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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Here is an article that Ron Strom from Worldnetdaily did on Gene and I when we were in Texas and got pulled over by a Texas Highway patrolman. Just in case some of you didn't see the article before on their website. The next day we had a Polk County Sheriff meet us at the local McDonalds and give us an official escort through town and out of town. Pretty cool to have an official escort and sanction of our march back then. God worked things out that day for Gene and I. David Marsh

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $575.19. No Deposits. Expenditures: ($60.81) groceries, ($55.56) 1 motel room. Total Expenditures: ($116.37). Ending Balance: $458.82.

Please be praying and/or fasting for God to call a driver to Leesivlle, Louisiana to drive behind me, as I March on Washington. We need to get moving.

Don't forget the Simkanin Donations Drive we are doing here on Gene.

The Dick Simkanin July 4th Weedend Legal Defense Fund Webathon continues. We have $800 on its way to Dallas, Texas for deposit in Dick's account:

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940

E-mail me when you decide to donate, so I can post it on the tally board. The goal is $2,000, $1,200 to go. Gene.

Interesting Question: Someone just asked me where I saw myself within the mix of Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, theologically.

Well, Dr. King believed in the "brotherhood of man." I don't see the Bible teaching that. My brother or sister, from a Christian perspective, is a person who trusts in Jesus Christ by faith alone in the substitutionary death of Christ on the cross for their sins. I do believe in the "neighborhood of man," however. We are to love our "neighbors" as ourselves, so said the Master. Dr. King also had socialist ideas about the Government funding education and benevolence. I believe that Jesus never asked the State to do the work of the church and the individual. While it may be more convenient in the short-term, the longterm outcome of the State doing church work is that the people begin to view the State as God. God doesn't like to be replaced. It's called, "communism," and a little bird told me that it doesn't work very well. It even conflicts with Eccl. 3:13 and Prov. 31:31: The right to possess wealth in God's economy, without intervention by outside forces.

Thomas Jefferson was prone to violence, it seems to me. I would not argue with him, but I'd stand back in the shadows when he started tearing into the King of England, and I'd hope he didn't get me into a fight I couldn't talk my way out of.

Gandhi was less violent than Jesus Christ. I am probably between Jesus and Gandhi on the violence issue. I probably would have protested the money changers out of the Temple, unlike Christ. And I probably would have used a bit greater threat of credible violence than Gandhi, in dealing with the UK. It's like splitting a hair.

In the end, I am me and no one else. I draw on others to provide me examples of how to effect change. I admire all those listed above. I admire Jesus Christ above all. Dr. King had his strengths and weaknesses. Gandhi had his strengths and weaknesses, as did Thomas Jefferson. Jesus Christ is flawless, but I don't always understand him until years later. I've learned to just trust his ways. They never fail. Only I fail. Gene.

Here are quotes from Thomas Jefferson that I got in an e-mail from Larken Rose. How many of you out there would stand along side a great leader and man like Thomas Jefferson?

"What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned
time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?"

"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain
that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when
wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all."

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of

"Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than
right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

David Marsh called and spoke a good long time today with me. I sure enjoyed him being the driver in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON from Huntsville, Texas to Leesville, Louisiana. He related a story of how all his friends were watching our progress, as we moved day-to-day. The new Virginia State Coordinator for We The People Congress was one of those friends, David tells me. He was partially inspired to take on the Virginia State Coordinator's role as a result of spending all that time watching David and me in the TAX MARCH, David relates. "The Lord, He do work in mysterious ways, don't He?" That's how they say it in Louisiana.

We now have $800 raised for the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund this 4th of July Weekend. We have another $1,200 to go to meet the $2,000 goal. E-mail me to tell me you are mailing in your doantion to Dick at his Dallas Based bank, so I can keep the tally.

I will send $100.00 for Dick's legal defense fund.
I would like to try and give you a call now. So this is a heads up for you.


David Marsh plugs in with a $100 donation to Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. Way to go, David.

We are now at $800000000000000000 oops, scratch that. We are now at $800. We need another $1,200 to meet the stated goal for Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund, here in the July 4th Weekend Offering for Dick. Keep thos ecards and letters comin' in, folks. Gene.

Dick Simkanin July 4th Legal Defense Fund Jamdoree Webathon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: I just got back from the grocery store here in Leesville, Louisiana. I figure it cost me $20 to $30 a day to eat out and only $7 to $10 when I eat grocery store bought food. They charged me $60.81 at the grocery store for a week's worth of food, overall. Given we have $575.19 in the TAX MARCH account and no driver in sight to follow me on the march out of Leesville yet, I may be moving out of the motel when Fred gets back from Montana, today or tomorrow. His phone contact is essential to the TAX MARCH, so that's why I'm staying in the motel and not in a cheaper rv park right now. I'd have no internet contact in an rv park without Fred and his phone abilities.

We have been in contact with probably a hundred radio stations via the internet yesterday. They will probably not get our material until Monday morning. Things could liven back up then more than they are now with radio interviews. We'll see.

My offer to the judge in Dick Simkanin's case stands. You can read it a couple of blogs down from this one. I'll march on Washington until I hear back from the judge or Dick either way. respectfully, Gene.

And let's keep up that offering for Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. We are at $700 at last count. That leaves us $1,300 to go to our stated goal this July 4th Weekend.

I mailed my check for $ 100.00 today (to the bank) for the "July 4th Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund Webathon".

Take care,

Bill Stegmeier

Thanks Bill,

We are now at $700 for Dick Simkanin. We have $1,300 to go to reach our stated goal of $2,000.

I'm gonna step out for 20 minutes and end the 24 hour fast. Be right back, folks. Gene.

Public Offer to the Judge in the Dick Simkanin Case:

I am aware that there is a legal history of courts allowing another person to do the jail/ prison time for accused or convicted individuals. All justice wants is a body to punnish, as I remember back to my Baylor Law Student days. With this in mind, the fact that Dick Simkanin's wife is invilid and that I have no greater desire than to be in prison for tax issues, I am offering to serve out his time in jail before and after trial. This will allow Dick to put together his case with more freedom of movement and care for his wife. If he flees the country, you have my body in your possession to pay for his flight from justice. Most respectfully, Gene K. Chapman.

You know, somebody out there probably has an old tent laying around the back yard somewhere that needs to be used for our work. We can set up the tent in little towns and have a Bible Tent meeting on Taxation, as we travel toward Washington. It would take two or three people coming with me to make it happen. "Jesus on good Government" would make a fine sermon topic.

Oh well, let's get back to the mission at hand -- Dick Simkanin needs $2,000 this weekend. We have $600 raised. How 'bout it? Who will make it $700? or $650? Gene.

In 30 minutes, I have to go break my part of the 24 hour fast that some of us are doing around the world to humble ourselves before God (II Chronicle 7:14). FYI, Gene. I'll only be out for food for about 20 minutes, I hope.

Until then, we are still on the webathon for Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. All weekend long.

Rose sends in an e-mail. She is mailing her check to the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund. We now have $600 on the tally board with a stated goal of $2,000 here in the Webathon! That's $1,400 to go. They have Jerry's Kids; now we have Gene's Inmates (ha ha). Gene. ;-)

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940

Hi David Marsh. How about a $100 check to Dick Simikanin's Legal Defense Fund? Gene. Just e-mail me when you decide.

The word is getting out that Dick Simkanin needs help. Let's all do our part. Let me know of your donation, whomever you might be, so I can put it on the tally board. If you followed Joe Banister's request or a We The People request, let me know it's on the way to Dick Simkanin. We already have one anonymous donor; we can make it two, if you're frightened of the IRS or have other reasons.

How 'bout it Joe Banister, Bob Schult, Hank Goltz, Fred Smart, can I put yall down as matching the $100 donations already in the mail from Doug Kenline, Joseph Almond, Erik, Anonymous, and myself? Somebody e-mail these guys and let them know what we're doing, in Jesus name. Gene.


- - -

Subj: Banister Requesting Help for Dick Simkanin
Date: 7/5/03 2:52:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Perhaps I should apologize for sending you an email that includes a request for a contribution. If you are offended, please feel free to delete this email now. However, if you have followed my story from the beginning, you know that I resigned from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, in part, because of my concern that the agency was knowingly violating people’s rights. In order to expose such wrongdoing, I had to resign from my job, weather the financial difficulties of quitting a job “cold-turkey”, and risk my professional reputation for what I believed in. Some have told me I sacrificed a great deal. However, when I look at the sacrifices others have made to expose the wrongdoing of the IRS, I look at my sacrifices as insignificant. One such person is Dick Simkanin.
Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940

As I conducted my investigation into IRS wrongdoing, I encountered numerous instances where the IRS and Department of Justice (DOJ) did their best to railroad law abiding citizens into prison simply because those citizens had learned the truth about the way the income tax was administered and decided to question IRS authority and assert their (supposedly unalienable) rights.

The IRS and DOJ have now targeted Dick Simkanin, a man who cared enough about the law to learn exactly what it required of him. When he learned that the law, as legislated, differed with the practice and expectations of the IRS and DOJ, he chose to stick with the law rather than the practice and expectations of the IRS and DOJ.

Now the IRS and DOJ are determined to seek retribution against Dick Simkanin for learning for himself what the law required and abiding by it.

