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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Day Thirty-Three

Today is day thirty-three of the fast. We had our little meeting this morning. The Austin American Statesman reporter came out and visited with me but he decided that because only eight people showed up that it really wasn't large enough of an event for him to cover so we doubt it'll be in the paper tomorrow. That's kinda what he conveyed to me. Anyway I talked to Bob Schulz and he said that next week there would definitely be a turnout. He said that he would make sure that that doesn't happen again. He wasn't aware that we were doing meetings on Saturday morning. I'm curious as to why he didn't know that. He knows now and so I expect Bob Schulz to be working to give us more We The People exposure for the Saturday morning meetings from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It was sad to lose the coverage from the Austin American Statesman (local newspaper) but we had eight people show up and I'm always thankful for one. That's all we can do is just be thankful for what showed up. God knows what he's doing. I learned a long time ago that all things work for the good of them that love God and to them who are called according to his purpose as it says in Romans 8:28.

We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

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My research on the word 'liberty' in the Bible, you know the Bible is the presupposition for our Constitution, the basis upon which we wrote our Constitution. That word - liberty, it comes from a greek word "elutheros" (sp?). And in Second Corinthians 3:17 it says where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. The word liberty, interestingly enough, "elutheros" (sp?) conveys the idea, and this is what they write in the Greek lexicon. According to the Greek dictionary, the lexicon, it means exempt from obligation or liability. I found that very interesting that the term liability would be used in connection with the term liberty. And so as we move toward liability, we move away from liberty. I found that quite interesting in the study of the scriptures.

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I laid in bed after the meeting and got my rest in. So I've been in bed since about 1:30 p.m. and it's now 4:40 p.m. so I've had a three and a half hour nap or so. I'm doing a lot of sleeping these days. It was unfortunate again that the Austin American Statesman reporter, it wasn't Kelso, it was somebody else, some young guy that just kinda looked at the whole thing and thought well you know there's eight people out here. That was kind of his view on it. We might get suprised and get an article out of it tomorrow but I think it would probably come from maybe someone more mature in the newspaper who had more breadth and depth of understanding.

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Still No Word From Congressman Burgess

Congressman Burgess has still not posted one single word of concern or response on the internet for the people. The Congressman is well aware of Gene Chapman's situation and has been asked very respectfully to post a status report on his blog that has been set up for his convenience.

He has been asked to please post just any little thing that he has done regarding Gene Chapman. He has been asked to please just post one little word of acknowledgement that he knows of Gene Chapman and that he is doing something, anything at all, in regards to Gene's situation. Congressman Burgess has been asked to please take just two minutes and login to his blog and post one single word of news for the people. Congressman Burgess said "No Sir, I will not."

Gene Chapman Is Front Page News At

Operation Stop Withholding Continues to Roll

Day 31: Gene Chapman Enters “Death Zone”
Larken Rose Raided, First Amendment No Concern to IRS
Lear Files Habeas Corpus to Free Husband

The nationwide meeting tour to organize America’s workers and companies to enforce the People’s Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances rolled through Oregon and through Washington this week.

Bob Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation continued his relentless call for ordinary people and business owners to legally terminate their wage withholding and to stop paying and filing in order force the government to answer the 537 legal questions regarding the federal income tax, i.e., “No Answers, NO Taxes.” home page. Direct link to today's full article.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Day Thirty-Two

Today is day thirty-two of the death fast. I've been feeling pretty rough today so I've just been layin' in bed again. I'm spendin' about 22 or 23 hours in bed these days. Not gettin' out much at all understandably. I got an email from Hank Goltz from We The People, WTP State Coordinator here in Texas, and he says that he saw on MSNBC web site that Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio has got an agreement from the White House to convene a commission to rewrite the entire tax code. And we're trying to get verification on that right now. We think that's a pretty profound development and of course we want to make sure we can keep the government's feet to the fire on it. It would be grounds to stop the fast if it were true and if we knew that we could keep their feet to the fire as I said.

