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Saturday, June 14, 2003

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $773.08. Expendatures: ($3.20) paypal fee, Mr. Stahm. Total Deposits: $96.80 (Mr. Stahm). Ending Balance: $869.88.

Let's start praying for God to send some folks to come out and pass out these 7,100 papers that have to get to Huntsville, Texas to end my 50th day of fasting since April 15th and get me back on the TAX MARCH TO WASHINGTON. Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $773.08. Expendatures: ($3.20) paypal fee, Mr. Stahm. Total Deposits: $96.80 (Mr. Stahm). Ending Balance: $869.88.

Let's start praying for God to send some folks to come out and pass out these 7,100 papers that have to get to Huntsville, Texas to end my 50th day of fasting since April 15th and get me back on the TAX MARCH TO WASHINGTON. Gene.

"Nonviolence vs. Violence" We Christians have two options in dealing with evil imposed upon us. We can use the tactics made famous by The Civil Rights Movements in America, South Africa, and India, or we can take weapon in hand and persue those who would impose tyranny upon our bodies. In Matthew 10:16 we read Jesus saying, " ye therefore wise as serpents and, harmless as doves." A dove is a mighty nonviolent creature. It was fun for me, as a boy, to raise pigeons and doves. So I can tell you from observations I made that a dove will not pick a fight with almost anything other than a bug. If a pigeon comes up to a dove eating, the dove will fly away. You walk out into your back yard and any doves will immediately fly off. They don't want a fight. But you stick your hand into the nest of a dove sitting on its chicks or eggs, and you may pull back your hand with a chunk of skin missing. Fact is, a dove is not utterly nonvoilent.

Luke 22:36 shows us the instruction of Jesus to his disciples. He says, "...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." It looks to me like Jesus likes the idea of a follower of his being armed with a deadly weapon for self protection, I'm sure. Anybody wondering what Jesus thinks about the 2nd Ammendment should be quickly convinced that it's a Christian thing to be armed in public or private.

Then, in Matthew 26:52, Jesus tells his disciples in another presentation of the same story we addressed above, "...Put up again thy sword unto this place: for all they that take the sword shall perish by the sword." This means that if you pick a violent fight, don't be surprised when your opponent kills you. If you draw blood, expect your blood to be drawn by the other side.

There is one presentation in the Bible where Jesus picked up a weapon that he made and went after those who were selling in the Temple. His problem was that they had made this holy place "into a den of thieves" (Mark 11:17). Now, that word, "thieves," is the Greek word, "lestes" from the greek word, "leizomai," meaning (to plunder); a brigand: -- robber, thief. They should have been nowhere near the Temple doing that business. Now, Paul tells us in I Corinthians 3:16, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" It seems to me that we have an option to follow in the steps of Jesus when someone is trying to rob us (The Temple of God) by picking up a weapon and going after the thief.

For those who feel I may be abusing the Gandhian ideas on nonviolence (Gandhi being an avid student of Jesus Christ), allow me to quote from Mahatma Gandhi's letter to Chiang Kai-Shek of China (June 14, 1942) about World War II: "To make it perfectly clear that we want to prevent in every way Japanese aggression, I would personally agree, that the Allied Powers might, under treaty with us, keep their armed forces in India and use the country as a base of operations against the threated Japanese attack" ("The Gandhi Reader," by Homer A. Jack, p. 354). Now "operations" by "Allied Powers" are not promoting a fast or a nonviolent march. Gandhi was talking about guns and bullets to fight off tyranny. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had police protection and armed body guards, so we must admit that weapons are always in the shadows very nearby to any nonviolent strugglers. Even Jesus Christ had armed body guards.

Nonviolence has to do with teaching our opponent and being teachable ourselves (Acts 17:17). Christian violence has to do with defending the Temple (our bodies). My suggestion to this movement is to let the IRS take everything. Forsake houses and lands for Christ's name sake (Matthew 19:29). Go to prison and laugh in their face, knowing they are paying $60,000 per year to keep you locked up. Let's pack those prisons until there is no one left to hold the keys. March with me, or start your own TAX MARCH. When they start shooting, we have God's permission to defend ourselves. Let's keep it nonviolent from our side, and we will win the heart of America and maybe a few Government officials in the process. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

The Diet: The diet I'm on is doing great. You will remember that I started out at 230 lbs. on April 15th and got down to 175 lbs. in the Austin fast. Well, now I'm down to 171 lbs., a pound below two days ago, as we get deeper into the 50th day of fasting since April 15th. As a side note, I was 180 lbs. in high school and worked out all the time with lots of good health. I'm seeing my ribs more and more; it looks pretty neat, and my body is changing shapes, as the weight drops. I hardly recognize myself. Forgive me if I ramble; my mind fades in and out sometimes. Gene.

Update: Irwin Schiff and I just got off the phone. He is sending out an e-mail to his network to get me help for the 7,100 papers that need to be passeed out and drivers for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. He is also sending Fred $500 to help out and make sure I get a cell phone for emergencies. (Oh no, another cell phone.) Irwin is also having three 2'x6' vynal (sp?) stickers made for the RV that will read, "WHY PAY INCOME TAX WHEN NO LAW SAYS YOU HAVE TO," with his web site, "PAYNOINCOMETAX.COM." I have not yet heard back from or We The People Congress on their invitation to put the stickers on the RV. So we have stickers from Irwin Schiff, Joe Banister and Thurston Bell coming so far. Gene.

Update: Thanks to Mr. Stahm for the $100.00 donation. After a paypal fee of $3.20, I just deposited $96.80 into the TAX MARCH account. This will appear in the Daily Financial Report about 9 p.m. CT tonight. Thanks, Gene.

Update: Bob Schultz just e-mailed me. We have agreed that we have two credible but different understandings of the events that transpired between us the day before the Saturday rally. Bob wants to put his matter behind us, as have I since its start, and move forward together, as one unified voice. This is not for the sake of empty unifying words: We just have two different honest understandings of the facts, and we are gonna let it go as an honest missunderstanding and nothing more. I have invited Bob to march across the Potomic River into Washington on Labor Day with the rest of us. I'm glad to get this boil removed from the movement, so we can get on with the important work of educating America on a range of issues our servant government has imposed upon We The People of The United States. God Bless Us All. respectfully, Gene. We will get all this commentary cleaned off the web sites as soon as our web master in India can be contacted.

Update: I just read that we got coverage on something called, It talks about the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON and the HUNTSVILLE DEATH FAST. It's something Fred gave them. That guy works miracles to get news coverage. Gene.

Update: No one has shown up to pass out the papers. With this in mind, I think I need to put my affairs in order, as I enter day 50 of fasting since April 15th. I want my funeral at the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. There are to be sung 5 songs (I added one). First, I want "Yesterday," by The Beatles sung with acoustic guiter background. Second, let's have "Blackbird," by Paul McCartney. Third, let's have, "All Gave Some; Some Gave All," by Billy Ray Cirus (That song always makes me get choked up). Forth, I want a tremendous vocalits at the Lakewood Church named Faye Carter, who sings like Aritha Franklin, to sing, "Where Could I Go But Too The Lord," then she will finish with, "Precious Lord," a song I gave her that she loves to sing. Then the funeral procession will go out to The San Jacinto Monument about 20 miles away out in the Houston Bay, and my mother will spread my ashes under the oak trees. (It's where I go to pray; I call it "The Alter of Freedom," written of by Abraham Lincoln. My two great great great uncles fought there with Sam Houston and defeated Santa Anna for Texas' Independence. It's a beautiful place, looking like the Washington Monument, but 12' taller). Then I'd like everyone to go have a party and play Bob Marley freedom songs the rest of the day. I'll start leaving a note on my computer, so someone will get Fred notified when I kick off. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Well, I'm happy to hear that We The People has been able to put another person on staff. Every bit helps.

