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Saturday, June 28, 2003

"US Troops Fighting for Communism?"

Is our country a free capitalist, Constitutional Republic or a Socialist/Communist form of Govt. You be the Judge. I say that our troops are fighting for Commuism all around the world, today, and they are being sent unknowingly by the financial and intellectual elitists of America's Communist leadership.

Our elected representatives have passed laws implementing these anti-freedom concepts. The communists have achieved a de facto FEDERAL SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT in America.
In 1848 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote a book outlining a political ideology, titled "The Communist Manifesto". Marxism’s basic theme is that the proletariat (the "exploited" working class of a capitalistic society) will suffer from alienation and will rise up against the "bourgeoisie" (the middle class) and overthrow the system of "capitalism." After a brief period of rule by "the dictatorship of the proletariat" the classless society of communism would emerge. In his Manifesto Marx described the following ten steps as necessary steps to be taken to destroy a free enterprise society. Notice how many of these conditions, foreign to the principles that our country was founded upon, have now, in 1992, been realized by the concerted efforts of socialist activists? Remember, government interference in your daily life and business is intrusion and deprivation of our liberties!

First Plank: Abolition of property in land and the application of all rents of land to public purposes. (Zoning - Model ordinances proposed by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover widely adopted. Supreme Court ruled "zoning" to be constitutional in 1921. Private owners of property required to get permission from government relative to the use of their property. Federally owned lands are leased for grazing, mining, timber usages, the fees being paid into the U.S. Treasury.)

Second Plank: A heavy progressive or graduated in-come tax. (Corporate Tax Act of 1909. The 16th Amendment, allegedly ratified in 1913. The Revenue Act of 1913, section 2, Income Tax. These laws have been purposely misapplied against American citizens to this day.)

Third Plank: Abolition of all rights of inheritance. (Partially accomplished by enactment of various state and federal "estate tax" laws taxing the "privilege" of transferr-ing property after death and gift before death.)

Fourth Plank: CONFISCATION OF THE PROPERTY OF ALL EMIGRANTS AND REBELS. (The confiscation of property and persecution of those critical - "rebels" - of government policies and actions, frequently accomplished by prosecuting them in a courtroom drama on charges of violations of non-existing administrative or regulatory laws.)

Fifth Plank: Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. (The Federal Reserve Bank, 1913--the system of privately-owned Federal Reserve banks which maintain a monopoly on the valueless debt "money" in circulation.)

Sixth Plank: Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.

(Federal Radio Commission, 1927; Federal Communications Commission, 1934; Air Commerce Act of 1926; Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938; Federal Aviation Agency, 1958; becoming part of the Department of Transportation in 1966; Federal Highway Act of 1916 (federal funds made available to States for highway construction); Interstate Highway System, 1944 (funding began 1956); Interstate Commerce Commission given authority by Congress to regulate trucking and carriers on inland waterways, 1935-40; Department of Transportation, 1966.)

Seventh Plank: Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. (Depart-ment of Agriculture, 1862; Agriculture Adjustment Act of 1933 -- farmers will receive government aid if and only if they relinquish control of farming activities; Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933 with the Hoover Dam completed in 1936.)

Eighth Plank: Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies especially for agriculture. (First labor unions, known as federations, appeared in 1820. National Labor Union established 1866. American Federation of Labor established 1886. Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 placed railways under federal regulation. Department of Labor, 1913. Labor-management negotiations sanctioned under Railway Labor Act of 1926. Civil Works Administration, 1933. National Labor Relations Act of 1935, stated purpose to free inter-state commerce from disruptive strikes by eliminating the cause of the strike. Works Progress Administration 1935. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, mandated 40-hour work week and time-and-a-half for overtime, set "minimum wage" scale. Civil Rights Act of 1964, effectively the equal liability of all to labor.)

Ninth Plank: Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country. (Food processing companies, with the co-operation of the Farmers Home Administration foreclosures, are buying up farms and creating "conglomerates.")

Tenth Plank: Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production. (Gradual shift from private education to publicly funded began in the Northern States, early 1800’s. 1887: federal money (unconstitutionally) began funding specialized education. Smith-Lever Act of 1914, vocational education; Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 and other relief acts of the 1930’s. Federal school lunch program of 1935; National School Lunch Act of 1946. National Defense Education Act of 1958, a reaction to Russia’s Sputnik satellite demonstration, provided grants to education’s specialties. Federal school aid law passed, 1965, greatly enlarged federal role in education, "head-start" programs, textbooks, library books.

(Research source: Encyclopedia Britannica.)

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $1,512.86 less $700 for web ad donation is $812.86. Expendatures: ($14.54) gasoline, ($6.05) 2 breakfasts, ($25.54) 2 evening meals plus tip, ($21.01) 2 lunches plus tip, ($54.00) 1 motel room, ($269.00) Prepaid plane ticket for David Marsh to get him home Wednesday. Total Expendatures: ($390.14). Total Deposits: $9.11 less a ($0.56) Paypal fee is $8.55 from Mr. Almond. Ending TAX MARCH Balance: $431.27. respectfully, Gene.

