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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Round Table Talk: I was laying here thinking about who I know reads this blog each day. As I sit here looking at our $539.10 total balance for this ministry/ movement tonight, I am aware that "little is much when God is in it," as the children's sunday school song goes. And I'm fully prepared to make it across America to Washington D.C. on a shoe string budget, fasting for this and that, as it is needed. Pastor Lester Rolloff used to say, "Don't build your ministry on the rich; build it on the poor." So I'm just floating this out there to the guys who tell me they can and want to make a difference with the tallent God has given them in the financial area. As a percentage, the poor always are more prone to fund God's work than the wealthy, so I'm aware that I should expect little from the wealthy among us. Four of you since April 15th, when the death fast began, informed me that you were millionaires and what you could do for the work. I won't say who. What I'm saying is that God has resources in place here among us that could be used to purchase billboard space, as I described in detail a few nights ago. God has the money in place among us to buy full page ads in Alexandria, Louisiana, Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, Greenville, South Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, Durham, North Carolina, Richmond, Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia, and even in the Washington Post. This is God's ministry/ movement, and all I'm saying is please don't hold God's money from his laborers. I don't even care to see the money for such projects. You can mail the checks right to the billboard companies and newspapers for all I care. Just don't waste this march. Please don't waste it. respectfully, Gene.

Thanks to Jimmy Turner for two days driving the RV I'm getting out of you. You're doing great!

I have lots of blisters under my old blisters, and I'm walking like a hundred year old man. I wanted to prove to myself that I had 20 mile walking capability. With all this fasting (43 total days since April 15th), I'm gonna have to get back to maybe just marching 5 to 10 miles tomorrow, after a full night's sleep. I'll get back to 20 miles a day sooner rather than later, but I have to watch my health with all this fasting. You guys don't want a dead leader, whatever leader I might be, at least that's what yall told me in the 40 day fast (ha ha). So we will be a bit easier tomorrow. It's Sunday, after all, the day of rest. Whatever marching gets done tomorrow, we must stay on schedule for Ashland, Virginia (I-95 X92) a week prior to Labor Day. That means we will end the march tomorrow in Pointblank, Texas, between Huntsville and Livingston, Texas. We need marchers bad to get news coverage for the discussion of our concerns in a public medium. Pray for God's blessing on "The Vision of the 12th Mile." good night, Gene.

Daily Financial Update: Beginning Balance: $636.15. Expendatures: Book of 10 Stamps ($3.70), Two 2 ltr. Drinks ($2.36), McDonalds Breakfast ($2.91), Lunch for Driver and Myself ($22.57), plus half of tip ($2.00), 2 rooms at Motel 6 ($72.30), Evening Meal ($13.07, plus tip ($2.00), Total Pay pal fees ($1.37). Total Expendatures: ($122.25). Pay pal Deposits: $6.17 (Paypal fee: $0.49, Mr. Almond), $19.12 (Pay pal fee: $0.88, Mr. Erb). Total Deposits: $25.29. Ending Balance: $539.19. Thank you two men for your donations; every bit counts. respectfully, Gene.

Update: We just finished 20.0 miles on foot from Shiro, Texas to Huntsville, Texas. (Thank you Mr. Almond and Mr. Erb for your donations; I'll put them in the financial update tonight.) I have blisters under my blisters, but it was a good day. We saw a doe that must have been 5' tall at the ears this morning. The buzzards looked me over as they flew overhead. The Huntsville Newspaper Editor basically told me that our story was not big enough news to make their paper. We don't have anybody coming out to march with us. But that's ok. I was on the 12th mile of the TAX MARCH today when God revealed a plan/ vision to me for how we can move forward on that news coverage that is so essential to moving the nation. We must reach the preachers with the moral arguements against the taxation of assets (Eccl. 3:13, Prov. 31:31), who in turn will move the people, and people will move the politicians. I call it the "THE VISION OF THE 12TH MILE." You prisoners in the Federal prisons I hear about saying, "Go Gene Go!", have nothing to lose and everything to gain by helping me, in God's work. I want you all to write letters to everyone you think or know loves you. I want you to tell them that you are going to begin a fast/ hunger strike at a specific date and time until you hear that one of them has agreed to represent your person in the TAX MARCH with me. And I want you to follow through. Tell them to have a name tag on with your name and their name when they come. I'll sign the tags that come out, and they can mail them back to you. That person loves you, and you will have proof. This should provide us hundreds or thousands of marchers in weeks ahead, and get the coverage we need to get you free sooner rather than later. respectfully, Gene.


Gene's driver arrived in Navasota this morning at around 7:30 and they continued the march from Shiro Texas beginning at 8:03 Am.

Gene is planning to walk/march 10-20 miles into Huntsville late today.

By 12:30 Gene called me and had already walked 11.8 miles. We made several calls into the paper in Huntsville, The Huntsville Item, and spoke and left messages with with more than a few folks. In a follow-up call I did personally speak with Kurt Allen who confirmed that he did make personal contact with Gene Chapman earlier in the day. Kurt said he was the only reporter there over the weekend and he said he could not personally "justify the newsworthyness of the story, especially since there was no local connection to Huntsville." You can call the Huntsville Item and express your views by calling 936-295-5407 and press the 2 key.

Gene said he was planning to walk another 10+ miles in the afternoon on his way into Huntsville. .

Here are the towns he's planning to march through in Texas from Huntsville:

Point Blank
Wiergate - then it's on to the Lousiana border.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart847-864-2788


For cash or check donations -
Make checks payble to Gene Chapman and send to:

Gene Chapman
c/o Fred Smart
3242 Harrison Street
Evanston, Illinois 60201


Subj: please pass the word. My blogger posting is unavailable...

Joseph Almond Blogs for Gene Chapman

Joseph Almond is a truck driver and a former print shop business owner who has a gift with the written and spoken word. I'm not sure he has a PhD, but his "Dr. Almond" character he's created is recommending that folks donate $6.66 to Gene Chapman's "Let My People Go" Tax March on Washinton.

Here's the full write up from Dr. Almond:


By Joseph Almond, Ph.D.

Benjamin from Franklin, Tennessee writes: "Dr. Almond, my great uncle died on May 22, 2003. This week, I will be receiving $44.27 that was in a cigar box, in coins, which he left to me in his will. It was everything he owned, besides his broken dentures. He lived out back, in my small shed. I have no family and so, I am very concerned about how I may distribute this unexpected windfall. I have always heard about people who run into great sums of cash, but never in a million years did I ever expect to be named in a will as a beneficiary. I want the money to do some good. Dr. Almond, where would you recommend I send it? I do not want a penny to be wasted, as uncle earned this through harmonica playing at funerals. It is clean, honest money."

Beloved Benjamin, I will assume that your great uncle blessed you with all of his wealth because you did something for him during his life. I want you to know about a charity that I personally endorse. In fact, just a half hour ago, I sent $6.66 to it. I will do my best to send another $6.66 each Sabbath, until its work is done.

The price of an average meal is $6.66 and each week I'll skip a meal, so the donation really doesn't cost me a thing.

It makes me feel good.

I suggest you do two things, today. I promise you will feel good, too.