FYI: Ok, it's 8:30 am here in Huntsville, Texas, and no one has shown up to pass out the 7,100 copies of our paper yet. At noon, I begin my 50th day of fasting since April 15th. God has provided more than enough money in the bank for me to die here in the motel in the fast or enough to march toward Washington for 7 days. We have Thurson Bell's $700 enroute to pay for that ad opportunity, I expect, so we should have lots of visitors coming into and on to all your connected web sites soon. I'm content in life or death. ("Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content" (Philippians 4:11)).

Friday, June 13, 2003

Update: Fred just e-mailed me to tell me that Thurston Bell will be providing the $700.00 needed to make the search engine ad a reality. We're gonna have to keep you around, Thurston. This means that we may be getting as many as 2.9 million hits (1% of the entire US population) to the site that will in turn spread intoductions to all adjoining sites in the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT. Thank you, Lord. Gene.

More Visitors From The Federal Government

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Fri Jun 13 03 at 09:17:02 AM Yes
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Thu Jun 12 03 at 09:47:58 AM Yes
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Nice to see that an individual from NASA visited. Things must be looking up!

Peace and God Bless,

Shared by Fred Smart

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download all my sermons of where it says, "Gene's Short Sermons." There was a new one added today: ""What Is Liberty?" If you see any spelling errors of bad sentence structure, let me know. I don't have a proof reader here with me (ha ha). Get them especially to every pastor in your towns across America and any one of the other 36 countries that I now know are looking at the web sites too, I guess. Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) Keep praying for that special donation of $700 that is needed to get us that ad I told yall about for one week on a major search engine. It stands to bring the movement up to 1% (2.9 million) of the entire US population to the web site, and from there to We The People, Joe Bannister, Irwin Schiff,, and others. 2) Rose Lear tells me that Thurston Bell is having his 2'x6' stickers for the RV made up right now. Good Job, Thurston. Yall get the others to hurry up and get their 2'x6' stickers to me. We're gonna be running out of room on the RV quick. They can go to any little sign company and get them made up out of vynal (sp?). We will be able to advertise everybody's stuff. 3) Thanks to Joe Bannister for your e-mail to your folks about helping me out here in Huntsville, Texas with the 7,100 papers that need to be passed out to end my fast and in the financial area. Joe, send me your 2'x6' stickers asap, and we'll get them on for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. respectfully, Gene.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $241.49. Expendatures: ($13.95) Paypal fee, Mr. Bentley, ($6.10) Paypal fee, Mr. Stegmeier, ($0.36) Paypal fee, Mr. Hill. Total Expenditures: $20.41. Deposits: $350.00 less paypal fee of $13.95 (Mr. Bentley from Taiwan), $200.00 less paypal fee of $6.10 (Mr. Stegmeier),, $2.00 less paypal fee of $0.36 (Mr. Hill). Total Deposits: $531.59. Ending Balance: $773.08. Thanks guys for getting my back off the wall for this week. We now have 7 days worth of TAX MARCHING money.

Rose Lear insisted just now that I tell yall that I am descended of Johnny Apple Seed/ John Chapman. I don't know any more than that about family realtions with him. I know he was a Christian minister who walked West and planted apple seeds so the people moving West could have apples to eat enroute to their destinations. That's all I know. respectfully, Gene.

Thanks to Mr. Hill for the $2.00 donation. After a $0.36 paypal fee, we deposited $1.64 into the TAX MARCH account. Your donation will appear on the Daily Financial Report tonight at about 9 p.m. respectfully, Gene.

Please keep in mind that we have been offered an opportunity to run an ad for $700 (If anyone wants to make a special donation) that will put our mission on a week long advertisement on a major search engine, drawing to our site up to 1% (2.9 million) of the entire US population in that week, if only half the 6 million weekly page viewings are to come. The cost is the cheapest per viewing ad cost I've even seen ($0.0001 per viewing), having been around advertising myself. We have an excellent ad to put there, but we can't be using TAX MARCH funds for it. God bless everybody, Gene.

Update: I am informed by Fred that two combined radio networks are to be covering our TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. It is called: Accent Radio Network and Truth Radio Network. They are on the World Wide Web and on satellite G4R 99 degrees West, Com Stream Digital (horizontal polarity). The radio stations in the network are: KEXS 1090 AM, Kansas City, MO / KFNX 1100 AM, Phoenix, AZ / KLID 1340 AM, Poplar Bluff, MO / KNAK 540 AM, Delta, UT / WAMY 1580 AM Pensacola, FL / WELP 1360 AM, Easley, SC / 1400 AM Moultrie, GA / WKHB AM 620 AM, Pittsburgh, PA / WLBE 790 AM, Leesburg, FL / WLMR AM, 1450 AM, Chattanooga, TN / WTHV 810 AM, Valdosta, GA / WWAB 1330 AM, Lakewood, FL / WZJY 1480 AM, Charleston, SC / WZNO 1230 AM, Pensacola, FL. Thank you, Lord. respectfully, Gene.

Thanks to Joshua for the $350 donation from Taiwan. I just deposited $336.05 into the TAX MARCH account, after a $13.95 Paypal fee. We need more like you, buddy. We have a chance to run an ad on a major web search engine for $700 for one week that could draw up to 1% of the entire US population to and on to We the People, Irwin Schiff, Joe Bannister, and others. If anyone wants to make this their project, let us know. We are ready to go with the ad, as God allows. Gene.

Update: Thanks to Mr. Stegmeier for the $200 donation. After the $6.10 Paypal fee, we just deposited $193.90 into the TAX MARCH account. This will appear on tonight's Daily Financial Report at about 9 p.m. Thanks again, my back was starting to feel the wall. respectfully, Gene.

"What Is Liberty?" In II Corinthians 3: 17 we read, "...and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." Adams and Jefferson didn't sit around their living rooms watching Bart Simpson during the founding days of America. They studied "Plato's Republic" and read theological works on the Bible. Adams had been a ministerial student at a little preacher training school named Harvard but never made it into the pulpit. So there is no doubt that the study of Biblical Greek and Hebrew made it into the Constitutional understanding of the word "liberty."

The word liberty is a Greek word, "eleutheria," meaning freedom. It comes from the Greek word, "eleutheros," meaning unrestrained (to go at pleasure), ie. (as a citizen) not a slave (whether freeborn or manumitted, or (gen.) exempt (from obligation or liability): -- free (man or woman), at liberty. See: "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible," Page 34 of the Greek Lexicon, number 1657 and 1658. What we gleen from this study is why our founding fathers made it so hard for government to tax individuals. They understood that the opposite of "liberty" is "liability."

As we move away from liberty, we move toward liability. As we move away from tax liability, we move toward liberty or freedom. respectfully, Gene.

Update: We have one committed person to come pass out the 7,100 copies Saturday in Huntsville, Texas, but he is 16 years old and doesn't have a drivers license. He is at or "And a little child shall lead them" (Isaiah 11:6). I guess he's maybe not that little, but that was the text that came to mind. He is in San Marcos, Texas. There is a future leader of your movement right there, folks.

I'm about to enter the 49th day of fastings since April 15th. I'm mighty far gone. If yall end this fast, I've alot more fasting to do to get to Washington, I think. respectfully, Gene.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $247.95. Expenses: bathroom weight scale ($6.46) No deposits. Ending Balance: $241.49. Gene.