Based on my interaction with the people I have met over the 4 ½ years since my resignation from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, I know that there is a sizeable segment of the population who are fearful of the IRS and, because of that fear, have not stood up to the IRS and/or asserted their rights.

Having carried a gun and badge for the IRS for 5 ½ years, I can not fault you for your fear.

However, I urge you to consider making a small donation to a man who trusted in God, quelled his fear, and stood up not just for his rights, but for the rights of all of us. If you ever wanted to do something to stop the heavy-handed tactics of the Internal Revenue Service, but you thought doing anything might cause the IRS to create misery in your life, perhaps you ought to think about contributing to Dick Simkanin’s defense.

If your conscience tells you to make a contribution but your fear still makes you hesitate, for fear the IRS will "know who you are", send a little bit of cash (rather than a check) to Dick’s defense fund. Wipe your fingerprints off the bill(s) and envelope if you have to.

If your fear is so great that that is more like terror, send the cash to me with a note that it is for Dick and I’ll send it to him (the IRS and DOJ can’t hate me any more than they already do).

My mailing address is Freedom Above Fortune, P.O. Box 90239, San Jose, California 95109.

I’ll leave you with a quote that has haunted me since my teenage years:

"In Germany, the Nazis first came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, but I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me."

- Rev. Martin Neimoeller, German Lutheran Pastor.

BACKGROUND: Rev. Neimoeller was arrested by the Gestapo for opposing Hitler and was sent to Dachau in 1938. He was freed by Allied forces in 1945.)

Thank you for your patience and consideration in reading this email.

Kind Regards,

Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, C.P.A.
Former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent

Don't forget the address, folks:

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940

Ok, the Webathon for Dick Simkanin's financial need is on for the weekend or until we get to the $2,000 goal. We now have $500 pledged. I put in my last personal money in the form of a $100 check yesterday and asked others to match it. Four of you fine folks have come forward so far to match it. How about another? Just e-mail me so I can put your donation to Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund on the tally board? Next week, this might be you we're doing a offering for. Mail him a check; next week, God may have us mailing you checks. We're all family here, and Dick Simkanin needs our help. His invilid wife needs care. He needs cash to operate while the IRS rapes him of his rights and freedom. Gene.

Joseph Almond says his $100 check is in the mail to the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund. My $100 check as at the front desk of the motel waiting for the mail man.

"I'm proud of you, Gene.

I'm dropping the check off on my way to the truck.

Thanks for your efforts.

Take care this week.

Call me and let me know how to call you back, if you want to try to get together.

Limit one meal per order.


Well folks, it's been an hour-and-a-half with very little activity on the counter. I think I'll go on to bed, and pray the Lord will let this sermon he gave me, written below, sink into all of us, me included. The Dick Simkanin Offering continues thru tomorrow or atleast until we see $2,000 pledged for his Legal Defense Fund. We now have $500 pledged. That leaves $1,500 to go to meet the goal. E-mail me when you make your pledge so I can keep the tally board up to speed. Gene.

Friday, July 04, 2003

I'm back, and the coffie is brewing.

"Jesus in Prison?"

I was asking the Lord about what text I should address here on the webathon for Dick just now, and my Bible, which never cooperates, fell right open to Matthew 25:43. It basically says, "I was in prison and ye visited me not." Dick Simkanin is in prison tonight. He might be looking at the ceiling of his prison cell, or he might already be asleep. He doesn't even know that we are doing this offering for him, I'm sure. It's only a couple of hours old, after all. That word visited is a Greek word that means a whole bunch of things. One of the things it means is "relieve." Jesus is talking to the TAX HONESTY movement tonight. He's looking into our hearts and asking, "Will you relieve me in my hour of need?" Some of us will stand before Jesus on Judgement Day and say, "When say we thee in prison and 'visited' (relieved) thee not, Lord?" (Matthew 25:44). And Jesus will respond, "Inasmuch as ye did it not unto Dick Simkanin, ye did it not unto me" (Matthew 25:45). I don't mean to be harsh to anyone. Lord knows I have my failings. But I'd fail my duty as a minister of the Gospel if I didn't quote the next verse. Matthew 25:46 says, "And these shall go away into everlasting punnishment: but the righteous into life eternal."

Maybe you don't have $100 tonight to give to Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. Maybe you just have five loaves and three fishes. Maybe you just have enough meal and oil to make a little cake and die. Put it in the hands of the Master.

Jesus needs you and me, tonight. Jesus is sitting in a prison cell, and he needs our help. Let's 'visit' (relieve) him and carry some of his burden this very night.

The most frightening thing about this sectioin of Scripture is that the sheep, who go the heaven, didn't know they were sheep. And the goats, who go the Hell, didn't know they were goats. The sheep just had a heart to help. And the goats just had a heart not to help. Jesus asks a question of us all, tonight. He looks at me and says, "Gene, are you a sheep or a goat?" Tonight, my heart gave. That is the action of a sheep, according to God's Word. May we all give and then give more than we imagined. May everyone that reads this be a sheep before Judgement Day. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen. Gene.

For those of us on the fast, I'm gonna amend my 24 hour fast to include caffine drinks to stay up for the July 4th Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund Webathon. Ain't we havin' fun? I'm gonna run down stairs to try and find some coffie. Gene.

We just got another $100 donated to the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund by the Un Named Donor. We now have $500 on the tally board for the webathon and $1,500 to go to meet our goal for tonight. Gene.


My $100 check for Dick will be in Monday's mail.
Go man go!


The Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund July 4th Webathon just took in another $100 check from Erik. Way to go. We now have $400 on the way the Dick Simkanin. We are still looking for another $1,600 tonight. Are there any other heros ready to give to the cause?

Just call me Jerry Lewis. It's the Gene Chapman Webathon for Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks.

But seriously, this man is asking for our help, and we are his family. Send in whatever you can to Dick. E-mail me and let me mark you down for the Offering that we are taking, as you write out the check to Dick. Gene

Well, thanks to Doug for giving me a little lesson on links. Teach a man to fish ....

The offering for Dick Simkanin stands at $300. Do we have another offering for the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund? I realize most folks are watching fireworks right now, but there are a few with us. I think things should pick up after the fireworks displays. We need $1,700 more to meet out stated goal of $2,000 for the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund tonight. Gene.

Yall remember how I told yall that Jesus wants to bless us when we step out in faith, right? I quoted Luke 6:38 just a few minutes ago about how God gets other men to give to us when we step out of the shadows and do His will. Well, Joseph Almond felt led of the Lord to give me a $100 pay pal just now, along with the $100 check he's already sending to Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. I'm no prophet, but I'm tellin' you good folks that you have to participate in this kind of giving to see the windows of heaven opened. God inhabits the praises of his people, and we are praising Him tonight! Gene.

I better do a little house keeping before the time get past:

TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $533.95. Deposits: $100 less a $3.20 paypal fee is $96.80 (Thanks Mr. Almond). Expenditures: ($55.56) 1 motel room. Ending Balance: $575.19. (Well, look at that. The TAX MARCH actually picked up $42 yesterday doing a 24 hour fast and this Webathon. I told you all how this works, I did. As we focus on giving to God, He turns right around and supplies our needs.) God is taking care of business, and I'm glad to se it.

Let's see that figure go up another $100 for old Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. How 'bout it, folks?

Put Joseph Almond down for $100 check on its way to the Dick Simkanin Legal Defense Fund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are now $300 down and the stated goal is $2,000 for tonight's offering. Is there anybody out there???? Gene.

Date: 7/4/03 8:30:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Jalmond2000

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the post on Dick Simkanin. Tell the folks everywhere that we have an offering being taken right now on for Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. We'll spend all night.

How about you, Joseph. Can I put you down for $100 check to Dick tonight on the offering board? That will be $300 down on our target of $2,000 tonight.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gene just emailed me. He asked if I want to give Dick Simkannin $100.00 for his Legal Defense Fund.


1) I hate attornies and courts.

2) I just made out a check two hours ago to pay for the new Air Conditioning Unit (old one failed yesterday)

3) I haven't worked for a full week.

4) I hate solicitations on a Holiday evening


I guess that means...HELL YES, Gene...count me in!

I'll have a $100.00 check in the mail to the address shown.

I know it will come back someday.

I once sent my poor mom a little money (she was reamed out by the IRS) and it came back to me over and over again, in ways that inspire me still.

Thank you Gene for doing this Drive for Dick Simkanin!

Come on, guys n gals...PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

Happy 4th of July!


Joseph Almond put the word up on his blog just now. He says that Dick Simkanin's wife is invilid. Now there is a cause to fund, folks. We don't know Dick's economic situation. All we know is that he's asking for help in the financial area.

How about it Joseph, can I put you down for a $100 check to Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund? That will bring us up to $300 of the $2,000 we have for the stated offering goal tonight. Keep checking in, folks. We'll be up all night taking this offering. Gene.

Angela Stark is e-mailing everybody she knows about the Dick Simkanin July 4th (Independance Day) Old Fashioned Offerin' that we're doing her tonight on Help a brother out!!!!!! Let's get Dick some money right here tonight to fight the IRS with.
We have a target of $2,000 tonight, and we already have two $100 checks on the way to Dick. Just send me an e-mail ( when you decide to give for Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense fund here in this July 4th offering, so I can post it here. Man, this thing honors God!!!!! You want to honor God, I know. We'll be up all night raising funds for this folks. Give what you can, if you can't match a $100 bill, but I know there are some wads of cash burning a hole in some pockets tonight. What better cause than to stand with Dick Simkanin? Gene.