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I've also done some studies on the issue of liberty. What it means to have liberty in the Bible. Benjamin Franklin said that we have a Christian Republic is what he called our nation. The Bible presents the presuppositions for our form of government. It's very interesting. The Bible talks about liberty 27 different places in scripture the word is used. And of course it says where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. And if you get into the Greek and the Hebrew on that it's quite interesting to find that it has to do with issues that would be used in taxation. Words that would be used in taxation. I don't have it handy on me at the moment. My Bible is accross the room and I'm too tired to go get it.

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I tacked one phrase onto Irwin Schiff's letter and my webmaster here in Austin forwarded back to the IRS. So we send back Irwin Schiff's response almost verbatim except for one little phrase that I tacked on just to kind of add a little diplomacy to the paperwork there. I'm very interested to hear what Voinovich has to say. I'm not quite sure but I think this Engles guy that we are communicating with may be here in Austin and I may have met him at the North Austin IRS Center.

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We haven't been in contact with Congressman Burgess' office anymore. I've pretty well given up on him. I encourage everyone in the 26th district to make sure they don't vote for him next time around because of this stonewalling episode that is clearly going on in his office. You all come out tomorrow for the protest at 10:00 AM at the corner of Woodward and Parker. We want to make sure we get all the people we can for that.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Day Thirty-One

It's day thirty-one of the death fast. The first two minute segment of the recording got lost in cyberspace. Gene talked about Irwin Shiff responding to the email that Gene received from the IRS. Gene is reading Irwin's response and will comment on it soon.

I'm all for Congressman Burgess giving me a status report at his blog every day. I think Congressman Burgess has already shot himself in the foot as far as any vote I'm ever going to give him from the 26th district. Lori's trying to backpedal now there in his office I understand. I got an email from Faribanks, Alaska from a guy who said he called and she said that I was just apprehensive to give her my address. Of course Fred Smart was on the other line so we know that's all hogwash. We've got two witnesses that know that she was just stonewalling.

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I'm happy to talk to Congressman Burgess but he's not going to make any changes in my mind. You don't have people working for you who stonewall constituents and try to act like you're not from the district. I mean there are four or five different things that went on there on the phone line that I can't even remember off the top of my head that just told me that this was about shutting somebody down. This wasn't about answering questions and trying to be loving and equitable with a constituent. I'm telling my family in Denton County not to be voting for Congressman Burgess. We got no business stonewalling our people. That's us. And he's supposed to represent us. Not stonewalling us while he's sitting back in the back room having his people shut us down.

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Irwin Schiff Responds To IRS Email

Irwin Schiff responded to the IRS Gene Chapman email at his blog today.

Also, there seems to be a conflict within your letter. How can there be a “mandatory …obligation to pay” income taxes ,” if, as you say, “the income tax system is one of voluntary compliance” ? How can the payment of a tax be “mandatory” and “voluntary” at the same time? Are the payments of the federal wagering and tobacco taxes also based on “voluntary compliance”?

Congressman Burgess Refuses To Post Status Report On The Internet

I called Congressman Burgess today and spoke with Lori. I asked if the Congressman or somebody from his office would please post a status report regarding Gene Chapman's situation on the internet at or or anywhere on the internet. Lori told me "No sir, we will not."

Doug Kenline

Please call Congressman Michael Burgess 202-225-7772 and ask him to post a status report on the internet for Gene Chapman. There is a blog set up for him here for his convenience.

Gene Chapman Video Tapes Available

Mike Hanson, head film guy at Alex Jones, has a documentary video tape with Gene Chapman available for any small donation from $2.00 to $5.00. Call Patsy at 512-585-5975.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Congressman Burgess Getting Thirty Plus Calls Per Day

I spoke with "Barod" in Congressman Burgess's office. He said that they are working through "various authorities in Washington" to respond to Gene Chapman's question, but he was not sure where things stood.

Barod said they are getting 30+ calls per day about Gene.