We are waiting to hear from the donor of the $700 for the second week of advertising that we decided was too expensive for us to justify running, given only 7,600 hits came in the first 3 days the ad ran. We obviously have other possible uses for this money, but we need to check first to be honorable with the donor's intent. Gene.

Update: 1) We didn't get arrested. It looks all quiet on the "right to travel" Civil Rights concerns with the Texas State Troopers. 2) We have our first sign on the motor home from WE THE PEOPLE CONGRESS. It's on the back and looks very nice. 3) Joe Banister's sign will be here on Tuesday morning, I'm told. 4) Irwin Schiff was to go get his signs made today. 5) We marched 10 4/10 miles today. The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON is now in Woodville, Texas. 6) We will be marching toward Jasper, Texas on tomorrow morning and should cross the Texas border into Louisiana on Tuesday, as we move toward Washington for Labor Day. 7) We are on schedule. 8) If you would like to be on my e-mail notification list, just send me an e-mail. David set it up for me today; I'm gonna miss him Wednesday when he leaves -- he's a riot at keeping me laughing. respectfully, Gene.

This is David Marsh. I have been with Gene Chapman since this past Tues. night June 24, 2003. I have been helping him and driving his little pickup truck with the camper on top while he does his marching/walking. We have had some interesting and fun times. We definitely have had some amazing and thought provoking experiences. Wed. he took the day off after I got here on Tues. night because he had just finished a 14-15 day fast without food.
That fast being ended the way it did was amazing to me. I remember reading his blogs and websites and Fred Smarts blog also. They had said that Fred Smart had resigned as the coordinator to Gene's march and Gene was just waiting to die in the hotel room. I thought that was the end this time. I think Doug Kenline even mentioned on his blog that he thought this was the end for Gene also. It didn't look like anyone would show up to pass out the remaining flyers. Then what seemed like a miracle happened. Joeseph Almond called and said he was on his way to Texas where Gene was and would be there in a few hours. I found out when I met up with Gene and he talked about it how miraculous the events were. He said that Joeseph had got a call to haul a load to Texas near Gene, Joeseph is a truck driver. Gene said Joeseph hardly ever took jobs on the weekend. And the job just happened to be near Gene in Texas. So Joeseph shows up and passes out most of the flyers in a few hours. Alot of things happening at the same time, too much for coincidence.
Thurs. we were in the process of the march and a Texas Highway Patrol shows up. He tells us that I can't drive the camper on the shoulder because it is not a travel lane. He also says that Gene has to walk on the opposite side of the road on the left facing traffic. We quit the march that day and had many talks about what we would do. Gene said that he might have to get arrested the next day if they would not let him march and exercise his 1st Amendment rights. Gene called the Polk County Sheriffs office and they said they would provide us with an escort the next day. So the next day we had an official Police escort for most of the march. What a difference a day makes. Difference between night and day, light and dark. I think God took care of it for us. Gene is sure he was the reason it worked out. I am learning more and more that he is the reason for alot of things working out. Y'all take care, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I'll do more posting later. Just wanted to share some of my personal thoughts about my experiences so far. Take care, David

Update: We are now 9 1/10 miles into the TAX MARCH for today. I have 4 blisters, and I expect to go a few more miles before we end for the day in Woodville, Texas.

Joe Banister's ad for the motor home will arrive Tuesday morning. Thanks to Joe for the kind words in today's e-mail and to all his supportes who have mailed in those donations from all over America. I can tell Joe has alot of folks behind his mission who give sacrificially to overturn tyranny.

It looks like we got into town too late on a Friday to get newspaper coverage in Woodville, Texas. These people in these small towns actually shut down on the weekends to be with their families. Can you imangine that?

We did get a real nice story on World Net Daily yesterday and will have a Front Page Feature Story in both the Livingston Newspapers, I'm informed. (Your donations at work in spreading the gospel of Truth in Taxation). repsectfully, Gene

Update: Joe Banister's ad for the motor home is completed, and I've just given him the address where he will overnight the ad. We are leaving to begin today's marching now. Gene.

Mailed Donations Received 20030625 - 20030626

June 25, 2003:

$ 2 cash from Mr. Driggers in Alabama

$ 5 cash from Mr. Barton in Missouri

Subtotal $ 7 in cash

June 26, 2003:

$ 2 cash from anonymous mailed from Indianapolis Indiana

$ 1 cash from anonymous in New Milford, Connecticut

Subtotal $ 3

I have not gone through the mail from today, Friday. Mailed received tomorrow, Saturday, will not be posted or deposited until we get back from Montana.

Message continued from Fred Smart:

I would again like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send in whatever they could. This march is about taking small, humble steps toward our ultimate goal which is peace and justice in a transformed world. From the feedback I am getting from David and Gene about the personal interactions they are receiving along the way it is clear that this march is working to fulfill a simple vision which we all are called to receive and share - i.e., to acknowledge and love God and our neighbors. We are all called to simply help and serve others to freely receive and share more and more of the Lord's energy, light, truth and love.