You will be blessed. The money will return to you, too.

It is the way of Heaven. This, I know.

Benjamin, there is an evil upon this earth. It is vast. It is powerful. It is real.

But there is a good upon this earth. It is more vast. Much more powerful and is as real as twice the Universe, and then some.

The evil would fool mankind into thinking that he is born to suffer, serve in slavery and to cower and then die.

Such is not the case.

The good on this earth prompts men to lift their eyes, to look toward the light and to be free, by loving one another, and by being courageous and fair.

Jesus Christ and Gene Chapman are teachers of the good.

Jesus doesn't have a PayPal account, or I'd send $6.66 to him.

But Gene Chapman does have one, so I send it to his:

What does he do with my money? He buys food that strengthens him, so he can walk another 20 miles.

Gene is walking toward Washington, DC. That is the cesspool of filth wherein dwells Satan's minions. The evil ones who have chained millions (by their lies) to treadmills. They dine on lobster and they drink old wine.

Gene cannot accept their bondage. He knows it is anti-Christ to support evil. He knows that his brothers and sisters are not free, and until they are, he will walk, and then he will CONFRONT the evil.

When he does this, Benjamin, be sure that your name is written in his Book of Life.

When you donate $6.66 to Gene Chapman, you give him life.

With his life, he is waging the battle for us.

Gene Chapman is the most humble, honest, worthy and transparent soul in America today. He is pure sacrifice.

Support him. To do so is to terrorize evil.

Become a terrorist. Today.

Go to and send him $6.66

Then, recruit other terrorists...tell two other people to do the same.

Just do it.

It's the right thing to do.

I want to live on the same street as Gene, after this life. $6.66 is my heart's investment toward this desire.

99.9% of our money is wasted, Benjamin. This is because we spend money on things that perish.

This act and the funds you send will not be wasted. Gene's effort will not perish. Let your money join with mine, and let it go toward food for a better man than you and I. It will go toward his sandals, which are not worn for vanity, but for the march of Truth.

Be significant, Benjamin. Honor the memory of your great uncle well: Support Gene Chapman. Help him. Tell others to, also. They can't if you don't inform them. And lastly, pray for him and his driver.

Two men have changed the world before, and these two men are about to do it again.

They are doing it one heart at a time.

My heart is with them. I love and honor them.

Let's join them.

Thank you, Benjamin.

Go now, and tell others, "His truth is marching on."
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Subj: Receipt for your Payment
Date: 6/7/03 7:02:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Received from Internet: click here for more information

Dear Dr. Almond,

This email confirms that you have paid $6.66
using PayPal.
This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *GKCCMLTD".

Payment Details:

Total Amount: $6.66
Currency: U.S. Dollars
Transaction ID: 8UT82546UR833694M
Quantity: 1
Item Title: Gene Chapman's Tax March on Washington, D.C.
Item Number: GC-1
Buyer: Joseph Almond
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Man leads tax protest dressed as Ghandi

Gene Chapman, dressed as Gandhi, stands in front of his support vehicle that will follow him across the nation in his quest to attract attention and support to his protest against the IRS. (Banner photo by Jesse Wright)

Staff Reporter

Gene Chapman will starve himself for 40 days, shave his head, walk across the country and lead a movement. Chapman will do a lot of things, but he won't pay income tax. Now he's walking across the country to meet the IRS face to face. For years he's fought the federal government, written letters to the IRS, to congressmen, to senators and anyone else who might listen and since 1999 he hasn't paid a dime in income tax.
A few weeks ago Chapman ended his 40-day fast in front of the IRS building in Austin. He said he'd been fasting hoping to force the IRS to show him where his tax liability was. It didn't work; they didn't show him. Chapman said nobody has ever shown him and he insists nobody can show him. The cornerstone to Chapman's argument is that tax liability for him -- and anyone else -- is not mandated by law.

So, to protest this apparent injustice and to gain interest, Chapman is walking across the country dressed as Gandhi. His head is shaved, his feet are in sandals and he is swathed in cream colored robes. Thursday, he made his way through Brenham en route to Washington, D.C. Every day he will walk about 20 miles and then ride in his support vehicle for the rest of the day. He plans to be at the capitol by Labor Day, where he will confront the IRS in person.

"Gandhi said people should find a million different ways to subvert the tax system of the British," he said. "This is one of the millions of ways to do it here." Chapman said he has gone to seminary school and he has gone to law school and in his extensive study, he has found no proof that he owed any income tax. "I was a truck driver," he said, "and one day I realized when I was in Arizona, in a truck stop near Flagstaff, that I was logging everything I did. Every time I went to the bathroom, every time I ate lunch, every time I took a shower, I had to log everything.
"I thought to myself, 'This isn't freedom.' So the truck drivers and I started talking and they started to tell me about this guy called Irwin Schiff."
Shiff became like a tax guru to Chapman. Schiff is the author of books like The Great Income Tax Hoax and The Social Security Swindle. But it was Schiff's The Federal Mafia: How it Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Tax, a now-out-of-print book (Chapman says it was banned by the government) that opened Chapman's eyes.

Chapman said he began to realize that the federal income tax was immoral. He says the tax goes against Biblical teachings and against democracy. "It is wrong to have the 16th Amendment," he said. "It is immoral from a scriptural standpoint to tax assests ... It opens the door to communist philosophies." Chapman would like the government to go back to the gold and silver system, but more important, back to the barter system. "In the Bible, in Ecclesiastes 3:13 it says it is the gift of God for a man to enjoy the fruit of his labors," Chapman said. And so, he insists, by taxing those fruits, the federal government is violating the laws of God. "They've put you on a treadmill and chained you to it," he said.

This is an on-line publication of
The Brenham Banner-Press
P.O. Box 585
Brenham, TX 77834-0585
(979) 836-7956
For comments or questions,
email The Brenham Banner-Press.

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PASS THE WORD: There is a Man among us! Help him.

The Brenham Banner-Press of Brenham Texas Features Gene Chapman


Chapman said he began to realize that the federal income tax was immoral. He says the tax goes against Biblical teachings and against democracy. "It is wrong to have the 16th Amendment," he said. "It is immoral from a scriptural standpoint to tax assests ... It opens the door to communist philosophies." Chapman would like the government to go back to the gold and silver system, but more important, back to the barter system. "In the Bible, in Ecclesiastes 3:13 it says it is the gift of God for a man to enjoy the fruit of his labors," Chapman said. And so, he insists, by taxing those fruits, the federal government is violating the laws of God. "They've put you on a treadmill and chained you to it," he said.

They did a wonderful article on Gene and this movement. Click here for the full story.

Shared by Fred Smart

We are off to McDonalds for breakfast. Fred, don't forget to route our driver for today to McDonalds at Hwy. 105 and Loop 6 North of Navasota, Texas to meet me for the march. respectfully, Gene.

Friday, June 06, 2003

1)Daily Financial Update: Starting Balance: $705.97. Expendatures: Paypal Fee: ($0.88), Motel ($39.50), Five copies of Brenham, Texas Newspaper --Front Page Story On March-- ($2.50), Gasoline ($16.24), Two Light Bulbs and Texas State Vehicle Inspection ($22.91), Meal to Break 9 hour fast ($6.91). Total Expendatures: ($88.94). Total Deposits: $19.21 (Mr. Klaas). Ending Balance: $636.15.