Remaining Hopeful

The second we lose hope we are dead - physically and spiritually.

I, Fred Smart, have acknowleged Gene's request. But I will never, ever, lose hope.

Gene wrote:

"Jack Hyles had a movement that reached every other pastor in America because people came out into the streets of Hammond, Indiana. First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana and Jack Hyles are known to any pastor you know anywhere, I would imagine; just go ask one over the age of 25. It's because he took his work outside the walls of the church house and into the streets."

My wife, Maribeth, was born and raised in Hammond Indiana. And I, too, want this work to come outside the walls of the church house and into the streets!!

Please come to Huntsville folks! Let's bring this movement to the streets.

Peace and God Bless,

Update: I just weighed in at 172 lbs., 3 pounds below the weight I was at the end of the Austin Death Fast.

Well, folks, it's lookin' like I'm gonna have to die right here in good old Huntsville, Texas. No body is coming to pass out the paper we had printed up. I'm going to check my weight on a bathroon scale as soon as the rain lets up. I was at 230 lbs. when I started the Austin Death Fast and ended it at 175 lbs. I know I have to below that now. Gene.

Update: As a side note, we have just been offered the most cost effective advertising opportunity I've ever seen, and I used to run a billboard ministry, so advertising rates are common knowledge in my head. The offer to us is a display ad on a major search engine, 1 1/2"x 1 1/2" that will get 6,000,000 viewings in the week we would own the spot. The break down is $0.0001 per viewing, and it's a "stable display ad," unheard of anywhere. A "stable display ad" means that people can come back to it, unlike radio or tv. There is no beating this price in the industry. The site reaches 95% males who are between the ages of 18 and 34. We would make an ad with an all bright red background to make us the most visible thing on the page. Then, in white capital letters, it would read: "DEATH FAST IN AUSTIN, TEXAS," and in smaller print it would say: "click here." The link would be made to, and we would see tens of thousands of young men brought into our world of thinking, with links from our site to WE THE PEOPLE, Irwin Schiff, Joe Bannister, and, along with my short sermons. We don't have the money, but I think this will be a worthy cause. Let me know your thoughts. If you have a special donation for such a cause, just tag the ear on it for this project. This is better than any billbaords we could ever put up. It's in God's hands. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I just started my 5th days of the Huntsville Death Fast. The folks from San Antonio are not going to able to make it. Oh well, Gene

Update: In 3 hours, I will begin the 5th day of the Huntsville Death Fast to unify the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT. I am tired, as I have only eaten 13 days since April 15th, given I am in the 4th fast since then, but I will wait upon the Lord to provide volunteers to come to Huntsville, Texas and pass out the 7,100 copies of our story to cover the town and rebuke "The Huntsville Item" for not providing coverage to our already nationally covered story. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I noticed just now that "Gene's Short Sermons" section is now up on the left side of the page at This will be my greatest longterm contibution to the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT, so please feel free to start downloading these and giving them out in your communities across America. Our guests from 36 countries, who visit our sites, are also welcome to download "Gene's Short Sermons" and spread them to people you know in your country. But please give them to the pastors too. The pastors will lead the nation out of darkness in this unjust tax system. respectfully, Gene.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Round Table Talk: It has just come to my attention that we have visitors from may countries looking at our site. Greetings to our guests from Australia, England, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mexico, Norway, France, Italy, Korea, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Jamaica, Kuwait, Argentina, Ireland, Israel, Slovenia, Russia, Greece, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Poland, Peru, Japan, Malaysia, Hungary, Ukraine, American Samoa, Denmark, Costa Rica, Thailand, Belgium, Philippines, and the Virgin Islands. We have a grand total of 228 visits from the US Govt. and 140 form the US Military. And let's not forget our biggest audience in the good old USA! God bless you all, and may we all seek to become one with Truth, which is Love, who is God. Gene Chapman.

More Treasury and House Visitors Yesterday and Today

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Tue Jun 10 03 at 12:33:04 PM Y
Go :

Tue Jun 10 03 at 02:26:21 PM Y
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Many of the visitors to Gene's sites are referred by We The People Foundation.

Shared by Fred Smart

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $416.12. Expendatures: 7,100 Copies of our paper for Huntsville, Texas plus TAX ($192.14), Paypal Fee ($1.03), Central Aviation Products. Total Expendatures: ($193.17). Total Deposits: $25.00 less pay pal fee $23.97. Ending Balance: $247.95.

Thanks to Central Aviation Products for the $25.00 donation less Pay pal fee of $1.03.

Keep in mind that this march takes $100 a day, and we have many days to go to get to Labor Day. We are inviting Irwin Schiff, We The People, Joe Bannister and to put three giant bumper stickers each on the motor home for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. You will need to make them about 2'x6' in size with a sticky back, just like a bumper sticker to keep the wind from blowing them off. Yall get them to me, and I'll get them on. I view myself as "the monkey that bangs the cimbals." My job is to be a big enough spectacle and make enough noise to get the people of America looking at all these great movements and their web sites, so they can learn about how to rule their servant government. Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) The word is spreading that Saturday is the day for volunteers to come from all corners to descend on Huntsville, Texas and pass out our 7,100 copies of our story, since "The Huntsville Item" refused to cover the story. We know of interest from 5 in Houston and 3 in the San Antonio Area. Everybody come. I hope 7,100 people show up, so we can swamp this town in our message and end the Huntsville Death Fast in 20 minutes. We'll have a party! 2) You will see on tonight's financial report that we are down to about $200 in the TAX MARCH account. Feel free to ask God what He would have you do to bolster this up. It costs about $100 a day to move down the road with a volunteer driver, so we're running close to the wall. I'll trust God in another fast to provide, if we run out of money. We'll get this done, or I'll get to heaven -- one of the two. 3) Fred is sending three of my short sermons here on my blog to our web master in India to make a new archive on called, "Gene's Short Sermons." I spoke to a local Huntsville pastor today, and he had looked over our web sites. He explained that he was interested in our work but had too much material to sift through to understand our mission. I spent several minutes explaining our movement, and he said he would keep following our work and try to keep learning. The "Gene's Short Sermons" will be designed for pastors to look over and encourage direct discussion with me via e-mail on our theological angle. As of tonight, the archive will have three sermons up asap. Please feel free to print them out as they come up and take them to local pastors in your area, along with the web sites, so they can interact with me as often as they like and read what they wish. We are all about being transparent in everything we do. respectfully, Gene.

"Who Is Caesar?" One of great obstacles our movement for Tax Honesty has in America is convincing the pastors of the nation that our cause is moral, based on Scripture. After all, you convince the preachers, and the nation will follow the Word of God preached in their pulpits. It was so with Slavery 150 years ago; true with keeping Communism out of America's White House 100 years ago and true with Dr. King's movement to desegrigate America so that a black man in a car wreck didn't have to die on the way to the black hospital 50 miles away when there was a whites only hospital 5 miles away. The preachers lead the nation, even today! And so let us look at this matter of who runs America as Caesar.

Let's take a look at Matthew 22:21. It reads, "...Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." Jesus spoke these words down through history to all his followers. If we lived in Lenin's Communist Russia, it might be right for We The People to remain silent and just get along in our Christian walk within the confines of injustice. If we lived under Nero, it might be right for we Christians to just get along the best we could without making waves with Caesar. But a new form of government, Conceived in Christian 'Liberty' (II Corinthians 3:17) was birthed upon the world stage in 1776.

