if they do.

Fred, we need to call the Jackson papers and let them see this. We've not done interviews yet with either of them.

The taxi was driven by Dale Beard. He is very excited about joining We The People Congress. (I gave his phone number to Fred for transfer to Devvy Kid). He is a veteran of the military, and he hates the tax system. We drove to North Jackson and talked the whole way about the effort of the TAX MARCH, etc. I left him a flier, and I expect to be getting an e-mail from him here.

The Best Buy guys were almost rude about insisting that I leave by back pack at the front desk and that the taxi driver move out of the fire zone, where he was letting me out, as I was trying to pay him with a bank debit card. I almost walked away from Best Buy, but I knew Fred had set up a purchase for me there. So I put up with their rude behavior. You would have thought I was trying to get on a plane with a package that said "BOMB" on the side. 8-) Anyway, I got the camera purchased with my personal credit card, as Best Buy doesn't take credit card purchases over the phone. I'm maxed out now. Fred will be forwarding $192.59 so I can get that camera paid for off my credit card.

As I left the store, I told the guy at the front: "If this gig doesn't work out, I think you have a future as a prison corrections officer," as I smiled. He laughed together with me.

The cab ride to Pearl, Mississippi is suppoded to be just down from heavy Interstate traffic on I-55 and I-20. I'm now headed East on Hwy. 80 tomorrow morning.

Now let's see if this camera works. Gene.

Update: This morning, I awoke at 6 am CT. I got on the TAX MARCH at about 7:45 am after some e-mail work and an update on the blog. The first meeting was with a man on business at the Day's Inn lobby at checkout, obviously interested in my clothing. I asked if I'd made the paper he was reading -- USA Today. He didn't realize it, but I was serious. The conversation quickly went into the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. After 10 minuets or so, we went our ways. He was happy he had met up with me and wished us all well in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT.

I marched about 2 miles and stopped at the State HQ of the Pentacostals in Mississippi. No one was in to work yet, so I left a flier in the door and went on.

A few hundred yards later, I came across what must be the largest church in the state. I visited with the church staff for about 15 minutes and left fliers form them and the pastor.

Another mile or so, I met a road crew putting down gravel on the side of the service road. Several gravel trucks were backed up waiting to be unloaded for spreading the gravel. I gave out fliers. Smiles were on every face. Then I met a young black man with the crew off by himself ahead of the rest (maybe 19 or 20), who was waiting on trucks to get to his location. He said that he heard about me on the crew radio, passed me a cold red koolaid in a plastic bottle and thanked me for my work. I took the koolaid and drank it. (I saved my trash and threw it away here in the motel just a few minutes ago. We are stewards of God's earth and have no right to mess it up with trash.)

I stayed on the service road going North along I-55. About 5 miles into the march, my back pack became heavy and my feet were tired, so I took off the pack and rested under a giant tree in a field about 20 yards off the service road. I spread out my dhoti from my shoulders on the ground and layed down to enjoy the morning breeze.

Then I packed up and headed North another couples of miles. There, I saw an Econo Lodge where I might call Fred to see if he was ready to get the new camera we discussed buying last night. After a bit of silent prayer, I went in to see if I could get to call on their phone. Everything I needed was right at the desk. A pen and paper for directions to Best Buy. And the kid (20 years?) at the desk handed his cell phone right to me without a hitch.

His name was Raiyon Rab, a Muslim, concerned about his soul. Between calls, he would say how impressed he was with my committment to God's call on my life to march and fast. He wondered if those who were born outside where the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be heard would (ie. Bangladesh, his birth country) be going to hell for not knowing. I quickly told him that Christianity teaches that everyone will have a chance to hear the Gospel before being sent to hell. About that time, my taxi to North Jackson for the purchase of the camera showed up. Pray for enlightenment for Raiyon. He is a seeing youth. (See next blog for continuation.) Gene.

ABC in Austin Looking at Us Again:
12:42 pm CT

Keep your eyes peeled for a story on us there in Austin, folks. Gene.

Concerning the Standoff in Denver below: I was an undergraduate student at Baylor University in Waco, Texas when the Branch Davidian Situation came about. I knew many of the Baylor Religion professors who had been dealing with Pastor David Koresh in the months prior to the Government attack upon the Davidian Church. It was this relationship and my billboard ministry's use of media concepts that got me an invitation to speak several times with the head negotiators for the FBI (Byron Sage, etc.). I won't go into detail here, but I was quite involved in the brainstorming for how to get into Pastor Koresh's head and resolve the problem peacefully. In the end, the government shooters were out for blood over the loss of their fellow ATF agents. I could see it when I went to visit them on the front line. And there was no one between these two feuding parties, as the seige continued.

We The People of the United States must step between those being attacked and those in government who often have egos to protect in such cinerios. Gandhi called these people "Peace Brigades." See The Gandhi Reader for more deatails. I envision this Peace Brigade concept all over the world in order to keep the tensions down between governments and citizens. What Rick did in Denver was needed to hold government back. But this effort of Rick's needs unarmed spiritual leaders in it as well. A third party, honest broker, so-to-speak. Special Agent Sage asked if I wanted that role with David Koresh, but I didn't feel qualified. I've often mused that perhaps my refusal to talk to Koresh failed to honor the Gandhian Peace Brigade concept and in its end killed the Davidians.
respectfully, Gene.

Gene here. I'm happy to hear the stanoff in Denver appears to have been resolved:

Subj: MEDIA RELEASE: Stanley Scoop 07/24/03 ** Special Edition **
Date: 7/24/2003 12:44:28 PM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

July 24, 2003

Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist
Phone: 303-329-0481


Stanley Scoop 07/24/03 ** Special Edition **
** Visit the website: **
** Scoop Archive: **
** Like the Scoop? Forward it to everyone you know! **