2) Don't forget to meet at the Navasota, Texas McDonalds at the Hwy 105 intersection with Highway 6 Loop North of town from 6 am. to 7 am. for breakfast. We will go from there to TAX MARCH into Huntsville, Texas Saturday, at 7:30 am from Shiro, Texas, just 15 miles North on Hwy 30. If you miss us, get to Huntsville, Texas, then drive West on Hwy 30 until you see us marching toward town. Bring picnic supplies and feel free to walk or ride, as you wish. It's just a family day for everyone. The march should last from 7:30 am. until about 4 or 5 pm. But you can come and go as you wish. It's all about freedom. respectfully, Gene. Party Day for the TAX HONESTY MOVEMENT!

We Just Got Blown Off: "The Eagle" night news desk at Bryan-College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M University, the place FBI and many other government officials get their college education, just blew our movement off. You may wish to call them at 979-776-4444 or 800-299-7355, wait through all the electronic talk and you will be sent to the Sports desk. They will then transfer you to the night news desk that blew me off just now. He told me that they didn't think it was worth driving 18 miles to cover the Tax Honesty Movement. They wouldn't be sending a reporter out, he said. Please tell him your views. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) Thanks to Mr. Klaas for the $20.00 donation electronic check that has now cleared paypal and is on its way to the TAX MARCH account. Paypal fee was $0.88 so the deposit is $19.12. This will appear on tonight's financial report about 9 pm. Central time. Thanks again, Gene. We need a bunch more like you. 2) The cost of the march is running from $39.00 when I'm fasting for a driver up to $150.00 if something has to be fixed on the RV and we are moving. So far, we have spent $642.12 of God's money on the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. Counting the day before the march began when I began spending the money on gas for the RV, sandals, etc. to start the march fresh and ready to go, we have 7 days of money expendatures. That works out to expendatures of $91.731 per day in average costs for the TAX MARCH, so far. We had a blown tire fixed yesterday, some extra gasoline that wouldn't have to be used each day were there a second full time driver here with me, and today we had some lights fixed on the RV and an inspection sticker put on for $22.91 total, so we can get all the way to Washington in September legal. I would bet on this march needing about $100 per day, with all the side financial issues, like the 3 banners that are being made for $22 each, etc. 3) We are in talks to find copies of "The Federal Mafia," not from Irwin Schiff's stock, to offer donors who give $200 or more to the MARCH, as a thank you gift. If you know where we can find stocks of these books, let us know. Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) The radio interview with Carl Wigglesworth went great. Fred and I both talked. As for me, I spoke of my phone conversation with Rose Lear today, whose husband, Bill, is now in federal prison over tax issues. I told everyone in 100 counties (1/2 of Texas) that you guys in the prison and all the prisons are heavy on my heart and on my mind. I said that if the government wants to lock me up in prison and make me into a Nelson Mandela, I double dog dare them to do it! I said that if the government wanted to kill me and make me a myrter to this cause, that that was fine with me. I'm gonna fight for what my Bible tells me is right come hell or high water, and that's just how it's gonna be. I have no wife to threaten, no children to lose, no house to be taken. All I've got is an old rusty RV, and if they want it, they can have it, I told them. I hear you guys in the prison are getting news of me from a range of sources and are saying, "GO Gene GO!" Well, guys, I'm goin' and I ain't stoppin' till God's work is done and you guys are free, or I'm dead. And even then I'm gonna beg God to let me come back and haunt the government officials who are raping this nation by their communist philosophy of taxing assets. Gene.

News Interview Today: Listen to Carl Wigglesworth on KTSA 550 am in San Antonio today at 4:30 pm. Fred Smart and I will be on with him. Listen to us on the world wide web at KTSA. respectfully, Gene.

Three 4 X 6 Foot Banners Have Been Ordered

Thanks to the efforts of Rose Lear we have ordered three 4 X 6 foot banners which will look like this. The cost to produce these banners is going to be just $22 material cost/piece. The individual who knows Rose working on this will be donating his time for this effort.

Thanks Rose!

Shared by Fred Smart

Round Table Talk: 1) We got a really nice front page article done by The Banner-Press in Brenham, Texas today. The web site,, is very visible in the full color picture of me with the RV. The writer went head on into the issues that we are promoting. He talks about Irwin Schiff's book, "The Federal Mafia" being banned. He talks about the 40 day death fast in Austin. The article goes on to page 2 to quote me: "It's wrong to have the 16 Ammendment, " he said. "It is immoral from a scriptrual standpoint to tax assets ... It opens the door to communist philsophies." ... "In the Bible, in Ecclesiastes 3:13 it says it is the gift of God for a man to enjoy the fruits of his labors," Chapman said. And so, he insists, by taxing those fruits, the federal government is violating the laws of God. "They've put you on a tread mill and chained you to it," he said. I'll send this to Fred to get into an archive of newspaper articles.

We will be marching into Huntsville, Texas from Shiro, Texas at at 7:30 am. I hope to march the whole 20 miles. Yall come meet me at 6 am. in Navasota, Texas for breakfast. I'll be at Mc Donalds out on the Main highway 6 loop around the North side of Navasota. Then we will all drive into Shiro, Texas to begin whatever march God has planned into Huntsville. All the press in Bryan-College Station and Huntsville, Texas have been notified; the bigger the crowd the better for the movement. Gene.

Gene Didn't Get a Driver Today, But We Have a Driver for Tomorrow and Perhaps Sunday

A fellow from Waxahachie, Texas - about 2+ hours from where Gene is at right now - has volunteered to drive Gene bright and early beginning tomorrow morning at 7 AM and perhaps extending into the following day, Sunday.

This gentleman is a school bus driver - one of 450,000 across the country who are now off for the summer with pay. He shared the vision that there would naturally be many of these individuals who have time on their hands throughout the summer who could volunteer to help Gene get on his way to DC from now through August into Labor Day. He also said that the majority of these folks are Christians who have a natural love for children, family and the core values that have formed the bedrock of God's diving design for this great nation.

Here's an example of one of many school bus driver-related websites/webrings that have sprounted on the internet. This fellow and I plan on working together to connect, help and serve many of these folks into becoming aware of Gene and his mission - including and Gene's personal blog.

Gene called me and I called this gentleman back to confirm so that Gene could commit to ending his latest fast - which began this morning at 7 AM - at around from 4-5 this afternoon.

Gene is still in Navasota, Texas at the Vanguard Motel, 711 North La Salle.

Please visit Gene's blog for more details.