In the stroke of a pen, We The People were transformed into We The Caesars, in the founding documents of America and in the mind of Almighty God. As you read our founding documents, you will find the term,"popular soverignty." This term means that a majority of the 290 million Americans on any given issue is the soverign will of We The People or We The Caesars. No politicain dare challenge this Caesar., for under our form of government, the voice of the people is the voice of God.

As Christians in a democratic republic (Ben Franklin called America, a "Christian Republic"), we have the dual function of Caesar and servant of God. In other words, we are obligated before the face of God to participate in our role as Christian Caesars to ensure that 'equitable' (Psalm 99:4; Proverbs 11:1) laws are imposed upon the people of the nation. To do less is to fail our God and our country. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ.

Round Table Talk: 1) My objective in this TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON is to be a public attraction that directs the masses to Irwin Schiff (Freedom Books), Joe Bannister, Bob Schultz (We The People Congress), and and others, while preaching my little sermons about the immorality of the National Debt (Deuteronomy 28:12), the Bible meaning of "Liberty" (II Corinthians 3:17) and its opposite "Liability," who Caesar is (Matthew 22:21): We the People (not the elected of beurocrats), the Tithe as an example of 'equitabe' (Proverbs 11:1; Psalm 99:4) taxation and How it is Communism to tax Assets (Eccl. 3:13; Proverbs 31:31) because our servant government is forcing people onto a tread mill and chaining them to it, taxing our assets out from under every American for the benefit of government causes. 2) With this in mind, I would like all these people I listed to be contacted and invited to place some kind of 2'x6' bumper sticker on my motor home for the march. This is not a Gene Chapman march; it is an US!!! march, to get into the streets and out of the coffie shops and the corners into the light of day. This is about being too loud to be ignored, as WE ARE THE TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT!!!!!!!!!! TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!! Gene.

Update: The 3 banners (4'x6') we had printed up for cost ($22 each) will be ready to ship to us any day. We will need someone to receive them for us and get them to us somewhere between Huntsville, Texas and Alexandria, Louisiana. respectfully, Gene.

We are taking this tax honesty movement out of the "Saturday afternoon coffie shop" environment and putting it into the streets of America, so help me God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round Table Talk: 1) I just went to see the publisher of "The Huntsville Observer." He was a very kind and sympathetic man to our cause. He shared that had he known about us before deadline on his last publication, he would have covered the story, "if only to make public the personal sacrific you are making," he said. He was almost in print when I met with him, but he wanted to keep a copy of our 7,100 papers and said he would think about downloading a picture of me off one of our web sites and putting a one or two sentence blurb underneath it. The chances of us getting in the paper are slim to none, but we made a contact, and now we only have 7,099 more papers to pass out to Huntsville. 2) The 7,100 copies of our little paper are in my possession. The printer finished just 1 hour ago. After tax it will drain off $192.14 off our finances, reported tonight on the Daily Financial Report at about 9 pm Central time. 3) Fred and I are organizing people from around Texas to try and car pool to Huntsville to help me pass these out. Seven people can pass out 1,000 copies in 5 hours, Fred tells me from his personal experience. That means 7 people can end this death fast in Huntsville 5 hours from the time they get here to my motel room. Let's pray God will send them quickly; I'm entering day 4 of this 4th fast since April 15th. I've eaten a total of 13 days since April 15th. Do the math, and you'll see my situation. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: Good Morning. 1) We will have the 7,100 copies of our little paper to pass out in Huntsville, Texas by 10:30 am Central Time, the printer tells me. He only has 1, 000 to go. 2) As soon as one person shows up at my motel room, we'll go start passing them out. When we get them all passed out (no cheating by throwing some in the dumpster), I'll end the fast according to the vow to unify the movement, and we'll get down the road to Pointblank, Texas and on toward Washington. I found that we are about 10 days ahead of schedule, based on my most recent calculations, to hit Washington on Labor Day. This could change. Call Fred at 888-606-9379 to touch base with me in the motel room or on the street. I stay close to his contact. Gene.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Let me comfort those of you who are getting stressed about my situation here in the 3rd day of the death fast in Huntsville, Texas. Sure, I've only eaten a total of 13 days since April 15th, but there is more here than we see with the naked eye. Matthew 11:28- 30 says, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Let's take a deep breath and rest in the Lord. He knows what he is doing here in this fast and the whole TAX MARCH. I actually would like God to take me home in one of these fasts, but I realize it has to be done in His will and in His timing and with His purpose accomplished. I enjoy the twilight of fading between this world and the next in these fasts. It's really the ony enjoyment I have anymore. The rest is all work in my waking hours. If I die in the coming days, just let it be what it is. If God opens the doors for people to come, then I'm ok with that. And if God doesn't make it happen, then God chose my end here in Huntsville. You all make me just as happy with my world not coming as coming. I could have died in a car accident any day of my life. Imagine if God lets me die a martyr to the cause of Truth in Government. I'll never have to sit in a prison cell and convince some 300 lb. man that I don't want his advances. My future in this world is bleek at best for the coming time. If I stay, I'll probably end up like Nelson Mandela in prison for the next 22 years for my work to free the people of America. I've always admired that Quaker fellow who burned himself outside the Pentagon during the Vietnam War, but I can't find the theology in Christianity to do such an act to myself, to date. If I ever do, you all will probably find out very quickly. I have no love for this life anymore, and fasting is my door into the arms of God, if He allows it. Gandhi wrote about how he would lay on the cot in the prison yard at night and look into the sky, during the "Epic Fast." He longed so to touch the face of God. I too feel that same love in my heart to touch His face. I so want the martyrs crown that I might lay it at the feet of Jesus. My theology is to look outside of this world, and that is the reason you all seem so drawn to me, I think. I have forsaken houses and land and mother and marriage and all for the sake of Christ, and it is a peaceful place. I only hope that I can spend the rest of my life here in this empty place with Love, who is God. respectfully, Gene.

Daily Financial Update: Starting Balance: $401.30. Expendatures: ($4.30) poster board and tape, ($0.88) paypal fee. Total Expendatures: ($5.18). Deposits: $20.00 less pay pal fee: $19.12 (Mr. Bindel, Thanks a bunch). Ending Balance: $416.12.

Get ready for that $177.50 for the paper being printed tomorrow to hit us. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Ok, we have the paper (7,100 copies) being printed, as I write you. They have already printed 750 copies of an 8 1/2"x11" one sided presentation of the Banner-Press article, along with our three web sites, and my statement about the "Death Fast in Huntsville, Texas." I also have a question at the bottom of the page: "Why did "The Huntsville Item" block our national news story from the good people?" The cost to the movement will be $177.50 after tax, I'm told.

Ok guys and gals, if yall don't come pass these out, it won't get done. I'm shot! Gene. Unifying the movement is what the death fast is about. Unify or I'm a dead man. They will be ready to start passing out in the morning. Come on, please.