Subject: End of Stanley/Denver Potential Militia Alert***Media Release***

Rick Stanley announced the ending of the Preliminary Militia Alert for the
Denver, Colorado potential defense and stand-off, of himself and the Mutual
Defense Pact Militia. The Ordered hearing by Judge Robert Patterson for Rick
Stanley on June 26, has been Vacated by Judge Patterson in an Order this week.
It has been verified by the Denver Police Department to Rick Stanley, that the
Bench Warrant ordered by Judge Robert Patterson, as a result of Stanley refusing
to appear at the unlawful June 26 hearing, has also been vacated, and the
Police show that there is no bench warrant, or any type of warrant for Stanley,
in the computer at this time. With this action, by those in government, Stanley
ends the Preliminary Militia Alert for the Stanley/Denver potential Militia
action, by the Mutual Defense Pact Militia of the 2d American Revolution. This
is the 2d Preliminary Militia alert, that has been successful in stopping the
proceedings of government agents, based upon the exposure of the
illegal/unlawful/unconstitutional actions of those in government, who in their
zeal to jail our innocent militia brethren, or steal their property, all
unconstitutionally, has been stopped once again. The matter may still come up
in Denver, Colorado or Biddeford Maine. However, each of these two potential
incidents could have escalated very quickly into, Ruby Ridge or Waco size stand-
offs, but with the potential of a Mutual Defense Pact Militia intervention,
hanging over the actions of the government, those in government, eventually came
to their senses and backed off. This is what the Mutual Defense Pact Militia is
poised to do. When government steps outside the boundaries of Constitutional
law, and the courts will not uphold the law and our constitutional rights, these
Americans of the Mutual Defense Pact Militia are poised to defend our militia
brethren, with force of arms against the predations of a fascist tyranny of
government at any level, whether it be local, state, or federal.
Unconstitutional actions will not be tolerated against Mutual Defense Pact
Members. Who are these Americans? People such as, any regular every day
peaceful American, who is freedom loving, but will not tolerate the taking of
their constitutional rights, under the force of arms by government against them,
or their militia brethren. Men and women who are not cowards, and will defend
to the death their rights to freedom and liberty, free from unconstitutional
intervention by those in government. Each Member of our Pact has committed to
defend themselves and those of like mind who have joined the Pact across this
nation. Formed a few months back, the Pact, which can be checked out at under the Mutual Defense Pact section on the main page of
the Stanley Constitutional Activism website, will defend every Pact member
against any intrusion against their constitutional rights. False arrest,
property takings, stealing of our children or grandchildren by the state, or the
stealing of our guns, which is a God given right of man to defend himself, and a
Constitutionally protected and guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, all of
these actions, will not be acceptable to the Pact members. Weapons of the
Mutual Defense Pact Militia will only be used against those who would attack us
individually or as a group. Our weapons will only be used DEFENSIVELY. Once
attacked though, Militia members will not hesitate to destroy anyone trying to
harm them, or their brethren. The Militia has promised to defend, as if the
gates of heaven, and the promised Lion of Revelations, were unleashed against
their attackers. Government will be held accountable with the Mutual Defense
Pact Militia members, for any unconstitutional act and threat of attack. No more
Waco's, Ruby Ridges, Rainbow Farms, or Fremont Michigan and the recent death ,of
citizen Scott Woodring. Not on our watch. Scott Woodring was brutally murdered
by the police in Michigan, but was not a member of the Mutual Defense Pact
Militia. We still feel his loss for trumped up charges to arrest or kill him.
He would still be with us today if he had joined the Mutual Defense Pact
Militia. We are hundreds today, after a few months of existence. We will be
thousands in every state as time elapses and the tyranny of the government is
continued against the citizens of America. The grass roots campaign to close
ranks and defend ourselves and those of like mind in regard to constitutional
rights, and our demand they be upheld by those in government, instead of
attempting to steal and kill from our Pact members, will continue to grow in
America. See

As long as government respects our Constitutional rights and does not attack any

Here is another Govt. visitor today to Gene's website. Thu Jul 24 03 at 11:36:41 AM When are they going to start discussing the issue instead of just watching?

Fred and I just got off the phone with Gene a little bit ago. He purchased a digital camera at the Best Buy in Jackson, Miss. The camera cost around $199.00 according to Fred. So it looks like Gene will have pictures to upload to the internet from his camera starting today, so we can see what is going on each day on his march to D.C.

Round Table Talk: It's 7 am CT, here in Byrum, near Jackson, Mississippi. I'll be off on the TAX MARCH again in about an hour. The local papers appear to be excited about doing a story on the march, so I'll be calling in to Fred at 888-606-9379 every so often. (We are not currently set up well to do interviews early in the morning with radio stations; we should work on that. Like me, Fred stays up late, and so it's hard to get us up early enough to be on the radio -- 6 am.)

The camera we are to buy today is about $160.00, as I understand. This will give us pictures and 30 sec. video clips, so yall can see more of the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON than just words on a screen.

We need to make sure and get more story links up on the right side of the gene blog today. I think that reaches people to have all that access. We still need the artilce John Kelso did in Austin entitled, "Gandhi Would Have Had Lunch," all the World Net Daily stuff from the Austin Death Fast, the Giddings, Texas article, the Brenham, Texas article, the Natchez, Mississippi article, The Dialy Leader article last Sunday in Broohaven, Mississippi, the article in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, etc. One of these newspaper writers may want to write a book someday on the activities we are engaged in here; Let's make finding material for that book easy for them.

We also have 4 video stories that KVUE (ABC) did on the Death Fast in Austin that will cost us $200 to get for later streaming video on the web. We also have several cable access interviews in Austin we need to track down. And my documenatry maker has hours of video from Austin.

Also, we have maybe two dozen radio interviews we need to see if we can track down in Las Angelas, Chicago, San Antonio, Idaho, Colorado, Austin, etc. Who knows where else? Let's get all this linked asap. After all, the New York Times came to see the gene blog less than 14 hours ago. We need to get up and ready for PRIME TIME, folks.

I'm off on the march into downtown Jackson. I'll find a cab to go get the camera in North Jackson. Then, I cut East toward Birmingham, Alabama. respectfully, Gene. Your West Nile Virus Test Kit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $362.85. Deposits: $50.00 less a ($1.75) Paypal fee is $48.25 deposited into the TAX MARCH account (Thanks to Mr. Juneau). Expenditures: ($64.20) 1 motel room, ($2.14) 1 umbrella, ($2.91) 1 breakfast, ($12.88) groceries for dinner, ($3.25) phone charge. Total Expenditures: ($85.38). Ending Balance: $335.75. respectfully, Gene.

Look who just came to dinner:
5:22pm CT

Yall should make a little stick figure of me walking on the map in a loin cloth with a big toothie smile, like a cartoon (ha ha). Gene.

The local Jackson, Miss. newspaper seems pretty interested in doing a story on the TAX MARCH.

I love this link David Goodyear put together on my location on a map. We need a permanent link to it. Great work, David!!!!!!!!!