Peace and God Bless,


Shared by Fred Smart

Update: I'm into my 3rd hour of the 3rd fast. I'm waiting on God to call me a driver. Please don't call the motel. They are swamped with the calls, and they are a small family owned establishment. I'm gonna have to stay off the internet a bit more too, as I'm tying up their limited phone lines. I'll check my e-mails every 6 hours or so. If you need to talk to me, call Fred at 1-888-606-9379 and he will patch you into me, if he feels we have no other option. Otherwise, please respect these people who own the motel, so I don't get kicked out. Just go throught Fred, and let him take messages for me. I'm in contact with him throughout the day. I'll check my e-mails at 5 pm Central Time. respectfully, Gene

Sermon: This morning, I found in my devotional study a couple of verses to give me rest in all this fasting. I have been concerned that all this fasting keeps weakening and weakening me down so that I can only march fewer miles progress coming directly out of the fasts than I want or feel honors the needs of the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. God directed me to II Corinthians 12:9 and 10. Paul writes, "And he (Jesus) said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmites, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." vs.10) "Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong." God will unfold this thing in his timing and plan. I will fast and thank God for my weakness, for my weakness is my strength. Blessed be the name of the Lord, Gene.

Update: The third Fast since April 15th has just begun. I've done 42 1/2 days of fasting since that date, and it looks like we're gonna go more now. I'll wait on God to send a driver to me or die in the wait. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: Well, I go back into a fast at 7 am. this morning here in Navasota, Texas for a driver for the day to drive behind me, as I TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON to Shiro, Texas, 20 miles away from here and 20 miles away from Huntsville, Texas. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: Thanks to Rose Lear for hooking us up with Todd. Go to: this site to see the exact look of our new banners for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. We are still exploring wheather there will be any cost in production of up to 8 of these to be placed on our vehicles driving behind the marchers. respectfully, Gene.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Daily Financial Update: Starting Balance: $716.60. Expenses: Paypal Fee ($0.91), Three newspapers ($1.50), gasoline ($11.80), New Tire ($60.46), Stew and Grill Cheese meal to break 50 1/2 hour fast ($6.44) + tip ($2.00), Navasota Motel Room ($35.50), Evening Meal to Recover from 50 1/2 hour fast and 5 miles marching today ($12.39). Total Expendatures: ($130.60). Check Deposits: $100.00 (Mr. DeMers), Paypal Deposits: $19.97 (Mr. Walker), Total Deposits $119.97. Ending Balance: $705.97. Gene.

Sermon: I used to run a Christian billboard ministry (see: Deuteronomy 6:9). I found that billboards have a tremendous way of building public opinion, especially when you use the Bible texts to make your case. Jesus, for example, said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me" (John 12:32). If we add to that statement, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" (John 1:1), it doesn't take long to read the rest of John 1 and realize that Jesus is the WORD. If we lift up the WORD (who is Jesus), he says he will draw all men unto him. I've seen churches have sunday school attendance skyrocket in a week by using billboards. I've seen billboards influence millions of people with the WORD on it. If you folks want to move this nation, I suggest we start putting up scripture laden billboards along the TAX MARCH route. A billboard can range in cost from $400 per month to $5,000 a month. We would put up quotes like, ",,,where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (II Corinthians 3:17) Then explain it, "liberty" --"A Greek word --eleutheria: not a slave, exempt from obligation or liability." Then when I come through town, I get to preach a little sermon to the press on what the billboard says and the implications we draw from it on taxation issues. Just an idea, Gene

More Visitors from the Treasury, House and U.S. Military

Thu Jun 5 03 at 05:55:37 PM Y
Go : []

Thu Jun 5 03 at 04:11:22 PM N
Direct Access

Thu Jun 5 03 at 03:06:29 PM Y
Go : []

Thu Jun 5 03 at 01:33:31 PM N
Go :

Shared by Fred Smart

Continued Discussion: Start calling the Bryan-College Station newspaper, The Eagle (800-299-7355 or 979-776-4444), and tell them we have a good story here in Navasota, Texas at the Vanguard Motel, 711 North La Salle (936-825-6497) ROOM #20. Tell them about the three web sites: genechapman.blogspot,com,, and the archive of the death fast in Austin.

Also, call the Navasota newspaper at 936-825-6484 or 979-825-6484. I find we have no problem getting the papers to cover me, so have at it. I'll be back by 6:30 pm form eating. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) Thank you Mike Bird for coming all the way from San Antonio to drive for me today. We marched through Giddings, Texas, after I finished my 50 1/2 hour fast, in a thunder storm. At one point, I looked up into the clouds and told God, "If you want to strike me with one of those lightening bolts and take me home, Lord, you go right ahead and do it." The lightening stopped right after that, so I guess He wants me to keep marching to Washington. "Oh well, we can't always get our way," I thought. My job is to obey the Spirit of God, as He leads. 2) We will be in the Brenham Banner-Press newspaper tomorrow at noon. I think this reporter is gonna do a good job, based on his questions. Let's get a copy sent to you, Fred. 3) I'm now in Navasota, Texas, after getting back on schedule with a march on Shiro, Texas tomorrow and Huntsville, Texas on Saturday. 4) I understand the NRA, 2 Ammendment, malitia folks are talking the march up on their sights. Yall come on out and march, especially Saturdy from Shiro, Texas to Huntsville, Texas. You are welcome to march with rifles. Just make sure you have someone with Infantry experience supervising you that I can quickly approve for your section of the march. Foolishness with guns will not be tollerated by me. 5) I'm gonna go eat like a hog now, to strengthen back up from the 40 day death fast and the 50 1/2 hour fast I just finished this morning. If no one is here to drive for me, I have to start another fast for a driver at 7 am. tomorrow. God Bless, Gene

Gene Just Called

Gene called to say Michael Bird arrived. He ate some breakfast/lunch and put a new tire on the back of his RV and at 11:44 he told me he would begin marching.

Another individual from the treasury dept visited:

Thu Jun 5 03 at 11:40:55 AM Y
Go : []

Also this individual from the military:

Thu Jun 5 03 at 11:47:25 AM N
Go :

Hope we can eventually meet these individuals some day!

Peace and thanks be to God!


We Have A Driver!

Michael Bird, a WTP County coordinator from San Antonio is on his way on Giddings via I-10 and I-77 - apparently there are some very bad storms north on I-35 - to drive Gene's RV up the road - so Gene can continue this march - to the next destination.

I just got off the phone with Michael and Gene and Gene will be officially breaking his 50+ hour fast after he checks out of the Economy Inn this morning there in Giddings Texas.

Thank you Lord and Michael Bird for your sharing your energy, patience and goodwill with this cause to help us all move forward!

Please visit for more information.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Financial Update

Here are the corrected figures for yesterday:

Finances for Wednesday, June 4, 2003 follow: Starting Balance: $633.51. Expenses: two stamps ($0.74), Pay pal fee ($1.79), motel ($34.41), Total Expendatures ($36.94). Total Deposits: $119.12. Ending Balance: $715.69.

Donations came in from a Mr. Stegmeier ($100) by check and Mr. Walker for the $20.88 via PayPal which Gene said works out to $.91 which leaves a balance of $19.97.

Fred Smart


Round Table Talk: My plans are to spend tonight in Navasota, Texas, just to keep us on schedule to be in Washington D.C. on Labour Day. This should put the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON at Shiro, Texas on Friday night. We'll march from Shiro into Huntsville, Texas on Saturday. Everybody come out Saturday to Shiro, Texas. I'll give you the details of the start location on Friday afternoon. This all assumes I have drivers for the motor home. respectfully, Gene.