Making contacts with local media in these little towns is so important to what this march is all about. Each new local newspaper article, each new radio interview, each new church/paster contacted will have a lasted effect which will naturally build over time. The historical information about Gene's fast along with the links to We The People, Joe Banister, Irwin Schiff and many others will fill in the blanks for folks seeking answers to the questions relating to explaining that nature of the fraud behind the application of the personal federal income tax to the majority of working Americans who should not be liable for such a tax.

I would like to encourage everyone reading this site as well as Gene's personal blog to edit/copy and paste some of what you read and send it out to your email lists with the appropriate links.

We need some volunteers to help Gene et. al. call newspapers and local radio and TV stations in advance of his daily marches. We need drivers. We need anything anyone can volunteer to share even if it's a prayer which is SO important for this kind of work. Prayer will provide the spiritual magic carpet of support which will keep this march moving each day. In light of what has been happening to Gene from day to day, I have zero/no doubt that these prayers were invoked and heeded by many folks who have been following this story.

I had a wonderful conversation today with "Glorietta" in New Mexico. She and her husband, Joe, traveled to be with Gene in Austin on Saturday, May 24th, the day Gene ended his initial 40-day fast. Glorietta said she was encouraged by what she and her husband have been reading about Gene. Like me, they were awfully close to coming down to Texas last week to help Gene pass out the remaining fliers.

Connecting the threads to all the "Glorietta and Joe's" out there is what this march is all about. Gene is walking a walk which we cannot take right now. And, hopefully, as more individuals learn about this vision they will be called to step out of the comfort of their homes and march, walk, help and serve with Gene and others as this thing continues to move ahead.

Thank you again for supporting this simple cause. And pray for a traveler to travel in the RV behind Gene come next July 2nd-3rd and beyond July 4th.

And I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful July 4th celebration this coming week!

I hope we can get Doug Kenline or others to help with blogging this site while I am away with my family in Montana this coming week.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

Friday, June 27, 2003

Update: We will be marching into Tyler County tomorrow with a whole new set of Texas Troopers and County Sheriff folks. I spoke to the Sgt. on duty in the Tyler County Sheriff's Office here in Woodville, Texas just before I blogged the nightly financial update. He told me that the Troopers will call the Sheriff's Office if I need an escort. Have Doug Kenline call Sheriff Henning at 409-283-5262, if you don't hear from us by tomorrow night. We are in new territory, so we just want to have all our ducks in a row before we start out. No big deal. Good Night, Gene. Tommorow's TAX MARCH route is from Indian Springs, Texas on 190 Hwy. toward Woodville, Texas. It is planned to begin about 8 am until we get tired.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $1,590.76 less $700 special donation for ad purchase is $890.76. Expendatures: ($5.00) copies, ($0.50) newspaper, ($14.51) 2 evening meals plus tip, ($3.78) 1 breakfast, ($19.23) 2 lunches plus tip, ($54.00) 1 motel room. Total Expendatures: ($97.02). Total Deposits: $20.00 less an $0.88 paypal fee is $19.12 (Thanks to Mr. Michel). Ending TAX MARCH Balance: $812.86.

I think we are gonna try to get Doug Kenline to take over for Fred next week blogging on

Please note that we have TAX MARCH money enough to ensure a move toward Washington thru Wednesday guaranteed. About $300 of the current $812.36 on hand is anticipated to go for David Marsh's plane ticket next Wednesday, which may leave us at zero balance for the TAX MARCH account that night. With Fred out of town until next weekend, he will not be able to make bank deposits for mailed in checks until next weekend. Only Pay pal donations will carry us through this three to five day period. You know me, I'll rest in God whatever comes, but I want everyone to know the score going into next Wednesday with no surprises. respectfully, Gene.

Worldnetdaily covers TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON
Update: I just noticed we are on "World Net Daily" again today. Thanks to Ron Strom of WND for the excellent coverage he is giving this effort to honor God. respectfully, Gene.