Update: I find a constant stream of voices from within our movement that are constantly trying to manipulate the Huntsville Death Fast vow around inside my head. I want to make it clear that all we are doing is evaluating new material put before us. I have not agreed to stop the vow based on anything to this moment. As I said earlier, I do find it problematic that the fast may be seen by "The Huntsville Item" as a fast against them. Gandhian teaching is that we do not fast against those who do not love us, and I don't see love (agape or otherwise) from them. We must atleast have 7,100 printed news items before the people of Huntsville before I could end a fast. "The Huntsville Item" has a totally unrespected repuataion here in Huntsville, Texas by the citizens. They have an almost Nazi styled opposition to covering a national story that has reached Australia, Taiwan, and Germany. Above any vow, we are to be movable toward Truth, according to Gandhi. Bob Schultz and others who displayed some problem with how the Austin death fast ended were just novices in the art of death fasting, so I don't concern myself with their tiffs. They showed their lack of understanding, so they are not a problem. Does the vow need to be ammended to allow Truth to be center stage; that is all that is on my mind. The vow was that "The Hunstville Item" must carry a moral presentation of our work, proving that our movement is thus unified sufficiently to end the fast and move on toward Washington. If the vow is against the paper, it is an immoral fast and must stop. But the vow is to unify the movement such that a newspaper with 7,100 circulation would be willing to cover our story. We have a moral hair to split. OK, the vow is to be ammended because it would be immoral to be perceived to fast against one who clearly does not love us, even if that is not our primary intent. I don't care about humilliating "The Huntsville Item." All I see is that we must have our moral position on TAX HONESTY covered in the Hearts of 7,100 people from Huntsville's area, proving that we are unified, as a movement, so that I can move on to the next town in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. I don't think it is right, under the circumstances to have the "Huntsville Observer" doing our movement's work for us, so the vow will not include their coverage. So let us print 7,100 copies of our own newspaper, presenting equivolent numbers to that of "The Huntsville Item," let our people pass it out, and that will meet the vow. That's it, Gene. We need volunteers to come to pass out our print in the next day or two. respectfully, Gene. I'll get to work on writing the articles.

Contact With The Huntsville Observer

I, Fred Smart, contacted the Huntsville Observer which is a weekly paper with a circulation of 6000. Their last edition will be June 17th before they go out of business. Gene has mentioned that for him to end his fast he needs at least 7100 copies of his story to circulate in the community - 7100 being the circulation of the Huntsville Item, the competing paper.

I spoke with Sarah who said that one of their reporters, Bob Sablatura, will be calling me/us back tomorrow.

Peace and God Bless,

Dream: I was on today, and I went to the "Mahatma Gandhi" section listed on the left side of that site. They have places there where you can look at picture after picture of events surrounding Mahatma Gandhi. And I just dreamed of a movement that would have that kind of impact on the world for right. Let's dream today, just dream of what could be. Gene.

Please Call these Advertisers in "The Huntsville Item" and inform them that the paper is not covering an important nationally covered story on Tax Honesty. Majic Auto Detail (936-295-9200), Schlitterbahn (936-295-4911), Furniture Outlet (936-760-2003), Walker County Hardware (936-295-7751), Community Service Credit Union (936-295-3980), Woodmen of the World (936-348-2880), Builder Bob (281-348-5031), Cash 2 U (936-439-0332), First Impressions Hair Salon (936-291-0019), Transmission Etc. (936-293-1000), Bob Luby's Seafood Grill (936-435-0944), Scotsman Storage Co. (936-661-0115), Willis Discount Furniture (936-890-9745), Car Quest (936-344-6124), Weisner Collision Center (936-291-7500), Sunrise Doughnuts (936-436-9211), Ceebees Furniture Outlet (936-295-3890), Huntsville memorial Hospital Administration (936-281-3411) or Dr. Phillip Allred (936-291-2414), Dr. Urmil Shukla (936-435-0833), Dr. Dimitrios Mantzoros (936-291-7878), Dr. Charles Monday (936-295-9101), Dr. James Hanna (936-295-1311), Dr. Michael Gordon (936-291-7878), Dr. Larry Boyle (936-291-7773), Dr. Dalton Heath (936-291-3459), Dr. Howel Towler (936-295-3736), Dr. Stephen Sims (936-730-8833), Dr. Stan Hines (936-291-8205), Dr. Darrel Martin (936-291-3459), Raj Madical Center (936-594-7379). There's a start, Gene. Tell them our story and that they are about to have only one newspaper in town that doesn't cover national news.

Round Table Talk: I just spoke to Fred on the phone to discuss the 7,100 copies of our little newspaper being handed out and the nature of the vow. He agreed that it would be good for him, and I could then get back on the road to Washington D. C. Costs of this little publication could range from $180 on the low end to $319.50 on the high end, plus we'll need people to pass them out to the citizens of Huntsville, Texas. I'm too tired in all this fasting (45 days now out of the 58 days since April 15th) to be doing that kind of work by myself. Plus it will unify the movement to be working together. The paper will either be 1/2 regular sheet of paper with our story and explanation of the problem we had getting coverage from The Huntsville Item on front and back ($180.00), or we can go front and back on a whole 8 1/2"x11" paper for $319.50. Read my last two blogs before this one to get whole thinking on the matters before us. Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) Now, THE TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON will contiue, if I live though the Huntsville Death Fast, now in its 3rd day. I want to make that clear. 2) There is another small newspaper here in Huntsville, Texas that is due to print its last paper on June 17th. They may be for sale; I don't know. But we might get some of our more wealthy folks to look into the math on buying this or another press. We could then get our unemployed folks in the movement to move to Huntsville, work a day job and work the printer in the evenings. We would buy newspaper machines and put them outside law school entrances all over America. Our people throughout America would distribute the papers for us, as we are able to put them out. We could call it something like, "The Moral Government," or something of the sort. Irwin Schiff could write to his heart's content, along with Thurston Bell, Larkin Rose, Mr. Bannister, Bob Schultz and a hundred other people I don't even know of right now. We could test each other's ideas in print and draw law students into dialogue on our web sites all over America. God could make this happen, if He touched the right hearts. Gandhi had a newspaper; that's how he got his message across to India. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) I just got back to the room from protesting the lack of coverage from "The Huntsville Item." I walked into the paper and tried to make it clear that I was not fasting against the paper; rather, I was fasting to unify our movement so that we would be worthy of coverage by such a paper. They told the publisher, as I walked back across the street to sit down. As I looked at the signs I made up, I read, "A $6 Trillion National Debt is not Important to The Huntsville Item," "Morality in Gov't. Is Not Important to The Huntsville Item," and "My Congressman covers this story But Not The Huntsville Item." It must be very empty for them to contemplate my assertion that I am not fasting against them, while I am clearly protesting them. I am concerned we are back in a situation where I am indirectly viewed as fasting against those who do not love me, in presumed violation of Gandhian principles covered on the main page of But I will not end the vow because the vow itself is to unify the movement sufficiently to be worthy of coverage by such a paper. 2) They tell me their circulation is just under 7,100, about 500 more then Brenham, Texas, where we got good coverage. Clearly we are worthy of coverage, given all our other World Net Daily, Austin American Statesman, ABC, CBS, KTSA, etc. coverage from Austin. Let's get feedback for our members via my e-amil today on making up 7,100 copies of our story and passing them out to the people of Huntsville. We will give the story of the morality of our work, the history of the march and the fasts, and we will explain that the local paper in Huntsville did not think this already nationally covered event was worthy of their city knowing. This should meet the moral demands of the Hunstville Death Fast and give us our own newspaper with comparable 7,100 circulation in the process. Then upon knowing our people had passed these 7,100 copies out in Huntsville, I would end the fast according to the vow, and our web sites would be in the hands of 7,100 people in the town, without question. We would actually end up being front page of our own paper with no competing stories. It's better than being in the paper, I guess. It will have to be cheap and to the point, as we don't have much money. Let me hear from you, Gene.