Update: They are gonna make me check out of my motel room at 11 am. or charge me full fee for another night. So, I'll be sitting in my RV within sight of the motel (100 yards). When today's driver arrives from San Antonio, just have him look for my little RV, if he calls you, Fred. Gene.

Update: We made page 3 of the Giddings Times and News. We have about a 4"x4" photo of me standing behind my motor home with ",, LET MY PEOPLE GO" and "TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON" prominently displayed in the back window. The story reads, "ON HIS WAY--Gene Chapman stands by his motor home on his walk to Washington D.C. to protest income taxes. Chapman recently completed a 40 day fast in Austin infront of the IRS Building. He says the government has failed to give him a proper answer why they are taxing him. He stopped over in Giddings Monday to rest while walking from Austin. --Times and News Photo." I'll mail this to Fred today. Let's everybody call the Giddings paper (979-542-2222) and tell them we appreciate their coverage of our TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. You might also want to tell them we are to march eastwardly through Giddings to leave town this afternoon about noon or so, after the driver shows up from San Antonio. It would make a good photo for their paper, I think. respectfully, Gene.

Update: Fred Smart (1-888-606-9379) just informed me that a driver has been found and will be leaving San Antonio, Texas for Giddings, Texas at 9 am. He should arrive by about noon or 1 o'clock pm, I would think. We will then go break the fast at a local establishment, probably with a big bowl of stew like I had a few evenings ago. Then we will start marching again toward Washington D. C. on the TAX MARCH. At some point before we leave town, I saw in the yellow pages that there is a tire shop on the other side of Giddings where we can get my right inside dual tire changed out. It blew out at some point over the past few days. It should cost about $50.00 to repair, as I remember from previous tire repairs on the RV. I'll tell you all when/ if he arrives. respectfully, Gene.

Round Table Talk: 1) I'm now 48 3/4 hours into the fast for a driver. I have that glue feeling substance that was coming out of my legs and hands on day 35 of the death fast in Austin starting to come out of my same pours again. I'm feeling pretty rough this morning. I keep thinking, surely there is someone in this entire movement who wants this march to go enough to come out for a few hours on one day to drive my RV behind me, as I walk a few miles toward Washington. I don't think I should be paying strangers to drive the RV for our movement. God is not honored with a hierling doing the work his people should be doing with a cheerful heart. I think of those Treasury Agents and Congressman that Fred keeps finding and putting their addresses up on our site each day. I wonder if they are laughing at us and our God. Nevertheless, here I am, and here I will wait upon the Lord for his driver to arrive.

2) Thanks to Mr. Walker for the $20.88 donation. My mind is not working very well to do math this morning, but we deposited $19.97, after a small paypal fee. Fred can you do that math and let me know the number of the paypal fee? I'm just not all here. Gene

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Update: 1) Fred and I spoke to Rick Stanley this evening. He is a 2 Ammendment gun freedom leader. He wants to put our march into his significant daily e-mail activities. We'll try to get a link to his web site here on the blog. 2) I am now 39 hours into the fast here in Giddings, Texas. It's getting hard for me to think clearly again. You will remember I did a 40 day death fast, ate for 8 days to strenthen up for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON, then marched 10.4 miles Sunday, 10.5 miles Monday, eating apples and one meal in the evening both days. I feel like I'm physically at about 30 days of a fast, given all the marching, fasting then stopping fasting then starting fasting so soon after the death fast. Let us pray that a driver shows up soon. Gene. Good night.

Round Table Talk: 1) In the spirit of transparancy, I have created a chat room for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINTON, etc. It is

2) Finances for Wednesday, June 4, 2003 follow: Starting Balance: $633.51. Expenses: two stamps ($0.74), Pay pal fee ($0.88), motel ($34.41), Total Expendatures ($36.03). Total Deposits: $119.12. Ending Balance: $716.60.

3) The fast for a driver for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON is now at 37 hours. respectfully, Gene

Round Table Talk: 1) I just finished a real good 30 minute interview with Carl Wigglesworth on KTSA 550 am in San Antonio. Maybe Doug Kenline can get some of it on my blog. 2) Doug tells me about a Mr. Rick Stanley in Denver, Colorado. As you read a few notes below, I'd like people like him to march on Washington armed, if he likes. 3) I am about to enter my 37th hour of the new fast for a driver for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. respectfully, Gene.

Sermon: In Matthew 10:28, the Master said, "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to kill both body and soul in hell." I've heard some of you say that you would be more active, but you "fear" what the IRS might do to you. You might lose a house or a relationship, you tell me. The Master said in Matthew 19:29, "And everyone that hath forsaken houses , or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundred fold, and shall inherit everlasting life." Folks, we don't have much time here on earth. Let's not get bound up trying to win the HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS RACE. Let's look beyond the fear of man into the face of God, where we are all bound to go. Let's lay up treasure in heaven with this work we are doing to lead our nation in paths of righteousness. Let's look the tiger in the eye and laugh in the knowledge of Matthew 10:28. That's my plan all the way to my grave. I'll march with you, if no one else does. I'll go to jail with you, if no one else will. Because, you see, we are laying up treasure in heaven. I studied for the ministry for about 10 years, and I've heard every ungody arguement you can imagine. I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, not for some silly little reason. I have intellectually defensible reasoining that I'll be shareing in time ahead. I am fully persuaded that Jesus is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day, and I don't care who knows it. respectfully, Gene.

Humor: Fred just sent me an e-mail. Bill from South Dakota, who just got the $100 check to Fred just told Fred, that if I need more money, that there is more where that came from. 'Bill, hire me a driver so I can stop this stinkin' fast!' (I'm just kidding you, Bill.) I know God is unifying the momvement and spreading news coverage in the fast, just as he will in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

Keep in mind, folks,we need dollars, no doubt; you see our finances. But we need bodies in the street too, marching in unison toward Washington. Yall be good and forgive my stupid humor attempts:). Gene.

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Thanks for visiting.

Shared by Fred Smart

Update: The fast for a driver just entered its 33 hour.

Don't forget to listen to KTSA 550 am in San Antonio, Carl Wigglesworth at sometime between 6 :05 pm to 6:35 pm tonight. It covers half of Texas and can be reached easilly on the world wide web. They will be covering my new fast for a driver for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

Thanks to Bill in South Dakota for the $100 check Fred just got in the mail for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON. It's going in the bank tonight, Fred tells me. Feel free to mail donations to: Gene K. Chapman, c/o Fred Smart, 3242 Harrison St., Evanston, Illinois 60201. respectfully, Gene.

Open Letter to Bob Schultz: Thank you for all you have done for me. I am greatful for the kind words on the We The People Congress web site, Bob, anytime I'm on the radio, tv, or in newspapers, you are welcome to participate. You are a great American, a leader of leaders. I am crying as I write this, to think that I shook the hand of such a man. You are welcome to share any platform with me at anytime. Just let me know you will be present, and it's done. respectfully, Gene Chapman, Head Trouble Maker, LET MY PEOPLE GO,

Update: We will be on KTSA 550 am with Carl Wigglesworth at between 6:05 pm to 6:35 pm today. You can get it on the world wide web.