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940

Dick Simkanin's July 4th (Independance Day) Old Fashioned Offerin': Well, I got my Bible out folks. Yall start sendin' out e-mails and blogs to tell everybody what were doin' here for Dick Simkanin. How appropriate I think it is that we are doing this offering on July 4th. Praise the Lord!!!! Can I get an "Amen?"

Well, let's see here. Jesus said in Luke 6:38, "Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom." You see folks, when we exercise our faith by helping others, God looks on that and creates open doors all around us. God wants to bless you, but you have to step out in faith. You can't just sit with your curtains closed and never communicate with anybody and expect men to "give into your bosom." Jesus wants us up and about, interacting. Then, as we show our faith, He blesses us in countless ways. You give to God and he will return the favor through others. That's what Jesus is saying in Luke 6:38, you see.

So let's exercise our faith. What do ya say? Let's have that 3rd $100 matching check on its way right now to Dick Simkanin's Legal Defense Fund. You know who you are. The Holy Ghost just told you that it's you. Gene.

I'm gonna go get my Bible, and start preaching on this computer about God and giving to Dick Simkanin's legal defense fund. We are gonna spend the evening taking up an offering for Dick. respectfully, Pastor Gene of the Internet Church (Just havin' fun folks.)

Doug Kenline is matching my $100 check to Dick Simkanin. That's $200 on the way, Dick. Let's see who has another $100 check for Dick Simkanin? E-mail me, so I can count it down on the $2,000 we are raising here for his legal defense tonight. Gene.

Update: Dick Simkanin says he needs help with finances. I'm sending a check for $100. It's the last savings I had outside the TAX MARCH account. And TAX MARCH money is not mine to give. The widow in God's Word gave out of her need, not her abundance. I believe God would be honored if 19 people would e-mail me and tell me they are gonna mail a $100 check today to Dick Simkanin to match my check. That's $2,000 to help Dick Simkanin today. God will take care of our needs, as we take care of the needs of others. I've seen it a million times. His blessings will return to us in ways and from places you wouldn't expect.

At Ft. Dix, they used to teach us to look out for our fellow soldier, for our individual life is in the survival of the whole when on the battle field. If everybody freezes, then the enemy will pick us all off one-bye-one until no one is left. We have to think as a unit, or we all die under the boot of the enemy. respectfully, Gene.

Simkanin Legal Defense Fund
Bank of Texas
6701 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75205

Routing #: 111014325
Acct #: 2880556940

Round Table Talk: I was just over at Doug Kenline's blog a moment ago, and I read that he was happy to see me blogging so much and would like others to blog. The reasons I blog are many and interconnected. Those of you who have been so generous in your donations to keep me funded on the road, as a marching adventure for the press to cover everywhere, should get to see where your money goes and what it purchases in the name of God and Christ, his only begotten son. The blog educates IRS employees, DOJ people and maybe even President Bush for all we know. The greatest moral reason I blog is found in a discussion Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had when he moved his family into the slum area of Chicago back in the 1960's. He was asked why a man of such prominence would not prefer to live in a higher class neighborhood. Dr. King replied, "When you speak from atop a mountain, those in the valley can't hear the words." The blog is the valley where the people can hear the words. I belong in the valley with the people, for I am a man called of the WORD OF GOD, and words belong down in the valley where the people can hear. Most respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ (Galatians 6:9).

Update: 1) The 24 hour fast is doing fine. 2) I've been more busy today than I've been in a long time. The web address I cut and pasted is amazing:

It connects to hundreds of radio stations in America. I contacted Alabama, Louisaina, Wyoming and Washington D. C. already. Five hours, but it's worth it. respectfully, Gene.

Update: 1) I got a motel room down the street for the same price, but it is of better quality. God always has little surprises for mt around every corner. Thank you Lord.

2) My phone number is available to anyone who would like to call and talk today. Just e-mail me first, so I can get off the computer first.

3) The 24 hour fast, for my central time zone, begins in 30 minutes. Those from Germany to Taiwan that I know of are invited to fast for God's blessing on the TAX HONESTY movement from 12 noon on July 4th your time to 12 noon July 5th your time. respectfully, Gene. (II Chronicles 7:14) humble = fasting.

Round Table Talk: For those of you in the movement who wish to make calls to set up interviews for me, here is a national angelfire radio network page that connects you to radio stations throughout America:

Please feel free to start getting awareness of the web sites, etc. to the nation.



Update: Today is July 4th, the Celebration of our Nation's Independance. In honor of this, I sent out an invitation to bless our God with a 24 hour fast, beginning at 12 noon your local time and lasting until 12 noon on July 5th your local time. This is done to "Humble" (II Chronicles 7:14) ourselves before God, the greatest friend and help we in the TAX HONESTY movement could ever hope to have. Thank you for joining in this 24 hour fast. God is waiting to solve our problems.

In Daniel 10, and angel of the Lord comes to help Daniel. It takes the angel of the Lord 21 days from the time Daniel started his fast to arrive at Daniel's side. When Daniel asked why it took so long, the angel relates how that the forces of the devil had attacked the angel, so it had to go back to Heaven and get Michael The Ach Angel to come help get the angel through the devil's army. The angel relates, 'When you bagan to chasten yourself (fast), I was sent by God.' It just took 21 days to get to Daniel from Heaven and through all the devil's forces.

I've been fasting and praying for Michael The Arc Angel to come to our aid, as the devil clearly has a death grip on America through the U.S. tax system. Please fast with those of us around the world in every time zone on earth this historic day.

There are 350,000 people around the world in the overall TAX HONESTY movement and 6 billion more who would join, if they knew of the work, I'm convinced. If God listened to one man's prayer in a fast (Daniel), I'm sure He hears ours. Let us bathe the Throne Room with the fasting prayers of our pain this day that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ "will hear from Heaven and heal our land" (II Chronicals 7:14).

And let's be praying for God's next driver for the TAX MARCH ON WASHIGTON to answer the call quickly.

Most respectfully,

Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ
Galatians 6:9

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Has anybody heard from Thurston Bell? I can't seem to e-mail him. Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $573.86. Deposits: $50.00 less a $1.75 paypal fee is $48.25 (Thanks Mr. Erb), $25.00 less a $1.03 paypal fee is $23.97 (Thanks Mr. Almond). Total Deposits: $72.22. Expenditures: ($55.19) motel room, ($6.16) 1 lunch, ($38.00) 2 vynal signs for motor home, ($12.78) 1 large pizza. Total Expenditures: ($112.13). Ending Balance: $533.95.

They don't have room for me to stay in the motel this weekend. I don't know if it's my motor home in the front of the building drawing all the attention, the news interviews, my loin cloths, or if they really are just booked solid this weekend for the 4th of July. I guess I'm on the street this weekend, anyway you cut it. There is no room in the inn. respectfully, Gene. We'll see what the Lord has planned. He's always got something interesting around the next corner.

Insider Information From Austin IRS Building:


I talked to a friend of mine who works at IRS here in Austin.

She confessed to me that you are the talk of the office still and that management has even told employees not to view your site during working hours.

Guess some can't resist.

Anyway, I started doing some research into how the tax system managed to grab us by the cojones like it has. Seems that 1943 is the pivot point in the government's rise to dominance over our wallet. When they passed the tax withholding act, it really paved the way for future and present rape and plunder.

I use to be a staunch republican, but after the antics I've seen King George pull, I am getting more libertarian by the minute.

What you are doing is noble, and I wish you success. But we need to topple the two-party system that is the cause of our pain.

Worse to come is the pain that the states will have to inflict when the Feds pull their tit away from the mouths of the welfare class.

Our way of living is doomed to collapse from the weight of the tax burden which will get worse as King George the Lesser continues on his empirical tear through the Middle East and Africa. Better go visit India before it becomes our next colony.

Keep up the work.

P.S. -- talk is cheap, I will send some money.

Update: The cost of the tour of Mahatma Gandhi's India is about $3,800 total. Anyone interested in going in December, please e-mail me. And remember that I have no money of my own these days -- FYI. I think it would honor God for me to study Gandhiji/ nonviolent noncooperation in India for 2 weeks this December with a big group of the TAX HONESTY movement. Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, is listed to be speaking to the tour. The press is also welcome to go to keep coverage on the TAX HONESTY movement while we are in India. God must open the door, for it is too big for me to open alone. Gene.

4th Treasury Visit Found Today
1:23pm CT

When are you treasury folks gonna come arrest me so I can get my three square meals a day and a bed? I'm tired of walking. :-).

Update: The radio interview went great. I think I made a town full of friends here in Leesiville, Louisiana. We didn't see the reporter from the Lake Charles newspaper, but he knows where to find me. And he did call the radio station, they told me. Maybe a treasury agent wanted to tell their side of the story first :-). I called the Governor of Alabama a "Communist" for the ears of much of East Louisiana on the radio show. That should go over well in Alabama, as I pass through the state in the coming weeks.