Update: I'm going down to "The Huntsville Item," just 2 1/5 miles from my motel room, to protest their lack of coverage of this important story. My sign will read, "This Story is Covered Daily By US Congressional Offices but Not by The Huntsville Item." And, "Do You Really Have News Reporting In Huntsville?" You can join me by driving on Hwy. 30 East into downtown (Hwy. 30 is 11th St). Go to Ave. N and turn Left on it. The paper is at the corner of the next block (Ave. N and 10th St.) on the Left side. Please notify the Huntsville radio stations, listed a few blogs below and have them call Fred at 888-606-9379. This town needs to know it has no credible news coverage at The Huntsville Item. I'm beginning the 3rd day of my death fast at noon today, after 44 days of fasting I've already done since April 15th, 57 days ago. Gene

Gene Will Be Sitting Outside the Huntsville Item Newspaper Today

I just talked to Gene. He is continuing his fast and will be sitting outside the offices of the Huntsville Item newspaper today. I liken this to the transparent picnic outside the Wizard's Castle. Smile, talk and transparently share a story with folks. Our great country needs to begin this conversation about the existence of slavery in our country. We did not resolve this issue in the Civil War. All we did was install a Wizard with his Castle in this land of flying monkeys with guns, smoke, fire and fear to control and enslave us.

It's time to got outside and begin this conversation.

Please support Gene Chapman in the fullfillment of this vision.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Number of Visitors From Treasury Beats the House By 2 to 1

According to a survey done last evening.....

Mon Jun 9 03 at 08:06:25 PM Y
Go : []

Mon Jun 9 03 at 06:28:50 PM Y
Go :

Mon Jun 9 03 at 04:43:58 PM N
Go :

Why would the Treasury Department want to visit Gene Chapman's personal blog?

There are only two ways we can align ourselves with one another: 1) help and serve others; or 2) deceive, hurt and harm others. If there are individuals from the United States Treasury Department that are seeking to help and serve We The People they should come right out and declare their motives and plans through their own personal blogs, just like Gene Chapman is doing here. The technology is here and it's absolutely FREE!!

With all the technology coming out of the woodwork there really is no excuse to hide anything from anyone anymore. The more individuals who come right out and manifest transparency in their daily walk through this wonderful world of ours the more this world will dramatically change in wonderfully positive ways.

The truth is that we are all outside of the Wizard's Castle. We are not living in a Land of Oz. All of this thinking is merely an illusion which we have bought into and support through our fears and actions which manifest from such fear.

I would like to invite the above three visitors from the United States Treasury Department and the U.S. House to gather around this picnic blanket that has been spread across this wonderfully lush, green grass on this sunny day that is dawning in our world. Come and let us all talk about these issues: debt, slavery, markets, barter, money, exchanges, etc.

As far as the eye can see, the heart can feel and the mind can discern, there are five necessary elements that have to be present for a valid exchange to take place in our universe:

1) receiver - ie. a buyer
2) sender - ie. a seller
3) way/method that connects - brings - them together
4) medium of exchange that functions as a true payment/barter mechanism which represents wealth - gold, silver, tin, wheat, lumber, etc.
5) audit trail

If We The People can get these five things - just like the five fingers on each hand - together then our world can and will dramatically change - literally almost overnight - for the better!! All of the problems we have in our world are a function of there being a leak in the system. The wedding finger which corresponds to the pastor - finger/element 4 in the list above - which represents a true medium of exchange of value - ie. wealth - is missing. We've substituted an illusion - a lie/deception - for for truth. And as my late Father would always say, "son, you get nothing for nothing in this world." And sure enough, that's exactly what end up receiving/sending/exchanging with one another - ie. nothing for nothing.

It's time to invite the Wizard of Oz outside in the wonderful light of this transparent New Day that is dawning in our world!! It's time to celebrate!!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Monday, June 09, 2003

"The Sin of the $6 Trillion National Debt," is a big part of our movement. In Deuteronomy 15:6, we read, " ... And thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow...." My pastor, Joel Osteen, of the nationally televised Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, always says to us that God wants to make us lenders and not borrowers. While this text is for the Jewish nation, it's clear that God is not in favor of borrowing by a people who claim to follow his Word. One means by which we may subvert this debt building is to barter. We can barter with goods and services to keep government from selling its debt to us by placing Federal Reserve Notes in our hands to carry that debt for them. We can use coins that are leagal to use throughtout America. Like Mahatma Gandhi, we must find a million different ways to subvert the rule of injustice over our houses by our servant government that has taken over Caesar's house. We have no right, as Christians, to avoid our job as We the Caesars before the face of God. Render unto Caesar? Yes, we are Caesar, all 290 million of us. The people in Washington are just there to push the buttons for Caesar. And they have run up a $6 Trillion debt. Interestingly, The Republic of Texas was annexed by The United States, after my family fought with Sam Houston at San Jacinto to free us from Mexico, because our war debt was so high we could never hope to repay it. What is to keep some future President of the United States from signing over our sovereignty in a back room one evening in the White House to the United Nations or some other global entity, if our debt continues to rise? The globalist have a vested interest in running our national debt through the roof, you see. Don't We the Caesars have an obligation to stop them, as we seek to honor God in our leadership of this nation? respectfully, Gene.

Health Change: I just took a shower and noticed the palms of my hands are whiter than they have ever been. I can see veins in my palms that I've never seen before. The malathion taste has come back into my mouth. That glue feeling is back on my lower legs and hands. The nausia from trying to keep down water is returning. I don't know what is happening to me, but I feel like I did on day 37 of the Austin Death Fast. I need to transfer paypal and media interview responsilities to Fred, so I can just lay down and not have to deal with anything. It may be a rough night. Gene.

Oh, we started with $307.70 this morning. We had only one pay pal cost of ($3.20) (Mr. Stegmeier). We had no other costs. We had one pay pal donation from Mr. Stegmeier of $100. Less the paypal fee of $3.20, we deposited $96.80 into the TAX MARCH ACCOUNT. Ending Balance for Today: $401.30. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Irwin Schiff and I just spoke on the phone. He is on his way to the airport in Las Vegas to go help out a person in a court case in Seattle. He supports what we are doing here in the movement by getting the word out on the illegality and immorality of the Federal Income Tax System. He wants me to clarify that when I talk about the 16th Ammendment that it really does not have the effect that people read on its face. It is simply an expansion of the corporate excise tax within the context of the Constitution, but it is read in lawyer double speak to give government blanket authority to tax anything by those in government who would tax our assets. The taxation of assets, you remember is in opposition to Biblical teaching altogether. You don't tax assets in the Bible; you tax increase from assets. Otherwise, it's called communism.
respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) I here you guys are starting to ring the phones of "The Huntsville Item" (936-295-5407 x 3024). I also heard from one of our folks in New Mexico calling dozens of Huntsville, Texas area pastors. That means our movement is reunifying. Keep it up, and don't be shy about fasting with me. 2) We may be on the radio in Houston, Texas tomorrow. 3) That glue feeling stuff that I had about day 36 of the 40 day death fast is starting to come out of my pours on my hands again. I'm so weak. Gene.

Update: Tanya from Carl Wigglworth's show on KTSA 550 AM in San Antonio just called. Carl is very sorry, but he has several obligations to add commercials onto his program to meet their agreements with these advertisers. This means that they had to bump three guests, today. He does want to cover the story, but he just has zero room to do it today. Gene Chapman is one of those guests, regretfully. We'll try again asap, Tanya shares.