We're Just Finding out About More Coverage of The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON:

Dear Mr. Chapman,

Hello, it was nice to hear from you. We did two stories on you in two different editions of TaxTruth Newsletter. Specifically, the 5/6/03 and 6/3/03 editions. Those two back issues are currently in the subscriber's only archive section of our website, so there is no html version of those articles to link to at the moment.

Therefore, yesterday I enclosed a PDF copy of those two editions of TaxTruth Newsletter for you to read. However, when I checked my e-mail today I saw that the e-mail I sent you was returned with an error message stating: "Sorry Your mail to the following recipients [] could not be delivered because they are not accepting mail with attachments or embedded images". If you could please provide me with an alternative e-mail address where I could send the above mentioned newsletter editions, then I will resend them A.S.A.P.

Thank you for offering to put a link to our website from yours. We would appreciate that very much. In return, we would like to give you a free online subscription to our newsletter. Perhaps it will contain information that you will find interesting or useful. I will get in contact with our webmaster and have him issue you your own unique login and password, so that you may download the most recent newsletter editions from our subscriber's only section. If you ever need to contact him for any reason, his e-mail address is

The primary mission of our TaxTruth Newsletter is to expose the Deceptive Tax Practices of the IRS. Therefore, we commend you on the sacrifices that you have done toward bringing the IRS beast closer to an end. We wish you the best in your efforts.


John St. Clair, Editor
TaxTruth Newsletter

I'm three miles South of Jackson, Mississippi on I-55. Gene.

Update: We just got a visit from Jackson, Mississippi's major newspaper.

Fred and I will call them in a few minutes. Gene.

Update: It looks like we are getting our website back. Anybody know how to link up the paypal icon? Gene.

Thanks to Mr. Juneau for the $50.00 paypal donation. We'll get it all listed in tonight's Daily Financial Report. respectfully, Gene.

This morning, I started marching from Hazlehurt, Mississippi at about 8:20 am CT. I got about 3 miles in rainy overcast type weather when a man and his daughter picked me up. It was a good thing too, as a big rotwieler (sp?) was loose and barking at me just as the man and his 8 year old daughter pulled up. I threw my back pack in the bed of his small blue pickup truck and hopped in the passenger side.

He workes at the Walmart Distribution Center in Brookhaven, Mississippi. His daughter was going to the Boys and Girl's Club for the day, as she is out of school for the summer. We all talked about the Lord, and he took my flier with him. I got out in Crystal Springs, Mississippi to walk on toward Jackson, as he told me there were no motels in that town.

As I walked to the North edge of town, I looked for a phone to call Fred to ask that we get Doug to get the old original blog set back up. (The new site doesn't have room to put all the links we need, so I wanted to ask that we just go back to square one.) Anyway, the last place that might have a phone before entering the country side appeared to be a gas station run my a 60ish black man. I talked to him and another 60ish black man named Joseph.

After we spoke for about 15 minutes back and forth about how property taxes, etc. tie us to a tax tread mill, they agreed that I was doing God's work. I asked to use the phone to call Fred before I was to leave, and the gas station owner turned out to have a barber shop inside. He fixes cars and cuts hair too. A little boy hopped in the barber chair, as he handed me the phone.

After the call to Fred, I went on my way Northward. About 8 miles later, Joseph comes driving up. He offers to carry me to Byram, Mississippi, where I am now in a Day's Inn for the night. (I never turn down a ride when I'm without my rv; you never know if this is gonna be the last offer to keep me from sleeping in the tent on the side of the highway tonight.)

Joseph is a Christian. He talked about how he had been married for almost 50 years and had known his wife since childhood. She died of bone cancer two years ago. I could see the pain of her loss on Joseph's face. We talked of God and the hope we Christians have of seeing our loved ones in the next life. He was clearly pleased to look on to that prospect. She was his whole life, and now he was alone in this world with his thoughts. At 66, God was his greatest comfort. He dropped me off, holding back a tear, I thought. I offered to let him come drive the rv for the TAX MARCH, just to give him something to do, but he said he had enough to do.

Joseph won't be forgotten in this heart and mind. I can tell you that. respectfully, Gene.

Sorry Doug,

I stand corrected. Knowing the financial condition of We The People Congress is not something I could argue against, given my approach here of blogging Daily Financial Reports, as you suggest. Let's not let this be a point of contention, however. Lots of organizations don't put out financial reports for a variety of reasons. Transparancy is our greatest asset here at LET MY PEOPLE GO. It may not be the desired or appropriate approach for others. I'm for the freedom of the Spirit of God to bless what He will bless.



From Doug Kenline

I never once said video camera. I said digital camera for still pictures.

I never once asked Bob Schulz. I asked We The People Congress.

The budget of the United States Congress is in the billions of dollars.

What is the budget of We The People Congress?

Is a Congressman of the United States denied to know what is the budget of the United States? Every citizen of the United States is privy to the budget of the United States Congress. I only ask what is the budget of the We The People Congress? If it is zero then just tell us that it is zero and be done with it.

Update: I'm off to Crystal Springs, Miss. or jackson, Miss.

I'm gonna have to go buy an umbrella. It's rainy out.

My understanding is that a camera is waiting for me in Jackson, Mississippi. Gene.

Round Table Talk: I just saw on the news: "Thirty years ago, it took two adults to carry $10 worth of groceries; today, a five year old can do it." interesting.

Doug, I appreciate your zeal evidenced in the blog you did below, but I think you're preaching to the choir to do such a request, as you've made below, on this website. The blessing of the Spirit of God is fickle, like the vortex of a tornado. The tornado is here one minute tearing up ground; the next minute it's gone into the sky. A seven day fast from you would do more good than a $500 camera from WTP ever could. Let My People Go is a spiritual vortex that is now on the ground making a path for God to move in the affairs of men. A high quality camera is nothing without a group of committed people. What I need more than anything is a group of 300 men who know how to drink water God's way, like Gideon had.

You have to know how and to whom to pray, Doug, to keep God's breath and hand moving on this ministry. I'll teach a lesson for us all: It took me years to learn this. When you asked Bob for a camera just now, you were in effect taking this role out of the hands and conscience of anyone else who might feel led of God's Spirit to take care of the camera issue, and put it right on Bob's front porch. But Bob may not feel led of God to do such a thing. We don't want to do God's job. What we want to do is find the truth of the needs we have and ask God alone to supply those needs. And we have to allow that God may see these presumed needs as just wants, in reality. God may want you to quit your job and carry your already paid for camera out here on the road for free, Doug. Who knows.