David Marsh is putting a ton of links up on my site. I want this site to be a connection site for the whole movement -- GRAND CENTRAL STATION. If you want to find someone in tax honesty, come here. That's the goal. Doug Kenline and David Marsh will help you get hooked up into my blog site. Doug sets up blogs and David hooks blogs and web sites into my blog listing at the left side of this page. Just click on Doug Kenline or David Marsh over on the left side of this page and e-mail them for free help in setting up your blog site. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I'm off to the radio station, folks. Yall hold the fort down for a few hours.

Oh, I got the 2 additional stickers made and put on the truck for only $38.00. One reads: TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON (red background with white caps.) The one on the back reads, "U.S. Troops Fighting for Communism?" (blue background with white letters). No body has tried to attack me yet. July 4th should be interesting :-). Gene.

Department of Justice Visits Us
3:22 pm CT

Treasury Visits 3rd Time Today
2:10 pm CT

Yall keep comin' to see us. I want to teach yall some Bible. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

The Governor of the State of Alabama is right in heart but wrong in theology. It is right on a human and church level to care for the poor. But there is no graduated tax in the Bible. There is tithe (10% from the increase from assets). If a rich person desires to give over and above the tithe, he/ she was welcome to. But the required tax example is to take from all equally, as a percentage of increase from assets. The Governor is attempting to take the obligation of the church and the individual and make it that of the State. That's called Communism. Jesus never told the State to help feed the poor, educate children etc. Jesus told his individual followers and the church to do that. We must get the State out of the Church's responsibilities.

What the Governor is doing is raping me of my assets and giving them to someone else in his (the State's) name. Jesus wants me to look around my community and find those hurting about me, then help them in Jesus' name. It's Communism vs. Christianity. It's spliting hairs God's way and coming out better on the other end by following the specific mandate of God rather then the convenient inference of Government. respectfully, Gene

The Governor of Alabama is all wrong. respectfully, Gene.

Matthew 1040
A Biblical Tax Policy? One Governor Says Yes

By Oliver Libaw

July 2— What does the Bible have to do with tax policy? For Alabama Gov. Bob Riley, a lot.

Alabama's conservative Republican governor has created a new convergence of faith and politics. Citing his Christian faith, he's calling for a $1.2 billion tax hike, largely on the backs of wealthier taxpayers, for the benefit of the poor.

It's all adding up to the largest increase in the state's history, and perhaps the first based on the Bible.

"Alabamians are a faithful people who believe that creating a better world for our children and helping our neighbors are both sacred duties," Riley wrote in explaining his tax plan.

Alabama — which, like many states around the nation, faces mammoth budget problems — puts a larger tax burden on the poor than many other states. Even families earning less than $5,000 a year pay state income tax, and those earning less than $13,000 pay a much larger percentage in state and local taxes than those at the top of the income ladder.

Riley's plan would shift much of that burden onto wealthier taxpayers and corporations.

"Jesus says one of our missions is to take care of the least among us," the governor told the Birmingham News after announcing his plan. "We've got to take care of the poor."

The state's voters will decide the plan's fate at the ballot box in September. So far it appears too close to predict, but Riley's religion-driven proposal has already stirred controversy among the faithful in Alabama and elsewhere. Should the Bible influence tax policy and government decisions, and if so, what does the Christian holy book tell governments to do in a land where the separation of church and state is the law?

Should Religion Play a Role?

Liberal religious activists are ecstatic about Riley's Bible-toting tax plan.

"What Bob Riley is doing is acting like a Christian," said the Rev. Jim Wallis, the editor of Sojourners, a Christian magazine that focuses on social justice issues.

Wallis believes his faith mandates support for progressive policies, like government services for the poor.

"The Bible is full of poor people," he said. "Biblical politics has the poor at the center."

But for many Christians, the issue is not that simple, however.

"For most of us, religion and politics are just too complicated for an easy, simple world view," said John Green, a political scientist at the University of Akron in Ohio who studies religion in politics.

"Does care for the poor mean taxes, or does it mean charity, or does it mean food stamps?" he asked.

Richard Cizik, a vice president of the National Association of Evangelicals, cites Matthew 22:21: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."

"It's really hard for the Christian to determine what's God's and what's Caesar's," said Cizik, whose group represents at least 10 million Pentecostals, Charismatics, and other evangelicals.

But even those who give very different answers agree it is an important question.

Cizik says he doesn't support raising taxes, but he agrees religion has something to say about tax policy.

"The Bible isn't a recipe for a tax policy. But it does say a lot about the poor. And I think that evangelicals need to address this issue in increasing measure," he said.

Wallis agrees. "A budget is a moral document, whether it be a family budget or city budget," he said. "It says what our priorities are and what we care about."

Where Faith and Politics Intersect

Religious leaders on both sides of the political spectrum say they think the connection between faith and politics is growing.

Conservatives point to President Bush's faith-based initiatives effort as evidence. Despite continuing controversy over Bush's plan, they say it shows a willingness to accept religion's role in addressing society's problems.

On the left, religious leaders cite spiritually motivated environmental activism and social justice movements.

"What's happening now around the country is that faith is being applied to issues that Jesus talked about — like poor people," said Wallis. "It's a sign of things to come."

For the Rev. Eileen W. Lindner, the general sectary of the National Council of Churches and a Presbyterian minister, recent world events have heightened the link between religion and policy.

"One of the realities of the post-9/11 world is that we're asking, 'How does your religious faith inform what you're doing?' " she said.

"I believe we are right at the very early days of asking afresh, 'What is the role of faith in our society?' "

Whether or not the connection is growing, there is a long history of interaction between religion and politics that goes beyond current hot-button issues like abortion, gay rights, and prayer in schools.

"In the U.S. in recent times we tend to associate reliance on religion with conservative positions," said Michael Perry, an Emory University School of Law professor and author of the forthcoming book, Under God?: Religious Faith and Liberal Democracy.

In the past, however, religion has played a part in politics across the spectrum, he says, citing the Civil Rights movement as an example. Other examples abound, such as Jimmy Carter's biblically infused language in explaining his decision to relinquish control of the Panama Canal. Because America is a thoroughly religious nation — much more so than Europe, for example — it is inevitable faith will play a role in politics, Perry says.

A 2000 Pew poll reported that 70 percent of Americans thought it was important to have a strongly religious president, and last year, a survey by the same group found that almost 50 percent of respondents felt churches and other religious groups should express their views on social and political subjects.

"I think the position that 'It's inappropriate to bring religion into politics' is pretty much a nonstarter in the real world of the U.S.," Perry said.

Private tax collectors get nod from Washington
The slow road to Rome

Posted: July 1, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: Ian Hodge is a regular columnist for Business Reform Magazine, the leading Christian business magazine with over 100,000 readers. Each issue of Business Reform features practical advice on operating successfully in business while glorifying God.
By Ian Hodge
© 2003 Business Reform

So the government is now planning on using private tax collectors to collect an estimated $78 billion in outstanding taxes, with promises of up to 25% commission for successful collection.

We understand the government’s dilemma. A tax system, alleged to be voluntary, is giving people meaningful choice when it comes to taxes. And people are increasingly taking advantage of it.

For the government and bureaucrats, however, this presents a dilemma. No tax money, no grand schemes to save the nation. And salvation is, after all, the purpose of government today. It plans to save people like you and me from all sorts of problems. If there is unemployment, government goes to the rescue. They’ll find jobs for us, or create them. If there is a health crisis, no matter, the government will step in and save us from the problems we might create for ourselves.

It seems that we are incapable of solving, with God’s help, our own problems. Fortunately, belief in salvation by politics is at a low ebb, except in the halls of the legislators.

But if government is really serious about saving us, it might first learn to save itself. For we are reminded of another great empire, Rome, that rose and fell, and when it fell, there were some characteristic marks.

Taxation was one of them. As the Empire grew, so did its need for money. Tax farming, the right to collect taxes in a given locality, became a reality of the Roman Empire. Collect at whatever cost became another hallmark, and some historians have noted the use of torture as a legitimate activity to collect the taxes.

The government of the USA is not alone in its need for taxpayers’ money. Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the flow of information. Now, at the click of a mouse button, an individual living in one country can find a way to invest in another country and legally get around local taxation laws. Or, he can buy in another country, often sidestepping import duties and tariffs. The result? A tax collection headache for governments around the world.

Pressure has been placed on those nations who build their wealth by offering offshore investment services with privacy. The pressure will remain, but the writing is on the wall for the high taxing nations. Lower taxes or else citizens will shift their wealth outside the taxing jurisdiction. This is the dilemma for the federal government.

At present, it seems intent on following the course of Rome. If so, a once mighty nation will descend from its heights and become another also-ran. It does though, have a choice.

It will be the mark of a great President who can turn the tide against the tax collectors and instead offer citizens government protection of their wealth, rather than government confiscation.

Update: 1) I just finished a newspaper interview with Corita Jordan, a reporter with "The Town Talk." This is the paper for Alexandria-Pineville, Louisiana.

2) At the 93.5 FM radio interview tonight at 6 pm CT here in Leesville, Louisiana, I'll have an interview also with a reporter from "American Press," I'm told. This is the newspaper for Lake Charles, Louisiana. Gene.

Update: Doug Kenline tells me the web camera should be shipped to him within 72 hours.

I'm starting to see some interest in the trip to India this December with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. I'll let you all know the projected cost when I get the information. Gene.