I will keep you posted. Fred Smart 847-864-2788

Call Congressman Michael Burgess 202-225-7772

Day Thirty

It's day thirty of the death fast. We're passing the milestone. We had an interesting email today from the IRS. They answered that question you sent on my behalf. We're going to put that on my website. I asked James to put it up. We're going to let Irwin Schiff and Larken Rose and maybe two or three others respond to it in writing and then at least we'll have a dialogue started. This is the first official thing I've gotten out of the IRS. It's from a Mr. Engles. Of course I want to be very respectful to him for responding.

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He relies on a legal case Helvering v Mitchell 303 us 391, 399 "The obligation to pay the correct amount of tax, however, is mandatory as enacted by congress in the various public laws....For example, in Schiff v United States," I wonder if that's Irwin Schiff. "919 f.2nd 830, 834, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals stated that The payment of income taxes is not optional and the average citizen knows that the payment of income taxes is legally required." I mean they're just using a lot of terminology lie "the average citizen knows" and "the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue has the authority" and they're not really giving me any real serious quotations of anything. Let's make sure that Larken Rose and Irwin Schiff are invited to respond in writing to that. I'm sure that they'll quickly be able to counter that. But I think my job at this point is to remain in the middle and be objective about it and let them hash it out and just use my death fast as the mechanism to cause discussion. I think that's my place in all this matter. I'm not really impressed with what I'm reading but at least we're at a starting place.

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At least it's an effort. And I respect an effort. That's better than we've had in three and a half years and a thirty day death fast. So I've got to give him a high five on that one Mr. Engles for at least trying to answer. Maybe we'll move deeper into the subject now.

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Other than that, I'm just here enjoying the day in my room. We spent an hour out on the street. My nurse came by to see me. She said I'm only losing about a quarter of a pound a day now for some reason. I guess I'm taking more salt now. And so my weight loss has stopped, or slowed down quite a bit. I'm at 185 pounds now. I thought I was down to about 180 but evidently the salt is maintaining my water at that rate. I've only lost about two pounds in the last three or four days now. That's a good sign for the doctors and everybody. Give me a little more time. But we are thirty days into a death fast and I have lost a lot of weight. I could kick off anytime, who knows. We had a real nice donation today to help me out and I appreciate that. That'll keep us in the hotel for another couple of weeks.

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I want Mr. Schiff to have his place to respond in writing and continue the dialogue. And I welcome Larken Rose and Joe Bannister and any of the "experts" on our side of this discussion to have a place to respond to what the IRS has said. I hope that everybody is respectful of one another. That's the Christian approach I believe. Our objective is to come to the truth. And that means we all have to be maleable. We have to be prepared to move toward truth Gandhi said. And that means any of us have to be prepared to move toward truth. Including me, including the movement, including the government I hope. And that's what good will and non-violent protest does. That's what truth force is all about. To becoming one with truth.

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Host serving pictures is down due to bandwidth limit exceeded. Please visit for latest pictures. Pictures at blog should be back soon. Thank you James at

Also see news about Gene Chapman at the Rose Lear blog just posted today. Thank you Rose Lear.

Gene Chapman On WBIG Chicago Radio

Gene Chapman was broadcast live on WBIG Chicago radio today.
Listen to the interview here.
Thank you very much Fred Smart and Dave Toney.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Day Twenty-Nine

Today is day twenty-nine of the death fast.

I've spent most of the day in my room.
Fred Smart and I got on the phone with Congressman Burgess' office in Washington there at 202-225-7772 today and spoke to Patrick and a lady named Lori. They're really stonewalling us real heavy. They're not letting us get through to anybody and talk to anybody. Lori is with the media response or something like that. I just call 'em the stonewall gang. Lori suggested that I didn't even live in Lewisville anymore because I'm down here doing a death fast in Austin. She suggested that it was out of Burgess' district now that I'm thirty days into a death fast. I told her, I said: "Well Mam, I was born in Denton, Texas, August 24, 1966 and I find that a little offensive that you would suggest that I'm not from Denton. I've lived there thirty-six years!"