Update: I just called "The Huntsville Item," and spoke to someone in the News room named Brian. I told him my name and asked if he had received an e-mail or two on me today. Brian replied, "Yeah, one or two." I said, "I guess that's not gonna be enough to get coverage of my story today?" He replied, "No." I then said, "Ok, I'll continue the fast." He said, "OK." "Bye bye," I replied. I think Brian is taking this personal. I gather he thinks I'm trying to extort news coverage out of him. In fact, I'm just trying to see God honored here by unifying our movement enough to be worthy of their coverage. Keep calling them: (936-295-5407 X 3024). And remember that I'm alot poorer in stamina than you might think, coming off 44 days of fasting in the last 57 days. I don't have the time we all might think. The morality that stopped the death fast in Austin is the same moral basis that means I cannot stop this fast in Huntsville, Texas (see: for explanation of why I stopped the Austin death fast). respectfully, Gene.

"The Sin of the 16th Ammendment," is one that fundamentally alters the nature of life and the "inalianable right of liberty." In the early part of the 20th Century, a man named Vladimir Lenin took power in Russia. His objective was to overthrow private ownership of property and empower the state to rule everything. This was a system that had to be atheistic because the largest religion in the world, Christianity, promotes the enjoyment of personal property as "the gift of God" (Ecclesiastes 3:13). It was this verse in the Bible and other verses like it that preachers across America expounded for their followers of the Cross. And so Lenin's communism was shot down in America by the Word of God. When I was a young preacher in Bible College, I used to wonder what function in the real world preachers served. As I began to explore Dr. Martin King, I realized that America is framed by the Word of God, and the preachers are the ones who direct the nailing. If the preachers fail to guide that building process for a generation or so, then the nation starts building in strange new directions. We end up with the taxation of assets, when the tithe concept in Scripture, the Christian example of 'equitable' (Proverbs 99:4; Proverbs 11:1) taxation, only taxes the profit from assets. We are now taxing labor, cars, real estate (all assets). If I owned a piece of land in the Bible days, and I raised olive trees, I didn't pay tithe on the land or the trees or the cart I used to carry my olives to market. If I bartered my labor, there was no profit to tithe on. All I was to tithe on was the profits from my increase that I made from selling my olives in the market place. America must run from the 16 Ammenement because it is Communism in its effect on our "inalienable right of liberty" (See: II Corinthians 3:17; Proverbs 31:31). respectfully, Gene.

Update: 1) I just spoke with Tanya, the program director for Carl Wigglesworth at KTSA 550 AM. They will have me on at 6:35 pm today. Please keep in mind that this radio station reaches about half of Texas (100 counties), so you may be able to get it a long way from San Antonio. 2) We have news that a man from Las Vegas, Nevada is making plans to come out and march with me, should I live through the Huntsville, Texas Death Fast that I am now in. 3) I also spoke just now on the phone with Ron Strom of "World Net Daily." He is on our web sites examining any updates he thinks need to be done to keep pace with the excellent coverage "World Net Daily" has already given God's little TAX movement. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I've heard nothing from any press this morning; it may be a bit early. It's 12:01 pm, and I've begun the 2nd day of the Huntsville Death Fast in Huntsville, Texas, after already completing 43 days of fasts since April 15th. I'm feeling weaker and weaker, as I have never fully recovered from the original 40 day death fast in Austin. Keep praying that God's will is done here in Huntsville.

Thanks to Mr. Stegmeier for the $100.00 pay pal donation. It will appear on tonight's daily financial report. respectfully, Gene.

Update: I just got off the phone with two radio stations in Huntsville. They are looking over our web sites now. I don't know if they are on the world wide web, so everyone can listen in, should they decide to interview me. You might want to call them: KVST, 99.7 FM in Huntsville, Texas and 103.7 FM in Conroe/ Houston (936-435-9911) and 1440 AM (936-295-4759). Gene.

Update: "The Huntsville Item" has made no attempt to contact me that I am aware of today, either at my e-mail ( or by calling (936-291-6927 room 257) or by coming by (Motel 6 at I-45 North Service Rd. and Hwy. 30 in Huntsville, Texas, room 257). This means our movement is still not sufficiently unified to move this or similarly sized newspapers to cover our tax concerns. And so I begin the 2nd day of the Huntsville Death Fast at 12 noon today. Since April 15th at 7 am, I have fasted 44 days and eaten only 13 days, for a total of 57 days, based on my math. I am weakening quickly, as my fasts and all the marching toward Washington has sapped my strength. If I die in this current fast, I do not hold the newspaper accountable; rather, I hold those who understand the morality of our cause and love me accountable, for they did not show unity in the effort to gain the newspaper's attention sufficient to the need. This is pure Gandhian philosophy. respectfully, Gene.

Update: As you all know, KTSA 550 AM in San Antonio has been covering our story since it started back in the death fast in Austin, Texas. Carl Wigglesworth has given us tremendous, almost daily, coverage during all those weeks to about 100 counties in Texas (half of Texas). Friday, when Fred and I were last on with Carl, the program director invited us to come on the show 'anytime we want and for as long as we want.' I e-mailed her today and suggested we invite the folks at "The Huntsville Item" to come on with us this afternoon and explain why they don't think our story is big enough to cover for the 30,000 people of Huntsville, Texas. We'll see what happens.

Also, Fred is working to get us another show on WBIG in Chicago, after he gets back. We are also tracking down the stations in Los Angeles and Birmingham, Alabama. We had an open invitaion to keep coming back on in the Los Angeles market. And I was too sick from the 40 day death fast to do interviews with the Birmingham station, but we would like to reconnect with them, as the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON will eventually get right through Birmingham, Alabama. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) I got an e-mail from our first Sam Houston State University student here in Huntsville last evening. He informed me that news of the Huntsville Death Fast to unify the movement is spreading throughout the student population via their internet connections. 2) Later today, I will talk in more detail on how the 16 Ammendment is immoral and opens the door to communist philosophy in that it all allows the taxation of asssets in violation of the tithe concept and other Scripture (Eccl 3:13; Prov. 31:31). 3) I am 4 1/2 hours form starting my 2nd day of the Death Fast in Huntsville. The objective is to sufficiently unify the movement (those who love me and those I love) so that you, as a movement , will make this story we are trying to tell the nation important enough to "The Huntsville Item" (936-295-5407 ext. 3024) that they will carry this moral discussion we want the pastors to get in their paper before I die. I expect to die around June 28th, given that I have already fasted 43 days since April 15th over the tax issue (see: or respectfully, Gene.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Sermon: Philippians 3:10 has been on my mind the past few days, especially in the 20 mile march into Huntsville on Saturday. The Apostle Paul states to the Church at Philippi, "That I may know him (Jesus), and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death." We are a movement that knows about the "the fellowship of his sufferings," are we not? Many of our people have been to prison for the sake of TRUTH in taxation. The Master said in John14: 6, "I am the way, the truth...." And so it is a reality for the Christian world that we seek forever to be one with truth, who is Jesus Christ, the only begotten of the Father. Back to the main text of the sermon tonight, "the power of his resurrection" is the power that enables me to death fast 40 days, march 1,600 miles, etc. I am persuaded that Jesus is raised from the dead. I was always haunted in Bible College with a question. Would you die for a lie? We have historical record of the apostles leaving the side of Jesus at the Crusifixion but later returning to the movement and dying as myrters around the then known world, preaching the raised Christ everywhere. People can be deceived into carrying on lies told them by others and end up dying for those lies. But the Apostles were the first hand observers of events. If Jesus were a fake, someone would have bailed out on the myrterdom. Paul was beheaded in A.D. 67 under the authority of Nero, as far as we know from all historical record, because he couldn't shut up about Jesus being raised from the dead and all the implications it brought to human existance, government, etc. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) Rose Lear is unable to pickup the calls into the 888 number while Fred is out of town thru Monday evening, so just e-mail me at if you need computer contact. 2) As we wait on your calls and physical protest outside "The Huntsville Item" (936-295-5407 ext. 3024) to cover the story of our movement, you may wish to contact pastors/ churches around Huntsville and direct them to our web sites:,, and Some of these churches are: Faith Family Church (936-291-9458), Second Baptist Church (936-295-6404) or, Cook Springs Baptist Church (936-295-7968), Chapelwood Missionary Baptist Church (936-295-7876), Fellowship of Huntsville Church (936-291-2570), First Presbyterian Church USA (936-295-2440), First Assembly of God (936-295-5662), First Christian Church (936-295-3677), Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (936-295-7459), Trinity Life Church (936-295-9256), First United Methodist Church (936-295-5441), St Stephens Episcopal Church (936-295-7226), Faith Luthern Church (936-295-5298). respectfully, Gene. Please tell the pastors that I'd be happy to meet with each one privately in the Huntsville Motel 6 (936-291-6927 room #257) corner of I-45N Service Rd. and hwy 30 by appointment until we get proper coverage by the paper and move on toward Washington or I die in the fast.