Treasury Visits a 2nd Time Today
1:00 pm CT

Update: 1) I'll be in the studio with Mark McRay on 93.5 FM here in Leesville, Louisiana at 6 pm CT. Irwin Schiff is in Idaho, but I have his cell number to bring him into the interview, if Mark wants. Web address:

2) KAJN 102.9 FM in Lake Charles, Louisiana is looking over the web sites to see if they want to do a radio interview. It's a Christian station.

3) Doug Kenline has the web came ordered. Thanks to Mr. Klaas for the work with Doug you are doing to get that to me.

4) I made the Stanley Scoop today. Forget the New York Times -- I GOT ON STANLEY SCOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) Fred is in Montana until the weekend.

6) We still need to bring in a driver to continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

7) Don't forget the corporate fast starting Friday at noon until Saturday at noon to humble ourselves before God (II Chronicles 7:14). respectfully, Gene.

Update: FYI -- At 2 pm CT, I am to call KJ 93.5 FM here in Leesville, Louisiana to varify a 6 pm interview on that station. I am also trying to get Irwin Shciff into the interview to talk about "The Federal Mafia," his recently Government banned book. Gene.

Please remember that we are doing a 24 hour group/ corporate fast for God's blessing on our work beginning at 12 noon on July 4th and lasting until 12 noon on July 5th. There are three fasters that I'm aware of right now. Gene.

A "group/corporate fast" can be seen in II Chronicles 20:3 and in other places.

Update: Thanks to Mr. Erb for the $50.00 Paypal donation. After a $1.75 paypal fee, we just deposited $48.25 into the TAX MARCH account. It will appear on tonight's Daily Financial Report. Thank you Lord for giving me wings to keep flying.

The motor home is now at the front of the building where I'm staying. There are thousands of cars coming through, and the signs on the rv are getting read.

At 4 pm, I have to pick up two more signs for the grand total of $38.00. Now that's a good price. They will read: "U.S. Troops Fighting for Communism?" (White letters on blue background). The other sign reads, "TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON" (Red background with white letters in all caps.) Going to the 4th of July Celebration tomorrow should be quite interesting, given my dress and these signs. I hope they can read here in Louisiana and not just strap me to the back of a pickup and drag me down the street. respectfully, Gene. I'm gonna go meet with some local pastors in a few minutes.

It Looks like we just got a visit from Alex Jones a few minutes ago. Call me, Alex. I'll do your show.

Treasury Agent Visits Us
10:13 am CT

Hi Mr./ Mrs. Treasury Agent. Everybody says, hi. Go to Joe Banister's web site at the left edge of to see what we want you to do. He was a former IRS CID Agent. You too can leave the DARK SIDE. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: It has just come to my attention that Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, is to lead a tour of India this coming December. If you would like to attend, please e-mail me. I have no other details at this time. Should God allow me to go on the trip, I expect great enlightenment on a number of topics in the use on nonviolent noncooperation. I think I need to go on this trip with Arun for the longterm benefit of the TAX HONESTY movement. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Our web master in India is making lots of updates on this morning. There is a new photo album with pictures of me in the Huntsville Death Fast just 2 weeks ago. I'm stading in one picture with a pair of my old blue jeens on. It is very obvious to the doubters that I don't fit those jeens anymore :-) Gene

Update: Joseph Almond got the horse story on I guess it's a group in London who thought George Washington was the first horseman of the Apocalyps (see: Revelation 6:2). Gene.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Irwin Schiif is an honest man based on everything I've ever seen of him. Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ

444 E. Sahara Ave Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

702-385-6920 Fax 702-385-6917
Web site:

To: Mr. Dan Niemi
New York Times
June 17, 2003

In his article about me that appears in today’s “Times” entitled “Judge Tells Tax Advisor to Stop Selling Book’ David Cay Johnston made two damaging statements about me that he knew were false. He stated in his article, “At the court hearing, Mr. Schiff fired his lawyer after she said that she could not argue his tax claims because they lacked merit.” That is not what she said at all. Her exact words as shown on pages 24 and 25 of the trial transcript were:

As the court knows, his theories have, in fact, been sanctioned by the courts and I stand in the position of trying to defend a client on his material matters and also running the risk of having the court sanction me for doing so and, at this point, I do not want to incur the many thousands of dollars that the court could put on my head for even arguing his theories, because that’s what the courts are doing. They are sanctioning people in gross amounts for arguing his theories and therefore I ask the court to allow Irwin Schiff to represent himself with respect to his theories.

So my attorney never said my “claims…lacked merit,” but that she ran the risk of being sanctioned (even if they had merit), because the courts – whose decisions she is bound to uphold – have sanctioned others for making these arguments. Naturally, my position is that courts are enforcing the income taxes in violation of the law and the Constitution, which is what my books prove, and is why the government wants to ban them.

Further on in the transcript my attorney asks the court: “May he represent himself with respect to his theories?” And the court answers: “Does the government have any objection to—” Mr. Davis, the U.S. attorney, states: “Well, I object to having both an attorney represent someone and having them represent themselves.” So, since the government raised this objection and not wanting to waste any more time, I simply fired my attorney. So the firing of my attorney had nothing to do with the merits of my beliefs.

Also in his article Mr. Johnston writes “In addition to the many Schiff clients who have lost civil cases after following his tax advise, a California chiropractor was sent to prison in 1999 for filing returns that listed no income. Mr. Schiff, in interviews earlier this year and last year, said he was not responsible for the conviction of the chiropractor, because Dr. Dentice did not follow his advise precisely.”

This is not what occurred at all nor is it what I told Mr. Johnston. Dr. Dentice did not file “returns that listed no income” as Mr. Johnston reports. Dr. Dentice filed traditional returns listing substantial amounts of income and the government was about to (illegally) charge him with tax evasion for a number of years. So to prevent his illegal prosecution, I suggested he immediately amend those returns, since he did not have “income” in the “Constitutional sense” which is what Congress held “income,” in the 1954 Code, to mean. (See footnote 11 of the Supreme Court decision, Commissioner v. Glenshaw Glass, 348 U.S. 426).

However Dr. Dentice did not amend those returns until after he was indicted for tax evasion. And he lost the case because he had ineffective counsel, who did not even notice that the judge in the case declared him innocent just before she sentenced him.

You’ll be able to read all about this unusual occurrence – which Mr. Johnston knew about - in my next book. In addition Mr. Johnston did not confirm these quotations, or even raise them, when I spoke to him yesterday in connection with his story. And while reporting on the alleged “lost civil cases” he fails to mention the millions of dollars in refund checks people received as a result of using the information in my books. And if the information in my books were false, why hasn’t the government prosecuted me for tax evasion (or consumer or mail fraud?) since I reported “zero” income in all the tax returns I have filed over the last 14 years?

The reason that David K Johnston always distorts and misrepresents the facts when he “reports” on the income tax is because he is an unrepentant socialist, who must protect the tax that supports all of those socialistic programs he is in favor of. In addition, I have, on numerous occasions, offered to pay Mr. Johnston $5,000 if he would merely identify in one of his columns the statute that makes Americans “liable” for income taxes. There are numerous such statutes in the IR Code in connection with other federal taxes, so why doesn’t he do it? Apparently Jayson Blair was not or was not the only “Times” reporter who reports fiction as fact.

I expect a prominent retraction of these false statements that appeared in Mr. Johnston’s article, which should be prominent enough so they will be picked up in those papers in which his article was syndicated.

Irwin Schiff

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $673.38. No Deposits. Expenditures: ($7.32) 1 lunch, ($17.56) gasoline, ($6.58) cheap camera, ($55.00) motel room, ($6.58) 1 evening meal, ($6.58) 1 breakfast. Total Expendatures: ($99.52). Ending Balance: $573.86.

I found out I have a USB portal on my lap top, so I guess the folks are gonna get me a web cam pretty soon. That seems to be what everybody sees as God's direction now. I'm fine with this direction. respectfully, Gene.

Update: We now have two others joining me in the fast for God's blessing on our work to honor Him. It begins July 4th at 12 noon and will last intil 12 noon on the 5th. I can think of no better date upon which to fast to God over such an important matter as we have before us. Government Abuse Fast on July 4th; it's the right thing to do, I can feel it. respectfully, Gene

"God vs. The First Plank of The Communist Manifesto," by Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ

The First Plank of The Communist Manifesto: Abolition of property and land rights and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.

America's use of this First Plank: (Zoning - Model ordinances proposed by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover widely adopted. Supreme Court ruled "zoning" to be constitutional in 1921. Private owners of property required to get permission from government relative to the use of their property. Federally owned lands are leased for grazing, mining, timber usages, the fees being paid into the U.S. Treasury.)

Christian Position: The Bible teaches that it is the "gift of God" to "enjoy the good" of your labor (Ecclesiastes 3:13). This one text, along with Proverbs 31:31 was largly responsible for America being able to throw off the attack of Communism on our own shores in the early 20th Century. But the financial and intellectual elites would not be cast off forever. They, through our Public Schools (Public Schools are the 10th Plank of The Communist Manifesto), changed our historical understanding of the evils of Communism and its opposition to the Biblical values that blessed America.

In Bible days, a man owned an olive tree farm, let's say. He didn't pay tithes on his land, his trees or the cart he used to haul the olives to market. He paid tithes on the olives he raised on his land. He paid tithes (taxes) on his increase from assets, not tithes (taxes) on assets.