Update: 1) Thanks to Mr. Michel for the $20.00 paypal donation. After an $0.88 paypal fee, I just deposited $19.12 into the TAX MARCH account. Thanks again Mr. Michel and all the donors that have been giving to the cause. 2) We had a Sheriff's Patrol Car escort us from the Mc Donald's in Livingston, Texas to about 6 miles East of the town. 3) We will be the front page feature story in the Livingston Newspapers on this coming Sunday. 4) We just had some copies printed of the Banner Press article that appeard front page there in Brenham, Texas a couple of weeks ago. They will be passed out along the march route. 5) Two newspapers are looking over our web sites in Woodville, Texas for possible news stories. 6) We've marched 6 3/10 miles today so far. I anticipate adding on to that figure later today and getting up to 20 miles a day as I heal from 58 days of death fasting that I came off of last Sunday night at 10 p.m. Thanks again to Joseph Almond for coming down from Michigan to help end the vow last Sunday. 7) I felt led of the Holy Spirit to stop at a little church that was having camp meeting this morning outside Livingston, Texas. They looked me over like a calf lookin' at a new gate, but they were kind. We stayed about an hour to listen to the preaching of God's Word. The sermon topic was from Revelation 3:14-19. When the preacher read over the part about "white raiment," David Marsh and I looked at each other with a surprised smile, as I'm so obviously covered in white garb. In the text, "white raiment" is a type of being "hot" for God's work and will. 8) I'm very tired from all the punnishment my body has taken over the past 2 1/2 months (ie. 58 days fasting and most of the rest marching on Washington), but I'm pushing on to get my miles back up to 20 miles a day I hope by Sunday. 9) Indian Springs, Texas will be the official location of the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON at the end of the day; And Woodville, Texas will be the location for the TAX MARCH ending location tomorrow night, Lord willing. Yall come out and go for a fun walk through the giant pines of East Texas, if you wish. It's just good clean air out here and cool until noon. It reminds me of Mt. Shasta, California out here. It looks like a moose could walk out from behind the next tree. respectfully, Gene.

Thinking Outloud: About two years ago, I took the first of three of the same primary vows that I am aware Mahatma Gandhi took during his life. The vow of simplicity was a natural move for me, as I've always been given to not having too much around me to carry. The next vow that has been on my plate for these years is the vow of poverty. Poverty means that I seek to possess only one set of clothes, one pair of shoes and my glasses, like Gandhiji when he was killed. It seems to me that I have a certain feeling of security in the possession of the motor home that I should not always seek. My security should mature to be in God alone at some point. The other vow is of life celibacy. This is the hardest vow for a man and will take maybe decades for me to mature enough to take, if I ever do. Attachment to that which is not pure God is a soul's prison from enlightenment. respectfully, Gene.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Round Table Talk: Since the decision was made not to death fast in this TAX MARCH for needs to be supplied because of the stress it has created in the recent past on you all, I've been praying about God's plan to supply my needs for fliers, drivers, food, etc., should the donations ever run out before I get to Washington. My life has been a running experiment these past few months on humbling myself before God (II Chronicles 7:14). I so want to see what God can do to heal America and enrich my life through humbling myself before his precious face. So, the most humbling thing I can think to do to pay my way, should donations ever dry up, is to shine shoes and clean toilets. So feel free to tell your family and friends on the TAX MARCH route to Washington that "Shoe Shine Boy" is enroute to Washington via their needs. Good Night, Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $1,691.25 less $700 special advertising donation is $991.25. Expendatures: ($99.34) motel rooms for 2 men, ($12.13) 2 evening meals, ($9.02) 2 breakfasts. Total Expendatures: ($120.49). Total Deposits: $10.00. Ending TAX MARCH ACCOUNT Balance: $890.76.

(We decided not to continue the ad, as we are only getting about 2,000 hits per day. Fred is to talk with the donor of the $700 for that ad's second week run to find out his desire for the donation -- return or reallocation to another use. We feel it would be better to return the money than waste it on another week's ad. Obviously, we have other uses for such funding, if allowed by the donor. It's untimately God's money, and we don't have the right or desire to just use it for the sake of using it.)

Fred tells me that the return flight for David Marsh about next Wednesday will cost in the neighborhood of $300.00 from Houston to Baltimore.

We are also exploring the cost of a live camera feed, as our next outreach, to allow people on the world wide web to observe the TAX MARCH live.

Please keep in mind that Fred will be out of town beginning Saturday, so only cash on hand and Pay pal donations can be used next week until Fred gets back. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Lt. Grissom from the Polk County Sheriff's Office has been on the phone with Sgt. Bowen of the Texas Highway Patrol. The Civil Rights matter has been resolved. I requested and got a Marked Sheriff's Escourt through Livingston, Texas arranged to meet us at 8 am tomorrow at the local Mc Donald's. We will proceed with a marked sheriff's escourt in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON some 2 or 3 miles through the heart of town and about 7 miles out into the country, then be left alone by the State Troopers to continue the TAX MARCH on the right side of the road with the rv following behind, just as we had been stopped from doing today. Thanks to all for their participation and patience, as we let God work this issue out. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I was just looking at our web traffic to and noticed we are being visited by the Treasury Department again. Treasury Gate 13 at 5:17 pm CT. Welcome to the Treasury Agent. Please go see Joe Banister's web site on He was an IRS CID Agent before he came over from the DARK SIDE. Won't you come too? respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

Update: While we have no absolute assurances from the local Texas Highway Patrol Sgt. Nita Bowen that the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON will not be stopped again by their officers in Polk County, Texas, we are informed that they do not view stopping us as a high priority problem by our local intermediary. Fred Smart and I will fax a copy of our intent to the Polk County Sheriff's Office tonight to show honor in the matter. If I do get arrested tomorrow, it will not be because we didn't try to do the right thing. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Vanesa Brashier, a reporter from the Livingston Newspapers, just left after about an hour plus interview with David Marsh and myself. She will do a front page feature story on Sunday.