The truth is that we are in agreement that a video camera will honor God out here on the road with me. Who knows who or what God will send along with His camera in His timing to me? This is what the Bible means when we read, "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." You see, God wants to bless us, but we have to listen very close to His direction. That means we have to sit quietly a great deal, so we know not only what we need but how to ask Him for it.

The better way to talk about a camera would be, "We agree here among the four of us who spoke last evening that a video camera would be used to better honor God with the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON." (God is to be honored). "The camera we believe will best honor God is about $X amount of money, if it were to be bought." "Let us pray for God to touch a heart or make a circumstance for this camera to arrive in Gene's hands, so God may be better honored in the TAX MARCH" (God gets a whole host of ways to provide that same camera now". You see, Doug? Our focus is not on Bob Schultz to supply our needs now; it's on God. And God likes to be needed. "God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth," the Bible says. "Spirit" and "Truth" are God's dimensions of interactiion with man.

I watch the CBN News sometimes. They often greive the Holy Spirit, not in what they say, but in the way they say it. Pat Robertson's son last evening talked about how this denomination would drop a relationship with another denomination because a gay clergy person had been elected to the post of a Bishop. What would have been more effective is not to focus on political reprisals within a denomination. What would have been better, in my humble opinion, would have been for him to be in tears over this failed situation. What about this gay clergy man who knows in his secret places of the heart that he is destroying a denomination and most assuredly falling apart inside? It would have been better had Pat Robertson's son been shaved headed (Job 1:20), in sackcloth and ashes (Ne. 9:1) that God would heal the nation (II Chron. 7:14). But what we got was a polished suite and tie and combed hair; not a minister stressed about his nation's condition. The difference is the power of God vs. Empty Words of a preacher on national tv that stood a the side of the primary truth. We have to get real and focussed, I'm saying. We have to be authentic and willing to move and change to God's new and different ways of things happening by faith alone in Him. God will provide what God will provide, Doug. Amen? Ours is to recognize the path, like Indiana Jones in that movie wherein he crossed that invisible bridge. It's hard to see the path with the natural eye, but it is there nevertheless. We must look with spiritual eyes, open to what may be hidden in the sceenery right infront of us right now. Let's let God lead, not Bob. Bob understands this, as well. "If the Lord build not the house, they labor in vein that build it," the Bible says. Focus on God is our only hope for the TAX HONESTY movement and America.

respectfully, Gene.

Get Top Of The Line Digital Camera For Gene Chapman $500

This is Doug Kenline.

I think We The People Congress should get Gene Chapman a good quality digital camera.

The cost would be about $500.

Don't waste money trying to be cheap.

I've already wasted $72.35 trying to be cheap.

Now I'm broke till payday.

But regardless. When evil men organize to do evil, good men must organize to do good. Bob Schulz has organized We The People Congress. This is the right idea. WTP has laid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to run full page ads in major newspapers accross the country. I think $500 for the Gene Chapman project would be money well spent.

Gene Chapman, in combination with the power of the blog, along with a good quality digital camera could easily get thousands if not tens of thousands if not a million dollars worth of exposure to this movement.

Gene is out there recruiting County and State coordinators. He is doing so much. He is more committed to this thing than 99 percent of the people involved. He is a leader.

I hereby make a formal request to We The People Congress to get a quality digital camera for Gene Chapman. I'd say go ahead and spend about $500 and get a nice Minolta or some top of the line camera. Even $500 would be a good investment and money well spent in my opinion. Whatever we do let's not cheap out again and waste money trying to get something cheap like I did. That is a total waste of money. $500 on a super nice top of the line digital camera for Gene Chapman to bring top quality daily digital photographs to the Gene Chapman blog would be about the best investment I could suggest for We The People Congress at this time.


Doug Kenline
Georgia Cobb County Coordinator

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

We need to get some good counters on this site tomorrow. Gene.

We have a few links up. We'll update more tomorrow. Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $372.20. Deposits: $50.00 less a ($1.75) paypal fee is $48.25 deposited (Thanks Mr. Marsh). Expenditures: ($42.80) 1 motel room, ($9.16) 1 lunch to break 24 hour fast, ($5.64) 1 evening meal. Total Expenditures: ($57.60). Ending Balance: $362.85. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: We are to have a camera purchased for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON in Jackson, Mississippi, so I can send yall lots of pictures and stream up to 30 seconds of video at a time. This should happen within the week.

The issue with the blog is being resolved. Archives have not been lost. We are pretty sure we were hacked. That is why you see the color change here on my personal blog.

The invitation to the Democratic Socialist Party to blog for us still stands. We want to talk about our differences in a civil fashion. respectfully, Gene.

Gene, Fred, Doug,
I have found that the archives are not gone. If you go in under the administrator mode and look at the section below for previous posts go to the right bottom corner and search for archived posts and they show up. The problem appears to only be with the links for the archives. THE ARCHIVES ARE STILL THERE David

Treasury Visit:
3:38 pm CT

Doug, that is a purple header, and it doesn't go all the way across. Just go back to the red from the blogger template section. I'll erase this when we are done. Gene.

Update: We are informed that it will cost $200 for KVUE to get us copies of all four tv stories they did on us while in Austin in the Death Fast.

We are to have a blogger committee meeting on the phone in about 15 minutes to explore how to move forward with a better, more protected blog. Gene.

Gene Chapman Blog Sabotaged ?

Special Team Audioblog Report

Gene Chapman discusses the apparent deliberate sabatoge of the Tax March blog.

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

Doug, if you would be kind enough to put in a link to get me started with this new blog, I'll put in the rest. The header should read: We also need to get my password changed. Somebody may have just cleaned us out on the links. We are dealing with communists after all. Gene

I don't know what happened, but it appears we lost the blog template. Gene.

Recent e-mail to U.S. Communist Party:

Demorcatic Socialist Party HQ:

We would like to invite members of your communist party to interact with us. We have a technology available to us that will enable you to "blog" for our TAX HONESTY and Patriot Movement. I feel that the best way to resolve differences is to talk.


Gene Chapman
Gal. 6:9

Doug, I'm setting up an "Opposition" section on my blog, and I want us to invite all members of the Progressive Causus and The Democratic Socialist Party leadership to blog for us and to us. Gene.

Doug, let's get this guy at a blog. We need to invite the opposition to our table if ideas. Gene.

Thanks to Mr. marsh of the $50.00 Paypal donation. I'll show this on tonight's Daily Finaicial Report.