Fred and I just did an interview with Ron Strom from World Net Daily, so keep watching for that story to appear.

John Kelso from the "Austin American Statesman" just e-mailed me. Among other things he says, "You deserve a break today." He is quite a comedian, and I love his humor. Come on out to see me Kelso; I'll let you drive my RV 20 miles for my TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON tomorrow :). Gene

Update: I am entering the 30th hour of my fast for a driver for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON for tomorrow (20 miles or so). I am informed that some Austin TV program is to talk about my new fast and situation here in Giddings, Texas tonight. Call Fred Smart at 1-888-606-9379 if you can drive my little 4 speed stick shift tomorrow morning, as I march. Gene

Update: At 12:30 p.m., we'll be 29 1/2 hours into the fast for a driver for the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

Round Table Talk: It has come to my attention for several days that there are National Rifle Assn. and various malitia and 2nd Ammendment folks who might wish to march on Washington with our group while carrying rifles. I do support guns in the hands of the citizens. While I am a nonviolent leader, if leader is the appropriate term, I also feel that it is important that we take back our gun rights and not feel so intimidated in carrying arms in such a march for such a godly cause. Jesus said in Luke 22:36, "...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." The example of Jesus is that being armed in self defense is a right and Christ backed teaching." So if we find a person with prior Infantry experience that I am comfortable with as your leader in the march, I'd be happy to have yall march armed with various rifles in a seperate section all your own. I think it would honor God and the US Constitution. Please know that I don't skimp on gun safety. I had a boyhood friend of mine killed by an unloaded gun, so just know that I tollerate no foolishness with guns. respectfully, Gene

Update: We have no leads for finding a driver to follow at this time. I am now 27 1/2 hours into the fast for a driver in order to continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON.

I am informed that an Oregon newspaper and the Sierra Times (ph# 775-751-3375) have done stories on our work. Please connect links to those sites, as you see fit, Fred. Yall call up the Sierra Times and tell them our status. I can't do long distance calls here in the motel room in Giddings, Texas.

Round Table Talk: We got everything squared away with the donation pay pal sites (which goes where sort of stuff). We are gonna have three web sites.

1) LET MY PEOPLE GO ( is the main platform site. donations made on paypal now go directly into the TAX MARCH account with no fees beyond the paypal fee.

2) is my personal blog with some intoductions by Fred Smart, James Ebert, and Doug Kenline allowed. The paypal here goes directly into the TAX MARCH account., just like the site does.

3) is the archive from the Austin Death Fast. For maintainance of the archive, any paypal donations through this site will first see an additional 20% fee paid to the web master, James Ebert. Then he will forward the remaining donation to us for immediate deposit into the TAX MARCH account. This is our way of showing our greatfullness to James for all the work he did and does on our behalf that resulted in this whole movement. Gene

Round Table Talk: 1) The fast for a driver is now in the second day, as I sit here in the motel room in Giddings, Texas, 50 miles east of Austin, Texas, waiting for a driver to show up, as the Lord provides. We cannot continue the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON from this point until a driver arrives. It would not honor God for me to just be driving down the highway in my RV. I did not break the letter or spirit of the vow I took in the death fast, though some have not understood the moral issue that demanded I stop that death fast. I am now in another fast that could end me more quickly here in Giddings, Texas, given that I am only days out of the 40 day fast, and the moral issues that ended the first fast are the same ones that will not allow me to stop this fast until a driver shows up to allow me to continue the TAX MARCH. There are not 4 criteria in this fast. There are only two. 1) A driver shows up to continue the march. 2) I die. (And I am getting weaker much more quickly this time.)

2) Thank you Mr. Suazo for the $20 donation. After the $0.88 paypal fee, we deposited $19.12 into the TAX MARCH account this morning. You will see the deposit listed at the end of the day in our blog posting about 8 p.m. respectfully, Gene

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Today's Financial Update: Motel ($34.41), Pay Pal Fees ($26.22), Archive Maintainance Fee ($101.09), total expendatures ($161.72). Start Balance: $314.26. Deposits: $472.97. Ending balance: $633.51. Corrected Daily Numbers, Gene.

Update: I am now 12 hours plus into the fast for a driver. Call Fred Smart at 888-606-9379 to connect with me for driving Wednesday in the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON, as the Lord leads. I stopped the fast in Austin because of Mahatma Gandhi's moral opposition to 'fasting against those who do not love us' and his opposition to 'fasting against those who think they are right.' I will not stop this new fast until a driver shows up because I now am in the midst of the morality of both Gandhi and Christ in this fast. You all do love me, and you all know it is wrong for me to not have a driver for the march, just because you are a bit busy. We are fighting for the future of those kids you put to bed tonight; their future under the bondage of an unjust government or their future in freedom. Please show up at 7 a.m. tomorrow at my motel room in Giddings, Texas. Fred can lead you right to me. 2) I did a google search on my name just now and it was amazing how many sites have something to say about the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON already, much much less the death fast. Let's not kill me in this fast folks, I need my energy for the march, not fasting myself weak or dead just to get a driver. I will have freedom or I will have death in persuit of freedom. respectfully in Christ, Gene

Update: "And the revolution will be world wide webbed!" I want to invite those in Congress and the Treasury who are observing events here on the web concerning the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON to feel free to join the revolution for the rule of love in the affairs of men. We the Caesars mean you no harm. But our capacity to suffer will forever surpass your capacity to inflict suffering upon us. Thus, you cannot win. You see, the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church, so says Jesus, my Lord and Savior. You are fighting to hold up the walls of injustice, but We the Caesars march on Washington in the winds of the Divine Universe. Look up into the stars tonight into the face of your opponent. His name is Truth, Justice, Equity, Love, True Judgment, I AM THAT I AM. You oppose emty air, but yet, the worlds were framed by nothing but a spirit we worship -- God. In a hundred years, we will all be gone from this world, as a faded memory. I will say, "I served Truth, Justice, Equity, Love, True Judgement, I AM THAT I AM;" what will you say you served in this small twinkling of time we call life, Congressman, Treasury Agent?

Update: Fred tells me that the Treasury has been checking my site today.

Dannion Brinkley Covers Gene Chapman


Dannion Brinkley is one of these modern pop info legends that have sprouted up in the waves upon waves of alternative news sites/groups in the "New Age" internet age. I've been told that he's writes, speaks and has been interviewed extensively on local radio and TV shows throughout the country and all over the world. I've been told he's been a regular on the Art Bell show during Art's recent radio heyday.

Thanks to Nance at who passed this along, below you will find Dannion Brinkley's Memorial Day message which contains this write-up on Gene Chapman - see below.

For those who have been disenchanted with Gene Chapman's decision to end his fast, please know that the example of persistence, dedication and patience he set during his fast was not in vain. And, today, Gene's dedication to this mission continues. Right now he is in Day 3 of his announced "Let My People Go Tax March on Washington DC" which began on June 1st from same corner in downtown Austin Texas across the street from the IRS where he began his fast. This march to Washington was inspired by the verse in Exodus 10-3:

"And Moses and Aaron came in unto Pharaoh, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD God of the Hebrews, How long wilt thou refuse to humble thyself before me? let my people go, that they may serve me." - King James Version

Gene walked 10.4 miles on Day 1 of this march - June 1st. And on Day 2 he marched 10.5 miles. He is now without a driver to allow him to march on Day 3, today. He recently wrote "I have lots of blisters on my feet, so walking takes longer each day until I heal."