In America, we are taxed now on our land, our cars and our labor, etc. These are all Biblical assets, not to be taxed. When you trade your labor to an employer, you have no increase from assets; you have an equal trade of your energies that you got from sleep in your bed, food on your table, etc. This is a barter of your labor for the employer's assets; thus, labor is an asset and not to be taxed. The car you drive is an asset, not to be taxed.

When we allow the taxation of assets, little old ladies like my mother end up chained to the tax tread mill by the Government, paying property taxes that she can't possibly keep up with to her grave. She will have to sell the home she paid off 20 years ago soon, just because the Government has the speed on her tread mill set to high for her to keep up with. And I hear these stories all over America. It is immoral to tax assets for just the reasons I've outlined here.

Christianity ran off Communism a hundred years ago from America's shores, and here we are running it off again.

Work in Progress

"US Troops Fighting for Communism?" or "God vs. The Communist Manifesto" by Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ

Is our country a free capitalist, Constitutional Republic or a Socialist/Communist form of Govt. You be the Judge. I say that our troops are fighting for Commuism all around the world, today, and they are being sent unknowingly by the financial and intellectual elitists of America's Communist leadership.

Our elected representatives have passed laws implementing these anti-freedom concepts. The communists have achieved a de facto FEDERAL SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT in America.
In 1848 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote a book outlining a political ideology, titled "The Communist Manifesto". Marxism's basic theme is that the proletariat (the "exploited" working class of a capitalistic society) will suffer from alienation and will rise up against the "bourgeoisie" (the middle class) and overthrow the system of "capitalism." After a brief period of rule by "the dictatorship of the proletariat" the classless society of communism would emerge. In his Manifesto Marx described the following ten steps as necessary steps to be taken to destroy a free enterprise society. Notice how many of these conditions, foreign to the principles that our country was founded upon, have now, in 1992, been realized by the concerted efforts of socialist activists? Remember, government interference in your daily life and business is intrusion and deprivation of our liberties!

First Plank of The Communist Manifesto: Abolition of property in land and the application of all rents of land to public purposes. (Zoning - Model ordinances proposed by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover widely adopted. Supreme Court ruled "zoning" to be constitutional in 1921. Private owners of property required to get permission from government relative to the use of their property. Federally owned lands are leased for grazing, mining, timber usages, the fees being paid into the U.S. Treasury.)

Christian Position: The Bible teaches that it is the "gift of God" to "enjoy the good" of your labor (Ecclesiastes 3:13).

Second Plank: A heavy progressive or graduated in-come tax. (Corporate Tax Act of 1909. The 16th Amendment, allegedly ratified in 1913. The Revenue Act of 1913, section 2, Income Tax. These laws have been purposely misapplied against American citizens to this day.)

Third Plank: Abolition of all rights of inheritance. (Partially accomplished by enactment of various state and federal "estate tax" laws taxing the "privilege" of transferr-ing property after death and gift before death.)

Fourth Plank: CONFISCATION OF THE PROPERTY OF ALL EMIGRANTS AND REBELS. (The confiscation of property and persecution of those critical - "rebels" - of government policies and actions, frequently accomplished by prosecuting them in a courtroom drama on charges of violations of non-existing administrative or regulatory laws.)

Fifth Plank: Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. (The Federal Reserve Bank, 1913--the system of privately-owned Federal Reserve banks which maintain a monopoly on the valueless debt "money" in circulation.)

Sixth Plank: Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.

(Federal Radio Commission, 1927; Federal Communications Commission, 1934; Air Commerce Act of 1926; Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938; Federal Aviation Agency, 1958; becoming part of the Department of Transportation in 1966; Federal Highway Act of 1916 (federal funds made available to States for highway construction); Interstate Highway System, 1944 (funding began 1956); Interstate Commerce Commission given authority by Congress to regulate trucking and carriers on inland waterways, 1935-40; Department of Transportation, 1966.)

Seventh Plank: Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. (Depart-ment of Agriculture, 1862; Agriculture Adjustment Act of 1933 -- farmers will receive government aid if and only if they relinquish control of farming activities; Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933 with the Hoover Dam completed in 1936.)

Eighth Plank: Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies especially for agriculture. (First labor unions, known as federations, appeared in 1820. National Labor Union established 1866. American Federation of Labor established 1886. Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 placed railways under federal regulation. Department of Labor, 1913. Labor-management negotiations sanctioned under Railway Labor Act of 1926. Civil Works Administration, 1933. National Labor Relations Act of 1935, stated purpose to free inter-state commerce from disruptive strikes by eliminating the cause of the strike. Works Progress Administration 1935. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, mandated 40-hour work week and time-and-a-half for overtime, set "minimum wage" scale. Civil Rights Act of 1964, effectively the equal liability of all to labor.)

Ninth Plank: Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country. (Food processing companies, with the co-operation of the Farmers Home Administration foreclosures, are buying up farms and creating "conglomerates.")

Tenth Plank: Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production. (Gradual shift from private education to publicly funded began in the Northern States, early 1800's. 1887: federal money (unconstitutionally) began funding specialized education. Smith-Lever Act of 1914, vocational education; Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 and other relief acts of the 1930's. Federal school lunch program of 1935; National School Lunch Act of 1946. National Defense Education Act of 1958, a reaction to Russia's Sputnik satellite demonstration, provided grants to education's specialties. Federal school aid law passed, 1965, greatly enlarged federal role in education, "head-start" programs, textbooks, library books.

(Research source: Encyclopedia Britannica, "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible," with Greek, Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicons, King James 1611 Bible).

Update: We have had a hit from the "US Army" in the last hour and a hit earlier from "" We also have been getting about 5 hits a day from "aberdeen." You guys quit fighting for the Communists in the US Government. Leave the DARK SIDE and come into the light. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) We are being evaluated for a radio interview tomorrow on 93.5 FM in Leesville, Loiusiana. 2) We are having two additional signs made for the motor home. The one on the front of the motor home will be a bright red background and read in white caps: TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. The other sign will be a large blue background for the rear of the motor home and read in white letters: US Troops Fighting For Communism? 3) The papers I had printed are of my discussion on the Communist Manifesto with the question at the top: "US Troops Fighting For Communism?" 4) The white horse idea is looking like a long shot. We better just stay contained to the motor home, so I can keep costs down to the smallest levels, if need be. 5) I'll be attending the First Baptist Church tonight for services. The pastor already has our materials. repsectfully, Gene.

Update: I just saw on our web detail material that we have had two visits from the Treasury Department today: 1) at 9:44 am CT. 2) at 1:52 pm CT.

Why don't you Treasury Agents quit 'watching me' and start 'showing me' the law that says an Individual has a tax liability in the law -- any law? And if you can't then why do you have your job in the first place? Why can't you have the integrity to quit in protest of your boss failing to show you where even you have a tax liability? Even former IRS CID AGENT Joe Banister quit when his boss refused to be honest with him. Come over from the side of death and lies into the light, Treasury Agents. Walk in integrity and inherit eternal life in Christ Jesus. Gene Chapman. PS. And send me a donation so I can march on your bosses in Washington (ha ha).

Update: I just went to see the lady with the white horse here in Leesville, Louisiana. She says I need an endurance horse for 20 mile marches everyday, like a Morgan or an Arabian. They use less grains to thrive and handle distance better than her larger horse. She did say that I was in the best part of the country top get the cheapest deal possible on a horse.

At any rate, I'm stuck like Chuck here in Leesville, Louisiana until God calls a driver here to get us on toward Alexandria, Louisiana in this TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

News coverage is doing well. I'm meeting with lots of people at gas stations and convenience stores. I caught a lady writing down our web addresses off the rv while fueling this morning, and talked to her about 20 minutes. We got another member into the group, folks. The state wants her to give them her sons' social security numbers before they will continue her disability checks. The matrix is being built all around us, people. Soon, we will be so choked that we can't buy and sell without 666 in our forehead or in our hands. It's getting bad for those of us who demand liberty.

I even saw where Rick Stanley ( is being pressured by corrupt judges to give up his gun there in Colorado. Even Jesus liked people to be armed in public (See my "Gene's Short Sermons" area on

respectfully, Gene.


If you see the benefit of blogging, like I'm doing here, I'd like to invite you to contact Mr. Doug Kenline for free help in setting up your own free blog and connecting to my blog over here on the left side of this page. It's not nearly as complex as you might think, and Doug will be happy to walk you through it for the 10 to 15 minutes it takes. Online, contact Doug Kenline at: or call him at: 770-850-9840 or 678-361-4494. You may be one of the news reporters who did an article on me, or you may be a business owner who I met on the road. You may be a teen who wants to join in the talk about honest government. I want you in this community to share your ideas. Everyone is welcome at this table of ideas called The Blog. All we ask is that you write something atleast once a week or so, so we don't lose track of you in cyberspace. If you want responsive government, we want your voice here in our world of thinking. Who knows, you may be our great leader waiting to come on the world stage right here on the blog. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

Round Table Talk: Let's be in prayer for a driver to arrive in God's timing and will, so I may continue on to Alexandria, Louisiana in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

Joseph Almond is running a banner ad on to try to raise money for the horse.

Doug Kenline is working hard to get me a web camera, so the TAX MARCH can be seen live around the world.