Good job, Fred! What I envision is a small popup window that has streaming video of these tv interviews and my webcasts on Gene Chapman TV off both the exodus site and this site. People can just click it off when they want to read further into the sites. On average, people watch 7 years of tv during their lifetime. What this tells me is that people are willing to let us teach them about the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT, but they (most) don't want to have to work for it. Our sites will be unique with the streaming video, so people will be drawn to it just for the action and the sound. And we will be positioned to expand the community more quickly than almost everyone else associated with our activities. After all, my job is to attract attention to the real brains of our movement. This streaming web material will allow us to do just that. Gene.

The web cam and streaming video in these sites is priority #1.

Archive Coverage of Gene Chapman on KVUE ABC in Austin Texas

Per Gene's request......

Posted 7/22/2003 12:42:46 PM by Gene Chapman

Fred, let's check to see if we can get the tv interviews from KVUE in Austin, Texas, so we can archive them. I know my documentary film maker in Austin has a copy of atleast one of the interviews on video tape. We need to get moving pictures on the sites, so people keep coming to learn.

I made contact with KVUE via their website

------------------- staff:
News and Operations Manager | Jerry White (512)-459-2063
Internet Sales Manager | Kim Perrier (512)459-2029

Webmaster 459-2045
Internet Sales 459-2029
Weather Pager/Email Service 459-2045


KVUE TV news archives are available at Teleclips which is a local Austin company that specializes in archiving, copying and distributing tv and video feeds for the greater Austin area.

Teleclips can be reached at 512-851-8800.

I contacted Quita Culpepper at KVUE, the ABC TV affiliate in Austin Texas. Quita is the lady who did many of the interviews with Gene Chapman during his deathfast. Quita Culpepper's contact number is 512-459-2071.

The voice over "air dates" for their newscoverage about Gene's deathfast were:

April 21, 2003
May 2, 2003
May 25, 2003
May 28, 2003 - update using old video

We can call and order these clips for a nominal $30 charge per clip which can be copied onto the same or separate medium - video cassettes, DVD, etc. from Teleclips.
So the cost for all 4 clips would be $120 plus shipping.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Doug kenline told me just now that the e-mail I got from the Patriot community last evening inviting me to speak to their groups is credible. The man the e-mail came from is the regional director of the patriot community, according to Doug Kenline. Hum. Interesting.

I am off in a few minutes to end my 24 hour fast for God's continued blessing on the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. I can't tell you all how much it means to me to hear of this or that person joining in one of these fasts. Gideon was allowed to defeat an army with 300 hand picked men. Thousands were sent home for nothing more than drinking water the wrong way. I'm not interested in throngs of followers; I'm interested in committed nonviolent noncooperation educated people looking with me into the eye of the tiger (Government). When the tiger sees we're not budging in our truith, he will back down. This is the way of God's natural world. I show no fear of the IRS because I have no fear of injustice. My focus is on God, who is the author of justice and equity. So let us look into the eye of the tiger. respectfully, Gene.

Glad to see the School Folks are Looking in on Us:


Fred, let's check to see if we can get the tv interviews from KVUE in Austin, Texas, so we can archive them. I know my documentary film maker in Austin has a copy of atleast one of the interviews on video tape. We need to get moving pictures on the sites, so people keep coming to learn.

Also, I'm told a real good webcam can cost $1,000. We need to look into what our circumstances and needs will allow. respectfully, Gene.

This is David. I just left a voice message for Kim Willis who is Features Editor of the Life Section of the USA Today newspaper. I will be sending her an e-mail shortly, also. If you want to try and contact her about Gene's story see the post before this with contact info.

The ABC Station in Austin that gave us the good coverage in the Austin Death Fast just visited us again:

You folks in Austin let me know if we get in the news there in Austin on KVUE today or over the next few days. Try to get video, so we can archive it. respectfully, Gene.

I expect to be in Atlanta to "Look the Tiger in The Eye" for 21 days in a fast outside the Regional IRS Building within a month, Lord willing. Gene.

What I need right now is a video camera capability to link up from my motel room each night from 9 to 9:30 pm CT to build a global sense of community in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT through "Gene Chapman TV." If anyone can get to a mall and get me a price on such a camera, we'll put out the word to get it purchased and to me. Doug Kenline and David Marsh will be able to get you specs on my laptop.

Let's get this done so I can start talking live to the people on the web around the world. Everything else is secondary in importance right now, as far as capabilities on equipment. respectfully, Gene.

Here is information for contacting the USA Today national newspaper.
USA TODAY 7950 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA 22108-0605 phone 1-800-USA-0001 and 703-854-3400
Apparently the person to talk to is Kim Willis who is the Features Editor of the Life Section of the USA Today newspaper. Her email is
Those of you out there who can't support Gene monetarily or with time driving for him maybe you could make a call to the USA Today newspaper. Let's get their phones ringing and create a storm of interest.


As we wait for the storms to blow through today and tonight for clearer weather the rest of the week, I've found a motel across the street that will be $9 cheaper per day. I'll be moving over there in an hour or so to save some of God's precious resources. Don't you like accountability? I love it. I wish my congressman blogged his expenditures each day and explained his motel room costs. Gene

Words of Encouragement:

Hi Gene,

God bless you. I am still praying daily for you and the tax / anti-Communism march. It is great to see the biblical slant on the tax matter. Your biblical insight and commitment to Godly principles is refreshing to see. Daily more and more people are hearing about the tax movement and even more importantly they are hearing it from God's (the Bible,s) perspective. I have never read the Communist Manifesto, however I am now beginning to study the Constitution. Being brought up in a Catholic home with Public School education has proved to me that there is a need for separation from the ungodly. Becoming a Christian in 1981, I had to unlearn much of what I was taught and continue to strive to understand the deeper things of God and his will for me.


Weather Update: They are expecting some of the worst weather through her in some time, according to the Jackson, Mississippi weather man. It is to clear off tomorrow thru Saturday night, then more storms next Sunday. The Bible says, "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God," so I think we better stay close to shelter today, and then we'll get on the road hard Wednesday, Thurday, Friday and Saturday whe we are to have clearing skys. That should put us near Maridian, Mississippi about Sunday, Lord willing.

Round Table Talk: The thunder storms are moving in from Memphis by 1 pm CT today. Deadly lightening and 60 mph winds are expected. The one positive is that I'll be next to a ditch to jump into if a tornado comes through (ha ha).

My 24 hour fast continues. I hope others are fasting for God's hand on the movement, as well. This fasting is humbling ourselves before God, and that is what gets God's attention. When we show Him our problems are more important than food, He perks up for us. Let's perk God up for the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT.