We still know nothing about my Civil Rights issue here in town from the local office of the Texas Highway Patrol. It looks like I might have to risk being arrested tomorrow for marching in our understanding of the Laws, so far. Gene

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Vanesa, with "The Polk County Enterprise" and "Lake Livingston Progress" newspapers will be at my motel room here in Livingston, Texas at 1:30 pm CT today for an important interview. This morning, I had just finished 3 7/10 miles of the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON, going toward Livingston, Texas, when Texas State Trooper Doug Cortines pulled over our march. He questioned both David Marsh and myself about our actions and my clothing. He instructed us that we could not be on the shoulder through the next 60 miles of his jurisdiction, marching the way we were with a follow vehicle. He instructed us that the motor home could not turn the right shoulder "into a lane of traffic" and that I would have to march against traffic on the opposite shoulder. I kindly took his instruction and stopped the march to get legal clarification from our folks. I explained to the officer that his instructions would require a fundamental change in the dynamics of our TAX MARCH ON WASHINTON with a follow vehicle and that many other officers from various jurisdictions, including Texas State Troopers, had stopped the march in previous weeks to check my credentials but none had made such dramatic instructions. I asked for his supervisor's name and phone number to get clarification on this matter. He became a bit short with me but then calmed when I explained that I was a Christian minister and was not trying to disrespect him by the request for this supervisor's name. He gave me a card with his name and the name and number of his supervisor, Sgt. Nita Bowen. Fred Smart and I are now waiting for her return call so she may site the law that requires this action on our part.

The position we are taking is that this required change in the TAX MARCH through this county will constitute a violation of our Civil Right to travel and that Texas State Trooper Doug Cortines is basing his instruction on Commercial Law. The plot thickens. If our people determined that we have legal authority, I may be arrested tomorrow when the march resumes here in Livingston, Texas. Depending on what we hear from the supervisor, this could get into ACLU territory. The local press is interested, to say the least. Be in prayer that God will be honored. Respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: Good Morning. I didn't sleep much again last night, but we'll be off to continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON from Point Blank, Texas toward Livingston, Texas in a few minutes. Please call Bob Jones University sometime today (864-242-5100) and let Dr. Bob Jones III's executive secretary know of this letter below on We'll trust God for the outcome. respectfully, Gene.

Open Letter:
Dr. Bob Jones III, President
Bob Jones University
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, South Carolina 29614

Dear Brother Jones:

In recent months, the leading voices of the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT in America have faced a mountain of one government attack after another in the form of IRS visits, court orders, etc. This is done, as most of us know within the movement, to intimidate Joe Citizen into silence and compliance with an illegal and immoral income tax system. Like the black community of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we are being attacked by ignorant men and women from our servant government, who cannot answer simple questions like, "Where is my tax liability in the law?" Like Governor Wallace of Alabama, Attorney General Ashcroft has become the voice of injustice and nullification in the face of God's own self evident truth.

This truth I speak of is that no one can show a tax liability in the law to me, the minister of Jesus Christ, who did a 40 day death fast on the steps of the Austin IRS Building. This hate crime that Mr. Ashcroft is engaged in is something that the Church must take on.

You see, the Irwin Schiff's of the world can be forever abused by Mr. Ashcroft's hate crime against justice loving people. But I am taken back to Bob Jones University and the common thread Mr. Ashcroft and I have with that outstanding institution that you now head.

Dr. Bob Jones Jr., Former Chancellor of Bob Jones University, (your father) was a friend of mine when he was alive, and he supported my old billboard ministry work in very public ways, as you know. I also know that Mr. Ashcroft once spoke at the Bob Jones University and views himself as my brother in the Christian faith, based on our mutual testimony in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

What I need to know is why Mr. Ashcroft cannot see that his action in not allowing public examination of the claims made by the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT are the most basic challenge to Martin Luther's "Liberty of Conscience" thinking. Mr. Ashcroft is attacking a reformation, just as the pope of Martin Luther's time attacked that Great Reformation. Mr. Ashcroft has become anti-Christ by this refusal to allow open discussion, and so does everyone who assists him.

Please work to get Mr. Ashcroft to listen to dissent and not tell us that the world is flat with no further open door to objective discussion on the matter of taxation.

My TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON from Austin, Texas should arrive in Greenville, South Carolina about the end of July or beginning of August. May I suggest a day of meetings at the university between Joe Banister (Former IRS Enforcement Agent), Irwin Schiff (tax law expert and patriarch of the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT), Bob Schultz (Chairman of We The People Congress) along with you and the theological staff at Bob Jones University? You might even wish to put the students on the project to film the meetings for posterity. I'll present the Biblical position on the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT, and you might even persuade Mr. Ashcroft to come hear us out. Just like Martin Luther, we just want someone to show us chapter and verse where we are off track, but nobody from the Government seems to be able to or even try to show us where we are wrong. There should be plenty of room in your father's old office for the whole open or closed to the public event. If Mr. Ashcroft can simply crack open a copy of Title 26 (IRS Code Book) or any other law making individuals liable for income taxes there in the office, we'll turn around and go home. And we'll let you and the theological staff be the objective judge between us on who is telling the truth to America.