And that's all the news worth telling at the moment. Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) No one is coming, to my knowledge, to drive for me today. I'll start passing out copies of our stories and news coverage, in Leesville, Louisiana, while I wait for God to send a driver. 2) First, I am going to see if I can buy about 75 copies of the "Jasper News Boy" story that is due to be on the stands today in Jasper, Texas. 3) I've learned a few tactics of getting news coverage that I feel I should pass along, since our pulpit is press coverage at this point. First, be authentic. Preachers are some of the most disrespected people covered by the media. Smaller towns have more respect for God than larger cities, but the contempt is still there. Don't be a showman. Let the story unfold rationally to the reporter; don't run all over the place with it. It confuses him/ her. Confused people don't write good stories. Get copies of actual newspaper articles that have been done on you; don't cut them out of the paper. We got a really accurate story done in the Sunday edition of the "Polk County Enterprise" that I'm told will be on their web site this weekend. I hand the whole paper out to store owners where we shop, and they immediately realize that the story is a front page article. I sign every copy, "Gene K. Chapman, We're fighting for you" and the date I came to their place of business. (I've been back to stores where I did this and the paper is on the front counter for the public or hung in the window for them to read how that the TAX MARCH guy came there to that store and signed a copy of their paper for their community and that store owner/ manager.) That speaks credability to the recipient and will be talked about community wide. I give a whole paper to other press people too. That's why we bought 70 copies yesterday of the Livingston Newspaper. Today, I'll buy 75 copies or so of the "Jasper New Boy," if the article tells the story. Just be honest and carry whole newspapers with you to pass out, and people open up. They want to see credability but not arrogance. Be careful not to approach your past news coverage flipantly, or you may find your story uncovered by the local writer. Just tell them of the facts without bragging about how World Net Daily covered you 15 times. Everyone has their pride, and a small town reporter can feel that they have to teach you a lesson, if you step on their's. Treat every reporter like their coverage means as much to your work as if they worked for the "Washington Post," and you'll end up with more accurate coverage than you expected. Small towns are the furture for the TAX HONESTY movement, I feel. People in small towns have a different connection to the earth and to each other than those in Dallas or Houston or New York City. If one or two small town folks like you today, the whole town likes you tomorrow. And that means open hearts and doors to our ideas compounded.

respectfully, Gene.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Update: Joseph Almond says that he will raise the money for half the horse cost ($750), if we go with it, and if we get matching funds first. We will also need a small horse trailer, if we keep the rv with us. When I don't have a driver, I can ride around the towns we visit on the horse and pass out our materials. Who wouldn't want a picture of that for the paper? Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $252.57. Deposits: $700.00 (Mr. Stegmeier), $20.00 (Mr. Marsh). Total Deposits: $720.00. Expendatures: ($77.00) Mr. Marsh's car storage in Baltimore and final travel expenses, ($55.00) Mr. Marsh's last night in motel at Houston Hobby Airport, ($13.92) 2 lunches, ($25.00) photo copies of news story to pass out, ($19.26) gasoline, ($35.00) 70 copies of Livingston (Front Page) Newspaper to pass out on TAX MARCH, ($54.00) 1 motel room for Gene enroute to Louisiana. Ending Balance: $673.38.

(I wish my Congressman Burgess and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison reported their daily financial records like this for the Texas 26th District on the blogger sites Doug Kenline set up for them. Maybe our taxes would be lower with more accountability.) repsectfully, Gene.

Pray for a driver in Leesville, Louisiana in God's timing.

Joseph Almond says that he feels I should continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

Update: On the way back from Houston Hobby to drop David Marsh off for his flight tomorrow morning, I saw about 20 flamingos flying over a pond near Beaumont, Texas. It reminded me that our God is a God of miracles. He can make a pink bird fly and put a rainbow in the sky. I praised God all the way to the motel room. They can lock our bodies up, folks, but our spirits are free as the wind.

The Woodville Newspaper did an interview with me today that could be out in their town by Sunday at the earliest.

There are three options on this TAX MARCH, having mostly to do with costs:

1) We continue as we are at about $100 to $120 per day. This assumes we bring in drivers from around America and don't buy an extra tent for one of the two of us to sleep in. The rv only sleeps one but also leaks like a screen door when it rains. I may buy a small tent for myself to sleep in every other day to cut costs when we have a second person along. We do, however, need to get to a motel for phone/ internet hookups and paypal deposits every couple of days.

2) We could park the rv and go totally on horse back the rest of the way to Washington. It costs about $15 to $18 per night to stay at an rv park with a horse Food is cheap enough (grass), and I can eat out of cans. I can also try to find internet access every 2 or three days and let Fred Smart do the blogging most of the time.

3) We can go all out and buy a $1,500 white horse for me to ride on, along with a horse trailer to pull behind the rv. We can stay in motels every night and have full web camera access for people to watch my whole life unfold worldwide on the internet. With the Revelation 6:2 imagry, the TAX HONESTY movement will probably be front page of the National Inquirer for the next ten years: "First Horseman of the Apocalyps Marches on Washington" type stuff.

Basically, the horse option by itself is the cheapest at about $150 a week but creates logistical problems for phone and internet contact for news interviews across America. The rv plus the horse is the most expensive at about $900 to $1,000 per week, but it creates an additional media attraction. And staying where we are now is $700 to $800 per week,attracting media in small towns. These are the things on my mind. The money God provides will set the course of the TAX MARCH. As for me, I can eat worms and sleep in a $20 tent the rest of the way. I'm just thinking about what makes the most overall sense, as I pray for God's leadership. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Doug Kenline is working seriously on getting me a web cam for the TAX MARCH, so you all can watch it around the world. Gene.

Update: 1) David marsh is now at his Motel room at Houston Hobby tthe flight out tomorrow. 2) I'm on my way back to Louisiana to continue the TAX MARCH. The weather is bad, so I may not get out of the Houston area tonight. We'll see. 3) I asked Joseph Almond to fast and pray 21 days before asking me to come to Ft. Worth for the prayer vigil for Dick Simkanin. I'm just seeing too much open up on the march to risk stepping out of God's blessing here. I'll come, if Joseph asks based on a spiritual fast. I really would like Dick Simkanin to let me know his wishes here too. It is generally very unethical for a minister to impose himself on another person's problem without being asked. 4) I've been given two invitaions to speak in Virginia/ Washington D.C. when I arrive in September. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: We are taking David Marsh to Houston to get him set up for his flight to Baltimore tomorrow. I'll be back in Leesville, Louisana tonight. I'll be stopping into Woodville, Texas to pick up Joe Banister's sign for the rv today and getting some copies made of our news articles for the TAX MARCH.

We are in very fertile ground her in the country for the TAX HONESTY movement. I feel like Sam Walton building his first Walmart stores at the cross road of small towns, where there is little competition for time and ideas. These people sit around all day waiting on somebody/ anybody to come talk to them about anything. And patriotism is high, along with real displeasure with communist ideas being imposed upon the people by our servant government. I just can't imagin leaving this TAX MARCH casually for Dick Simkanin. It is building its own momentum. At night, they call their relatives in the next town to tell them to be on the lookout for us on the roads.

We had the donor of the $700 for the ad call last night. He wants us to find another "best use" for those funds. We are now at $952.57 in the TAX MARCH account. We need a driver for the rv tomorrow at 7 am in Leesville, La. respectfully, Gene.

Monday, June 30, 2003

Round Table Talk: Tomorrow or Wednesday, I plan to go take a quick look at a white horse that has been presented to me for possible use in THE TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. Discernment, we must have in the matter. Please be in prayer, as stepping to the left or right of God's perfect will can ruin our efforts here. respectfully, Gene.

This is David Marsh. Here are my thoughts about todays experiences on the road with Gene Chapman. We having been travelling and talking to the common average folk here in Texas and today in Louisiana also. We have also went to and sat in service at a couple of churches and talked to their pastors. The thing that still amazes me is how open, friendly, freedom thinking, and against enslavement, of us "The People", that every person we run into seems to be. They all seem to understand that we basically have a system in this country that mirrors the "Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto". For those of you who weren't taught about that in school you can look it up on the internet or go to your local library. You would think most people who meet us would think we are crazy, whacky, and out there, as soon as they hear: march against the federal income tax, or how we really have a system that invokes the communist manifesto, or when we talk about our "enslavement". But that isn't the case, they seem to already be aware of what has happened.
For instance today in the beginning of our march I met a lady in a little country store. Gene had gone ahead on the march, I went in to buy a pack of gum, and a pint of milk. The lady had seen us go by and she asked where we were marching to. I told her Gene was marching to Washington D.C. She was surprised by that and then asked why he was marching to D.C. I told her the main reason was in protest of the Federal Income Tax. We then talked for a few minutes, I asked her if she had ever seen the law that imposes the income tax on her, along with other points and questions. That was all it took. That opened the flood gates and she told me how she was going to LOSE her store because she had to sell it because she couldn't afford the taxes on her business anymore. She said being a sole proprietorship she was taxes like crazy. She said she just had the homestead exemption on her Home reduced, which raised the property tax on her home. She said the school system wanted more tax money, and had less to give the kids for supplies and education. She said it seemed every time she turned around someone else wanted more tax, it never ended.
After we talked to her she said she wanted us to bring some messages for her to Washington. She then told us about the local paper and then called them herself to tell them she thought they should cover our march in a story. She was that moved and cared that much to make a call to her local paper herself, right away.
There was another girl in another country store closer to Lousiana. We stopped in her store and talked to her for awhile. She was a devoted Christian girl. She was married for around 15 years, right after high school she got married. They had a couple of boys. Her husband is in the Army as a Staff Sgt. She was very open to most of our information we told her about and was very thought provoked about the relation to Communism in our System in this country. She told us she was really happy we were doing what we were and she hoped it would make a difference. Two complete strangers we met for the first time today. They were totally open and waiting for our messages. It is like they are yearning for someone to start taking the messages out to the people in the towns and small communities.
You can tell these issues really strike a cord with people, and they care really deeply about changing it. They just don't know how, and want someone to help and lead the way. To me that was a really special and deep thing she did. She got involved in her own small way. She wanted to see some change to start to take place. And it did start with Gene's/Our march. Lets all get involved and help to wake up "The People" and start to make the change happen.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $319.49. Expendatures: ($54.24) 1 motel room, ($19.63) 2 evening meals plus tip, ($11.62) 2 lunches, ($15.94) gasoline, ($13.74) postage. Total Expendatures: ($115.17). Deposits: $50.00 less a ($1.75) paypal fee is $48.25 (Thanks Mr. Whelan). Ending Balance: $252.57. respectfully, Gene.