Let's plan on me doing a 21 day fast outside the Atlanta Regional IRS Service Center. Fasting started this whole movement under God's hand. Let's get another big protest fast done in Atlanta. Spread the word that we're back in the face of the IRS in Atlanta for 21 days, probably in another few weeks. Start beating the drums when I make the turn to the East at Jackson, Miss. respectfully, Gene.

One of Our Folks Asks a Theological Question:


You asked, "Why does God make some people good and some people bad?"

Well, I see God giving "free will" to humankind to allow us to choose Him or Reject Him. Imagine how alone you would feel, if you were all powerful, had no peer, and everything you made worshipped you like a robot. Your relationships with man would lack authenticity. And God is all about authenticity.

God made us with "free will" to be good or bad because He wants "true love." It's the same way with us humans. Who wants to woman who has no independent emotions and will?

Oh yes, for some reasaon, your emails almost always get returned to me. It's something about not being a "public address."



Monday, July 21, 2003

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $252.51. Deposits: $200 less a ($6.10) Paypal fee is $193.90 deposited (Thanks to Mr. Stegmeier). Expenditures: ($51.36) 1 motel room, ($5.13) breakfast, ($10.00) 2 lunches, ($5.40) postage for newspaper articles, ($2.34) soap. Total Expenditures: ($74.21). Ending Balance: $372.20. respectfully, Gene.

Please keep in mind that we almost lost news coverage in Hazlehurst, Miss. because we didn't have a camera to transmit pictures to the paper. We didn't get a picture in the article today, and that will hurt us some.

We need to work hard to get Gene Chapman TV online asap, as well. This movement is picking up alot of new viewers on the web. We don't need to play around and lose these folks because we waited too long to get the web stuff going.

We have a tremendous patriot community opening up dialigue with us today, covering three states (GA, SC and NC). Let's don't play around and lose this opportunity. Let's get that rv from Pineville, Louisiana to Atlanta this weekend, if possible. I need help to make the logistics work for all these opening doors. respectfully, Gene.

Gene Invited to Speak at Patriot Groups in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina:

Subj: can u speak to our club in GA, SC & NC
Date: 7/21/2003 9:53:13 PM Central Standard Time


I'd be happy to speak to your Patriot groups, but my TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON has me utterly on foot at the moment. I'm good for about 10 to 15 miles a day from here in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. It would probably be best to just let people know when I'm entering their area, then pick me up within a hundred miles of the speech location when I get closer in.

It is clear that you have a large group of speakers. I'd like to sit in on some of these other speakers, myself.

Also, it is clear that I will need to probably spend 21 days in a fast outside the Atlanta Regional IRS Service Center, just to get their attention.

Most repsectfully,

Gene Chapman
Gal. 6:9

We just got an interesting hit:

I find "Washington1" an interesting web address, given our activities. David, I have an address for you to research. Gene.

It is amazing who influences us in the America we live in. I can remember listening to Howard Stern on the radio the day I decided to start looking into the federal income tax issue in 1999. I was just about 20 miles outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Like everyone else, I was listening to him just to hear what was to be said next. Then those magic words came over the air: "You've got to look into the eye of the tiger," Stern said. From that moment, I became a new animal -- I was not gonna bow down to injustice anymore. Gene.

Update: The Carl Wigglesworth Show on KTSA 550 AM, in San Antonio, will have me on in the next few days, Tanya tells me. She says they are still getting calls "all the time" from people in their area wanting to know how the TAX MARCH is going. Carl wants to do "a buildup for the show," before he has me on, according to Tanya. I can't tell if I'm being handled or really set up for an interview. It doesn't matter one way or the other to me. I went to Austin on April 14th to die, and I'm still alive. On April 14th, I had $900 in the bank and an rv. Today, I have $210 in the bank, a group of 36 countries represented on three websites watching a protest march that is crossing America toward Washington D.C. My story has been in every newspaper in every town I've been through for the past 500 miles. I think I have alot to be thankful for, whatever happens with Carl's show. Gene.

Update: took a look at us today. They appear to be some sort of news link to The Dallas Morning News and The Ft. Worth Star Telegraham.

Thanks to Mr. Stegmeier for the $200 Paypal donation. After a $6.10 paypal fee, we just deposited $193.90 into the TAX MARCH account. THE VOICE OF FREEDOM MARCHES ON ANOTHER DAY! respectfully, Gene Chapman.

Fred and I just called a couple of local newspapers here in Mississippi. We should be in the Copiah County Courier pretty soon. The Meteor editor, in Crystal Springs, Miss. hung up the phone on Fred and me. He was hot that I was a U.S. Citizen and didn't pay my share of the taxes. Talk about a loss of objectivity. Maybe yall would like to share some of your ideas on tax morality with the editor: 601-892-2581.

Keep tracking those visitors, David. I love knowing who our visitors are. Gene.

Update: 1) I've just arrived in my Hazlehurst, Mississippi motel room. We got in about 9 miles on foot before being picked up. A 58 year former mill wright named "Joy Lee" pick me up in his little pickup truck. He is a devout Christian. He jokingly told me the reason he picked me up was because the two giant (40" in diamater) rolls of paper he was carrying to a local college were making him pop wheelies, and he hoped I'd help weight down the front end of his vehicle.

He was alot of fun. He knows the president of the college where the paper was delivered and tried to get me in to see him, but the president was out. I left a copy of the flier with a little note for the college executive saying how much I wish we could have met. I did meet several people in the administration, however. And they all got copies of the flier. Maybe he (the college president) will send me an e-mail someday.

I bought Joy Lee a hamburger meal to show my appreciation and got into my motel room.

2) Fred called all the National Enquirer news tips lines, etc., and they are looking over our websites now.

3) We are contacting all the local papers, as well. The Copiah Courier wants to do a story today, but the reporter did say they are on a tight deadline. Their number is 601-894-3141. respectfully, Gene.

Gene Marched 9+ Miles

Gene called to tell me he marched 9+ miles before getting a ride into Hazelhurst where he's currently checked into a motel. We hope to call/conference several local papers and radio stations.