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Call Congressman Burgess 202-225-7772 and tell them how horrible they are to have treated a constituent that way. We've been trying to be polite and kind to these people all this time and they're just stonewalling us. It's obvious now what they're doing. They won't even let us talk to Stacey the tax expert. And Congessman Burgess I was told was in the office but couldn't be disturbed. Just a wicked, wicked response by this Lori and Patrick. I hope anybody in my family that's listening to this, I'm related to probably half of Denton county, the Betchers, the Bounds, the Boyds, the Carols, the Chapmans, I hope that if any of you all get ahold of this that you make sure that Congressman Burgess does not get re-elected. This is not a man that needs to be in office, to have staff like this.

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I'll calm down here in an hour or two. Gettin' my heart rate up like that and tryin' to suggest I'm not from Denton county or something is just sickening to me. It's like trying to say I'm not from Texas you know. Man I am Texas. Who does she think she is? Ya'll be sure and come out Saturday for the protest at 10:00 AM. We'll be doing that every Saturday until I'm dead. That's about it. But get fired up against these people. They're just being nasty. They're just being flat out nasty.

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Mike Hansen did play me last night. He called me and said that they did play me on the public access so that's good and I'm happy with that. I couldn't believe my Congressman's office to be that rude. I couldn't believe it. Act like I wasn't even from Lewisville anymore because I'm down here on a death fast. I don't know. I'm about ready to lay down and die. I don't have much strength left in me. I'm 23 hours in the bed today. I'm about all I got. I think you all are going to have a martyr on your hands. I wouldn't even plan for me doin' too much more. My hearts still pumpin' and stuff, but.
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Gene Chapman's Austin Death-Fast

Gene Chapman's Austin Death-Fast

Monday, May 12, 2003

Day Twenty-Eight

It's day twenty-eight of the death fast.
It's been pretty rainy/dizzy all day so I've been spending about 20 to 21 hours in bed the last few days. I don't see that the government's doing anything. We haven't cracked open a book or anything. So I'd say that you all better look forward to having a martyr. I think that's going to be the solution here. I didn't show up on TV. I don't know what happened. I've been trying to call Alex Jones' people and find out what happened. I think maybe the tape broke or something. I'm not quite sure. We're researching that. But I'm zonked. I really can't do too much anymore. It's about all I can do to watch TV a few hours a day. I sleep probably 10 to 12 hours a day. I'm taking a little bit of salt with my water like Gandhi did so that's about all I can do.

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Gandhi's epic fast actually only lasted six days. Of course I think that had to do with the fact that people believed that he would do what he said. We live in a culture here where people believe you're going to step out of it and give up. There are a lot of issues involved in why Gandhi's epic fast only lasted six days. The longest fast I'm aware of that he ever did was 21 days and that was off on his own. He didn't talk to the press. He just sat there in prison on a cot and just laid down. And as the material would come from Great Britian there in the Parliment he would approve it or disapprove it or say it needed changes. He was a lawyer so he would look at it from a lawyer's perspective. We haven't even gotten to that stage yet and I'm twenty-eight days into this. We have a very different circumstance here than what Gandhi dealt with with Great Britain. Gandhi had a much more responsive government he was dealing with and we have a much less responsive government obviously.

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Martin Luther (1517) was actually asked to recant his positions. He wouldn't do it because he feared God more that he feared the Pope. It's not that I'm scared to death that God is going to nail me if I don't proceed with the fast. It's that I realize that I've lived my life. I'm 36 years old. I've made love to a woman. I've seen amber waves of grain. Purple mountain majesties. I've seen a bald eagle fly in Montana. I've watched a bull elk walk in a snowstorm in a tundra. I've seen a whale breach off the coast of Maui. There's not much else I can really do in this world and like Gandhi I don't particularly care to live just to live. Just to watch my pulse beat. If I'm going to live I want it to be for some purpose. And bringing equity to the world is a meaningful purpose.