God bless you and keep you, for the name Bob Jones means Christian Integrity.

Most respectfully,

Gene K. Chapman
Galatians 6:9

Thank you Jesus!!!!! This blog site has been down all day. The server company is transfering files. I just prayed, "God, please open this thing up!" And He did, just now. Another answered prayer, folks. It happens to me all the time. You just have to have faith without trying to heap it upon your own self, and God comes through everytime. It's almost like a running gag between God and me these days. He lets me get my back to the wall on something like a death fast , etc., then He watches to see if I'll flinch. God knows what I'm made of; He's trying to show me what I'm made of. When He has sufficiently tested my faith in Him, He ends the test. Then we have a good laugh, the Holy Ghost and I. God tests us all as far as our faith will stretch because the next life is the spiritual world, and our job will be to lead other worlds and judge angels without flinching, according to the Bible.

Update: 1) The TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON is now officially in Point Blank, Texas. 2) Updates on financial reports are on the site, as you scroll down. 3) Irwin Schiff is getting his vynal signs to us for the motor home asap. Be sure and tell Joe Banister,, Thurston Bell and We The People that we need those 2'x6' vynal signs asap. It took 45 minutes to make the ones we now have on the motor home. 4) David Marsh is doing great here with me, as the rv driver for the next seven days. Please be in prayer about what God's will might be for your participation in getting David back home on a flight out of Alexandria, La. next Wednesday. 5) I have a "WISH LIST" up on the site that I think will help drive people around the world to the site and on to the whole TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT through the links. I envision to be the front gate for the untrained masses to come take a look into our world of ideas. They go to Irwin's house one day; We The People get's visited the next; gets a visit, and so on. Somewhere along the way, these masses begin to connect the dots, and the world becomes a better place because we were all in one place at one time to observe. respectfully, Gene.

Anytime you see my personal blog site go unattended for a long period, just check at, and I'm probably over there blogging.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

"Forsaking All He Hath" I just can't get to sleep tonight, so I guess I'll write to the only family I have out here on the road. You are my sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers. You watch me from 36 countries, I read. Some prayed for me tonight; some cursed me, but we all know how that goes.

I just wanted to talk a little about a woman I loved, just to talk. She was trained for the mission field, like I was, in Bible College. We met about a year ago this past May at Lakewood Church in Houston, where we both are members. The first time I saw her, she sat infront of me. She was in choir, so she was there early to place her books on her seat to save it for later. She turned, put the books down, looked up right into my eyes and smiled. Her hair was long down to the belt line, black and sleek like a raven but as thick as a lion's mane. Her body was like an hour glass. At 24, she looked like an Egyptian princess of eons ago. I half wanted to draw her face for the beauty; half wanted to wash her feet for the holiness; and I entirely wanted to marry her to relieve myself of the guilt of the passions I felt for her.

She and I became friends, but she didn't feel the same passion for me. I tried so hard, and she was so amused with my attraction that she had little choice but to enjoy my attention, respectful as it was. I sent her roses upon roses at the most inopportune times and wrote poems worthy of publishing, she would agree. Her first love was Jesus, and I knew the three of us would make a perfect trio. There was nothing to keep us from going on the foreign mission field together except my fight with the IRS. I wondered sometimes if I should just pay the stupid bill and try to get her to take my fight with the Government as a short failure of clear thought. She was so easilly upset by this side of me that wanted justice in the world.

After I left to start the Austin fast, she broke off almost all contact with me. We never ever raised our voices to each other and never had a cross word that couldn't be quickly resolved. It just ended. You want to know what I gave up to follow God's will? I gave up smiles from the only face on this earth that mattered to me in the faith that the only other face that matters to me in all the universe will someday ensure I get smiles from both HIS and her's. Good Night, Gene. "So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:33). So said The Master.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $1,806.19. Expendatures: ($12.28) meal and tip, ($12.37) gasoline, ($8.40) meal, ($11.00) taxi and tip, ($4.86) late night meal for Mr. Marsh, ($14.01) meal and tip, ($14.99) foil tape for signs, ($36.15) Motel 6 for Mr. Marsh. Total Expendatures: $114.06. (The $288 plane ticket for Mr. Marsh was paid by a special donation weeks ago for just this kind of travel and held by Fred Smart.) No Deposits. Ending Balance: $1,692.63. "Ending Balance" reflects a $700 donation for web advertising that should be spent this week. Actual TAX MARCH Ending Balance is now: $992.13. We have 10 days of actual TAX MARCH money on hand.