The Enquirer, Star and Globe we contacted this morning with favorable responses, but we'll just have to wait and see if they write or inquire further going forward.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

David Marsh reporting on behalf of Gene. Looks like Gene has had some interesting new visitors recently. Looks like the student population is interested in Gene's story.
This is The Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

This is Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at the Univ. of Arizona and was founded in 1980 at MIT

Don't foget to call these numbers today:

National Enquirer News Tip Contacts: 1-800-749-7733 x1354, 1-800-645-4708, 212-888-9574, 202-347-8366, 702-650-6584, 305-577-4679 x 374,,

Globe News Tip Contacts: 561-989-1015, 866-840-8455,, 212-888-9574, 202-347-8366, 702-650-6584, 305-577-4679 x 364.

Star News Tip Contacts: 1-800-609-8312, 1-800-749-7733 x 1234,, 212-888-3320, 202-347-8366, 702-650-6584, 305-577-4679 x 347.

These papers should have an interesting twist on our story (ha ha). Atleast we'll get coverage on THE TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I may try to get a few miles of the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON under my belt today. It's 8 am here, and I feel rested and good about moving ahead.

The 24 hour fast is to begin at 12 noon for me. I hope the rest of you will join me in fasting 24 hours at your 12 noon today. Gene.

Round Table Talk: The Holy Ghost has been speaking to my heart all evening. It's almost 2:30 am CT, and I still can't get to sleep. Who knows what God is doing, but I can't leave this town just yet, like we had planned this morning. Maybe God is keeping me out of getting run over by a car. Maybe I'm supposed to meet someone. One thing is sure: My mind is running a hundred miles a minute over the Atlanta Fast discussed below.

I am calling a worldwide fast of those in our effort, for 24 hours, done in your time zone. My 24 hour fast will begin at 12 noon Central Time tomorrow and will end Tuesday at 12 noon my time. respectfully, Gene.

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall ... run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint."

In prayer tonight, I've been impressed that we need to do something of a fast nature outside the Atlanta, Georgia Regional IRS Building when I pass through there on the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. Maybe a 21 day fast would be in order, just to get the attention of those inside the building. We are still having visits of IRS people inside the Austin, Texas Regional Center visiting our website. Why not invite more IRS folks to the party? Hum. Gene.

Donor Asks If I think "laying on of hands" is for our day:

Well, I'm kind of new to the whole 'laying on of hands' thing. I came up Baptist, but I've had opportunity to see God heal here and there. I don't think it has so much to do with any special gift or office, like your e-mail explores.

I think of it more in terms of the human touch and faith combined in a pure heart that heals. You can't be living in sin and expect God to do anything, but in the midst of a holy life, I expect God to do almost anything -- including healing. I don't know much more to say on the topic other than that I believe God can do anything our minds can grasp in His Will. Shoot, God can even fix our national tax mess, forget healing a man in a wheelchair.

Thanks for the gift for the TAX MARCH. It will be used properly.


Gene Chapman

P.S. Dispensationalism (ie, dividing up the way God deals with people in different eras) has its place, but I am concerned that the devil may want to use this concept to hold back the faith of folks who really want to step out in faith for God's real changes. I'd rather step out on a limb and fall than never to try at all. I'd rather be made a fool on national tv trying to honor God than be a man with my integrity intact who never tried. And sometimes, when all the ducks are in a row, God does work through my hands to heal folks. It's not something to brag about or to make a show of, but it has happened. My grandfather spent ten years without being able to raise his right arm above his head. At 17, I layed hands on his shoulder, prayed, and he talked about that healing for the rest of his life (18 years). Everytime I saw him, it seemed, he'd smile, thrust his right arm up over his head and laugh about it. I don't think I'm special, but I do think God can work through people who are right with Him at an important moment in time to heal just about anything.

Any cancer doctor will tell you that beating cancer has a great deal to do with the state of mind of the patient. If my prayer has a real effect on building positive state of mind for that patient, why should I not lay hands in prayer on that individual? Jesus was always saying to people, "THY faith hath made thee whole." I think that if we lay hands on somebody and their faith in a healing is sustained, even a medical doctor would agree that the positive reinforcement of that act had a role in the healing. The human touch is nothing to be ignored.

People who make love to their mate live longer on average than those who have sex outside of marriage. There is something about the human touch in God's will and purpose and plan that gives us life.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I was just watching my pastor, Joel Osteen of Houston's Lakewood Church, on the television. It was a good feeling to see the people I go to church with in the services. I could imagine myself in my regular seat. The sermon was about how God will bring Justice in Time. He spoke of how Saul tried to kill and destroy David, but David just kept doing right. Eventually, David became King.

We in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT have our Saul, trying to destroy and maybe even kill some of us. David had a chance to kill Saul on night but only cut off a piece of his garment to prove to Saul that he could have killed Saul in his sleep had he desired. Once we gain a following, it would be easy to use violence against our government, but we need to be like David. We need to just let the love of God shine through toward them, "for they know not what they do." Let's just keep on doing right like David, and God will oneday give us Justice. respectfully, Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $315.55. Expenditures: ($30.00) 1 motel room, ($22.04) 10 copies of "The Daily Leader," 3 copies of misc. newspapers for media contact, 1 two liter Coke, 5 slices of bologna and then 5 slices of cheese, 1 loaf of bread, ($11.02) evening Mexican meal with $2.45 tip. Total Expenditures: ($63.04). Ending Balance: $252.51. respectfully, Gene.

I want to talk a moment about the $2.45 tip in the Mexican meal. When I was in Bible College, the pastors who were my professors, taught us that ministers always need to give a little extra in everything we do to prove we are not abusing the system of goodwill. If one guy gives a 15% tip, preachers should give a 20% tip or more, they would say to us. In other words, we should never seek to or assume that we may become an imposition on anyone. People should always be glad we came to see them. After all, our mission is much too important to have some waiter upset with us. I want that waiter thinking and telling people, "That man of God took care of my tip; helped feed my kids last week." Not: "That preacher was too cheap to leave me a tip; my kids need school supplies; where was God for me?" You see the complexities of being a preacher? It's not as easy as it looks. Preachers have all kinds of social concerns on our minds when we are in public. respectfully, Gene

Bruce Olley, WTP Coordinator from Mississippi, will pay my personal bills for the month to keep the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON progressing toward Washington D.C.

Good talking with you, Bruce.

I'll be memorizing Article 1 Section 8 Paragraphs 1 thru 3, like a Bible memory verse.

Please send your $300 for my personal bill issue to: Gene K. Chapman, c/o Fred Smart, 3242 Harrison St., Evanston, Illinois 60201. I'm not afraid of work, but your help will keep us progressing with momentum toward Washington and a day when our children are more free than we are today.