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These are eternal issues. These are moral issues. The martyr's crown is considered the greatest crown that the Christian can receive. To die for the testimony of the word of God is a wonderful thing from the Christian perspective. The Bible says there is no greater love than that a man lay down his life for a friend. As far as I'm concerned Jesus is locked in a prison called inequitable taxation. He said I hungered and you fed me not. I was naked and you clothed me not. I was in prison and you visited me not. And so when I see people like Rose Lear's husband in prison, I see Jesus locked up in prison. And it's my job to go try to help him get out of that prison. To visit him in his time of need. And that's what I'm doing. I'm visiting the 'Rose Lear husbands' and the thousands of people locked up all across America for no other reason than that the government will not be equitable in the implementation of the legal system upon the citizens.

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Open Letter To Larken Rose

Dear Mr. Rose:

It is a great privilege to read that I have become a topic of your discussion.

I came to Austin, a humble man, from Irwin Schiff's table of ideas. As the death-fast proceeds, I am coming in contact with many new voices from around the world, including yours.

I am a consensus man and you are most welcome at my table of ideas, as I hope I might be at yours. My question "Where is MY tax liability in the law?" carries much more breath and depth in its required answer than what might appear on the surface.

Please do advise me as you, evidenced by your work, see much deeper and clearer down the road than I.



Email Regarding NBC News

Per Gene Chapman's request in reference to Jim McCool's conversation with me on Saturday, Gene Chapman, Rose Lear and myself spoke directly with Sara Perkowski at NBC News - Rose and I were already talking to one another on the phone when Gene's call came in so we all joined in this effort.

Sara Perkowski said she has received "several very respectful emails" from folks who have been supportive of Gene's cause. But she also informed us that she is in no position to receive or even respond to them for she is not in any kind of direct producing capacity. She said that we should change her email address to the following:

Sara wished Gene well and said that she hopes he gets what he is seeking to receive in this situation. She was very positive and friendly on the phone.

Gene told her that in the spirit of his Christian upbringing he wanted to do whatever he could to make sure she was happy and satisfied.

Please post this message to Gene's blog.

Thanks very much.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

Note: I called and left a message with Jim McCool as we were attempting to get in conference with him before making the call to Sara Perkowski.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Day Twenty-Seven

Today is day twenty-seven of the death fast. I stayed in today for Mothers day. Actually I'm getting a little tired. Twenty-seven days with no food is a little hard on you. I'm getting close to about 50 pounds that I've lost now. They say that you get health problems when you lose a lot of weight real fast. So I'm trying to keep myself in good shape. I'm starting to feel my heart beat a little hard. They say heart failure is pretty common among people who lose a lot of weight real fast. And of course I'm almost at 50 pounds in twenty-seven days. I'm beginning to feel a little pressure in my chest so I'm wanting to just relax a little bit.

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We're getting on up into the death zone now. We're up around twenty-seven days and losing a lot of weight and so that's not real good. But you know that's how these fasts go. I'm very comfortable with the resolve. The heart's kinda bothering me a little bit. It's beating a little hard and it hurts a little bit. But that's all part of it when you lose a lot of weight. I talked to some guy in California today who proposed that he had found in Title 31 the solution to my problem. I'm not sure I'm real comfortable with his answers but we're going to talk a little further. He says the liability is not in Title 26 it's in Title 31. But I'm not really convinced that his argument is going to stack up and hold water for me.

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I believe that my government should be responsive to it's citizens. I've asked Dick Army and my state's Senators Phil Graham, and Kay Bailey Hutchison for the last three and a half years where I have a tax liability in the law. I've filled out my tax returns based on what I believe is the absolute truth. And that is that I have zero income based on the definitions that I've been presented by Irwin Schiff and Brushaber vs. Union Pacific in 1915 and so forth. And so now I'm just asking one question. Where is my tax liability in the law - specifically? I've got no response from anyone. Nobody's even cracked open a book. So here we are. And I'm death-fasting my way to answers from my government. And I'm prepared to carry it all the way, no doubt about it. (No answers = un-responsive government.)

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Stay tuned for more live audioblog reports from Gene Chapman in Austin, Texas.