Right now, the TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON is officially in Paige, Texas where Gene is checked into a cheap motel, Economy Inn, 389 W. Austin St. (Hwy. 290 West), Giddings, Texas 78942. Phone: 979-542-3839. He is now fasting until a volunteer driver shows up to drive his RV while he walks.

Please visit Gene Chapman's blog as well as where you will find more information about this vision and the ongoing daily words, actions and events from individuals all across this country who, such as myself, are being called to support this effort.

Pease and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois


Subj: Dannion Brinkley...
Date: 6/3/03 2:11:21 PM Central Daylight Time
BCC: FKSmart

PLANETNEWS broadcast...

Thoughts from

Dannion Brinkley

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that I never seem to impart any 'good news' in this column. So, here's the good news: I write this column because I LOVE Y'ALL VERY MUCH!

As Memorial Day comes and goes, we once again honor those who gave their lives to protect this great country. Let us not forget about those who survived those same battles, for they deserve our love and attention just as much. I ask that we take this day to commit a part of our lives to visiting veterans on a weekly or monthly basis. For I believe that this kind of proactive behavior on our part is Homeland Security in the deepest sense. And it all starts by celebrating our veterans as we simultaneously protect the safety of our elderly and our precious young.

Well, now that I've made all the whiners happy, I'll get on with my normal STUFF. ranting over death, healthcare, and taxes.


With the recent passing of President Bush's tax cut, it gives us the chance to look at how very complicated and muddled our tax code is becoming. I say this due to the fact that it is increasingly difficult for us to determine if we owe the tax, why we owe the tax, and how we owe the tax. The President says that the purpose of this tax cut is to stimulate the economy. Now read this quote from John O. Fox in the Washington Post and decide whom you think the President is truly looking out for:

"My favorite tax treat this year is President Bush's controversial proposal to eliminate the corporate dividend tax. Here's a real winner! It aims to redress the "wrong" of taxing corporate profits twice - once when they're earned by the corporation and again when the stockholder gets them. And Congress is ready with the knife - the same Congress that refuses to eliminate a far more common double tax: the income tax we pay on the portion of our wages that goes to pay Social Security taxes. Apparently stockholders are more aggrieved by double taxation than American workers are."

Next, I want to share something that you may not have heard about in this week's news. My friend, Brian Doman, sent this poignant story to me. A man in Austin, Texas by the name of Gene Chapman, began a death-fast on April 15, 2003. Mr. Chapman is a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, therefore, in the style of non-violent protest, Mr. Chapman decided that he would not eat until the IRS answered one simple question for him: "Where is my tax liability in the law?" Despite the fact that Mr. Chapman emailed this very question to the IRS 39 days ago, there still has been no clear, concise and definitive response received. Mr. Chapman wrote his local and state representatives looking for the answer to this questions as well. They in turn wrote letters to the IRS, and received responses, which also failed to cite any specific law that was enacted by congress creating the obligation to pay income taxes. Please take a look at Mr. Chapman's website for all the details of this extraordinary saga (, then decide for yourself! I, myself, wage campaigns regarding the constitutionality of this issue and many others. It is amazing how one's perspective is altered following a bunch of near-death experiences.


"You know, everybody, we are living in such tumultuous times. And yet I think that much of the chaos is actually working for the highest good of all concerned, as it affords us the opportunities to sift through it all and come to brand new conclusions regarding what is real and what is not real."

Okay, how 'bout this for a happy ending?

With purpose,

Dannion Brinkley

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Shared by Fred Smart

Round Table Talk: 1) We are in the 9th hour of the fast for a driver. 2) A supporter from Taiwan wants to mail in a donation. Thank you Joshua. Please send it to Gene K. Chapman, c/o Fred Smart, 3242 Harrison St., Evanston, Illinois 60201 USA. Jesus took 5 loaves and three fishes and fed 5,000. I know your donation will be a sacrifice, given the economic exchange between the Taiwan economy and the US economy, but God will honor whatever you are able to give to his march many fold, in Jesus' name. 3) Fred tells me we are being covered by a global news service right now. Set up a link to the story for the good folks, Fred, if you would be so kind. Gene

Update: 1) The fast for a driver is still going on. 2) Thanks to Mr. Hobbs for the $500 donation. When we started looking for the donation, we found that the original donation paypal site to Omega Gold (James Ebert) was still attached to when they transfered the material over from According to my written agreement with James, he gets 20% of donations to his paypal to help pay for his web work. During the fast, James only made about $220 for about $3,000 worth of work he did for me, so I have no problem with him accidently getting a $101.09 bonus out of this oversite. James layed the foundation upon which God built LET MY PEOPLE GO. There would have been no pictures of me in the fast, no daily medical checks, no e-mails, signs on the RV, transportation, or archives, etc., etc., of my work were it not for James. The remaining funds will be forwarded to Fred Smart for deposit. Our web master in India will get this ironed out tonight, as we all sleep. Just make Paypal donations on this blog (, and you will be funding directly into the TAX MARCH account without any additional fees beyond those small fees from Paypal; that's all you have to remember. respectfully, Gene

Round Table Talk: 1)The fast for a driver continues. 2) I am getting in prayer from the Lord that we need to start planning vacations so that we can be in Ashland, Virginia, just North of Richmond, Virginia (I-95 x92) one week prior to Labour Day this September. We will march 20 miles a day (those who need to ride can ride in the caravan, as desired or needed) North toward Washington. Three days of marching will stop in Alexandria, Virginia, just across the Popomac River from Washington. We will seige the city for three days in fasting and prayer to humble ourselves before God. Then on Labour Day, we will march over the Potomac River into Washington to explain our case against the government and God's demand to "LET MY PEOPLE GO" from unjust taxation and uncaring government. By faith alone, I fully expect our God to move on the sceen in the affairs of men. respectfully, Gene.