Gene Chapman

Please keep in mind that I have a $210 need to pay my monthly personal bills before I leave Jackson, Mississippi. I'm willing to work a day or two at truck driving, mowing grass or whatever needs doing for the funds. But maintaining my financial testimony before God and man is essential. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

Update: I met a Mr. Joey Wallace tonight at the Faith Presbytarian Church here in Brookhaven, Mississippi. He has some kind of degenerative problem that put this 40's father of two into a wheelchair about two years ago. I asked before church services if he would like to walk again. He thought for a moment and explained how that God had blessed his life in so many ways by putting him in the wheelchair. He agreed with me that he would rather see the hand of God move in his life day-by-day than have the State look after him like some piece of meat. He likes the way his ailment has drawn his family together -- his two boys (ages 13 and 20) are living examples of success, he related to me. He knows this to be partly inspired by his ailment. His said, "Sure, I'd love to walk again, but look at all I'd have to give up."

I had thought for a moment that I might offer to lay hands on him and pray for him to walk again, by faith alone. Buy I realized that he was in that wheelchair for the glory of God, after we spoke awhile, so I left it alone. I think he will be following the march on the website. Everybody in the church seems to have read the news article about the TAX MARCH by this evening, including his wife. Gene.


I agree that the issues are much deeper and broader than Democrat/ Republican. What I am sure of is that the Progressive Caucus is rooted in the Democratic Socialist Party. I am sure that this party is communist in its world view and that this world view is found in "The Communist Manifesto." And the world view expressed in the manifesto is almost wholly opposed to Biblical presuppositions.

respectfully, Gene

E-mail exchange with Thurston Bell:

Subj: Coverage of the TAX MARCH

To Thurston:

The attention dies down when you are just walking across America. The talk gets up when you're almost dead in a fast.

We have drivers for the rv from the border of Alabama/ Georgia to Washington. Come on down and keep me from having to sleep in the woods, like I did night before last. Maybe you'll teach me something.

I was also thinking of trying to provide scholarships for proven people in the TAX HONESYTY MOVEMENT, like yourself, who we could help get through Law School. Would you go, if we got you some cash?

Gene Chapman

Update: I just got in from church at the local Presbytarian Church here in Brookhaven, Mississippi. I'll be back there tonight at 6 pm CT. It's right near my motel and the local Walmart, so I can walk it all pretty easilly.

Just like highschool, all the pretty girls still go to the Presbytarian Church. My first independent experience with church was going to our local Presbyterian Church in Lewisville, Texas, at the inviataion of Desire Babler. She would two years later become our home coming queen. She was pure and beautiful. And she loved God. I guess she set me on my path. God is the creator of all beauty, and she was beauty, without a doubt. Gene.

National Enquirer News Tip Contacts: 1-800-749-7733 x1354, 1-800-645-4708, 212-888-9574, 202-347-8366, 702-650-6584, 305-577-4679 x 374,,

Globe News Tip Contacts: 561-989-1015, 866-840-8455,, 212-888-9574, 202-347-8366, 702-650-6584, 305-577-4679 x 364.

Star News Tip Contacts: 1-800-609-8312, 1-800-749-7733 x 1234,, 212-888-3320, 202-347-8366, 702-650-6584, 305-577-4679 x 347.

These papers should have an interesting twist on our story (ha ha). Atleast we'll get coverage on THE TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT. respectfully, Gene.

Please note that some assumptions in this artice are those of Scott and not myself. respectfully, Gene.

Update: The local Indian motel manager here where I'm staying was very excited to see me upon my retrun from buying several copies of The Daily Leader this morning. We made page 5A of the Sunday paper here in Brookhaven, Mississippi. He said with a big smile on his face, "You are Gandhi!" I quickly asked if he had seen the newspaper article, and he related with joy that, indeed, he had read the article on my TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. I was amused by his happiness and remembered that Hindu theology allows in their thinking that I might actually be the reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi. As a Christian, I do not profess reincarnation in this life, but I am touched that these sweet people might actually think such a thing of me.

Here is the article:

"Tax protester in area on way to Washington"/ The Daily Leader, Sunday, July 20, 2003, p.5A:

by Scott Tynes/ Staff Reporter

A Christian minister from Texas is making a stopover in Brookhaven this weekend while marching from Austin to Washington, D.C., to protest taxes.
Gene Chapman of Denton, Texas, said the march is only the latest in a string of activities he and others are doing to bring attention to their cause of stopping personal income taxes.
"We're trying to raise awareness of what we believe is an abuse of the tax system." he said.
Head shaven and wearing wire-rimmed glasses, leather sandles and white loin cloth wraps called dhotis, Chapman resembles the late Indian peace activist Mahatma Gandhi.
It is no coincidence, he said. He has shaped his life after the Nobel prize-winning activist and holds fasts and marches in support of his cause. The former truck driver and seminary student completed a 40-day "death fast" in Austin on the steps of the regional Internal Revenue Service in April and began his march eight days later.
His supporters are able to keep up with his location on the group's website,, and at another address,
Chapman said his march is sponsored by the We The People Congress and other organizations.
"We're just trying to get the word out that the government is lying to us about our tax system," he said. "We're not opposed to paying taxes at all, but we believe there are certain ways to tax appropriately."
According to Chapman, the Bible excuses and supports excise taxes, such as sales tax, but does not condone taxes on assets, such as labor. Therefore, the personal income taxes should be removed.
The difference could be made up by raising excise taxes to cover the loss in income. The entire income would not have to be made up, however, because without income taxes there would be no real need for the IRS and the money used to fund it could be used elsewhere, Chapman said.
The founding fathers, he believes, never intended the government to intrude into the citizens' personal lives, such as the IRS does every year at tax time.
"There is no tax liability in the law," he said. "The government just coerces it out of us."
Chapman said the march is his way of taking the arguement to Washington and to the people. He did not have a set date for when he plans to arrive in Washington.

(Nice picture of my shaved head too in this artice. It shines in the sunlight.) respectfully, Gene.

Good Morning: It is the Lord's Day, so I'm going to find a church to attend now. Often, people, even church people, are taken back by the clothing I am wearing. The loin cloths I wear are found in Ne. 9:1 and the shaved head is found in Job 1:20. I wonder why Christians are often so surprised to see a Christian minister dressed the part of a man humbling himself before the face of God (II Chron. 7:14), but they often are. It shows me that America has a long way to go in understanding the concept of penance and humillity before God.

Now, let's see what the local newspaper did with me in the Sunday paper. respectfully, Gene.