Update: 1) The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON is now in Leesville, Louisiana. The march lasted 14 2/10 miles before we were rained out by Tropical Storm Bill coming on shore this afternoon. We marched every foot of shoulder space we could find between Jasper, Texas and Leeville before the rain hit, about 3 1/2 miles West of Leesville and shut us down for the day. (It just isn't safe to be forcing people to drive around us in that kind of weather. I'd hate to be responsible for some little kid getting in a wreck just because we wanted to march on slick roads.) 2) We did two newspaper interviews -- one with "The Jasper Newsboy" and the other with "The Leesville Leader." We will be contacting papers from Lake Charles and Alexandria, Louisiana tonight and tomorrow. 3) We met a military couple who gave us free candy bars and drinks at thier convenience store this afternoon. It's nice to know a Staff Sgt. understands and appreciates the stand we are taking. My new addition to "Gene's Short Sermons" over on the site will be entitled, "US Military Fighting For Communism." I need the military folks to understand my meaning, and I think this man who fed us understood my thinking, as I explained it to him. (His wife has a white horse she has been wanting to sell for $1,500; it's interesting to see the doors of God arise everywhere -- not that we have nearly the money to buy such an animal.) 4) Thanks to Mr. Whelan for the $50.00 paypal donation. After the $1.75 Paypal fee, I just deposited $48.25 into the TAX MARCH account. (Everyone keep in mind that we will be broke on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, unless more paypals come in. Note also that Fred Smart will not be back home to make regular mailed bank deposits until this weekend, four days after we run out of money.) Costs on the TAX MARCH are running about $100.00 per day. Please know that these donations are being used to honor God to the best of my ability. I have not so much as gone to see a movie even once or washed my loin clothes more than once every two weeks. And your donations for just the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON have bought front page coverage of the Tax Honesty Movement since its start in "World Net Daily" (First Front Page article -- 100,000 people per day), "The Giddings Times," Giddings, Texas (Front Page for 6,000 people), "The Banner Press," Brenham, Texas (Front Page for 6,500 people), "World Net Daily" (A second Front Page article -- 100,000 people per day), "The Polk County Enterprise" (Front Page for 6,000 people), "The Jasper Newsboy," Jasper, Texas (Article due out Wednesday -- 6,000 people), "The Leesville Leader," Leesville, Louisiana (Article due out soon -- 6,500 people ?). That is 231,000 (maybe all front page viewings of TAX HONESTY stories) about the TAX HONESTY Movement, plus the 7,100 copies we passed out in Huntsville, Texas. If I had a business with a salesman willing to advertise my company to the nation for gas, room and board, I'd jump on it. Pray about keeping my back up off the economic wall. God will lead you in what to do. 5) We need a driver for the motor home near Alexandria, Louisiana on Thursday. respectfully, Gene.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Update: Tropical Storm Bill is heading for our TAX MARCH. We'll keep you posted on the storm. Gene.

Update: The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON is now in Jasper, Texas, about to cross the border into Louisiana. If/ when we find out where Dick Simkanin is being held, I'll go to his location and begin a prayer vigil, as Joseph Almond has asked of me. You will remember that Joseph Almond was the man who came from Michigan last Sunday to Huntsville, Texas to end 58 days of fasting that I had done since April 15th, saving my life. I owe this man my life, so I must respond to this request to go aid Dick Simkanin and help in any way I can. respectfully, Gene.

When this is done, I'll return to the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON at the last place we were at. Labor Day in Washington is a target date only; the larger objective is to spread the news that We The People are taking back our country form our servant government, who has taken over our house.

I am thinking a borrowed white male horse with saddle and good temperment would be good at some point for me to continue the march on/ with. Walking is good, but the imagry of the horse is powerful. In Revelation 6: 2, there is the imagry of a man on a white horse with a bow. A "bow" is "simple clothing," like a loin cloth. I remember reading that George Washington rode a white horse to infuse this Biblical imagry upon his enemy, but he didn't wear a loin cloth. Some Brittish soldiers thought he was the first horseman of the Apocalypse. A horse is also much cheaper to feed than the motor home, as we get into Virginia. Perhaps, by then, we could better afford to run both the horse and the rv. Right now, we are down to $319.49 in the TAX MARCH account, and saving money is essential. Any thoughts? respectfully, Gene.

Daily Financial Report: We have been unable to get with the donor of the $700 that was given for the second week of advertising on that we decided against using. You will remember, due to low hits for the investment, we chose not to run more of that ad. We are returning this $700, as we have no permission to use the money elsewhere. Starting Balance: $431.27. Expendatures: ($54.24) 1 motel room, ($5.00) 10 newspapers, ($17.46) 2 meals plus tip, ($18.21) 2 evening meals plus tip, ($10.59) gasoline, ($6.28) 2 breakfasts. Total Expendatures: ($111.78). No Deposits. Ending Balance: $319.49.

Please note that Fred Smart is out of town until next weekend, so only Paypal donations can be accessed until next Tuesday, when Fred returns. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Hank Goltz, Texas State Coordinator for We The People (, told me on the phone that Dick Simkanin's location in Texas is not known at this hour. I told Joseph Almond that I will go to Dick Simkanin, on Joseph's behalf, when I know where he is being held to start a prayer vigil. respectfully, Gene.

Posted on Sat, Jun. 28, 2003

Remarks at arraignment send tax protester to jail
By Toni Heinzl
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

FORT WORTH - An indicted Bedford businessman who believes the federal income tax is a hoax talked himself back into jail Friday.

Barely two days after a Dallas magistrate judge found he was not a flight risk and ordered him released pending trial, Richard Simkanin told U.S. District Judge John McBryde during a routine arraignment hearing that he did not accept the authority of the federal courts.

The frank admission did not instill confidence in McBryde that Simkanin would follow the court's conditions for pretrial release, and McBryde ordered federal marshals to take Simkanin back into custody.

The owner of Arrow Custom Plastics pleaded not guilty to a 27-count federal indictment accusing him of failing to withhold and pay $175,000 in taxes due on his employees' wages from January 2000 through December 2002. The indictment also accused Simkanin of filing 15 fraudulent claims for tax refunds totaling $234,515 in January 2000.

He has been on the radar of the Internal Revenue Service for more than two years, using one of his Web sites to express his opposition to the federal income tax and the federal government. In a letter sent to Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill on Feb. 14, 2002, Simkanin announced his decision to "repatriate back into the Texas Republic" and ignore the laws of the United States.

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Jarvis said he was concerned that Simkanin would flee the country.

At a detention hearing Wednesday in Dallas, Jarvis asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Irma Ramirez to deny bail for Simkanin. But Ramirez, after a two-hour hearing, concluded that Jarvis did not show sufficient evidence that Simkanin would flee.

Ramirez said that she considered his ties to the community and the fact that he is not charged with a crime of violence and has no criminal record. Ramirez said she paid no attention to Simkanin's beliefs in reaching her decision.

Jarvis appealed the magistrate's decision to the district judge, McBryde, on Thursday.

"The defendant has a consistent history of repeatedly rejecting the jurisdiction of the federal courts over him," Jarvis said in his appeal. "... Then it seems highly unlikely that the defendant can be relied upon to obey any order setting conditions of release issued by a federal magistrate."

In a Feb. 18, 2002, sworn affidavit mailed to Jarvis and other officials, Simkanin said, "Affiant is not within the jurisdiction of the corporate United States and its instrumentalities."

For the first time, federal authorities have alleged that Simkanin was a threat to the safety of the community.

Jarvis wrote in his appeal that federal agents are "corroborating investigative leads that suggest the defendant has made threats on the lives of federal officials."

Ruben Gonzalez, Simkanin's court-appointed lawyer, said he would ask McBryde to reconsider his decision.

Gonzalez declined to comment about his client's views or the charges against him, but said, "He's been cordial and has been cooperating in his defense."

Toni Heinzl, (817) 390-7684

At the request of Joseph Almond, I am making plans to head for Ft. Worth to support Dick Simkanin on Monday morning. respectfully, Gene.