David made it into Houston Hobby just fine tonight. The skys were clear, and downtown Houston was all bright like Christmas. He had a very smooth ride all the way from Baltimore, he tells me. He told me that he could tell God was in his decision to come drive for me because of how everything flowed so easilly on the flight. He's a really mellow person -- the kind I like to be around. I got him fed and into a room down the hall from me to get him good and rested for tomorrow.

The Odessy Continues in the am toward Washington D. C. The death fasting, as I've said served its purpose, and I don't see any need to do more of that. It's too hard on those who care most.

I spoke with two grown men this week who were in tears on the phone with me because the work that is going on with this effort is touching their lives in deep spiritual ways. People are telling me everywhere that they are losing their fear of the Government, the loss of possessions and attachment to this world system because of what they see going on in example to them in this march. Thank you for your expressed love for me and my effort to become nothing before the face of God that His light might shine through this work. I fail this mission statement almost hourly, but it is my goal that "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30). The Master said, "And whosoever doeth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:27). He goes on to explain how we must sit and evaluate if we have it within us to do such a thing before we take up that cross. Then the Son of Man says, "So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple" (Luke 14:33). On April 15, 2003, I made a decision to walk away from this world's system and follow Him. Like the old song goes, "I have decided to follow Jesus; no turning back; no turning back." And you know folks, I have not had a boring moment since and more inner peace than I could tell you of.

I am in serious prayer tonight for God's outcome in Dallas, Texas tomorrow. My job is to obey the Spirit, and the Holy Ghost is saying, "Go East." I hope we all have the spiritual maturity to respond to a poor widow with as much ferver as our wealthy friend is getting in his case. I'm told Dick is a man of God, and I know a man of God like him would appreciate this casual passing admonition to the group. In God's economy, the widow is higher than the rich man in priority. When we make the widow as big a priority as the rich man, the world will right itself by the power of the Holy Ghost. Let us look at the least among us and do for that one what we would do for the greatest in the land. Stand bold with Dick tomorrow in Dallas. And stand bold the next day with the poor widow in her court case. Pay down your bills, sell your homes and walk into the world of freedom where you have nothing but time to help your fellow man and woman return America to Glory. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Update: The businessman locked up in Dallas, Texas that I told you about will be in court tomorrow in Dallas at 11 am. CT. His assistant, Bryan, said to me on the phone that they had been following our progress in the TAX MARCH and were supportive of the work to bring attention to all the various TAX HONESTY groups. He felt that it would be the best use of my time and tallents to continue eastward in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON rather than going to Dallas tomorrow, myself. He and I agreed that my loin cloths (dhotis) and sandles might not be the message that would be best received by the judge but would be better for the march instead. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) David Marsh will be in tonight at Houston Hobby to be my driver tomorrow on the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. The cost of his flight and all accociated travel will drain down resources by about $350 by the time we get him in the motel tonight. It was the cheapest flight we could get from Baltimore. 2) There is alot of phone buzz in the background here about the man locked up in Dallas, Texas and whether I need to continue in the direction of Washington from Huntsville eastward or detour to support any rally that might be taking place for this man in Dallas (200 miles away), then go eastward. Please pray, as we discern the will of the Lord in this matter. If the man calls on me to come to him, I obviously would have no problem with my a ministerial obligation to come to him. But he may think I would be better serving the cause by staying on a bee-line course for Washington from here in Huntsville, Texas. There are a multitude of issues and spiritual implications to every move I make, so I'm trying to listen real close to God. respectfully, Gene.

Monday, June 23, 2003

"Operation Pack The Prisons" (humor) is working according to plan. As I look at what I've been trying to do since April 15th, I realized that I'm double-dog-daring the government mafia to lock me up for as long as possible and inviting everyone else to come into prison with me. They just won't touch me for some reason, but everyone around me is getting invaded and locked up. Please Mr. IRS man, make me into Nelson Mandela -- lock me up for some tax issue so I can get a prison sentence as long as possible. IRS man, our capacity to suffer will always exceed your capacity to inflict suffering, so you are already defeated. Come rage against me, so I can bless you who curse me in the halls of presumed power. Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $1,993.87. Expendatures: ($10.00) meal, ($202.23) One Week Prepaid Motel ( We will be checking out Wednesday morning to continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON, so some of this will be refunded), ($3.98) meal. Total Expendatures: $216.21. Deposits: $20.00 less an ($0.88) paypal fee is $19.12 (Mr. Willingham), and $10.00 less a ($0.59) paypal fee is $9.41 (Mr. Kenline). Total Deposits: $28.53. Ending Balance: $1,806.19. Thanks to both Mr. Willingham and Mr. Kenline for keeping my back up off the wall for another week. Gene.

I am made aware of a businessman in Federal detention in Dallas, Texas over tax issues. Please update me on him. Let us pray that the government locks up so many of us TAX HONESTY folks that there is no one left to hold the keys, consistent with Gandhian philosophy. Pack the jails in Jesus name. Gene.