Daily Financial Report: Starting Balance: $539.19. Today's Expendatures: Last Meal Before Huntsville Death Fast ($14.91), Tip ($3.00), Soap and Razors ($11.35), Prepaid Seven Days in Motel 6 ($202.23), Total Expendatures: ($231.49). No Deposits. Ending Daily Balance: $307.70.

Note: I prepaid 7 days in Motel 6 because the weekly rate is cheaper, and we can always get a refund based on the daily rate, should the movement unify and "The Huntsville Item" (936-295-5407 ext. 3024) newspaper then choose to cover the story Monday or so. If we need to stay until I die about June 28th, plus or minus a few days, we have saved a good chunk of God's money. respectfully, Gene.

Rose Lear and Others Will Be Helping Gene

I, Fred Smart, will be gone for the night and through tomorrow.

For those who want to keep in touch with Gene's whereabouts, the number - 888-606-9379 - will be ringing to Rose Lear's home number.

My cellphone will remain connected to the same number should Rose, Gene or anyone else want to contact me in the event that we have to make contact with someone.

Peace and God Bless.

Death Fast In Huntsville To Unify the Movement: The blogger has been down for most of Sunday morning. As an extension of "The Vision of the 12th Mile" that I told you all about yesterday, I began a death fast here in Huntsville, Texas at 12 noon to unify the movement. As you know, both the Bryan-College Station Newspaper and "The Huntsville Item" here in Huntsville, Texas have expressed to various members of our organization/ ministry/ movement that they did not feel our story was large enough to cover. As you know, we are marching to raise awareness of the moral problems in the US tax system (ie. The 16 Ammendment is immoral because it opened the door to communist philosophy in the taxation of assets, in violation of the tithe concept in the Bible and that it is the gift of God for a person to enjoy the fruits of their labor (Eccl. 3:13; Prov. 31:31). This lack of interest by newspapers in towns of 30,000 persons plus tells me that we, as a movement, are not sufficiently unified to demand or expect such coverage. We must have coverage to gain the attention of the pastors, who inturn will make the moral case we present in the press to their people. And the people lead the politicians. We know that my fasting will draw national attention, even if I have to die to get it done. Given my total fasts since April 15th are now at 43 days, I don't expect to live another 20. So come to Huntsville, Texas and protest outside the newspaper, call them (936-295-5407, Ext. 3024), but remember that we are a nonviolent movement. If they get 5,000 of us on their front porch, how can they deny coverage of a story that size? I will not stop the fast until I read a story in "The Huntsville Item" paper that explains the moral issues we promote. It is up to you, my good people to make it newsworthy and save my life within the next couple of weeks. My life is in your hands. respectfully, Gene. Fred will have another blog on this matter. I am now in the second hour of the fast.

Gene Chapman's Spiritual Siege of Huntsville Texas

I, Fred Smart, sent this out to the Internet earlier this morning - see below. was down this morning.

Peace and God Bless,



Gene Chapman marched 20 miles yesterday, arriving in the city of Huntsville Texas at 6:53 PM before checking into the Motel 6 located at 122 Highway 45 (room 257).

With a population of more than 30,000, Huntsville - - is a big state and federal government town, benefiting from local prisons and colleges that receive funding from the state and federal government.

Several attempts yesterday were made by Gene and myself to encourage the local paper, The Huntsville Item - - to cover the story behind Gene's 40 day fast, the fraud of the personal federal income tax and Gene's current "Let My People Go" Tax March on Washington. We spoke with several individuals, including the weekend reporter, Kurt Allen, who commented that they "are a small town paper with very limited resources and the lack of a local connection to the community - among other reasons - were behind not covering this story."

Two days prior Gene received a wonderful write-up in The Brenham Banner Press which serves the area around Brenham and Washington counties in Texas - you can link to the article by going here -

Gene called me this morning to inform me that he was called in prayer to begin a fast at 12 noon this today and await one of either two outcomes to manifest: 1) enough support from callers, both locally and nationally, to encourage/demand his story gets coverage in the local paper, or 2) his death from starvation.

Mathatma Ghandi fasted several times during his stand against the British government's unjust rule of control over India. Whenever he received confirmation that the people were not going to move in the proper direction through either discussion or action, he chose to begin fasting for those he loved and for those that loved him.

Gene is fasting to unify the movement. It is clear since the fist fast ended that people are going off into their own directions which is a natural byproduct of the lack of focus which any individual or collective action of fasting does bring to us all. And since Gene's pulpit is the press, if the local media does not cover this story then he said he is compelled to begin another fast until death until he forces our hand and their hand to connect, help, serve and act to encourage and compel them/us to cover this story.

One of the keys points behind Gene's vision behind this march is to ultimately reach We The People through the churches of this country. Remember, it was only ONE (1) minister who began preaching loudly from a little pulpit in Frankfurt Kentucky who got our nation talking about slavery. In the wake of this ONE (1) minister's stand against slavery, there were many individuals like Sojourn Truth, a former female black slave from the south, began to march and speak all across this great country from my birthtown of Battlecreek Michigan. Sojourn Truth traveled and walked with Abraham Lincoln who also spoke out against slavery.

And isn't Gene Chapman and all of us talking about the same issue today?? - ie. THE INJUSTICE OF SLAVERY!!!

With enough critical mass of support coming from those that we all love and support there is no doubt that We The People can ignite a powerful grassroots awakening fire of righteousness, justice, power and truth which will not be quenched unless and until this subject of SLAVERY is brought directly to the attention of the preachers, pastors and ministers that have been avoiding this subject for years and years.

So, as Gene Chapman begins his fourth fast since April 15th, I would like to encourage everyone come to Huntsville, call the Huntsville Item newspaper (936-295-5407), send emails and be sure to call all the churches in the greater Huntsville area and tell them that Gene will continue his fast until this community covers this very important story. Gene would be more than happy to meet with ministers by appointment in person during this coming week.

Just to help prove to anyone reading this that he is deadly serious, Gene has already paid in advance $202 to stay at the Huntsville Motel 6 for the one week which might be necessary before the Huntsville community decides to cover this story.

Please visit and Gene's personal blog
for more updates on this current stand.

This is a spiritual siege of Huntsville. This is Gene's "vision of the 12th mile."

Please pray for and support Gene Chapman as he echoes the demand the Lord gave in Exodus 10-3, "Let My People Go!!"

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart


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