Feel free to track down all the media for interviews today. You might try newspapers in Ledbetter, Texas; Burton, Texas; Brenham, Texas; Washington, Texas; Navasota, Texas; Roans Prarie, Texas; Shiro, Texas; Huntsville, Texas. We don't have a driver yet, but I still plan to march into Huntville saturday, Lord willing. These towns are on our trek through East Texas. Gene

Round Table Talk: 1)The fast for a driver for today continues. 2) Thanks to Mr. Klaas for the $20 donation and the words of encouragement. 3) Please use only the paypal donation site on for today and tomorrow. We found that the old paypal is set up on the site. The money will just have to go through more hands and take longer to get to the TAX MARCH account. Feel free to use regular mail by sending checks to: Gene K. Chapman, c/o Fred Smart, 3242 Harrison St., Evanston, Illinois 60201, if you like, as well. Gene

Round Table Talk: 1) The fast for God to send me a driver continues. Someone called Fred from Lobbock, Texas who is working on my driver issue, but we have not heard anything more at the moment. 2) A local police officer here in Giddings, Texas stopped me on the street just now to check my name and date of birth, as I was on my way back to the motel room walking from the post office. I gave him the web sites and all he asked for with a smile but asked, "Is there a law against walking in Giddings?" He replied, "No, but we don't see people dressed like that every day." I smiled in agreement and explained the Gandhian iconography that our movement was promoting. He agreed that it does get attention and parted on friendly terms. (Hi officer, if you are reading this by now.) Gene

Update: No one has shown up this morning to drive the RV (Stick shift), so I go back into a fast in 2 minutes to join those of you who are already fasting for a driver from last evening. It is now almost 7 a.m. on Tuesday, June 3, 2003. I'm in the Economy Inn, 389 W. Austin St. (Hwy 290 West), Giddings, Texas room# 110. If you know someone who is led of the Holy Spirit to come drive for me today, please call Fred at 1-888-606-9379 or e-mail me at or just show up at my door. Let us trust God and learn here what he has for us to learn. Gene

Monday, June 02, 2003

Update: We are in discussions with the couple in Michigan about driving down to be with me to caravan march to Washington D.C. We have that special one time $300 donation for their gas to Texas that I told you about. This is seperate from the $314.26 balance listed below.

It looks like I start fasting at 7 a.m. tomorrow for a driver along with the rest of you. I'm not seeing anything opening up in that area at the moment. Good night, Gene

Round Table Talk: 1) Todays expendatures were as follows: Stew and Hamburger Meal ($8.28), tip ($1.72), Driver for RV ($10.00), Motel ($34.41), Newspaper ($0.75), Paypal Fee ($2.25). Total expendatures for today: ($56.41). Starting Balance: $222.92. Deposits: $147.75. Ending Balance: $314.26.

The banners we need would preferably be 4' x 6' with metal loops for rope at each corner. They would be red in the top field 1 1/3' x 6', white in the middle field 1 1/3'x 6', and blue on the bottom field 1 1/3'x 6'. The red field would say, -------------------------------------------------------LET MY PEOPLE GO

The white field would say,
The blue field would say, TAX MARCH ON WASHINGTON

Update: Please begin a fast now that God will provide a driver for tomorrow, according to his will. If no driver shows up by 7 a.m. at the motel room #110, I'll join you all in the fast until a driver does show up. I'll let you know the second I know God has a driver for me, so you can stop fasting.

The Giddings Times & News reporter just left after an interview and a couple of pictures. It's a weekly paper for this small community, so we'll be expecting to see an article Thursday. Gene

Update: 1)Thanks to Mr. Wornock for the $100 donation just received by Fred Smart. I am also made aware moments ago of a $500 donation on its way to Fred. God is blessing the work. 2) I'll send out an update on daily costs, deposits and balance for LET MY PEOPLE GO about 9 p.m. 3) One of our Austin folks suggested to me today that we should work to build a resource center or TAX LAW LIBRARY in Austin, just across the street from where I fasted infront of the IRS building after the Labour Day events in Washington D.C. All I can say is, I'll be happy to follow God's leadership. That sounds like a fine idea, and keep up that brain storming. Gene

Round Table Talk: 1) We will have another 10.5 miles marched today. I have lots of blisters on my feet, so walking takes longer each day until I heal. The TAX MARCH ON WASHINTON is officially in Paige, Texas. I'm checked into a cheap motel for the night: Economy Inn, 389 W. Austin St. (Hwy. 290 West), Giddings, Texas 78942. Phone: 979-542-3839, but I'm on my lap top most of the time for those of you who might want to call. 2) Please call The Giddings Times News at 979-542-2222 and tell them to come see me. I called them earlier, but we need them to know this is a story worth covering. 3) One of our people from the fast stopped on the highway this morning; he gave me his card and wants to come be with the march this saturday when it is expected to be in Huntsville, Texas, but I lost it. Please call Fred Smart, my brother in freedom, 888-606-9379 to get back intouch with me for saturday or anything else you want to get involved in. 4) Thanks to Joe Gannon for the $50.00 donation; After paypal expenses, I just deposited $47.75 in the TAX MARCH account. respectfully, Gene

Requesting Drivers

I have not heard from Gene this morning, but each day he will need the help of at least one person to drive his RV the mileage he will be walking.

Unless I hear from Gene he is in need of a driver for today, Day 2, of this Let My People Go Tax March to Washington DC. If you can help or know of anyone who can help Gene please call 888-606-9379.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred SmartEvanston, Illinois

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Update Detail on Day ONE (1)

I, Fred Smart, received this message from Gene Chapman earlier today while my son was playing soccor here in Evanston, Illinois.

Gene walked 10.4 miles today. Esteban Guadarrama and his girlfriend, Sabrina DeLong, assisted Gene in driving the RV. Gene would like to express great thanks to Esteban and Sabrina for taking the time out of their day to be the first to help him on this march. Gene said that several police pulled over and acknowledged him with positive signs. He said several said they knew of him from the fast in Austin. Gene said he could hear some of the police chit chat on the scanners confirm this. Gene said that many folks driving by waved and smiled. Many truckers waved, honked and high-fived him as they passed by. Gene said he could here a lot of CB activity from the cabs of the trucks as some of them came up close to him asking questions, etc.

Day ONE of this march took place from 7 am until just after 11 am where they broke for an early lunch.

Gene is staying at the Highway 71 RV Park which is located in Cedar Creek Texas. He reported that he has some blisters on his feet. He did take a swim in the pool of the RV park.

Begin Balance: $264.22

Expenditures for the day were:

$11.76 Gas
$7.08 Hamburger meal
$7.11 Sunscreen & medical lotion
$15.00 RV Parking
$0.35 Pay phone call
$41.30 Total

Ending Balance: $222.92

Gene wanted to make sure to note that he needs 2 or 3 4 X 6 foot banners for his RV which he would like to have read:


He would prefer a red, white and blue color combination, but would accept simply a solid blue background with white letters.

We are still awaiting a special donation of $300 to assist in getting Dave Wallin and his wife from Michigan who have volunteered to drive both Gene's RV and their RV home and directly help Gene in this march. You can send a check payable to Gene Chapman (note to the credit of Dave Wallin's travel to Texas) c/o Fred Smart, 3242 Harrison Street, Evanston, Illinois 60201

Please visit for more details about other individuals, events, media outreach and developments relating to our ongoing effort to build a genuine sense of community through personal actions and stories as this march proceeds east through the heartland of the greater south.

And feel free to call me, Fred Smart, toll free 888-606-9379 for more information.



Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

Let My People Go Tax March to Washington Begins at 7:00 Am

At 6:35 Am Gene Chapman called me - Fred Smart - to tell me that he will not be fasting this morning. A gentleman - I didn't get his name - called Gene's room early today to tell him that he would be driving Gene's RV on the first leg of this trip to an RV park located in Cedar Creek Texas. As a result Gene Chapman will not begin his fast while sitting outside on Woodward Avenue across from the IRS administration building.

Please visit for more details.

Shared by Fred Smart