Allow me to welcome all the visitors from I'm Gene Chapman, the founder of LET MY PEOPLE GO ( Fred Smart is our co-founder and my arms and legs in this movement within the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT. You are welcome to e-mail Fred and I at anytime or call 888-606-9379 for further explanation of our work. We are raising awareness through my 40 day death fast that took place in Austin, Texas (, by providing the links to others tax honesty operations, my "Gene's Short Sermons" (also on the site) and here on my personal blog for more updates each few hours.

If you are in tax law or economics, I suggest you go to and click on Irwin Schiff , Joe Banister or Thurston Bell. If you are interested in subverting an unjust tax system the Gandhian way, I suggest you go to and learn about legal silver currency that allows you to not buy Government debt and further national dependence on the Federal Reserve. Also read "Gene's Short Sermons" on the site and please download these works for your pastor, so that I may interact with other ministers on these theological matters. Finally, We The People Congress ( has a link that ties you into their national organization, where you will learn about their national redress of grievance process to restore our servant government to its rightful place. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Our ad is now running on Gene.

Thanks to Mr. Willingham for the $20.00 paypal donation. respectfully, Gene.

Update: 1) Fred Smart is back on board with LET MY PEOPLE GO. 2) David Marsh is getting a plane ticket here to Texas to drive the motor home for atleast the next week. We plan for him to be here tomorrow night. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: I almost threw his business card away, but something told me to keep it. On there is a reference to a woman who called me a fraud over the possibility that I might be going blind in my prolonged (58) days of fasting. My claim was that there was a neuroscientist in Austin who told me of his friends going blind after prolonged fasting in China during the Tieniman Square episode. Well here you go maam: Dr. Zhongting Hu at Ambion, Inc., 2130 Woodward St., Austin, Texas 78744-1832. His phone number is: 512-651-0200 and his fax number is : 512-651-0201. Now, if there are any more questions about my integrity on any matter under the sun, I'll be happy to answer those as well. Have a nice day, Gene.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Daily Financial Report: There were no changes in the finances today from yesterday. (No Deposits and No Expendatures) respectfully, Gene.

Update: The Huntsville Death Fast was ended at about 10 pm. CT with a bowl of vegetable soup. Thanks to Joseph Almond for coming down to help pass out the final papers. We will need a driver on Wednesday morning to restart the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. We are about 14 days ahead of schedule to be in Washington on Labor Day. Thank you Lord for coming through once again. respectfully, Gene.

Update: About noon, today, I was thinking that all is lost and that I would have to die in this fast. I prayed and God told me, "Wait; don't get in a hurry." So I waited upon Him. Two hours later, I talked to Joseph Almond on the phone. Residing in Michigan, he has been enroute to me and will arrive about 6:30 pm CT in Huntsville, Texas. Joseph is probably the most experienced person for passing out flyers there is in our work. He plans to have all 3,000 passed out tonight or tomorrow. I will break the fast at the earliest opportunity after all the fliers are passed out, as I am so near death's door now. Chicken Noodle Soup will be the first meal.

We need to get working on a driver for probably Wednesday to get me moving toward Washington. The fast has been a drain on all of us, and I have decided that we need to take a break from using fasting, as it puts too heavy a burden on the most committed among us. Let us pray that not too much damage has been done to the faithful of our effort. I wish we could have kept 100% of everybody in boat rowing with us, but you just can't keep everybody in the boat in a free country. Let us move forward in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. respectfully, Gene.

Update: As we near the end of my life, Fred Smart is finding the burden of my death fast a bit too much weight to carry. He resigned this afternoon. I have the warmest respect and admiration for Fred. He's probably as good as it gets. I understand his concerns, but I have my vow to finish, and these two ends don't seem to be meeting at the same place. I've lost my arms and my legs in Fred. respectfully, Gene. God Bless You All.

Update: Someone asked me about planting apple trees on my route to Washington. No, I'm just related to Rev. John Chapman (aka. Johnny Appleseed), I'm not him. I don't know where these questions come from sometimes.

I've unplugged my phone to keep things calm and quiet, as I enter the 58th day of fasting since April 15th. I'm asking to be left alone. The man in Ireland that people compared me to died on the 66th day of his fasting after he was force-fed in the middle of his fast. I just don't know what the future is. Gene. I need to go off line soon too; my mind takes rides off on its own for periods, and my speech wanders too.

Update: I don't have the strength to move to a motel with a bath tub, so I'm staying where I am. I've also unplugged my phone to hold down noise and keep down emotional appeals that are now coming in for me to violate the vow I've taken to God in the fast. Anyone with fasting experience will tell you that I should have been on my back in a dim room weeks ago. It's time I realize I can't just keep up the pace I've been on, noe 66 lbs. down from my April 15th start and entering day 58 of the Huntsville Texas Death Fast to unify the movement enough to get 3,000 final papers passed out here in town.

Someone asked if I was planning to plant apple trees on my route to Washington, if I live through the fast. No, I'm related to Rev. John Chapman (aka. Johnny Appleseed), I'm not him. There will be no apple seed or tree planting in my forseeable future. respectfully, Gene.